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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, involves moving ears closer to the head in an effort to keep them from "sticking out". LEARN MORE › Choosing a doctor? Ask 20 essential questions

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After enduring childhood taunts of “dumbo ears”, and many many years spent in attempts to disguise or cover the same, I sought out a surgeon to perform bilateral otoplasty - “ear pinning”. Changing a facial feature, even one not held in high esteem, is a weighty decision - practical, emotion... READ MORE

To make a very long story as short as possible I had otoplasty done by Dr. Horndeski and have never been more disappointed in my life. I went in with the excitement and intention that my ears will finally look good enough to wear my hair up and not have to hide them anymore. I am 29 years old... READ MORE

On October 12, 2015 I was walking my dog down the street and he had gum stuck to the bottom of his foot. I bent down to remove it without letting him know what I was doing. He turned and snapped. Took off 1/3 of my ear. Ear reconstruction surgery is not something that any plastic surgeon can... READ MORE

Day of procedure: Went to work as usual, then headed to Macclesfield Spire to meet Mr Musgrove for earfold for 11:30am appointment. Upon arrival, I felt relaxed. I was 40 minutes early which didn't help, but I signed my details over at the reception and took a seat. After waiting for 30... READ MORE

I suffered many years from a pop out ears...you know the teasing when you are kid who have a pop out ears...it was like hell, any way i did not have the courage to go under surgery until i met doctor Cihantimur , i saw a video of 9 minutes Non Surgical Treatment, they solve this with medical... READ MORE

I'm not too sure what to do I got my procedure done may 9th and following up with my recovery it's seem to go great! No big issues at all and it was really looking good and what my issue that I had was that at the top my ears were pointed like a elf and I expressed to him that that was my main... READ MORE

Just got back from removing my bandages after 12 days with them on and the results are fantastic and have completely enhanced my appearance and confidence! As you can see from the old photo, my ears have an absence of the anti-helix fold, however as far as I'm aware I didn't have any excessive... READ MORE

BIG Thanks! Dr. Ashok. I thought I met Dr. Ashok back in 2009 for an 'Otoplasty' consultation and how I delayed this for years but to realized that it can be done in hours. I was really not sure at first if this was for me but I knew that I needed this. How I waited for myself to finally... READ MORE

I got an ear pinning and a reduction of the top of the ear because they were too pointy. Now that I am all healed up i am happy with the pinning part. my ears are no longer sticking out. but the reduction of the point did not go away. He tried but I guess that's just the way my ears are... READ MORE

Before Surgery: I've wanted this surgery from the point I knew there was something different about my ears compared to my peers. I spent so many summers sweating because I refused to put my hair up and show my ears. I'm a petite girl so having my ears protrude as they did made me feel like they... READ MORE

I had ear and ear lobe reduction surgery at The Wellington Hospital by Dr Gault and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The size of my ears had always bothered me from a young age so after doing some research I discovered Dr Gault’s website and was so thrilled to have my first con... READ MORE

I have always been embarrassed about how my ears stuck out since I was a child. I always wore my hair down to hide them and sometimes they even stuck out through my hair. I consulted with over 15 doctors and didn't like their "AFTERS" because the ears looked "pinned " too closely to the head.... READ MORE

I have the same typical story of an insecure childhood full of teasing names such as Dumbo, Monkey Ears, and several others that were pretty clever. The first time I wore my hair up was my senior year. I was even trying to play sports with it down when I could get away with it. Fast forward... READ MORE

I finally got my ears done at 31 years old! I have wanted otoplasty my whole life because my ears have made me self conscious! Dr. Doft is amazing, my ears do not stick out any longer and they look natural! I love wearing my hair up now! I also had a breast implant revision because my kept... READ MORE

Ever since I was younger, I was self conscious about my ears. They stuck out, no matter what I did! Ponytails? Forget it! Even on hot days I would be stuck with my hair down. Some people suggested wearing a headband over my ears... but anyone with ears that stick out knows that it does NOT work!... READ MORE

Dr. Fouda Neel was very confident and understood what I wanted: natural ears that were the closest to the head possible. It's only been 4 days since the surgery but I'm already extremely satisfied even though there's still pain and they're still healing of course. The surgery went extremely well... READ MORE

I am 16 years old now and I had an otoplasty done 6 MONTHS ago and they are still red and dry. I Have been putting lotion, vitamin E, Petroleum Jelly, anything you could think of, on them. I don't know what can heal them anymore, so I am obviously a little upset with the whole thing. What should... READ MORE

Thanks to the professionalism of Dr Manoharan on a routine skin check, what I thought was merely a wart growth on the ear and a skin blemish on the forehead turned out to be dangerous Squamous Cell Carcinomas, both were removed on my next visit only about a week later. I thought this would be a... READ MORE

About a month and a half post op and my ears still feel really stiff and sensitive.. but the top area is still somewhat numb. Will my ears ever feel normal again? How long is the whole healing process supposed to take? I also have a big bump behind my ear/ear lobe.. is this normal? Will the... READ MORE

Since I can remember, I have been laughed at for my ears. I really got traumatized, especially high school was a horror for me. I even tried to glue my ears to my head, I never wore a ponytail and I just hated my ears. A friend of mine had surgery done by Dr Marco Carmona last year and she... READ MORE

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