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A chin implant is one of two ways the chin may be reshaped through surgery. The other, called sliding genioplasty, uses your own bone to augment the chin and therefore doesn't involve inserting a synthetic implant under the skin. Chin augmentations are often performed at the same time as rhinoplasty to have the most impact on your profile. LEARN MORE ›

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I Need a Chin (And a New Nose Too) - Folsom, CA

I inherited an unfortunate mouth/chin situation. I've been through multiple sets of braces, retainers, headgear, etc. My orthodontist as a child wanted my mom to commit me to jaw surgery, but she knew that would have been like moving a mountain so we opted to attempt to fix my overbite with... READ MORE

28 Year Old /F Chin Implant - Orlando, FL

I recently had my Pre Op appointment! Fourteen more days until surgery! I've been waiting for this moment for years and I'm now finally taking the leap! I'm very nervous and excited about the whole thing and would like to share my pre op, and recovery experience! I'll keep updating as I will be... READ MORE

28 Yrs, Seeking Chin Implant - London, UK

Hi everyone! I have wanted a chin implant for quite some time now - been playing with the idea for a few years after seeing a picture of myself from the side on facebook. My chin is not very badly weak/recessed but it is enough that I have a (to me) very unappealing profile. I am also happy for... READ MORE

27 yr old African American Female needed a chin implant and buccal fat removal.

So I had my procedure today. My experience with Dr Shah and his staff was pleasant. His medical assistants were very friendly and helpful, so was Dr. Shah. My appointment was at 10:30 am, once I arrived everything went smoothly I didn't have to wait long at all. I filled out paper work and took... READ MORE

Chin Implant + Rhinoplasty - Gold Coast, AU

After much deliberation I have decided to get a chin implant and rhinoplasty. I had my consult at the beginning of the week. Pre op photographs were taken followed by a 15-20 min consult with the surgeon assessing and manipulating the photographs to my desired outcome. Most of the appointment... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Liposuction, 35 Yr Old Female - Raleigh, NC

I can relate to so many people's reviews here on Real Self. The first time I remember realizing that I hated my profile was probably back in middle school when I could see my reflection in a sideways mirror. I vividly remember that moment. From then on, I always tried to raise my chin up to... READ MORE

Patiently Waited for Results

Hi All! Reading reviews here greatly helped me pre and post op, so I'd like to return the favor! I've always hated my profile but never knew what exactly was "off" about it. When I was younger I thought I had an underbite, then I went through a phase when I thought I had a chubby face (even... READ MORE

Chin Implant, 30th Birthday Present to Me

After over a decade of trying to get over my fear, saving enough money, and finding the 'right time', I have finally booked a chin implant procedure for January 19th 2017. I have a very recessive chin, difficulty closing my mouth, and dimpling. I also have a fairly large nose, which only looks... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Chin Lipo - New York

Had my procedure this morning under local anesthesia. Currently in lots of pain, I keep taking Oxycodone every 3-4 hours that my doctor prescribed. My implant was by Implantech, size Medium, anatomical (without wings). I had LOTS of back and forth on what size and style to choose, hopefully this... READ MORE

Looking Forward to an Improved Profile with a Chin Implant and Submental Lipo - Westake Village, CA

I've always felt my face was "off" just a bit, especially when I catch a glimpse of my profile or when I look down at my phone and see my chin completely disappear in to my neck, yuck! I'm hoping I can achieve more of a contour in the neck with a chin implant as well as submental liposuction... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty / Cheek Implant / Jaw Implants / Buccal Fat Removal

I have had a weak chin and jaw my whole life. My family calls them the lightbulb head as both sides of the family suffer from this. I knew that a simple chin implant wouldn't be enough as the back jaw are also just kind of morphed with my neck. I searched high and low for a jaw specialist and... READ MORE

Wanting This Forever!!! - Fleming Island, FL

I've always been self-conscious of my weak chin and unbalanced profile. I've hidden behind my hair for years, and micromanage every photo opportunity so that I'm always smiling (makes my chin appear bigger) My younger sister took the plunge two years ago and got hers done and I was so impressed... READ MORE

18 Years Old, and So Tired of Being Chinless - Osloß, DE

For starters, excuse me for the bad english. I'm from Norway, and we dont have any sites AS this. On monday, in two days I will have my "chin implant surgery". The insecurities about my nonexcisting chin started when I was about 14 years old, and I have done everything to hide my lover face... READ MORE

Chin Implant + Neck Lipo + Excellent Dr. = Very Happy Me! - Los Angeles, CA

Hello. I waited to post my review until I stopped wingeing back and forth about my results. It’s a rollercoaster…. but well worth the ride. THE DECISION: I’m 44 now, and I have known since I was a teenager that my profile did not line up with who I was. I came from a family that shunn... READ MORE

45 Year Old, X-Large Chin Implant with Wings

I always knew the bottom portion of my face was small, but I didn't realize it was due to a weak chin until it was mentioned and then I began researching weak chins, so I decided on a chin implant, hoping it would give my face a better proportion. October 27, 2016 was my surgery date. On day one... READ MORE

20 Year Old with a Recessed Chin

So I have always had a recessed chin. I was in braces for two years and was scheduled to have jaw surgery to fix the issue. After consultations with different surgeons, they decided the surgery wasn't needed and therefore wouldn't be covered by insurance. I found it was cheaper to just go... READ MORE

Finally Changed the Feature That Bothered Me Since I Was 12! - Charleston, SC

After months of saving up money, countless hours spent researching, and several consultations, I scheduled my chin implant (and liposuction under chin) for the summer of 2015. Waiting for the swelling to go down month after month was trying, as was having to cut steaks into tiny bites, but I am... READ MORE

Medium Chin Implant - Seattle, WA

On Monday 7/11 I had a chin implant done. The procedure took minimal time. I came in at 7:30 and was done by 9. It was done under local anesthesia. The nurse injected me about 10 times around the chin area. Once numb, the doctor went to work. The scraping of the bone to create a pocket was... READ MORE

30 YO - Wanted It for a Decade. - Fresno, CA

I've been reading this site since Nov. 2013. This is something I've wanted done for about 12 years or so. I have a receding chin, practically non-existent. Since I had a wife, I stopped worrying about it but after she left, I decided this is something I wanted to do for me. This site is a... READ MORE

Uneven Chin - Virginia, IL

My surgeon said unevenness is due to swelling. It's been two weeks so yeah maybe. But after much research I really thing he did everything right but my natural chin isn't. My old chin in photo never showed evidence of this. I'll see him in a month and I know I'll have to get this done again. He... READ MORE

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