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Brow lift refers to any procedure that lifts the eyebrows, including a forehead lift. It is a surgery that usually involves an incision at the hairline to smooth and tighten the skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Post Forehead Lift Face and Neck Lift - Canada

I had forehead lift with implant and facelift along with neck tightening on April 27,2013 . Is it normal to have numbness of forehead and if so for how long? I also have crooked smile which am Told by my board certified plastic surgeon that the nerve has been stretched and if will take time to... READ MORE

An RN's Feedback - Seattle, WA

. As an RN, I had a list of requirements regarding quality and safety. I had sagging wrinkled skin and sun damage that required a brow, face and neck lift with fat grafting and subsequent laser resurfacing. I now have a face that still looks like me but friends, tell me that i look perky,... READ MORE

Much Too Painful -Richardson, TX

If I had known then what I know now, I would never have gotten a brow lift. I also had a facelift and lower blepharoplasty. After almost three weeks, I am still very swollen and the bruising has been unbelievable. Finally, after about ten days, my PS did a needle aspiration on my head to drain... READ MORE

Waste of Money and Not Worth the Side Effects - Bay Area, CA

I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly lower than the other. No one but me ever noticed this and it was only apparent sometimes. The surgeon recommended a brow lift. I wasn’t sure I needed this surgery and flip-flopped changing my mind a few times. The reason I went to see... READ MORE

Brow Lift, Upper & Lower Eyelids... Couldn't Be Happier! - Phoenix, AZ

I’m 59 yrs old. I had a brow lift and upper & lower eyelid surgery 7 wks ago, and I am VERY pleased with the results! Sagging eyebrows & drooping eyelids run in my family, and a couple years ago I realized that my “neutral” expression didn’t look very pleasant.... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Fat Transfer to Cheeks in Wiltshire, England

I had noticed significant sagging of the upper eyelid, which had always sat very low, to the point it was actually interferring with my vision. My upper eyelid, particularly the left eye, would sit on my eyelashes and I would have to raise my eyebrow up in order to focus properly! I also had... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Blepharoplasty

Very satisfied with the results. I am pleased to look into the mirror as my appearance is natural, eyes are more open and generally I look 10 years younger. It is 10 days after, there is still some swelling in the eye leads and minor bruising. Dr. Goldberg is patient, skilled and very... READ MORE

65-year-old with Droopy Eyebrow

Dr. Rami Batniji came highly recommended by my dermatologist when I inquired about a brow lift. His courteous and friendly staff are very welcoming. Dr. Batniji is very personable, takes time to thoroughly explain the procedure and the expected outcome, and answer any questions. His surgical... READ MORE

48 Years Old with Drooping Brows - Needed a Lift!

I have noticed my "eyes" getting heavier for the past three years. After reading on this site, i realized that my real problem was my BROW, and not my eyelids. I had three consults with three different plastic surgeons, and chose Dr Subhas Gupta with Loma Linda University Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

No cause for concern.

I chose Jonathan Adamthwaite very carefully after looking at his medical qualifications and specialities and also his reviews. I am 70 years of age and looking very tired around my eyes. On meeting Jonathan, he made me feel at ease and was very professional and helped me to decide what procedure... READ MORE


1/2017 Dr. did half-brow lift (fell down 2-min post surgery), platysmal bands lasted two-months, eye lids botched so badly (specialist couldn't fix). Dr. offered $5,000 not to report to De of Health READ MORE

I continue my relationship with Vartan because he is a great technician, a great listener and a great talent

I am from Manhattan, I am notoriously picky and very demanding, as I am of myself. It took me a year to finally find the right person to entrust my FFS to--six procedures. He is nothing short of brilliant and an artist and incredibly generous. READ MORE

Excellent Surgeon

Matt Hansen is an experienced and excellent Plastic Surgeon. Had Brow Lift Surgery done last year and was very happy with the fantastic result. I would recommend Matt Hansen to any of my friends and family. READ MORE

Dr. Niamtu is Amazing!

I could not recommend Dr. Niamtu highly enough. He and his staff are so friendly and personable. I'm very satisfied with my results and I will be back for more. I completely trust my face to Dr. Niamtu and no one else. The office is clean and serene. Dr. Niamtu is a pillar of the community even... READ MORE

The best choice!!! I am so pleased!

Dr. Freeman and his staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I did research and felt very confident. After my consultation, I knew that I was making the right choice. I had a brow lift, signature lift, soof, and laser resurfacing around my mouth. I was able to return to work... READ MORE

Natural look after surgery!

Dr. Antunes is wonderful. I had a brow lift and I was very nervous what the outcome would be because I prefer a natural look. Dr. Antunes Made me feel confident that everything would turn out great. My sister tells me I look refreshed and 20 years younger! I Definitely would recommend Dr. Antunes! READ MORE

50 Years Old Female

My last procedure done with Dr. Burke was Eyelid lift. The procedure was painless and no down time. I went back to work same day. Dr. Burke and his staff (Eva, Nikki) are the most compassionate, knowledgeable and caring people. Dr. Burke made me feel very comfortable. The very next day I... READ MORE

Browlift at Midface with buccal fat removal

My smile is crooked 4 wks post. This has affected me so much. Please don't do this unless you have visibly a lot of sagging and in age, the risks are way too high. Still waiting to that day to get my smile back. Will update READ MORE

Better than I could have imagined

I was feeling very disappointed after seeing my doctor who created a new nose for me due to basil cell carcinoma - he said he couldn't help me anymore. I went to Dr Antunes for a second opinion and was so touched by his kind demeanor. He sat there and listened to all my concerns and told me that... READ MORE

Great experience

Excellent doctor. Dr. Antunes takes time to get to know his patients and to explain everything so I knew exactly what to expect before my surgery. He was very responsive to my needs and answered all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend him! READ MORE

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