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JuvĂ©derm is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used for a variety of reasons, including lifting the cheeks, smoothing marionette lines around the mouth, and plumping the lips. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scars or reduce the appearance of aging hands. JuvĂ©derm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year. LEARN MORE â€ș

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Love my Juvederm Ultra Results! - Victoria, BC

I have had thin lips my entire life and have always wished to have lips that didn't disappear when I smiled. I am the kind of person that really had fun with Makeup and bold colours of lipstick. Finally I decided to get juvederm filler in my lips. My first visit, I got a full syringe done. It... READ MORE


So glad I finally decided to get lip fillers it's was pain free getting it done but now I'm on day 3 and the bruising and swelling on my top lip is bad ???? I'm keeping ice packs to keep in down :) I'm going back this Thursday to put the rest of the 1 ml of juvederm in my lips as my doctor did... READ MORE

Lip Fillers - Perth, AU

I have been to Dr Watts twice for lip fillers, and couldn't be happier. I didn't want to go overboard the first time so we didn't use both syringes and then I went back two weeks later and used the rest in my top lip. I was so worried about it looking fake and "ducky" but he did a great job. My... READ MORE

Dr Leanne Rowthorn made me feel Like a Sexy Adult Grown WOMAN!

Yes strange I know. I am tired of being told I look so young and have all the time in the world. (Tell that to my almost 39 year old eggs hoping to be fertilized!) I have always wanted to just look my age. The dimpled bum chin, teeny tiny flat lips, and depressions around the chin feel... READ MORE

Took 10 Years Off!

Treated myself to very conservative filler in my tear troughs, & I've never looked or felt better. I'm 34 but work extremely long hours as a make-up artist. People I know think I'm well rested while complete strangers swear I'm under 25! READ MORE

30 Year Old Mom of Three Gets New Lips!

I have had juvederm ultra injected into my lips twice now at Dr. Martin's office. I had one syringe in January and another syringe in May. I wanted a fuller youthful look without looking "done" and Ashley gave me exactly that! She's great. I also do my Botox there and always love my results.... READ MORE

Nervous for Lip Injections Tomorrow!

I have an appointment tomorrow for lip injections, Juvederm which I am getting more and more nervous for as it gets closer. I am getting the procedure done at Ideal Image in Braintree MA as I thought this was a reputable clinic. I overall comfortable during my consultation last week. I even saw... READ MORE

Lip, Tear Trough + Chin Filler - Toronto, ON

I am a 20 year-old female and I first came to Dr. Asaria in May of 2016 for lip injections and my experience was exceptional. At my first appointment I received .8 of a syringe of Juvéderm and the remaining .2 at my follow-up appointment. This option was ideal because it was my first time ever ... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra 1ml on Old 36 Yr Old

I have been developing an obsession with lips thanks to Instagram make up tutes. Thought my hubby would tell me no, you're not getting that done, but to my surprise he was all for it. So booked in & today was the day! Very happy with them. 1ml Ultra between the top & bottom lips.... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Made - Juvederm Lip Fillers - Dr. Pearson -Brentwood, CA Dr

Dr. Pearson walked me through the process of getting lip fillers using Juvederm. I was very nervous because I've never done it before and was frightened at how it would look. I'm 28 but as I've grown older I've had trouble with swelling in my face, causing my lips to look much smaller than they... READ MORE

29 Year Old Always Wanting Fuller Lips. Beverly Hills, CA

After many years of wanting fuller lips, I've decided to go ahead and get juvederm injected. I only had 0.5 syringe injected and my lips are noticeably enhanced. Swelling and bruising did occur but is resolving as the days go by. It was a bit painful but numbing cream was applied an hour before... READ MORE

Best Lip Enhancement in Beverly Hills! Dr. Pearson is Awesome!

Went to Dr. Pearson for lip injections (with Juvederm Ultra Plus). He is hands down the most attentive doctor I've had, and I will be referring him to everyone! He follows up on you, and his office is so accommodating when it comes to appointments. Dr. Pearson is a rare find! My lips came out... READ MORE

24yr Old Juvaderm to Lips - Scottsdale, AZ

I've always wanted fuller lips and decided to go for it after finding this place on Groupon with 5 star reviews. So far I like them...it's day two and I'm hoping the swelling subsides a bit more. It didn't hurt too bad..definitely tolerable especially after they put 20% lidocaine cream on my... READ MORE

28 Years Old Juvederm to Enhance Lips

I always wanted fuller lips so the first time I decided to try 1 syringe of juvederm I LOVED my results immediately however one week later after the swelling had gone down I did decide to go back and add another 1/2 of a syringe. During the procedure I did experience a little pain and discomfort... READ MORE

Juvederm Tomorrow

Getting juvederm in my lips tomorrow and am wanting to document the process. Disregard how tired I look, long day of work plus sick kid. Gona wing it on weather I do half syringe or 1 full syringe. Kinda thinking half at this point but who knows I could change my mind. This is a first for me!... READ MORE

Lip Filler - Chicago, IL

This was my second syringe of juvederm on the lips. I love the results so far, they are swollen still and still healing. I had very small lips and tiny mouth the filler really made my lips more fuller and had some extra injected on the bottom corners of my mouth to make it a little more wider... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips/fixing Previous Juvederm from Other Spa

I have always been self conscious about how thin my lips were. Wanted to have fuller lips that when I smiled we're still visible.Had gotten done at a spa in north park mall in Dallas and was left with large deposit lips and uneven lips that were not fixed by spa.Looking for someone to add more... READ MORE

Why did I wait so long for my perfect lips? Juvederm XC Ultra

I had lips and first Kybella session done this past week (more to come on Kybella.) I have also been on the hunt for a product that makes my lips more proportional to my other facial features. I have very large eyes, a round button nose, and very dramatic features (long eyelashes, strong brow)... READ MORE

19 Years Old with Tear Trough Deformity - Atlanta, GA

Ever since I can remember I have always gotten comments on how tired I looked regardless of the amount of sleep I had the previous night. I tried all types of tricks to remove the bags from under my eyes, but nothing worked. I felt that as I was getting older the area under my eyes just kept... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips--Uneven Results

I attended an open house at dermatologist office and was told I would receive a beautiful result on Juvederm lip injections. There was a 25% discount that evening so I prepaid and scheduled. The day off, Dr. Miner had a great bedside manner and gave me a nerve block just as I requested. The... READ MORE

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