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Chin surgery (genioplasty) can change the shape, height or size of the chin. Chin implants are the most common type of chin surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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This was before the surgery. I am so used to clinch my teeth together so people won't notice my chin miss alignment. The doctor told me he will put some anchor to keep my mentalis muscle in place. I will upload the a video later a week after the surgery.. I will upload a new video next week... READ MORE

Since I was born, I have problem with my jaw. My jaw was square and every times when I meet someone, It was quite stress me out. I did lots search for square jaw reduction and I found the information Korea plastic surgery tech is quite good and advanced. When I visited Korea through medical... READ MORE

I've always had a fuller face, but after high school & gaining some weight in college, I developed a prominent double chin. I had a pretty active lifestyle, & my work was physically demanding, so although my weight may have fluctuated by 15-20 pounds over the years, this chin would not go away,... READ MORE

I had a botched le fort 1 jaw surgery and sliding genio in june of 2013. It's been a horrible experience and I honestly don't know how I've coped for this long.  I was an attractive girl before this surgery that was going to fix my overbite and slightly recessed chin; now I don't even want to... READ MORE

I wanted a more masculine jaw line, therefore we discussed many options we came into a conclusion of using injectable fillers, simply because we wanted to see results before getting into more permanent thing. I'm very pleased with the income. Many friends did actually noticed it and they too... READ MORE

I had a moderate cross-bite that never allowed me to bite down with all of my teeth. This caused a facial asymmetry and protruded my jaw. I could not have asked for a better surgeon than Dr. Huynh. From the initial interview to the surgery and follow-up appointments, I received the utmost best... READ MORE

I have wanted a more pronounced chin since I was about 13. I have always worn a goatee to hide my weak chin. I finally decided to get a chin implant done. I just had procedure done today. Unfortunately, it still looks way to small for my desire. Ill wait for my check up and discuss this with Dr.... READ MORE

If you are deciding between a chin implant and sliding genioplasty, please read my experience. In July 2010 I had a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation via chin implant (Implantech XL silicone). The implant gave me more projection, but I could feel it in my face, which was obviously awkward and... READ MORE

What do you think is worth it if I have a normal bite but i just don't like my long chin? Any advice is a great help? Thank you... I had braces for 3 in a half years it got my teeth straight but did not fix my chin... Is it better to do just a chin reduction surgery? Thank you for all your help... READ MORE

I consulted with a few jaw surgeons to find out what I could do to improve my appearance. Double jaw surgery was recommended by all of them, but it was ultimately too expensive and I didn't want to wear braces. I, therefore, opted to just get my chin advanced to mask my jaw issues as best I... READ MORE

Please ask Dr. Eppley. He seems to know the most about the procedures that augment the chin in all forms. I don't have much to say on here, but it's telling me I need to say more about it, so... um... it was worth it, it wasn't risky, everybody saw an old picture I used to think was a good one... READ MORE

I had my first consult with a plastic surgeon when I was 19 years old. I am now 46 and just went for my second consult to address a weak chin. The first doctor told me they would need to break my jaw. I declined. This time Dr. Ceydeli recommended a large chin implant. He seems very nice and I... READ MORE

I just had genioplasty surgery done about 7 days ago (so there is still swelling) and I am upset because I feel like the difference isnt even noticeable... The doctor said he moved the bone out 4mm, but I'm starting to think that wasnt enough. Not sure if I should keep waiting for the swelling... READ MORE

My chin was prominent and pointy which was more apparent when I smiled so I decided to have chin reduction surgery. I did a diligent research about the procedure and plastic surgeons and I found out that it is not an easy procedure especially when it involves reducing horizontal projection of... READ MORE

I went in for a chin implant consultation since the first time arriving everything was great every one in the office is great and nice. When meeting Dr.katz he is very sweet and honest I did not feel rushed at all and he answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. If money was not a... READ MORE

After having a motorcycle wreck that about cut my chin off and removed several teeth Dr Balikian and his amazing staff put my chin back to normal everything about him and his staff is top shelf I had been to 2 other surgeon's for exams and knew that he was who should do the surgery as soon as... READ MORE

At 68 gravity had pulled my lips so far down I drooled. The chronic resulting sores made me decide to consult a plastic surgeon. Recommended to Dr. Maxhimer by my doctor, I consulted him at Boulder Plastic Surgery. At my age I follow my instincts and felt very confidant with Dr. Maxhimer and... READ MORE

I haven't had the surgery yet, but I can't wait! I know Dr. Z. is the best choice I could make. I've been searching & reading reviews for quite a while now, & finally had my consultation. What a sweetheart! He's so down to earth, yet I know he's the best & that I'll be in good hands for what is... READ MORE

Implant-The reason for the chin implant was to replace lost bone on my lower jaw. The surgery was done ambulatory, and the procedure was not difficult at all. The recovery process was easy as well. Antibiotics were prescribed and pain pills for after the procedure however , the pain pill... READ MORE

From the onset of my experience, ranging from the phone call in setting up a consultation appointment, to the consultation appointment itself, to the day of the procedure and the aftercare follow-ups, my experience with Dr. Rady Rahban has been one of exceptional professionalism yet personable... READ MORE

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