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Those worried about going under the knife may be able to lift and firm without surgery by using popular fillers like Restylane or Radiesse, laser treatments, and even alternative medical procedures like acupunctureLEARN MORE ›

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I have begun the revolutionary rejuvenation program with Dr. Boss. The program is called the Rejuvenator and consists of just a few one hour sessions over 4 months. The Rejuvenator tighten the skin and fills in the laugh lines, builds collagen and minimizes lines and wrinkles using PRP. I get to... READ MORE

Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I had my first treatment of reaction viora and it was an instant face lift, I am very serious when I say instant I've struggled with premature droopiness of my upper eye lids for at leas 3 years now and had tried Dysport injections which had been... READ MORE

Two years ago I contacted MRSA while a patient in hospital ..... Subsequently I lost 42 pounds... So I had extreme loss of facial tone. I witnessed a presentation on Good Day Northwest on NBC (5) by Dr Young and immediately felt I needed to investigate the procedure and it's outcomes. Very... READ MORE

I drove about 3 hours to see my Dr. after seeing the amazing before and after silikon photos on his website and I went there knowing I was going to have him do the work--I wasn't looking for just a consultation. Other doctors websites I've seen just did not fill me with the same confidence that... READ MORE

I bought a series of 2 Viora treatments via Groupon for $199.00 figuring I couldn't go wrong. I was in the office about 45 minutes. This machine works like Exilis and Thermage (I've had them both) except that the tip of the Viora machine has suction. It gently pulls skin into the tip to... READ MORE

The doctor who I love and have gotten Botox from for years talked me into this. The procedures were painless although they kept asking me if it hurt. It just feels like a bland zap. I had 4 sessions. This is totally overpriced and made zero difference for my neck or jawline. Would not... READ MORE

I've had a lot of work done over the years and have been spoiled by my access to the best cosmetics surgeons in Los Angeles. When I moved to Austin I was dubious about my prospects of finding a world class cosmetic surgeon to compete with those I'd become accustomed to. Boy was I mistaken! ... READ MORE

I would ONLY trust Dr. Rajani with any non-invasive cosmetic procedures. And, if I ever moved away from Portland, I would fly in just to continue my treatments with him ONLY! He is absolutely Exceptional!! It is no wonder that he trains other doctors Nationwide. He is honest and will never... READ MORE

Real-Self doesn't list Reaction Viora in their procedures. I see a slight improvement in tightening of face following my Reaction Viora treatment (and it wasn't pain-free but it was tolerable). BUT, the two days day after I started seeing small pimple-sized red bumps raise that had no head and... READ MORE

I have always struggled with having a very round face despite losing weight. After doing a lot of research, I knew that that the only option was to have a mini face lift (which not many 27 year olds would want to have!). After searching on Google, I decided to book in a consult with Dr Imani and... READ MORE

It's interesting that all the reviews on this site are glowing. Interesting in a really dubious way, that is. I think somebody has stacked them a bit. Dr. Codner is far from being "all that" and it's downright funny that he uses the word "compassionate" on his website. He managed to claw his way... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty and breast augmentation in 2009. Fillers and Botox yesterday. Dr. Awada is the real professional you can trust ! She spent great time with me, very oriented to details. Phenomenal results.! Couldn't be happier ! I am an RN and highly recommend Dr. Awada for all your cosmetic... READ MORE

I have suffered from facial scaring for a long time. I had multiple procedures done for this with some improvement. I found out about the KAS Lift Procedure that is performed by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap. I had this procedure done 2 months back and now I find my skin texture has improved drastically. My... READ MORE

I live in Los Angeles and my work require me to be in front of the camera/public eye quite a bit and since a couple of years ago, noticed that my face has started to show signs of aging. Being of Asian descent, I have minimal wrinkling but I do see droopiness at the corner of my eyes, mid face... READ MORE

Dr Kulbresh rivals both Manhattan and Beverly Hills doctors. He is a forward thinker, skilled, both professionally and innately. His eye for beauty and detail to the nuiances of my face keep me coming back. I am always relaxed and comfortable in his knowledge and skill. I trust him completely... READ MORE

I wanted to get more fat put into my face as I was concerned about my nasolabial lines and fallen cheeks . My doctor recommended I try the silhouette thread lift . I just had it done the day before yesterday and I'm AMAZED at the results already . Remarkable improvement no down time . Painless... READ MORE

I received an IELLIOS face lift in Beverly Hills. It's really wonderful. I felt nothing, no sensation and the results were phenomenal. A week later my skin felt thicker and I looked younger. The procedure was $350. I thought it was a bit expensive but it was worth it. I did not get a... READ MORE

I have pretty much grown up in Beverly Hills my whole life. And I just turned 30 last year. Needless to say, at this point I pretty much only know a couple of ladies who have not (or at at least don't admit to) having had any work done. I personally have gone to numerous consultations with the... READ MORE

I am a 72 year old man and I went to see Dr. Shafer as I did not want surgery but wanted to understand any other options I might have. He was great, he explained to me that we can achieve a natural more youthful look without the need for surgery. My biggest concern was that I wanted to still... READ MORE

I've had the privilege of being a patient at two of Dr. Mulholland’s seminars/workshops. I can say first hand that he is a wonderful surgeon, as I was able to listen to his expertise and knowledge as he demonstrated new procedures and techniques to other surgeons on me. He’s extremely... READ MORE

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