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Perlane and Botox- Love It! - Wilmington, NC

I've been seeing Dr Crane for Botox injections for 5 years. My last visit ( 2/14/14 ) I added fillers also. Now I have an upper lip for the first time in 44 years! I had fillers injected into my NL folds and around my mouth. I never expected my mouth to be so lovely after. Dr Crane has always... READ MORE

Perlane to Get Defined Full Cheeks! Love - Oklahoma City, OK

Ok so I chose to see my preferred plastic surgeon Dr Wayne to have perlane put in my cheeks to fill out lost volume and to add a little extra :) I was extremely nervous and the staff is beyond nice. They make you feel so comfortable and welcome. First I had a topical numbing to my face and then... READ MORE

Perlane-L by Dr. Michael Damen. Amazing! - Chicago, IL

Yesterday was my first under-eye filler experience. Let me begin by saying that if you're in the Midwest and choose to do fillers or lipo, then Dr. Damen in Chicago is the person you want to go with. He and his team are AMAZING. I'm not going to trust my face and body to just anyone. Once you... READ MORE

Just Had It Today! - Dallas, TX

Well, I relied so much on these reviews that I wanted to make sure I post my own. I went for a consultation two weeks ago and went back today for the filler. I had 1 syringe of Perlane into each upper cheek area to help with that hollowed out area under the eye and then I also had botox in... READ MORE

Perlane for Cheek Hollows and Restylane Under Eyes - Seattle, WA

I had 0.8ml of Restylane L injected in tear troughs (0.4ml per eye) and a lot of Perlane in my cheek hollows (2.5ml on right side, 3.2ml on left side). I went to a dermatologist who only does esthetic procedures. The doctor originally estimated much less product for the cheeks. But while she... READ MORE

Im Getting Perlane to Fill the Hollows of my Face - Aventura, FL

I had jaw surgery may 4, 2012. As the swelling was going dwn i was loving my face. My lips were pouty, my face was full, i looked like Eva mendes. Now I look sick. I lost a significant amount of weigh. Im gaining weight in my body but not my face. My jaw is thin and long, my chin is chunky,... READ MORE

New Dr. New Procedure - Bedford Hills, NY

I have had perlane in the past for my deep nasiofolds (marionette lines). The dr. always injected straight into the folds and I would see improvement, but still noticeable. I decided to try a new dr. at a medical "spa". He told me that injecting straight into the folds is the old school of... READ MORE

Perlane for Smile Lines - Austin, TX

Yesterday I took the plunge into the world of dermal fillers and had perlane injected into the smile lines around the corners of my mouth. The last few months, they were all I could see... Especially when I put on makeup, it all just seemed to settle in the cracks. I took arnica for the few... READ MORE

2cc of Perlane in Lips - California

Just had it done, Tey are SUPER SWOLLEN. I have tried everything else in the ast however it never lasts longer then 2 months! This is the most I have ever done at one time. I usualy do one syringe but see minimal results. This way the LEAST PAINFUL during injections for lips. THis perlane... READ MORE

Very Kind, Knowledgeable, Informative Doctor...results Alright but Was Expecting More for the Cost. - San Francisco, CA

I went in mainly for cheek augmentation and to address the dark circles that have been forming under my eyes over the last year or so. I've always had small cheeks, so was looking for some fullness in the cheek area and diminished under eye circles. I received a Perlane / Restylane mix using... READ MORE

Raise Nose Bridge - San Francisco, CA

I just get it done today to raise my nose bridge, I love the result. I'm gonna wait and see how it will look in a week. READ MORE

Perlane Under Eyes - Not What I Had Hoped for

I had this done in the area under my eyes to help with the fat pads underneath. It helped a little, but now I have a line under one eye and the other still looks like a bag. I went back for my 2 week check up and she says that it was done correctly and that I look alot better. I'm not... READ MORE

So Dissapointed with Perlane Under Eyes - Want my Old Eyes Back

I wanted to look more rested by filling in the area under my eyes. My skin seemed saggy and my doctor said that injectable fillers could really make a difference. I hadn't read all the reviews that Restylane was a better choice, wish I had. I liked that my doctor insisted on two appointments... READ MORE

Amazing experience

I saw Dr Hammoudeh for an injection of Perlane. He was professional, kind and considerate. Result was fantastic! I truly felt that he understood what changes I wanted to my appearance. His professional demeanor made me feel that I was definitely "in good hands" READ MORE

Doctor's Wife, will go to Dr. Sabeeh for all Cosmetic Needs!

I appreciated the time he took to address my concerns and provide guidance. Dr Sabeeh was genuinely interested in my needs. His priority was NOT how much I would spend and I value this, as it was a different attitude compared to other plastic surgeons. His office staff is friendly and the... READ MORE

Amazing results with dermal filler treatment for scarring caused by car accident - Sydney, AU

I came to see Dr Tom jodlovich for dermal filler treatment to correct an indentation in my left cheek from scaring resulting from a car accident. The outcome was amazing with almost no signs remaining over the previous scarring. Thanks again Dr Tom, you're a legend! READ MORE

I will never see anyone else!

Dr. Cohen is spectacular!!!! I first saw Dr. Cohen in 2015 for a chin filler. Because of work and timing (I live far from his office), I decided to get retouched locally. It was about $200 cheaper, but I realized why very quickly! It really does matter who's doing your procedure/filler. It's... READ MORE

Natural and evened out smile lines with Perlane

I have been contemplating on having dermal fillers injected to correct my deep marionette lines for a few years. I've been tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an uneven and saggy looking smile which has always made me feel very self conscious. Since my first consultation with Dr Jodlovich,... READ MORE

A master of "just enough"

Dr Lo Tempio is a master of “just enough.” She excels at making you look like a well-rested, healthy, “you.” She is skillful and quick, yet takes the time to understand what her patients are trying to accomplish. While she can create dramatic results, she would never steer a client to a radical... READ MORE

Perlane Seemed Ok at First... - Iowa Falls, IA

Got Perlane injected on sides of chin and cheeks to improve scarring and first signs of aging near marionette lines. I always looked young for my age and had no problem with my cheeks, but doctor recommended I treat cheeks to lift area below corners of mouth. After much research decided to go... READ MORE

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