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Gynecomastia is a swelling of the breast tissue in men or boys, caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia may resolve on its own or be treated with medication. When more serious cases arises, the breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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My Chest Seemed Much Flatter After Gyno Surgery but It Feels Much Bigger Now - Nottingham, GB

I have suffered from man boobs for most of my life. I had gyno surgery almost 6 months ago. A weeks after the surgery I was happy with the results but now I feel like my skin around the chest has got more puffy and my skin and become loose. Why is this? Since my surgery at my check ups my dr... READ MORE

Male 30 Years Old Gynaecomastia Surgery Review - Bangalore, IN

Hi Doctor A big thank you for everything. Tarun Kumar: DOS 27/01/2016 Dr. Madhukumar and the Team my hearty thanks for giving me a new life. “It feels like a rebirth after undergoing my gynaecomastia surgery on the 27th Jan 2016 and it just feels wow! “ Well to start with as com... READ MORE

28 Year Old with Gyno Since Puberty - Minneapolis, MN

I have been having gynecomastia since I was 10 years old. My nipples were puffy and visible from shirts or t-shirts; this made me self-conscious and frustrated. I avoided sports, beaches, and every activity that demanded to wear a t-shirt. I got teased because of my breast so many times and that... READ MORE

55 Yr Old Having Gynacomatia Surgery. Poland, PO

I had Gynaecomastia It came on through a blood pressure tablet.(I know it was this as the same happened to my dad)They were huge and I was in bad pain with them.Went to Poland had surgery. Stayed in clinic 5 days.5mth on,no scars,no skin removed I don't know what a gym looks like Get to Poland now:) READ MORE

It's About to Get Real - Edina, MN

31 year old had gyno since I was 13 or 14. Basically a little more than half my life. I was OK with it for the most part throughout my late teens and twenties because I was pretty muscular otherwise. I could wear muscle shirts and wife beaters and still look good. My gyno from under the shirt... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made

I've suffered from gynecomastia since puberty. It took me until the age of 28 to finally do something about it. I met with Dr. Schuster and felt that he was able to provide the best solution to my problem. His technique when it comes to gynecomastia correction (lateral pull-through technique)... READ MORE

32! After Losing Tons of Weight As a Teen and 14 Years of Training Time to Correct Things I Can't Naturally! - Montreal, QC

Had consolation with the surgeon. Very professional, very confident individual. Very clean and up scale clinic in the heart of wealthier community of the Montreal downtown core. Made me feel very comfortable and gave me a pretty clear expectation of what to expect. I'm expecting Some good... READ MORE

Awesome Doctor He is Very Gentle to His Patients I Was Listened Genuinely and Provides Services at Very Reasonable Price :-) -IA

I was performed tunmnescent liposuction & gland excision over local anesthesia.Doctor is experienced ,gentle & reasonable.I am excited to see lipo results over 2 litres of fat was removed :-p .I personally recommend guys who have large amount of fat to prefer general anesthesia or with... READ MORE

25 Years Old and Ready to Take my Life Back! - New York

Hi all! I decided after reading a lot in the website and feeling not at my fullest capacity to address my gynecomastia condition. I have had large male boobs since I was a teenager and it really changed the way I live. From not moving completely free in a disco with the fear of someone staring... READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction Age: 51 - Murfreesboro, TN

I suffered from gynecomastia since childhood. This condition brings many negatives into a persons' life. I decided to look into solutions and I am very glad I did. I had no idea that my appearance could be altered to such a high degree of satisfaction. I wish I had looked into a solution years... READ MORE

Gynacomastia - India

I had the problem of gynacomastia since I was in in school. I used to eat a bit in the heavier side and never did pushups or pull ups. I thought it is because of these habits that my chest appears to be like breast. Having male breasts is one of the most embarrassing things. It lowers your self... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old , Male Breast Reduction , Bangalore, IN

Dr.Madhukumar is an expert surgeon and is very interactive. His clinic ' Midas cosmetic surgery ' has very good ambience with all the required facilities. Dr.madhukumar explains the whole procedure in detail by referring to his previous surgeries along with the photos (before and after ) Overall... READ MORE

25 Years Old - Unhappy W/ Gynecomastia & Love Handle Lipo Procedures. Newport Beach, CA

I had gynecomastia surgery & lipo of the flanks (love handles) by Dr. Cruise back in October 2014 &, in fairness to Dr Cruise, I've waited over a year to allow for full healing before I decided to share my experience - I'd like to start off on a positive note & commend Dr. Cruise on his... READ MORE

28-year-old Desperate to Get Rid of Manboobs - Melbourne, AU

I've suffered from gynecomastia from about 14-years-old. I was teased about it, even from some of my closest friends which definitely made an impact on my self esteem, and stopped me from doing a lot of things I've wanted to do. I’ve read a lot of people who say “I wish I had done the sur... READ MORE

Life Changing Operation. Peachtree City, GA

I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first given the condition I was in. However, the surgeon was confident so in return I was as well. The surgery went great. It went by much quicker than I thought it would have, and the pain was bearable. Overall I felt safe with the surgeon and the staff... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Gynaecomastia - India

He is so kind and friendly. When Imet him first time he explained the need and benefits of the surgery in detail. He gave confidence to me and removed my fear out. I can assure you that you will have no afterthought post your initial appointment with him. Outcomes: I have the best results. the... READ MORE

21 Years Old, University Student. Dubai, AE

I was in my early teens when I realized that I am having exessive fat on my chest.. School life was a bit difficult, but I would always try to hide my fat by wearing tight shirts underneath. Atleast 3-4 layers of shirts were my daily routine. I could not remove my shirt anywhere, let it be beach... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Dominican Republic, DO

Dr. Ulerio, You made me feel like your most important patient from our first consultation to my post-operative visit. My results are incredible and I feel more than happy. My chest came out better than I ever expected. Now, I can wear normal shirts without shame and I not afraid to go to the... READ MORE

23 Yr Old. Ready for Change. , MD

I will put up pictures soon. I am yet to go through with the procedure. pre op was however a breeze. I was warmly welcomes and he took a look at it. we talked about it and how he just needed to remove tissue since I had no fat on me. so he will just be doing excision which is fairly easy. ill... READ MORE

Hematoma Evacuation After Gynecomatsia Surgery. Why Did This Happen?

I had gynecomatsia surgery for both sides on 12/12/2015. Then i developed hematoma on left side and the blood removed in 3 separate times. Still there was some blood clot which my doctor left there to be absorbed. 4 days earlier when i woke up there was blood coming out from my left nipple and... READ MORE

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