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Juvederm and Restylane for Under Eyes - San Francisco, CA

Did juvederm voluma to mid-face and restylane to tear trough area to minimize appearance of under eye bags. Couldn't be more pleased!! Dr. Mabrie even worked with me on the price as a wedding gift. Staff is extremely nice and courteous and Dr. Mabrie is dedicated to making you look like the best... READ MORE

Best Juvederm treatment I've ever had.

Dr. Nelson is fabulous! He has great bed side manners and very understanding. He takes the time to really understand what your goals are and provides proper achievement rate. I have seen other surgeons in the past and he is the only one who achieved the look I was going for in the amount of time... READ MORE


I was so nervous so I did a lot of research. Dr. Yovino seemed to fit perfect so I scheduled a consultation. I know a few girls who have seen him for procedures so I knew I was going to be happy with my results. I am so so so happy! Dr. Yovino took years of my face:)) It's been two days since... READ MORE

Amazing job

This was my first time getting anything cosmetic done so needless to say I was really nervous. I had my consultation and procedure the same day with Silva. She was amazing, detailed and very patient with me. After years of wanting to get my lips injected and weeks of research I chose to get... READ MORE


Yes! I wanted a subtle enhancement of my lips, and the pain and swelling was all worth it! I had one vial of juviderm, and a couple of units of Botox to relax my chin. Dr Lotay was amazing, really focusing on a gentle plumping. During was quite painful, even with the numbing cream. I was... READ MORE

1 Syringe

I'm 27 and I've been getting lip injections way before it was popular in social media. Been getting them for 6 years and I love them. You would think I'd have humongous lips cuz I've gotten injected for so many years but I don't. I get half a syringe once a year but this time I got a full... READ MORE

First time Juvederm lip fillers

I wanted to share my lip story and show photos and talk about the process. I had naturally full nice lips but wanted the top lip to be a little more "plump" to match the bottom. Doc said it will look more symmetrical to add juvederm to both top and bottom so I went with it. It's been 2 days now... READ MORE

A second chance... or something like that.

I am 28 years old but certain experiences in my life thus far, have made me feel & look older than I am. When I was 19 I lived in a war zone. It was, obviously, an extremely stressful time -- sleeping in shoes to be ready for military raids at night, sniper ambushes, tanks, not being able to... READ MORE

Dr. Greene! - Weston, FL

I had Juvederm and nasolabial fillers with Dr. Ryan Greene on Friday 3/17/17. The cream kind of numbs you, but you do feel the injections, although is tolerable. Iam gonna wait 2 weeks if they go down i will be back for more!!it was worth the drive from Homestead to... READ MORE

Lip Filler Using Juvederm - Palo Alto, CA

I've always had small, flat and narrow lips. I wanted to maintain the shape but simply, enhance them. I decided to have my lips filled with 1 syringe of Juvederm and I loved the results. It was done in two sessions since my lips were smaller. I believe this 3 week break gave my lips a little... READ MORE


Recently got Juvederm on my lips. Dr. Toyos is amazing, after several failed attempts to get the perfect lips at different clinics around Nashville I'm so glad I found Dr. Toyos. The staff is super friendly and totally cater to your needs. Dr. Toyos personally injects her patients and makes sure... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience.

Dr. Mabrie and his staff are amazing. He has a friendly bed side manner and put me at ease. He was patient and answered all my questions. Great experience today. Love my results! Highly recommend him. READ MORE

Lips and Laugh Lines with Juvaderm - Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted to minimize my laugh lines and my lips to be slightly fuller. That is what I told my doctor. I've had redtalyne once before did nothing really after the slight swelling went down. But this bruising and swelling are horrible I can't go out. Not sure if I will do this again at this point... READ MORE

Juvederm XC for Nasolabial Lines in 25 Yr Old

After having a baby I lost a lot of volume in a lot of places and started to notice my nasolabial lines even more at 25. My doctor recommended sculptra but said it needed to be mixed and prepped so I would need to return for another visit if I wanted to do that so I went with juvederm since I... READ MORE

44 year old first time filler

I had been thinking about fillers for about a year. I do a lot of video for my job and I had been noticing that I looked tired. I researched docs in SF and everyone said DR Mabrie was awesome. I was a little nervous but her was great and recommended a schedule for me to get back to being even... READ MORE

Highly recommended and will absolutely return

I had gone in for fillers in my lips, was my 1st time ever having any procedure done and everyone In Dr Marotta's made me feel so at ease. They were all amazing and he did such a fantastic job. I am so happy with the end result they look amazing! READ MORE

33 Year Old African American with Deep Tear Troughs and Full Chin - Jacksonville, FL

Connie Jongeward of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is amazzzzzzing! I have always been in cosmetics and presenting myself well. However, in pictures I started to notice a hollowing of my tear troughs. I started to become conscious about them and tried to use concealer in creative ways but they were... READ MORE

First Time Using Juvederm Around Mouth and Laugh Lines, 2 Vials

I do not like all the bruising with this. And it's taking way too long for it to clear up. So far it's been 5 days. It feels really bumpy too. There is also a lot of swelling that goes along with this procedure. Maybe it will be worth it but right now I would never do it again. I'm just praying... READ MORE

Lip Fillers Juvederm - Birmingham, GB

Had lip fillers yesterday. I had the antiseptic cream. It did hurt though. It feels like a small prick but when it gets to the middle of your lips it hurts! Not that bad that I wouldn't have it again. She told me the swelling will last 2-3 days so here are my before and after pics. Ignore the... READ MORE

First timer Juvederm

I came all the way from Ft. Worth just to see this great doctor@Rainey Dermatology - Dr. Finklea ! Who I will certainly be back to see very soon.. She did an Uhhh-mazing job!!! First time for lip filler(Juvederm) She took her time and the procedure was PAINFREE because she was so gentle and... READ MORE

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