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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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Had lip fillers yesterday. I had the antiseptic cream. It did hurt though. It feels like a small prick but when it gets to the middle of your lips it hurts! Not that bad that I wouldn't have it again. She told me the swelling will last 2-3 days so here are my before and after pics. Ignore the... READ MORE

Love my new lips. After the numbing cream, I felt nothing. Went over the look I was going for (full, pouty lips) & she took it from there; giving me exactly what I wanted. She also suggested we save some for my two week check up in case there's an area we want to add to which was a great idea. I... READ MORE

Ever since I can remember I have always gotten comments on how tired I looked regardless of the amount of sleep I had the previous night. I tried all types of tricks to remove the bags from under my eyes, but nothing worked. I felt that as I was getting older the area under my eyes just kept... READ MORE

I've had lip injections 4x and NasoLabial Fold x3 over the past 8 years. My first time using fillers was with Restylane in 2008. I will admit I probably did not need them at age 32 but I remember being happy with the results. I then tried Perlane injections in my lips and my overall experience... READ MORE

Hi! Okay so I recently had rhinoplasty with Dr Grigoryants and love my results! But now even more than ever am I really hating how thin and non existant my lips are... Even when I go into get my laser hair removal done the ladies mention it lol I've always hated having no lips but never really... READ MORE

So since i last posted the question about my eye sight and blurry vision post treatment of tear trough with volbella, i decided to have the filler removed due to the problem with my vision and the rubbish result with hyaluronidase (although after seeing some doctors they said that the vision has... READ MORE

I had my fourth filler treatment done on 2/27 by Dr. Kelleher and the results were absolutely perfect. Dr. Kelleher is a true artist when it comes to the placement of the filler. He helps me stay calm and relaxed during my treatment. All questions were answered prior to starting the treatment... READ MORE

I have Juvenil for firs time and I wanted to try again I have to said the my experience whit Juvenil was great has been fantastic the doctor was professional and injected very careful and was very informative .staff so friendly nice oficce very clean and they take care you good.like wha I said... READ MORE

Being involved in many facets of the media, along with the beauty industry, fashion, and community service, my look is also part of my branding. Keeping the same over the years is a key part of marketing recognition. Juvederm helps keep me looking like the recognizable figure that people are... READ MORE

I searched this site for a facility near me and found quite a few reviews on Gorin Plastics, specifically, Kate. They were raving reviews. So I sent a consult in via email for 1 syringe Juvederm to my lips. I immediately received an email and ended up communicating with Kate. We set an... READ MORE

I love Dr. Pearl's personality! I went in for concerns about my laugh lines. I was very nervous since it was my first time and he made me feel extra comfortable. He used one unit of juevederm ultra in my nasal folds and gave me some in my cheeks to make them a little fuller. I just wanted to... READ MORE

I hated looking at myself in the mirror, my face was hollow and the dark circles and thinning lips gave away my age. I would hide my face with my hair. I wanted a facelift so badly and while researching I found a plastic surgeon to give me a softlift using Juvaderm and Botox. Dr. Rai certainly... READ MORE

So after my lovely successful rhino with Dr Q last month (1 month PO in 2 days :) ) i asked him about getting lip fillers in our last appointment together and he told me i don't need them. my upper lip is still a bit stiff from rhino but he said it would be safe to have lip fillers now it i... READ MORE

I have always had vey sunken eye hollows with unflattering eye bags. I researched Dr. Jones and decided to get a free consultation, and at the consultation I went forward with the procedure. It's amazing. He's an artist. He's very funny and personable and extremely knowledgeable... READ MORE

This was my first experience with fillers and due to other's experiences, I was much a skeptic. After more research, I was sure I wanted to enhance my lips. I'm really glad I did! I'm still experiencing some bumps, and unevenness in week 5 which I was told to expect. I'm... READ MORE

I've always thought I had a "horsey" gummy smile - once I realized that it was even a procedure I could have I didn't hesitate to make consultations. I did my research in the area, got references, and was most comfortable going to a more high end facility with great reviews to have a positive... READ MORE

Well. I always seemed to over drawing my lips, I love the natural shape of my lips. I just wanted fuller lips. So I decided to do juvederm. My procedure was today, she asked me a few questions and stated some side effects. Slight swelling, possible little balls that I can rub out or they will go... READ MORE

I decided to finally get my lips done at 42! I have always had a very small upper lip compared to my bottom lip. I have also noticed that the left side of my lip is dropping more than the right so I wanted this fixed too. I have attached before and 2 day after and hours after. It as been 3 weeks... READ MORE

This if my fourth time getting juviderm to my lips. Amy Jensen is very professional, knowledgeable, and of course, gentle. She has consistently given me a beautiful natural result! I love it! I get so many compliments on my lips and they never look over done. She is an amazing resource of... READ MORE

I got one full syringe of Juvederm, I am happy with the results. It is slightly addicting as I already want to put more in, I am not though and waiting the appropriate amount of time before I get them touched up. After a day or so you get used to it to the point where you might trick yourself... READ MORE

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