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A hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) restores hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. A typical surgery involves anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts. LEARN MORE ›

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A Successful Hair Transplant with Elithairtransplant

When noticed that I am losing my hair, I contacted a hair clinic for consultation. I started with special vitamins and minerals for hair loss but it didn’t stop Also I tried some other treatments like herbal but the effect was very tiny. My hair was slowly thinning all the time and I used to w... READ MORE

4250 Grafts with Dr. Cinik at Istambul - Amazing Experience!!!

I start lost my hair around 25 years old - quite young. I've losted until 33 or so! I losted on front and up my head. Searching for clinics in my country - PORTUGAL - all of them (and they are few) have prohibited prices - about 2€ per graft!!! I quite my search and got used to my hair... u... READ MORE

Female, 24, FUT hair transplant for hairline lowering

I've always had a high hairline, and deep-set corners of my hairline that, due to my blonde baby-hairs, looks like it's receding. I debated having this procedure for a couple of years. Fortunately I live in Minneapolis, and Shapiro Medical Group is supposed to be one of the best hair transplant... READ MORE

28 Yo AA Female Saying Goodbye to Traction Alopecia! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am an AA female who has been suffering from traction alopecia since I was a young child. While the braids and ponytails that I wore as a child looked very cute they led to damage to my hairline and temple area. Over the years I have tried various oils, serums, and growth supplements but got... READ MORE

Turkey Here I Come for my Hair Transformation. Istanbul, TR

First, I have to start by saying I reluctantly decided to start another post about my hair until after the actual procedure. However, I decided to start a post after my communication with Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz and his cordinator Azuri and my live conversation with Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz... READ MORE

3600 Graft Hair Transplant at Cosmedica, Istanbul

Hi All, this is my first review here, I'm a long time lurker but i'm hoping i can help contribute to the community. Little back story, I started to lose my hair at around 18-19 by lose i wouldn't say I'm bald, just receding and thin in parts If i had to hazard a guess i would say i was about a... READ MORE

My Hair Transplant- 4000 FUT Grafts by Dr Suneet Soni Medispa, Jaipur

Before going to start saying anything, I would like to give my thanking notes to Dr Suneet Soni, who has implanted of around 4000 of hair grafts for my extreme case of grade V baldness. I was severely affected by the androgenic alopecia with major grade baldness and visited a number of clinics... READ MORE

New Hair & Vacations in Greek Islands by Hair Expert Dr Christopoulos - Athens, Greece

Hi, I`m 46 years old and I live in New York over the last 16 years. I`ve always thought my hair was the strong point of my look. Few years ago I noticed significant hair loss. This made me feel uncomfortable about the way I looked and affected my relations with women and my professional... READ MORE

37 Years Old Treating with Norwood 6 - Instanbul, TR

The procedure I went through took about 7 hours. The following steps breakdown were not timed. Just an estimated time breakdown. Step 0: I had to change my dress to medical gowns like those blue plastic like paper gown. They shaved my hair and discussed the procedure for the last time. This... READ MORE

I Am a Hair Addict !!

I got a very powerful drive to regain and retain a full head of hair since I started losing hair in my 30's . I spent a year researching the techniques and facilities in the Los Angeles area. I finally decided on New Hair Institute. I felt the most confidence and comfortable after attending an... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female Traction Alopecia Hair Transplant

I'm a 31 year old Hispanic female with traction alopecia. As a child I had an amazing full head of healthy curly hair but during my teenage years I braided my hair a lot and also wore really tight buns and ponytails. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the house unless my hair was so tight that... READ MORE

Amazing Hair Transplant Result with Clinicana!

I would like to share my hair transplant experience that was performed last year at Clinicana Hair Transplant Center, in Istanbul Turkey. I was very patient to get the result as it lasted for 1 year to receive the final result. I had 4900 grafts planted and it was worth for it. (You will see my... READ MORE


After my hairline was receeding and I had blank spaces in my beard that more & more bothered me I started research about hair & beard transplants. As the price in Germany is way too high and the doctors do not carry it out that often compared to specialists in Turkey I decided to do it there.... READ MORE

Round 2 HT journey by Dr Karadeniz.

I had my Round 1 with Dr Karadeniz and I am extremely happy with my results. So Round 2 i'm ready for my lower hairline and more density. As usual great communication with the team. Now its just time to get the party started. I have landed safely in Istanbul, a day to myself before i see Dr... READ MORE

My Appreciation to Arenamed Istanbul - Istanbul, TR

I just wanted to thank Arenamed for the great job. Team was are very professional,diligent, artisits, skillful, kind and well versed with their field. My hair looks great and it is also age-appropriate hair so it looks completely natural. I think I was really lucky to find you in Istanbul. I was... READ MORE

32yrs Old with a Large Forehead That Was Made Worse by Hair Extensions.

I come from a family of people with high foreheads and i had become an expert at hidding it. However, in 2014 i decided to big chop my hair and go natural and with short hair, i couldn't hide my large forehead anymore so i sort refuge in weaves which started weakening my edges and i knew... READ MORE

Male, 47 Year Old, 3500 grafts. Get Hair, Istanbul Turkey.

I had my hairline residing since late 20s, early 30s but HT was not an option for me back at the time. So on the last 12 months I started doing more research on the FUE procedure. The more I looked at the videos, results of others, read experiences from others, the more I got encouraged to make... READ MORE

Neopel Dr. Hernandez in Mexico - Tijuana, MX

Dr. Hernandez was kind and the staff was great. I will post more photos and provide up to date reviews. The cost was $3500 and she included PRP. About 3372 grafts (do my pictures reflect this many?) concentrated in the front area. The cost includes a hotel stay and delicious lunch. Doctor picks... READ MORE

26yr Old African American Black Female Hair Restoration - Fort Lauderdale, FL

After years of traction alopecia from tight braids, weaves, glue, and twists I decided to shave my head and give my hairline a chance to grow back. In that time, I tried acupuncture, laying upside down massages, hot oil treatments, oils, lotions and potions and nothing worked! After a year of... READ MORE

Hair Loss Implants

I was having pretty severe hair loss on top of my head. I was hesitant to have the procedure performed. As I thought it over for a couple of years, I looked around for different Dr.'s whom would perform this procedure. As I saw my hair loss getting worse, I wanted to get something done and had... READ MORE

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