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Elevess in Lips

I went it to follow up on a Juvederm injection I had in my upper lip for the fine lines for months ago. It was suppose to last up to a year, but clearly did not. The nurse told me about the Elevess product and that it was great and much less expensive, but only lasted 4 months or so.I asked were... READ MORE

Severe Reaction to Elevess - DO NOT USE

Late November 2008 at 9:00 a.m. I had Elevess injected under my eyes to correct deep circles. The plastic surgeon used 2 vials.I looked terrific for about 4 hours and then the swelling began. I had been expecting some swelling. By 4:30 p.m. I was getting so swollen that i called the DR's office... READ MORE

Elevess Nightmare, I Have No Known Allergy

LET ME B THE ONE TO WARN U!! I had Elevess injected to my forehead,nose,nasolabial folds and lips.Horrible bruising and swelling immed.Finally after 2 medrol dose packs.I had 1 week reprieve.(looked almost human) then I woke up full blown swelling like the Goodyear blimp!(no joke) I used ice... READ MORE


I had Elevess injected into my nasolabial folds and about 2 weeks later my entire face grew red and swollen. I am allergic to sulfites and this was never explained to me. I was treated with steroids, but then I got abscesses on my cheeks which had to be drained repeatedly for a week. Green... READ MORE

Great doctor

Very professional staff is great doctor Jean is very accessible they test you with respect Anne goes above & beyond to make sure you are taken care of my finger was practically cut off they used a new treatment on me & it seems to be working fantastic READ MORE

An Extraordinary Doctor. Neptune Beach, FL

Dr. Garcia has a very good bed side manor. He explains what he is going to do and the results. Every visit is fun and pleasant I am glad I chose Contour Plus. All the staff are helpful and pleasant. Diane was helpful and knowledgable and explained the procedures. I will recommend Dr Garcia to... READ MORE

Hydrelle Horror-Chicago

I too had a bad reaction to Hydrelle, but a happy "resolution". Seven weeks after the injections of Hydrelle and Sculptra the huge swellings blew up over 2 days. After biopsies, cat scan, hospitalization with IV antibiotics, 15 abcesses drained of large pockets of pus,etc. I found a... READ MORE

Elevess is Amazing I Like It (Nasolabial Folds and Cheeks)

I'm egyptaian im 38 years old i got elevess injection in my naso labial folds & cheeks 5 months sgo & it was really amazing. i feel as if i got injected yesterday,, my lines are still filled till now & i look great,, actually it wasnt my first experience with dermal fillers i got... READ MORE

Really Like my Results from Hydrelle!

I have used fillers several times- mostly Restylane- in the lines/folds on the sides of my nose. I always like the results but it is expensive. I saw Hydrelle on The Doctors and thought I would try it since it was touted as more "filling" than other products.I only had to use 1... READ MORE

Elevess is Awful

I had elevess injected into nasio labial folds by a good plastic surgeon. the immediate results were perfect, a few hours later my whole face was very swollen and remained that way for five days, once the swelling subsided i was left with hard lumps at the injection site. twenty five days later... READ MORE

Edema from Elevess in Cheeks

Over past year had become more concerned with the dark circles under my eyes and general look of tiredness. Had several consults with 3 plastic surgeons and one derm. All suggested either tear trough, cheeks or both. I decided to fill both areas to feel more refreshed and younger.The doctor was... READ MORE

Elevess-No Way

My dermatologist said Elevess was about the same as Restylene but cheaper so I said go for it. He injected it into my nasolabial folds. Wow, by that night I was swollen and the next day my upper lip and sides of my mouth were gigantic. I looked like I was from Planet of the Apes. I iced it... READ MORE

Elevess is Great

I am stunned by the bad reviews here for Elevess. I was injected about six months ago and am still very very satisfied with the result. The pain was minimal and unlike the other reviews here, I experienced very little swelling and redness.I may do it again in a few months especially since the... READ MORE

Elevess Nightmare!!! - Dearborn, MI

I had elevess injections in my lips. The first couple of days it was swollen but then it went down. I was great for about 3 weeks and then they started to hurt so I started icing them. I thought it was normal, but the next day my lips were so swollen and i was in so much pain so i went to the ER... READ MORE

Horrible Reaction to Elevess DO NOT USE

I received Elevess beginning of October, my first night and next day I had horrible swelling. For three weeks it was great, then I swelled like a blowfish, I was put on steroids, it went down and after the steroids my entire upper lip was lumpy, with one spot like a hard piece of gum in it. My... READ MORE

Elevess from Hell

I had it injected in the folds and upper and lower lip. My face swelled abnormally right away then subsided only to come back much worse a week later. I am 3 weeks out and look completely distorted. I have very big hard lumps in all injected sites and it seems to be growing or migrating. I... READ MORE

Elevess NOT the Filler of Choice

I've had fillers for years - have probably used them all on different parts of my face...and have always been pleased with results. I tried Elevess for the corners of my mouth and am MORTIFIED by the amount of swelling. While some swelling is normal, this is significantly worse than I've ever... READ MORE

I had Elevess injected into the lines above and below my lips - Not Worth It - Lafayette, CO

On 9/18/08 I had Elevess injected into the lines above and below my lips to get rid of the lines (I would be happy with the lines again if I only knew!).  The area above my lips got puffy and lumpy immediately.  I was told to massage it but have found out from several sources that you... READ MORE

Seems Great and is Priced Right.

I received an Elevess treatment about three weeks ago and am very happy with the results. Having had other HA treatments in the past, I know how the pain can be an issue and the lidocaine in Elevess really seemed to make a difference compared to the others I have had. READ MORE

Elevess Allergic Reaction

I recently received Elevess injections for some depressions on my chin due to acne. All was fine for three weeks and then all my injections sites started to swell. It seems I am also allergic to sulfites (nose turns red when I drink red wine). Apparently, the reaction was caused by this... READ MORE

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