How Long to Wear a Chin Strap After Chin Augmentation?

I had my medpor chin implant swapped out for a silicone implant. I am wondering how long I should wear the compression garmet?

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I never use a chin strap for chin augmentation

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When I place a chin implant, I secure it in place under the muscle, use an absorbable subcutaneous suture and make small holes in the implant for tissue ingrowth to further stabilize the implant in the desired location. There is no need for external dressings. In my opinion, they serve no function. I do place a small amount of tape on the overlying skin overnight only as a reminder to the patient to avoid contact with the chin region.

Wearing a chin strap after chin augmentation

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Some physicians use compression garments with a chin implant, and some don’t. If your physician has told you to wear a compression garment, it is probably best to leave it on for approximately one week after the surgery.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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