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JuvĂ©derm is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used for a variety of reasons, including lifting the cheeks, smoothing marionette lines around the mouth, and plumping the lips. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scars or reduce the appearance of aging hands. JuvĂ©derm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year. LEARN MORE â€ș

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Natural Full Lips - Ohio, OH

I have always wanted filler lips, but nothing over the top. My wedding is coming up soon so I decided to try it out. I went to the Ohio Skin Care Institute in Gahanna, Ohio. Dr. Ravitskiy was absolutely amazing, extremely knowledgeable about the protect and put my mind and nerves at ease. The... READ MORE

21 Year Old Juvederm

I have been wanting this for awhile. I decided to get 1 syringe and I love the results . They are really swollen right now and will post pics healed in a couple days. It overall improved my side profile and my definition, along with volume . I chose juvederm because I wanted the lasting results... READ MORE

37 Years Old

The cons were that it was expensive but the pro is its only once a year. Was very professional and did not hurt as bad as I thought made it in a very relaxing setting. It looks very natural. I swear it took ten years off of me. I would recommend this service to anybody was the sweetest kindest... READ MORE

Anxious Lady Finally Had my Natural Lip Filler Result!

I Honestly wanted my lips plumped for as long as I can remember. Reason I didn't do it is because I have seen so many obvious and fake lips jobs. Each to their own, I'm sure some really like that look but I would be mortified if I had that result on my face. I have been so near to do it many... READ MORE

27 with "Disappearing" Lips Treated with Juvederm Ultra

I always had thin lip when I smiled. I wanted to get lip augmented to increase top lip volume. I used Juvederm Ultra. I had one syringe placed. I still don't have the volume I want. The Doctor wanted to be conservative initially, "you can always add more later". After my lip completely heals I... READ MORE

First Experience with Any Cosmetic Enhancement, 25 years old - Beverly Hills, CA

Hi all! I have always been interested in plastic surgery- specifically breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. More recently (past few years) I have been wanting to get lip fillers just to balance out my top and bottom lips (my top was a little less full that I would have liked). I researched... READ MORE

Juvederm PLUS, First Time Shooting Up my Mouth!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in on my profile and shares. For years I have been curious about getting my lips plumped with fillers but my main concerns that stopped me from moving forward were; "what if I get addicted and can't stop?" And "what if I look like a Duck Lady like those women... READ MORE

Took Time to Tell It Was Worth It

I researched lip fillers for about a month before finally calling and making an appointment with a doctor who had many good reviews on real self. he was a 3 hour drive away but the town I live in, theres 2 plastic surgeons and everyone knows everyone. I wanted to have full lips, but didn't want... READ MORE

Plump Pout Please

I wanted to enhance my lips and decided on getting Juvederm injections. When I arrived for my appointment I didn't have to wait long to be seen by the doctor. After my questions were answered and pics were taken they placed a topycal numbing cream over my lips which worked as it should. I didn't... READ MORE

Beautiful Lips, but So Natural No One Has Noticed!

Dr. Wilson is an artist with fillers and she loves to do lips. She is conservative and careful and refuses to do "duck lips" thank goodness! I just wanted some fullness and my bow back - my shape was good, just flat. I brought in a photo from RealSelf of someone who I thought had a lip shape... READ MORE

I've Injectied Filler in my Face with Horrendous Results - Downe Village, GB

I don't know what to do ?? I've injected volumer into my lips and laughter lines before with no trouble but I used a filler called sculpt and I've had a reaction that's really bad!! ( pics below) I went to the doctors yesterday and she hasn't come across this before. She's given antibiotics and... READ MORE

Juvederm Filler in Lips, Botox in Forehead. 48 Yrs Old!

I quit smoking almost 2 years ago and am older and have always had very thin lips and now have/had those fine lines around them! I work out a lot to keep my body in decent shape,(not as good as I want, but then again, are we ever happy?), and with peri-menopause starting, I'm noticing the aging... READ MORE

Lip Fillers

Dr Ridgway is amazing and artistic. I feel like a million bucks. Swelling is obviously going to go down but so far super pleased! Perfect experience, highly recommend Dr Ridgway. He made me feel comfortable, informed me what was going to happen next every step of the way and barely left a mark... READ MORE

Basic Lips to Juicy Lips

Ever since I was little I wanted bigger lips. My lips weren't super small as I'm half black however they weren't near as large as my mothers so I decided to try 1ml of juvaderm. It felt like 20 bees stung me even with all the numbing stuff... my lips were huge and sore for 10 days. It's been... READ MORE

20 Yr Old Added Volume to Lower Lip - Fort Worth, TX

I just got treated with juvederm today. I had an amazing experience with the Laser Away office in Fort Worth. Everyone was so friendly as I simply came for a consultation, they managed to fit me in the same day and answered all my questions without rushing into anything. The procedure itself was... READ MORE

1st Time Juvederm to my Lips

Revive Salon: Carmel Valley - I've never really had a problem with my lips. I've always had a good amount of fullness to them, but I have seen a bunch of my friends do it recently and really liked the look that they were achieving. I had mentioned it to my boyfriend a couple months before... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Mom of 2

After having children my face has lost some fat and was looking hallow. I went to Dr. Franco to bring a more youthful look to my face. I highly recommend him. His before and after images are phenomenal. Also, he has videos on YouTube of some of his incredible transformations! The staff and... READ MORE

I Read all the Juvederm Horror Stories...and Did It Anyway

And it was the best decision! First, I understand the risks associated with using Juvederm under the eyes and I would think long and hard before making that leap. But doing the mationette lines, which is what I did, is giving yourself a gift from heaven. Here's another interesting fact: My... READ MORE

1 Cc Juvederm XC Plus to Plump Lips

I've wanted fuller lips for a while. I had a fat injection during my surgery in March (1 cc in the top and 1 cc in the bottom) but the top lip didn't hold the fat well. I also still wanted a little more. I was nervous to get too much bc I'd never tried fillers and didn't know what they'd look... READ MORE

50 Year Old with Vertical Lip Lines - All Better Now

My vertical lip lines were driving me nuts - I've botoxed them in the past but to no avail. I drink from a water bottle with a straw (culprit). I went in to have them filled along with parts of my lower face. We used one tube of Juvaderm to address fine smile lines, a fine marionette line and... READ MORE

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