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Breast Lift No Implants - Arlington, TX

I will make this short since I accidentally reviewed under incorrect email address before. ???? great experience. Best thing I have ever done. Absolutely no pain! Well 1/10 pain scale. Feel like I could go shopping for new bikini right now! Will post pics of pre op and then add post op later as... READ MORE

Excelente Experiencia

Mi experiencia con el Doctor Gustavo Almanzar fue excelente! Es un cirujano 1A, hace sentir a sus pacientes en confianza . La cirugía fue un éxito, me sentí súper bien después de la cirugía y e seguido todos los pasos que el doctor me ha indicado para mí pronta recuperación solo tengo 22 días... READ MORE

Long-awaited Breast Lift

I've always been unhappy with the physical sensation of how my breasts laid against my body. I have been blessed with extremely sensitive breasts, and dreamed of how they would feel, and how my quality of life would improve, just with the passive experience of feeling clothing move over them as... READ MORE

Excellent results

I decided to get serious and find a doctor after many years of thinking about having a breast lift. I am 53 years old and wore a 14C. I thought I would like my breasts back where they used to be many years ago. After going online I found Dr Ellis Choy, he operated in my area and ticked all the... READ MORE

Jamaica to USA to Istanbul

Hello everyone so I am finally starting my journey in writing after asking and researching so many people on this site. I am 27 with 2 boys and 2 deflated breasts. After breastfeeding I am reading to get back on the perky side without implants. Currently a 34 D, I might lose a breast size but... READ MORE

34 Yo, One Child and Floppy Pancakes for Boobs

Before pregnancy i had perky B cup but as I gained 20kg during pregnancy my boobs went up to DD and than with unsuccessful breast feeding and significant weight loss went down to deflated sad looking C cup and took all my confidence and comfort away. Three years after having my daughter i... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, No Children, Just Developed Young - Westchester, NY

I recently decided to move forward with the breast lift after being insecure with my breast for many years. Im nervous but Im very excited. Being so young with saggy breast has not been pleasant. I plan on posting many pictures as I found this site so helpful for me, I hope to help other women... READ MORE

Will Do It Again

Dr.Ercan from the moment I messaged about my expectations to the last post op visit was very caring down to earth and knowledgeable professional with great talent. This was my first time having any kind of surgery and I would do it over again with Dr. Ercan. I loved that he does not have an... READ MORE

Breast Lift Revision

Hello so I had a breast lift with implants in 2015 in Miami and I don't like how my breast look so I had a consultation with a few doctors in my area and when I meet dr denk I felt like he new exactly what I wanted and what to do,also he's doing this under local.so excited and tomorrow's the big... READ MORE

Amazing experience

Dr Amaya is amazing!! Almost 10 years ago I had a nose job and I couldn't be happier, he's an excellent human being and a doctor, 3 days ago I got a breast surgery with him as well and I wouldn't be happier with the results!! READ MORE

Breast Lift with No Implant - Sherman, TX

I am a healthy, fit, childless 48 year old woman. Puberty graced me with large breasts then I became overweight during my adult life. I'm 5'4 with a medium frame and at my heaviest hit 200 lbs. I lost and regained significant amounts (30+ lbs) probably 3-4 times in my life. My most dramatic... READ MORE

26yr Old, Mastopexy Reduction, Implants Due in 6 Months - Nuffield, GB

I had a mastopexy reduction just 12 days ago at a private hospital called The Nuffield in Exeter, Devon. My surgeon is amazing and I'm so happy with my lift that I am waiting 6 months to decide whether or not I would like implants. The implants used here are Nagor, manufactured in the UK with an... READ MORE

28years Old*lost 80lbs*breast lift/augmentation

I lost 80lbs and had a tummy tuck 2 years ago.I finally came to terms that my breasts also needed help.I saw a few doctors before I picked the one I knew was a right fit.I went in asking for a lift and Implants and he was the ONLY one who told me no.He had a different plan.Reduce and tighten 1st... READ MORE

54 Year Old New Lease on Life - La Mesa, CA

Just had my breast lift (no implants) and upper arm lift 3 days ago. I have lost a considerable amount of weight with gastric bypass surgery last year, and these were the two body parts I wanted to restore as best as possible. I'm writing this initial review during my immediate recovery period... READ MORE

Breast lift: 60 y.o. gets a tune-up

Since I really appreciate the experiences you all have shared, I thought I'd share mine as well. I underwent a no-implants breast lift with lollipop (aureola plus vertical) incision with fat grafting to the upper pole of each breast. I was a smallish-to-medium 34D before the procedure. I also... READ MORE

Consult, Pre-op to Procedure... Everything went

Where do I start? I'm an out of towner who had to have an online consult. Everything went good. I had been speaking to others but the moment I spoke with him I knew he was right for me. I want in a few weeks later to do my pre-op and have labs done. The office staff greeted me with smiles and... READ MORE

23 with granny boobs

This was a fast process for me, went for a consultation which was free and hands on from the doc herself. Next week was post opp, then the following week I was booked for surgery. Today is day two of my recover and I'm and so much pain but the girls or sitting right so far. READ MORE


I'm 33 years old 5'5", 165 lbs, current bra size 36 D. My husband and I have decided not to have anymore children so this is my green light to start the search for a Dr to do my breast lift. I developed breasts very early. I had to wear a bra in 4th grade and got teased by all the boys.... READ MORE

37 yr in severe need of implant removal/breast lift.

Pain is highly tolerable from day one. Took one pain pill the day I got home from the recovery room. Didn't need it thereafter, went with extra strength Tylenol instead, worked great. Was tired and slept much...I have had my implants for 13 years too many! Original surgeon never listened to me... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Lipo, and BBL with Mota!

I had a breast lift, lipo of my entire back and flanks, and fat trabser into my hips. The first days after my surgery, the lipo pain and breast pain was SUPER intense for me. I have been kind of referencing back to that pain in order to tell how much I've recovered so far. I am still very much... READ MORE

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