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In a forehead lift (or brow lift) a plastic surgeon creates small incisions in the hairline and raises sagging brow lines in order to remove deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. LEARN MORE ›

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I went to Thailand on vacation and thought I could spend some time looking at cosmetic procedures. It was last minute but I wanted to get my areola revised. Heres what I did: - forehead fat transfer - lipo of flanks - areola reduction/revision - arm lipo - blepharoplasty I am only happy with... READ MORE

Hi everyone, this is my first post , i hv done the cheekbone reduction surgery, endoscopic forehead lift,and nose job together; i m totally satisfied with these surgeries.. some friends told me that theres no need to do the PS,i looked pretty,but i m so into small face ,,so,,, Actually, i... READ MORE

I always knew that I would get a facelift, forehead lift, and liposuction. I found the best plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area. His name is Dr.Julian Gordon. I have very high expectations for any surgeon who does any procedure on me. The results was awesome. Dr. Gordon is very professional,... READ MORE

My forehead lift, plus some Botox and injectible fillers, makes me look at least twenty years younger...a big asset these days for a single gal in her early 60's who is still dating! No one ever believes my chronological age.There are no "cons"... only "pros" to looking in... READ MORE

The experience was better then i thought., I had alot of swelling and my face was black and blue for a week as i had a laser peel at the same time. I did not take any pain meds as i was not in alot of pain . The worst part was getting sick from the general anethesia and the lack of sleep as I... READ MORE

Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero in Tijuana, Mexico has been my primary plastic surgeon for over a decade. Most Recently he did my Forehead lift, Facial Fat Transfer to my Temples/ Under Eyes/ Cheeks, Liposuction of my Neck, Upper & Lower Stomach and Love Handles/ Flanks. He did an amazing job ... READ MORE

I am happy with the outcome. I am now Day 10 post-op. Dr Kim Soo-Shin is a surgeon with more than 30 years experience in the field of plastic surgery. Unfortunately most of his press and media interviews were in Korea, but i believe the Wall Street Journal had interviewed him sometime back. ... READ MORE

Dr. Prendiville and his entire staff made this experience very pleasant. I did a lot of research before my first appointment (thank you, Real Self!). Botox no longer helped my droopy eyelids, and my nose, as I aged, wasn't as cute as it used to be.... I gave him this information, and trusted... READ MORE

I was motivated to act by my eye doctor, who said my eyelids were getting the way of my vision. She gave me two names of doctors, and Dr. Pawar was the best, hands down. I had my eyelids done and my forehead lifted and am now two weeks post surgery. I know the swelling will go down a bit... READ MORE

Dr Byrne and staff were professional, proficient and caring. The procedure was quick, painless, and the recovery time was short, within a week of returning to daily activities and not looking bruised or swollen received a phone call that evening to check on progress as well as the following... READ MORE

Trying to achieve a lift to my cheeks end d up having a brow lift as well at Dr W's suggestion..why did I listen to hiim? Terrible results enormous bony forehead like Elizabeth I & also problems with hair loss. Appalling dramatic changes to my appearance NOT subtle. I looked like a clown &... READ MORE

Dr. Kwan is very knowledgable, thorough and into details. At the same time, he is caring and took good care of me. The staff at the office are also professional and caring. It's been about 6 weeks and I am already happy with how I look after the surgery. I can recommend him to my friends with... READ MORE

I am an energetic grandma in my early 60s, but was discouraged when I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked mad or grumpy because of my droopy brow. I visited several facial plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Hamilton. Factors for that choice included his medical background and... READ MORE

Believe all of the rave reviews! Dr. M. is a cutting edge surgeon AND genuinely cares about his patients. I had upper eyelid surgery and a forehead lift. After several consultations, I chose the procedure, mainly to improve my quality of life. Although the esthetic consideration was... READ MORE

Hi, I'm in my mid 30's and was starting to look tired. One eyebrow was lower and the other and I just looked really weird. Dr Lee fixed my forehead and it looks perfect. I feel 15 years younger and people cant believe I'm almost 40. I love how natural it looks. But most of all the impeccable... READ MORE

Dr. Walker is a probably the best doctor I have ever seen for anything. Her resume is one of the best that I have ever seen and she lives up to it. Indeed, she was educated at Oxford and in Paris. I had gone through a painful divorce after years of being in a toxic situation. I looked... READ MORE

Dr. Ross Clevens and his staff were very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. Dr. Clevens carefully guided me on the instructions before and after surgery. I am very happy with the results from my surgery and if I ever get anything else done, I want Dr. Clevens to be my physician! READ MORE

I was under extreme stress because I looked older than my age and I had tired face. I had severe frown lines between my eyebrows because I had a habit of making faces whenever I talked. I always looked tired. One of my friend who had breast augmentation done by Dr. Peter Lee at Wave Plastic... READ MORE

I tried facial creams, sculptra (quite expensive) with another physician located closer to my hometown, but chose to return to Dr. Finger who performed eyelid surgery for me 13 years ago. I had no difficulty scheduling an initial appointment and the staff was caring and well trained. Post... READ MORE

My hair dresser a few years ago had referred me to Doctor Elliott Lavey. I contacted Doctor Elliott Lavey because I wanted to look younger and make improvements to my eyes, skin and ear. I asked him about my options to remove the sagging eye lids, get rid of the age spots on my hands and fix a... READ MORE

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How much does a Forehead Lift cost?

The typical cost for a Forehead Lift ranges from $1,750-$12,000 with an average cost of $7,075. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 30 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more