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Gynecomastia is a swelling of the breast tissue in men or boys, caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia may resolve on its own or be treated with medication. When more serious cases arises, the breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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53 Years Old Male, Now Very Happy - Toronto, ON

I did not like the size of my pectoral. When I was wearing t-shirt, I could see shape I did not like. Also it was not only noticeable by me but also by people around me when I was at the beach. I went to see Dr. Mulholland because a colleague of mine had had surgery by him and she was very happy... READ MORE

28YO, Both Sides, Gland + FAT - Dubai United Arab Emirates - Dubai, AE

I've dont a lot of research before the operation, and watched a lot of videos. I consulted 5 surgeons, and got price quotes from at least a dozen clinics & hospitals. I couldn't find any review/testimony/patient-story to help me choose a surgeon. in addition, I have recently lost my job +... READ MORE


Hello my name is Niko Nikov Nikov,I come from Germany.I have surgery for gynecomastia with Dr. R.K.Mishra.Words mean nothing compared to the fact,look at the pictures before and after.If you have gynekomastia just do not go wondering meet with Dr.Mishra take advice and act.All the team is great... READ MORE

Best Decision Made.

I went to see Dr. Blau after doing a lot of research. If you are conceding getting this procedure done i highly recommend Dr. Blau and his team. His years of experience and love for art shows through his work. I was a severe case. After surgery I've become a different person and I know can live... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Surgery. Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Dadvand is a highly skill gynecomastia surgeon in Los Angeles. His resume is impressive. He is double-board certified in general surgery and plastic surgery so I felt safer in the operating room if something were to go wrong. I visited 4 other doctors but I decided to go with Dr. Dadvand.... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Male Breast Reduction - South Africa, ZA

Dr Lazarus and his team are awesome, never felt uncomfortable and they gave me all the information I needed plus more. I'm extremely happy with the results of my surgery and it has already changed my life. I would recommend 20/10, I don't feel embarrassed taking off my top anymore, happier than... READ MORE

34 Year Old Gynecomastia Surgery -Pensacola, FL

Dr. Brown was outstanding. Made me feel comfortable about the surgery, was very thorough in explaining the procedure, and did it for a VERY reasonable cost. I did a lot of research on what gynecomastia surgery would cost, and it was always around $5000.00; Dr. Brown's cost was much less. It took... READ MORE

45 Year Old Male Getting Male Tummy Tuck & Male Breast Reduction. - Costa Mesa, CA

Well I have interviewed several different doctors and have decided to use Dr Reuben Abrams here in Costa Mesa (Southern California) who is board certified and has perfect 5 star reviews here on Realself. I am a former US Marine and work in Hollywood. I lost over 100 lbs 7 years ago and have... READ MORE

Gynocomastia Surgery - Vancouver, WA

This was the best investment and the results are worth more than anything you could imagine. I realized that I should have had this done as a young teenager since the male breast tissue develops at an early age. After competing in the National Physique Committee for a number of years, the breast... READ MORE

Miracles Still Happen! - Egypt, EG

My huge female like breasts were a constant embarrassment ever since I was a teenager. Hiding them every day under the clothes were a constant nightmare , and going to the beaches and swimming was an open invitation to receive ridicule. I tolerated them until I was 28, but when my fiancee left I... READ MORE

Much Needed Gynecomastia Removal for Male Model - Beverly Hills, CA

I must say I couldn't be happier with my male breast tissue removal that's been bothering me for a decade. I had enlarged nipples that protruded making my chest look more like make breasts! As a male model I was always embarrassed at photoshoots having to pinch my nipples for what I called a... READ MORE

Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery - Dr MS Venkatesh - India

Its been 5 months since i had my gynecomastia surgery from Dr MS Venkatesh and am very much satified with the results .Am grateful to Dr MS Venkatesh for his care, skilled work. I had fat on my chest from my teenage which got worse in my early 20's. It was very embarrassing for me , i was... READ MORE

30 Year Old Male, Gynecomastia Surgery, Combined Liposuction and Subcutaneous Mastectomies Removal. Charleston, SC

I'm so excited to finally pursue this long dream of mines. I'm getting gynecomastia correction surgery on March 18, 2015. I'll post pictures my results after then. Dr. Kalus is my doctor and he has been great to work with. He asked about my expectations and informed me of the possible outcomes... READ MORE

23 Year Old Gynecomastia Surgery - Marina, CA

After dealing with the embarrassment of gynecomastia all my life i came to a point in my life where enough was enough. I researched doctors around for a while and ended up chosing Dr. Delgado for both the results he showed and the distance from my home. The staff welcomed me with great... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Procedure - Saint Louis, MO

I had gotten diagnosed with gynecomastia and would have pains in my chest when pressing it against things, it was unbearable! I am very pleased with my surgery and I have had major improvements in my life ever since. More confidence, aesthetic pleasing, and no more pain! I am so happy I had this... READ MORE

24 Years Old - Boston, MA

I have been researching and dreaming of this surgery for years! Living with gynecomastia is a traumatizing experience and I was very eagar to get rid of it as soon as possible. The biggest issue for me was money. I was desperate and started looking for cheap surgeries. I started looking overseas... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old - Novato, CA

I had gynocomastia revision surgery and it was my 3rd time. I was not satisfied with the results. Learned about Dr Delgado on youtube, callied him and was able to schedule an appointment. Staff was amazing l, very professional and friendly. I am satisfied with result. He has changed my life... READ MORE

Gyneconastia (Brest Reduction ) - Beverly Hills, CA

I want to express my infinite gratitude to Dr. Babak Dadvand for his professionalism, for his surgical technique and for giving me back my confidence. The results after my surgical procedure have been so much more than I expected. Dr. Babak Dadvand has given me a new sense of trust in my... READ MORE

Gynocomastia - Newport Beach, CA

I had Gynocomastia for years, since I was a teenager. Having a big boob on only the left side of my chest was making me very self conscious for a long time. I didn't want to do anything public with my shirt off or would go to great lengths to hide it. Dr Cruise educated me on how common it it's... READ MORE

23 Years of Gynecomastia - Charleston, SC

Always had gyno since puberty. I remember the first time someone made me feel bad about this (1993 at the pool, summer before 6th grade. I've gotten down to 180 and went as high as 350 , breast never went anywhere. It was not until my cousin had the surgery and told me there was no way to get... READ MORE

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