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I've suffered from gynecomastia for 20 years and never ever felt comfortable without a shirt on around other people. This insecurity spread to all parts of my life in performance in my personal as well as professional lives. When I made the decision to do this surgery, not knowing where to look;... READ MORE

33 Yrs, Much Needed Gynecomastia Surgery - Mumbai, India

My age 33 years old. i had gynecomastiya, but after surgery its awesome. thanks to my Dr. Prashant Murugkar, who given his best. before surgery i would never think to show my six pack abs neither think to swim. but thanks to my Doctor....now i feel amazing and more confident. i am planning for... READ MORE

The best outcome possible - Stuart, FL

From the start to the finish of my experience with Athena Plastic surgery it was exceptional. The atmosphere is very relaxed and staff was friendly. The day of my surgery was very nerve racking for me but Dr. Lipschitz took the time to talk and answer all 1000 questions I had with a smile. The... READ MORE

My experience was amazing!

I am a 36 year old male that had a surgical procedure done to fix Gynecomastia that I have dealt with since I was 13 years old. I was very apprehensive about even going in for a consultation, but Dr. Tholen and his entire staff were amazing. I felt comfortable sharing my concerns and questions... READ MORE

20 Years Old / 1 Month Post-Op - Oklahoma City, OK

Okay so, its been about a month post op and I realize that still early but I cant help but wonder. Anyway, I was recently put under general anesthesia and had the gynecomastia removed. I quickly awoke after and felt no pain but was pretty out of it, both sides of my chest were just a bit sore. I... READ MORE

Best Doctor Ever!

I went to Dr. Ditesheim because I was looking for a surgeon close to my home and to give me great results as well. The second you walk into the office, the staff greet you and they're all so friendly and make you feel like your really going to be taken care of. Meeting with Dr. Ditesheim was a... READ MORE

Severe Gynecomastia- Pictures 6 weeks post op - New York, NY

I am 29 weigh 187lbs and had a severe case of gynecomastia. I went to see Dr. Blau for a consultation. Even though there were doctors that lived closer to me that perform this type of surgery, I determined that he is the best in the field after doing my own research. Sure enough he 100% met my... READ MORE

32 Year Old Having Gynecomastia Surgery and Lipo on Flanks

Consult on 4/11 My consult was great. I had two other consults with other surgeons in the NOVA area. Dr. Hess didn't overlook my concerns and actually took the time to examine me. He said my gynecomastia was nearly all tissue. This happen to me in adolescence and never resolved. I received an... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Black Male, Gynecomastia with Abdominal and Flank Liposuction

Greetings, I wanted to do a review that serves as a roadmap to my Gynecomastia experience with Dr. Caridi. Brace yourselves as I plan for this to be a very robust review. I want everyone to have a clear picture of me as a person as well as the actual procedure. To that end I am actually... READ MORE

49 Year Old Male, Cleveland Ohio

I've had this condition all my life. Just getting around to doing something about it. Have never taken a picture with my shirt off except for the one posted here. Can someone help and tell me how bad my condition is? Looking for a doctor with a fine eye to detail. Area doesn't matter, skill and... READ MORE

27 Gynecomastia

Ive dealt with gynecomastia since I was 13. I have been made fun of for years. I used duct tape to hold down my chest. I also would use super glue on the sides so when I sweat the tape wouldnt come off. I have been embarrassed for years and been made fun of. My confidence was so low. I tried to... READ MORE

No More Manboobs! - Egypt, EG

"I decided to have a male breast reduction and made enquiries online. None of my close friends had done this prior so it was new territory for me. After reading reviews and going through the Clinic website, and asking a lot of questions!! I made the choice to go with Dr. Wilson. It was a great... READ MORE

Surgery went wrong !

Very bad experience! He performed a very bad surgery on me which went really horrible! He removed the entire breast tissue and incised the nipple completely on one side. My chest and nipples got permanently damaged! Not upto professional standards! And instead of accepting his mistake, he keeps... READ MORE

37 Year Old Male with Large Man Boobs

I have suffered with Gynecomastia for 10 years and I was finally in the position to have the procedure done to remove my large man boobs. Previously trying the NHS route was drawn out and I was eventually told that yes I have a problem but this was classed as a cosmetic procedure and the NHS... READ MORE

Severe Gynecomastia

Hello, I'm a 28 year old patient of Dr. Blau and I've suffered from severe gynecomastia since puberty, despite never touching a steroid or supplement. The appearance of my chest has negatively affected my confidence throughout my life. It determined my posture, the clothes I wore, the way I... READ MORE

Dr. Blau and staff are awesome!!!!

I can't tell you just how happy I am with Dr. Blau and his staff. MaryAnn always take the time to answer any questions I may have when I call. I spent many months investigating doctors who specialize in gynecomastia. Dr. Blau is just the best. He literally wrote the book on this topic! His... READ MORE

My Story Suffering with Gynecomastia and my Interaction with Dr Nurein.

Hi guys! I'm 20 years old and as you can most likely put together, I suffer from gynecomastia. I'm posting on here to give another viewpoint on the condition and how I've struggled with it over the years. I'm also posting to tell you guys about the highly acclaimed Dr Nurein who will be the one... READ MORE

Blade-less Gynecomastia - Plano, TX

Decided to have this procedure done for two reasons. First I was unhappy with the way my chest looked I had started to look like I had small breasts. Second the breast tissue that had developed was tender and sore all the time. So far best choice I have ever made very happy with immediate... READ MORE

I just want to take my shirt off at the beach with my sons.

I had to work myself up to even post this. I've suffered from this since I was at least 10. I feel the exact same way alot of these guys feel on here, probably even more so. I don't recall one time in my life taking my shirt off in front of people at a beach or Waterpark. My kids have always... READ MORE

I'm 38 and getting r done!

Great for now. Lying in bed with ice packs. Have a wife who is a nurse and doing a great job. I've had this since about 13 years old I'm 38 now. Seems like the more I exercise and run the more it protruded and was noticeable. I saved up the money. Went to two different docs. Found one I felt... READ MORE

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