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JuvĂ©derm is an FDA-approved collection of injectable fillers used for a variety of reasons, including lifting the cheeks, smoothing marionette lines around the mouth, and plumping the lips. It may also be used to fill pitted acne scars or reduce the appearance of aging hands. JuvĂ©derm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year. LEARN MORE â€ș

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Look 10 Years Younger?

I think I look good for someone in their early 70's but I hated the creases in my chin. It made me look like I was a puppet. I felt it really made me look old. The only problem is that now I want to do more to enhance my appearance. Maybe move on to Cool Sculpting for my love handles. lol... READ MORE

New Lips!

I've always disliked my small lips but fear of having fish lips held me back from getting them done. My close friend went to SDBotox and had nothing but GREAT things to say about Dr. Roher and staff. I scheduled an appointment using their online form, received text reminders leading up to the... READ MORE


Hello, so I did 1 full syringe of Juverderm! I wanted to keep my natural shape but just PLUMP them up all around. I feel like 1 syringe was not enough for the results I wanted. I loved how they looked 3 days after being injected but I guess they looked great because of the "swelling". I'm going... READ MORE

Half a Syringe of Juvederm - New York

I wanted a fuller upper lip so my Doctor decided on Juvederm, focusing on my upper lip and a little bit on the bottom. He was so nice, told me he would do half the syringe first and show me. If I wanted the rest he would do the rest. After half I was so happy I decided to stop! I love them ! He... READ MORE

Lip Injection Juvederm Upper Lip

(sry for spelling or grammar mistakes ,im not a native speaker) To be very honest i was never extremly unhappy with my lips i just was curious and thought "why not" :) I would not recommend this attitude for a permanent cosmetic surgery though. Anyhow i went to the doc that allready did a... READ MORE

Juvederm + Restylane

I came here to see Dr Mabrie for Juvederm + Restylane for the face. Had an amazing experience would recommend :) he was very gentle and attentive to my concerns, the staff is great and there was virtually no wait with an appointment. The procedure was a little painful but the doctor and his... READ MORE

Jervederm fillers & fat transplant

I love Dr Martin and his sense of humor and how he puts your mind at ease. He offers you the best solution to fit your situation. I also love his injector, sheesh, I cannot think of her name, but she's super amazing at giving the injections. Super sweet lady! Love the staff & everyone there!... READ MORE

1 syringe of juvadrem in top lip

The next day I woke up my lip was so much bigger; a little swelling and my lip is a little hard in certain places because of the injections but it doesn't hurt. I guess the juvadrem just needed time to work because I barely saw a difference the day of my injections but now I can definitely see a... READ MORE

Half a Syringe of Juvederm

I had half syringe of juvederm injected in my lips. It was a subtle change which I wanted but if I were to do it again I would have it done in two sessions spaced apart cause half a syringe is not enough and it didn't last too long. Make sure you don't smoke or drink for a few days prior to the... READ MORE

34 Years Old Saggy Lips Needing Plumping

This is my first time with lip fillers. I only got about 60% of the syringe. I wish had just got it all. I will definitely be scheduling to get the rest of my syringe injected next week. I am happy with the shape but wish they were bigger. I am hoping that tomorrow and the following days the... READ MORE

Dr Jacob Helou best lip enhancement

When I met Dr Helou from Epigenesis Cosmetic Clinic in Leichhardt he was very friendly and understanding to the needs of my procedure. Making me feel very comfortable. Dr Helou was extremely professional. My lips were exactly what I was wanting. He has a technique that I would highly recommend... READ MORE

Lip Injectable, The Best in my Life

Naturally I have thin lips and my lips are unbalanced. So I did Juvederm to make my lips fuller and balance my left side with the right. Dr. Emer is seriously the best! He made my lips look naturally fuller and he managed to even up my left side with the right side! He literally make the... READ MORE

Best fillers in town

If you're looking for the perfect place for lip fillers, Dr. Franco is the man to go to. His procedure was the quickest with the least amount of pain I've ever experienced . He uses the best numbing cream & the best technique so my lips kept their natural shape but 10x fuller. I'm in love. ... READ MORE

Loved the staff

Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. I did a lip filler and was so nervous going in but it was a breeze. Ashley made me feel very comfortable and it was done before I even knew it. Ashley was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I will be going back. READ MORE

31 Years Old Juvederm to Nasiolabial Folds

I'm 31 years old and have want to get a filler into nasiolabial folds for at least a year now. I noticed them getting worse especially on my right side. The line in my cheek was starting to get deeper and I wanted to try it out. I ended up getting 1 syringe of juvederm injected along the folds... READ MORE

Juvederm+ Filler Swelling Months Later

I love my lip fillers, didn't have any bruising at all, swelling went down after a couple of days and I've had no issues until recently. It's not a huge deal because you can't tell unless you're actually in my mouth but my right side filler has been pretty irritated lately, it doesn't hurt at... READ MORE

Needing Lips - Brecksville, OH

I have always had very small lips so I finally decided to get juvederm! The doctor recommended I build since I want to go large but not doing it all at once or I will have duck lips so at my first appointment I will be getting juvederm ultra plus and I will be posting all about it and posting a... READ MORE

34 with Full Lips Starting to Deflate: I syringe of juvederm

So far so good. I just received one full syringe of Juvederm XC into my lips about 5 hours ago. I've always had full lips but have noticed that I've lost volume over the past few years and developed strong lines in the corners of my mouth from clenching my jaw. Even though I'm swollen and a bit... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Lip Enhancement

This is my 4th time getting Juvederm so thought I'd give a review. I had a different injector this time and the look of my lips is different than the first few times. She put a lot more in the top lip and definitely around the edge (vermillion border). It's quite prominent so I'm a little self... READ MORE

1cc Juviderm with Lidocane

Hello Angelina Jolie! So far I love them. Right after the injections was really pretty. About 5 hours out I looked absurdly overdone due to swelling. This morning the swelling has gone down but Im pretty bruised. So far, totally worth it! My lips are very tender now. I would def recommend... READ MORE

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