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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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I am an executive and still very much involved in the business sector throughout the globe. I met Dr. Dosal at Miami Laser and Dermatology during my routine check up in 2014. I spoke with her assistant Joyful Gonzalez and between Dr. Dosal and Joyful, as a team, we were able to accomplish the... READ MORE

Had almost a full syringe of juvederm injected yesterday morning and so far I am in love. Effects are pretty dramatic so far in terms of filling out vertical lines above upper lip. I still have some swelling but I am hoping for continued fullness. The esthetician saved about 1/5 of my juvederm... READ MORE

Beauty pageants, runways, photo shoots, weddings, date nights... even selfies; so often I have attempted to create the illusion of the "perfect pout." I have had my share of overly-lined lips and lip-plumping glosses, but with Juvederm and Dr. Melissa, I have finally found the lips I have always... READ MORE

I noticed my lipstick would look so much better if I had fuller lips so I decided to get my lips injected. I think it'll make my entire face look a lot better and younger. My bottom lip is okay but my upper is really thin and when I smile the upper lip is almost gone (disappears from being too... READ MORE

My motivation was to reduce the signs of aging through non-aggressive dermatological services. Specifically injections .I realized that there were many medical spas out in the marketplace. But it was imperative that the doctors in the spa be board certified and up to date on the latest products,... READ MORE

I am jonathan and want to share my experience with my lip augmentation, was four months ago and the truth was delighted with the results and I love my new lips , and found the dr.irving rodriguez facebook and recommend in fact in a few months I 'll do a liposuction with fat transfer,and I love... READ MORE

I have always been self conscious of my lips and finally decided to get fillers injected before my wedding. After some research, I chose Advanced Aesthetics in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The PA-C recommended 1 ml of Juvederm and assured me that we probably wouldn't even use all of it the first... READ MORE

I had bought a groupon online and after months of debating decided to go for it. It was my first ever procedure ever and I cannot even begin to describe how nervous I was when first entering Dr. Christian Ford's office in Cohassett's. The office is located on the second floor about cohassett's... READ MORE

I've decided to try lip injections for the first time. I'm very excited and yet nervous about my upcoming appointment next month. After doing some research I've decided to go with SkinSpirit in Walnut, CA. Overall, they have great reviews and it's super close to where I live. I've also been... READ MORE

Hey ladies, I've always had decent sized lips but was never fully satisfied with the fullness or pout. So I decided to get 1mL of juvederm ultra. They were huge when I first got them done but have significantly gone down and now I'm thinking of getting another mL. A friend told me about a... READ MORE

I naturally have small mouth and lips and wanted to add shape and volume to my lips to balance out my face. I live in Australia and was going to get it overseas on a holiday but it ended up costing ruffly the same here so I booked in with my local practice I was surprised to hear that it's... READ MORE

Just had juvederm in my lips. I got half of a syringe - I will wait and see if I need any corrections. There is swelling and little bruising. The pain was not too bad it is surprisingly tolerable. It is sore when you feel the product being injected. I mainly touched up my upper lip. My... READ MORE

I really did not like how small my lips were so I decided to get 1 syringe of juvederm in my lips It's been 1 day I had barely any swelling and went on about my normal day right after. June rose put numbing cream on my lips so the injections barely hurt. Her medical office is called revive... READ MORE

I had been wanting to get lip fillers for a while, so after a few different consultations I found the place I wanted to go. The whole experience was great. I'm not really sure why everyone talks about how much it hurts, I didn't get a dental block or a numbing agent and I had no issues with pain... READ MORE

Love my Lips sooooo much. Last visit was at liberty bell i was so unhappy theybused restylane and inswelled spot and then i felt that there was nothing there. Highly highly recomemd Penny. She's verybprofessional. Explained everything. I had minimal discomfort and got exactly what i wanted with 1mls READ MORE

51yo male with tired eyes, cheek laxity and loss of mass along the jawline. I was bad, took two vials of Juvaderm and one of Bolotero. But, good god , I look good now. She does the blunt tip cannula method so I have no bruising at all. i look like I just spent a month sleeping and resting... READ MORE

I just had my lips done yesterday at the bougainvillea clinic with Liz and my results are amazing ! She will never let you over do it and will make sure you come out looking amazing! Me and a large group of my co-workers all use her and have never been disappointed! She does an amazing job and I... READ MORE

I would like to know if Juvederm Volift is better and Longer lasting than the Voluma which I had first injected last July 2014 1cc on both cheeks for a natural looking. Spreaded the fillers on areas where there's volume loss and the doctor said that the last for a year and a half. Last... READ MORE

I've been using juvederm for about 2 years now. It lasts around 4 months in my lips and 9 months in my parentheses. My doctor used it to upturn the corners of my lips when resting. Absolutely love juvederm and recommend it for anyone. It does not hurt and the results are amazing and noticeable... READ MORE

So I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Esta Kronberg and juvederm ... Totally worth it . As for Dr. Kronberg she is beyond amazing . Very compassionate , experienced , the best ! Also , a little bruising is to be expected . It's nothing that a heavy lipstick can't cover until they fade... READ MORE

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