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Well im looking forward to having this lipotherme done im pretty fit but cnt get rid of the baby pooch from my csection. I would say my body type is something similar to Serena Williams well thats what ive been told (too funny) because this pudge tells me otherwise lol but ill post before an... READ MORE

32, Four Kids. Excellent Shape. I Have Arm Pit Fat That I Couldn't Get Rid Of - Hixson, TN

I am 5'7" 125lbs, I work out 6-7 days a week. I am an exercise junky who is in great shape. However, the only part of my body that drives me crazy is my armpits. I have excessive armpit fat. I can not get rid of it through exercise. So I first tried a less invasive procedure (Venus Legacy) and... READ MORE

Lipotherme or Smart Lipo Was Not Has Bad As I Expected It to Be

Pros: I am 43 years of age and have developed a muffin top along with bra fat. No matter how much I worked out those area's just reuse to go away. After talking to a friend she suggested I look into Laser Lipo. Hmmmm I thought to myself so i did, I consulted with several different doctors... READ MORE

I Cant Accept my Body I Need my Old Body Back - Sacramento, CA

Im 23 years old I weight 214 right now I will be doing liposuction and a breast lift, I been wanting this for already 3 years. After having my daughter I had gain a lot of weight I went from 150 pounds to 264. I lost 50 pounds in a year but still there are stubborn fat that just wont go away and... READ MORE

Long-awaited Arm Lipo - Dallas, TX

A little more than three weeks has passed since my procedure and so far, so good! I have longed for arm liposuction since high school. My weight fluctuates but, no matter how big or small I am, I've always had disproportionate arms. I visited a great plastic surgeon in the Dallas area and he... READ MORE

29 Years Old and Just Wanted to Look Better... - Bayonne, NJ

I've been thinking about to getting laser liposuction for a while but was concerned about the downtime and risks involved. After doing some research, I realized unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipo has minimal downtime and little bruising. Most people reported being able to resume to their... READ MORE

Upper,Lower,Love Handles Laser Lipotherme - Saratoga, NY

I had the proceedure yesterday 8AM, June 26, 2011. Was looking into it since 2009 and quit smoking 10 months ago. I made the decision and called. I had to have an EKG being over 40-I am 47, and gained at least 30lbs in the past 10 months. After too many people asking if I was pregnant I went for... READ MORE

Lipotherme - Southlake, TX

I have had saggy skin on my abs since I was a teen, and having a child only made it worse. I work out like a maniac, and nothing seems to help. Turning 40 only made it worse. I had Lipotherme done on 4.14. I also had my arms done since they never seem to get any thinner either. While I... READ MORE

Lipotherme on Outer Thighs - Rockford, IL

These reviews have been so helpful to me; I'll share my experience also. I had the Lipotherme done on Friday afternoon on my outer thighs. I was given similar anti-anxiety meds an hour before the procedure, which was good because I was feeling very anxious! Changed into robe and... READ MORE

Great Results with Lipotherme on Abs and Love Handles

On 3/31/10 I had lipotherme done on my abs & love handels. The results have been phenominal! I am getting married in May and was becoming frusterated that I was not losing the weight even though I was eating healthy and working out. I had a consult on 3/30 but because of my upcoming wedding... READ MORE

Dr Patel Rocks

Well so far so good! Just had lipo and BBL done on Thursday. Since I met Dr Patel, he was nice, confident and honest. I was scared on Thursday as this is my first surgery let alone plastic. The staff at the surgery center he used was really nice and he really made me feel comfortable and he made... READ MORE

Not so happy - Fort Lauderdale, FL

She's is really good and knowledgeable, but she is never available. She is never in the office. I had a procedure done with Her happy with the results, but never saw her afterwards. Not even for post opperatorio. READ MORE

Dr. Watkins is the best

Dr. Watkins is professional and caring. He cares about you not just as his patient but as a person. He works with you to achieve your goals. First goal was weight loss then I had a great experience with my first Lipotherme procedure. We have set our goals and looking forward to my next... READ MORE

Lipotherme - Love Handles and Stomach - Clifton Park, NY

I found the procedure to be relatively easy and not a big deal back in January 2010. 9 months later, I am having issues with the scars (didn't wear a bikini all summer) bruising or broken blood vessels and still have lumps across my upper and lower abdomin. I believe they are collagen... READ MORE

Best Doctor !!!!!! Great Staff - Dominican Republic, DO

My first time in the Dominican republic, I thought I was going to feel weird and Unpleasent but the doctor and his personal secretary made me feel like home! From the begining til the end. I am happy with my ending results. I had a lipo done and a butt lift. His advice and recommendations were... READ MORE

Lipotherme Lower Abs/back/flanks/inner Thighs

Pros: none so far since I haven't really seen results and it's been 1mo 1week post op. Guess a pro is that the procedure itself really does not hurt other than the tugging around the abdomen area. I was told 200cc was taken from my back, 400cc from the abdomen, and 100cc from inner... READ MORE

Lipotherme: Upper, Lower Abdomen & Love Handles - Bayonne, NJ

Hi! I'm 35 yrs old & struggling to get rid of my after c section baby stomach fat. Before I gave birth to my 20 months old son, I was only 98-100lbs, but I gained 85 lbs during pregnancy (185 lbs). I went to Dr. Jenyons 6 months after I gave birth, she said I needed a tummy tuck, but she... READ MORE

Too Good to Be True, Neck/Chin/Jaw Area Laser Lipo

So far so good. I had Lipotherme laser lipo done yesterday.A few quick notes:It is a painful experience, but more so mentally. The physical pain is not unbearable by any means, it is the time on the table that started to get too me. So I talked through the whole procedure because I am a... READ MORE

Lipotherme: Scared - Saint Joseph, MI

So I'm having the Lipotherme on Thursday. Upper, lower Abs and muffin top! Never had kids (go figure) But I'm 40 and does this really work/help. I'm 5'3 and have always had the famous "pooch", even when I weighed 130 w/ myvtrainer! Sick of it now however scared for the surg! Any Advice out... READ MORE

Scheduled an Appointment Today for Combo Lipotherme and Vaser - Columbus, MS

Arms, Waist, Lower Abs, Inner Thighs, Saddle, Banana Rolls Bags. This afternoon I attended my consult at Eden MediSpa & Laser Center to discuss the procedure. Dr. Childrey and Cindy were very patient in walking me through the process and all of the things to consider. I have never had... READ MORE

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