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Usually appearing during puberty, gynecomastia refers to when a male grows abnormally large breasts. Despite common misconception, actual breast tissue, not excess fat, is present. As desired, that breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Paul Lorenc and his staff have been extremely helpful and accommodating. I went into his office unsure and nervous about this procedure. I left there with confidence that I was making the right decision with Dr.Lorenc. They were always there to answer any questions that myself and my parents... READ MORE

I've suffered from gynecomastia from about 14-years-old. I was teased about it, even from some of my closest friends which definitely made an impact on my self esteem, and stopped me from doing a lot of things I've wanted to do. I’ve read a lot of people who say “I wish I had done the... READ MORE

I'm finally getting this surgery after decades of being teased and not being able to go shirtless anywhere because I look like a man with adolescent girl boobs. I literally can't imagine how much of a self confidence booster this is going to be to be able to go shirtless or buy what ever type of... READ MORE

I have been having gynecomastia since I was 10 years old. My nipples were puffy and visible from shirts or t-shirts; this made me self-conscious and frustrated. I avoided sports, beaches, and every activity that demanded to wear a t-shirt. I got teased because of my breast so many times and that... READ MORE

I've always hated my chest; even when I lost weight and was in great shape, it still sagged and there was nothing that seemed to lift it. I decided to go with this procedure and while I'm only a week post-op, it was a sound investment. My discomfort from 1-10 is about a 7; it hurts to move in... READ MORE

I first went to see Dr. Blau in July of 2014 for a consultation for a condition known as "puffy nipples" or male gynecomastia. Dr. Blau's laid-back manner and optimistic outlook on the procedure helped reassure me and put me at ease. I couldn't recommend him enough for anybody considering this... READ MORE

From the moment I met Dr. Schuster I knew he was the right choice for me. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable. He is not just a surgeon, but also an artist. The proof is in my results. It is like a dream come true. It has been 5 months... READ MORE

I'm really glad to share this experience with you all and I'm able to help someone make a decision to change their life. I've struggled with gynecomastia ever since childhood. I would never swim without a shirt. I would always dark, loose fitting clothing. As a senior in high school I weighed... READ MORE

I had thought about having this work done for some time after hitting my weight loss goal. I first visited Dr. Genter two years ago, but didn't have the procedure done because I thought there would be a "better time". That is my only regret, I wish I would not have waited and had this done two... READ MORE

I'm so excited to finally pursue this long dream of mines. I'm getting gynecomastia correction surgery on March 18, 2015. I'll post pictures my results after then. Dr. Kalus is my doctor and he has been great to work with. He asked about my expectations and informed me of the possible outcomes... READ MORE

I had been living with gynecomastia since puberty, so I basically had this condition for more than twenty years. I had been looking into getting the surgery for a long time but had hesitated to go through with the procedure because of the cost and, mostly, because I was afraid that something... READ MORE

Hello everyone. Im 25 years old now and I'm from Germany, so please excuse the possible grammar mistakes :-) For almost 13 years I suffered from my man boobs. I was a thick child, with 236 lbs being my maximum weight when I was 17. From that day on, I decided to change my life. I ate... READ MORE

Genetically i always carried a lot of fat tissue around my breast area and as i started progressing in bodybuilding, it became more and more of a factor that could impede on my future success. You couldn't notice it that much unless i pointed it out because i always stay fairly lean but i have... READ MORE

I am having Gynecomastia surgery, along with liposuction on my abs and flanks, in two days. I am both excited and nervous. I am excited because I have wanted to have Gynecomastia surgery since I was 16, since before I knew that surgery was even possible. My Gynecomastia appeared when I was 15... READ MORE

I had been dealing with gynecomastia for about 6 years, and always wanted to get it removed. Though my case was mild, it was still bothersome to me. So finally at 22 I decided to pursue it. Of course you will have your doubts, but if you really want to improve the quality of your life its... READ MORE

First of all, the staff of Doctor Luis Redondo is unbelievable, Dr. Canahuate (the anesthesiologist), Dr. Rodriguez (assistant), Yamilka (Secretary), the nurses... everyone were very kind and caring. About the Medical Center: is the best I’ve ever visited, in and out of the Dominican Republic... READ MORE

I had gynecomastia reduction in Tallahassee, FL on 4/3/15 after having had the condition since middle/high school. The surgery went well (not much brusing/discomfort after), but it seems that I have filled out again 2 months post op. I wore the compression garment for 4 weeks and then a... READ MORE

This wednesday, I am going to NYEE at Mt. Sinai in NYC to have gynecomastia surgery ($3900). In addition, I decided to have abdomen and flank liposuction ($2700). Ever since childhood, I have had extra fat on my chest. In my early teens years it seems to get a bit worse. In an attempt to... READ MORE

When I was about 12 years old, I started noticing there was a problem with my chest and was then diagnosed with gynecomastia. When I was finally 14 years old I first spoke with a doctor about how to fix it because it was really bad, however the medical insurance didn't cover anything and they... READ MORE

Dr. Blau is a competent and gifted M.D. He has done a wonderful job for me correcting my gynecomastia. Revising my chest from the past surgeon was no problem for Dr. Blau. I was emotionally and physically in bad shape but, Dr. Blau made me feel and look so much better. His artistic hand shaped... READ MORE

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