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I would highly recommend Dr. Sadrian to anyone

Dr. Sadrian is probably one of the most if not the most talented artist/surgeons I've ever met. He doesn't try to Upsell you like most surgeons, he only wants to address your concerns . He spends an incredible amount of time with you before and after the surgery . My eyes look 20 years... READ MORE

Disfigured by Brow Lift; Negative Review for Dr. Alejandro Lev - Costa Rica, CR

Disfigured by Brow Lift in Costa Rica I went to Costa Rica for a facelift and upper/lower bleph in March 2013. During my only in-person consultation 12 hours before surgery, the doctor told me he needed to “anchor” my brows with a brow lift procedure. He showed me a post op photo of a woman wit... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Alignment Due to Bells Palsey

The right eye lid kept "drooping", making it difficult to see, etc. Dr. Stephen Yurinsky of Saratoga Plastic Surgery carefully reviewed my scenario, asked key questions, set up a follow-up with specific details regarding my requested procedures. His surgery was perfect, including having his... READ MORE


Had 3 surgeries done on May 08/17 ears pinned back forehead line lowering and brow lift and it's now May/13/17 Everything seems to be going okay just very scared we over did the brow lift and did too much and now i have sunken in eyes that look scared and shocked face which is not cute! I'm... READ MORE

Brow Lift

This past year I became immune to Botox. This caused my brows and eye lids to drop into their natural position, which I soon found out was saggy and it happened fairly sudden for me, over a period of a few months. I asked Dr Haworth if he could also improve the shape of my eyes, and if it was... READ MORE

I Need Some Opinions About my Brow Lift

My brows dropped after I had an upper bleph performed for medical reasons (vision impairment) and I got so tired of having an angry look most of the time. Thus, I decided to see what could be done about elevating my brows. I had the surgery in December of 2016, and I've posted a pic that shows... READ MORE

49 Year-young Professional Needed a Refresher - Murrieta, CA

I have hated the deep wrinkles on my forehead since my 20's and recently learned that Botox made my already-low brow fall, leaving me with hooded eyes and a surly expression. Recipe for success - brow lift, upper bleph, and laser skin resurfacing. There were a couple of stressful moments, but... READ MORE

Review of my brow lift procedure and my surgeon review - Pittsburgh, PA

My experience from consultation, to pre op to post op explainations from Doctor and his highly schooled staff was a ten star experience! I could never work or have any other board certified plastic surgeon work on me and with me other than him----and I can go anywhere in the country! I love... READ MORE

Drooping Uneven Brows and Eyelid - Metairie, LA

Let me begin by saying last year I had bleph (by another doctor) on my right eyelid bc it had a lot of excess skin from the crease. I could pick it up with tweezers and see how much more it was than my left lid. Not sure if this caused my right brow to sit lower due to skin being removed.... READ MORE

Better than I expected

Better than I expected. I am 56 and had bags under my eyes and brows making me squint.I I did not have to go under general anesthesia! Sleeping on my back was a challenge, but well worth it. The ice worked great and I had very little pain. The cream worked and I have no scars around my eyes.... READ MORE

Brow Lift with Howard Webster - Richmond, AU

Ever since I was in my twenties people have said "Why do you look so sad?", when actually I had a 'neutral' face expression. In fairness I've also been told I have beautiful eyes...but they are kind of 'puppy dog' eyes. In my thirties my brow started to get heavy and quite lined early and I... READ MORE

Brow Lift____DONT DO IT, No Results, Nerve Damage, Waste of $$ and I Feel Like a Zombie

My eyelids were droopy and unsymmetrical. I had the extra tissue removed in early Q216 cost of $4000 USD in NYC. Significant bruising for 3 weeks post. I had the brow lift down in Q117by the same doctor cost $4000 USD. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE BROW LIFT. 1) I can't feel my head, it feels... READ MORE

I had two wonderful experiences!

Dr Cho is an excellent plastic surgeon. He has a wonderful bedside manner as he is kind, considerate, a great listener, has a sense of humor and is an over all lovely man. I saw him for two procedures. The first procedure was lip filler. I was very pleased! I have so many compliments. One of... READ MORE

Brow Lift & Upper Bleph to Treat Puffy Eyes

In the last two years, I developed brow ptosis that caused my eyes to become very swollen if my forehead muscles didn't compensate by lifting. The brows dropped as a result of age, and the problem was accelerated by an unfortunate 8-month work assignment requiring extreme hours of work. In my... READ MORE

I had a difficult surgical experience and would never have elective surgery again, but was very glad that he was my doctor

Excellent. Professional. Courteous..concerned with my post-surgery issues. I had severe vomiting and pain. My husband was not able to care for me at home. Seen in the ED twice. Admitted for being disoriented and memory loss. Dr Kaufman saw me in the ED when I was seen 3 days after my surgery. ... READ MORE

52 and Wanting to Look Less Tired

I was getting tired of my friends asking me if I was angry all the time. Yes, I had bitchy resting face. I went for a consult with Brooke from Dr. Quatela's office. She told me all of my options and then outlined the costs and told me about the recovery time. She was thorough and honest. ... READ MORE

Brow Lift, Plastic Surgery Review - Denver, CO

I found Dr. Shah after I saw a friend and noticed how great she looked. She told me about Dr. Shah. At that time, I had not thought about plastic surgery. Fast Forward 10 years. I remembered how highly she thought of Her Doctor so I reached out to her. She still looked (and looks)... READ MORE

Raising my Brow!!! - Northbrook, IL

I've noticed that since turning 60 yrs old, I have experienced drooping in my forehead and brows. The result of this is giving me a tired look. Dr. Sweis recommend a temporal brow lift. I am sure that with procedure I will restore a more youthful look, without looking overdone. She is a very... READ MORE

37 Year Old Female Brow Lift/rhino/peel. Best Decision Ever!!!

Dr. Winslow and her staff are hands down the best in the U.S. I had a brow lift with rhinoplasty and a 35% TCA peel. Most people would be worried about having these done together but I researched the best facial surgeons in the areas and found Dr. Winslow. She is honest (sometimes brutally... READ MORE

My Browlift Story - Boca Raton, FL

My research in to Browlift/hairline shortening began when I learned that my migraines responded Botox treatment. I consulted with many well known, highly reputable surgeons in Boca, Delray and Fort Lauderdale. I chose Dr. Cabrera, because when I met him, I instantly knew he actually read my... READ MORE

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