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Perlane is an injectable filler used to treat facial folds, wrinkles, and lips. Some have used Perlane to augment the chin and cheeks as well. In July 2015, Perlane was rebranded as Restylane Lyft and FDA approved to correct both smile lines and loss of volume in the cheeks. LEARN MORE ›

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I Am So Happy with Perlane Treatment! - Boston, MA

I just had perlane done for nasolabial folds and I am SO happy I finally did it! I had been deliberating it for almost two years. One word of advice I have is to take your time and find the right doctor, which is what I did. If you're going to do this, find the best doctor you can...someone... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny - Sugar Land, TX

At 42, I was starting to get a little downturn to my mouth and some deeper laugh lines, so when I went for my initial Botox injections I discussed getting Juvederm with my plastic surgeon. When I went in for the injections he told me he was going to use Perlane instead, for reasons I honestly... READ MORE

Fabulous and Natural Results - Southlake, TX

I went in for Perlane injections for lines on side of nose/mouth. He insured I felt absoultely no pain and stopped injecting before I looked "plastic". I had minimal bruising and no pain. I am thrilled with results! I went back in today so that he could insure I was satisfied with... READ MORE

Facial Fillers - Fridley, MN

I had lost 30 pounds which really increased the lines and wrinkles on my face especially around my mouth. The fillers worked magic! READ MORE

Perlane is a Waste - California

I had it done on my lips and they still look the same. The only difference now is that I am 555.00 short in my savings account. Don't waste your money. Too overpriced! READ MORE

Surprisingly Good Results - California

My doctor suggested I try Perlane for the cheek bones as a corrective for NSL folds (I had been using Juvederm) and I went with it because he is really quite amazing with these things and indeed it has made a tremendous difference. I had one syringe, half on each side, injected close to the... READ MORE

Great Experience, Even Better Results - San Francisco, CA

I was always bothered by my under eye hollows. I researched doctors who did this procedures and honed in on Dr. M. When I saw the Doctor for filler for under eyes, he wanted me to have two syringes which he thought will fill up the uneye area. I wanted to wait and he agreed. I liked that he... READ MORE

Unhappy with my Perlane Procedure - United Kingdom

I had Perlane injections for nasolabial lines performed by a doctor whilst on a cruise. The injection on one side of my face was exceedingly painful, whilst the other side was just a sting. The doctor told me that it was because he had to inject twice as much Perlane into the painful... READ MORE

Very Natural Looking - San Francisco, CA

I'm very pleased with how natural the results look. The process was painless as well. VERY suprising since my first experience with another doctor for the same procedure was painful.  READ MORE

Natural Looking Results

Hollowing undereyes. READ MORE

Under Eye and Around Mouth Perlane Injections - Oklahoma City, OK

I am a attractive 42 yr old woman who weighs 105 pds. I have always taken care of my skin except for occassional tanning (which I have committed never to do again..) This year I noticed more fine lines and lose of fat in my face. My smile lines havent looked so happy...also I was really flat... READ MORE

...just Today... - Tampa, FL

I just had Perlane L injections for my nasolabial folds. The results are excellent - live it. Price was special for members of the Spa :-) READ MORE

Not to Satisfy - Corona, CA

I have the deep lines around my mouth and was very excited to get the procedure done. The nurse said I would need two syringes, one for each side. I had some swelling for 24hrs and than after it looked great. Than as each day passes I notice the line were coming back. So, I did a follow up a... READ MORE

Perlane Injections Did Wonders - San Francisco

I'm starting to look a lot older than I'd like to look so I made an appointment with Dr. M after reading his fantastic Yelp reviews. When I saw him, he pointed out that what was causing most of my lines was not the nasolabial area, but the tear duct area. After injecting Perlane into the... READ MORE

Lower Cheek - Toronto

My cheek has been disfigured by other surgeon previously. I have done a long research to find the best filler to help me. I have interviewed a numbers of dermatologists, fillers in North America. I decided to go to Dr S in Toronto because of the good feedbacks on him on another online chatroom.... READ MORE

My Very First Facial Filler

I am a "young" looking 41 year old. This year I decided that the deep creases next to my mouth and the slight downturn of my mouth due to aging was bothering me. I went to my doctor for a consult and told him that my girlfriend loved Perlane so he injected some into my smile lines. He... READ MORE

To Fill out Under Eye's Above Cheek - Newburgh

I was nervous considering it was my first time and it was on my face. I did because I wanted to looked eyes?cheeks to looked fuller for my self. READ MORE

Worth It! :) - Toronto

I had Perlane injected in my lips (2 injections at $650.00 Canadian per needle) and to me it wa worth it, but everyones bodies are different and may react differently to this product, depending on where you get it injected. This si my 3rd time doing it, and I usually have to get it done every 6... READ MORE

58 Yrs Old, Perlane in Marionette Lines - Peterborough

After reading reviews on this site I almost cancelled my appointment. However I decided to go and discuss my concerns. Yesterday after our discussion I decided to go ahead. There was NO pain (just a needle prick). This morning I have a small bit of swelling on one side and a very small light... READ MORE

Great Results from Perlane Injections

The fat pads in my upper checks had decreased and I had terrible dark circles under my eyes. I can not begin to describe the improvement after having Perlane injections. I really attribute the success of my treatment to the amazing skill of the provider. After reading many reviews, I realized... READ MORE

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