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Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants. The surgery can address concerns like implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size. It's also commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. If a woman chooses not to replace her implants, a breast lift can be done at the same time to address skin that may have been stretched. LEARN MORE >
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43 Yrs Young! 10 Yr Old Implants Have Ruptured and Need to Be Removed. - Nuffield, GB

Hi there. I have been so thankful for this site as it has really helped me to come to terms with the decision I have had to make. Well it was made for me really. At 33 I made the decision to have a BA . Before children I never really had large breasts probably a 34B but I was happy with myself... READ MORE

31 Year Old, No Kids, 450cc and 475cc High Profile Implants Placed Almost 2 Years Ago - Wilmington, NC

I don't really know why i got these implants to begin with. I had nice, perky, smaller breasts before; I was a 34b and I am currently a 34dd after getting these implants. Let me just say, they say go bigger because most women are disappointed when the swelling goes down, well, these things are... READ MORE

My Journey to Being Implant Free While Breastfeeding

I recently had a consultation to explant my 350cc smooth saline implants placed under the muscle while breastfeeding my five month old. After the birth of my daughter in 2013 I endeded up needing back surgery for my lower back. Two years later I rehirniated the L4-L5 area. I underwent a second... READ MORE

Hi. In Australia & Want to Explant Saline & Replace Lost Volume by FT. Would Love F-back from Women in OZ - Windsor, AU

Hi. I'm in Melbourne and would love to know of a female PS with numerous years of experience doing this. Also I would love to hear from you about the long term results of this procedure. I know that the initial volume decreases in time - thats OK but just how much volume have you lost in your... READ MORE

Implant removal

My recovery has been pretty good. I'm more emotionally drained than anything. So far I'm terrified what my boobs look like. It's only been a day and I need to give it time but really upset about it. I have been wanting to do this for some time. I started having horrible back and neck problems.... READ MORE

Recent Mom Getting Rid of These Heavy Bags! - Pasadena, CA

Like so many others here, I was young, insecure and looking to gain confidence. I let an obnoxious doctor put 150ccs more in me that I wanted, and ended up with a C Cup from barely an A. Fast forward 9 years, and one breastfed 4 month old, and I've got one decent DD and a droopy G Cup! I am... READ MORE

I Want my Breast Implants Out! (21 Yrs. Old, Implants Since 2,5 Yrs.) - Darmstadt, DE

Hey everyone! I'm Svenja, 21 years old, from germany - so please excuse my bad english, I will try my best! :) I got my implants in spring 2013, with 19. My biggest wish ever was it to have big boobs - I tought big boobs give me self-confidence, attention, love and a lucky life. I tought you... READ MORE

Silicone Above Muscle, Capsular Contracture, Grade III- 30yr old implants- Not Someone You’d Want to Invite to a Party Right Now

Aloha, fellow explanters. Decided it’s time for me to come out of ‘lurking’ mode and reach out to this wonderful community. To start with, I live in Hawaii and am finding the preliminaries for explanting a little challenging, due in part to the fact that there are no plastic surgeons that ... READ MORE

Sick From Implants : En Bloc Capsulectomy date Nov 2016

I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr Feng in December and intend to give a full and honest review of my experience both physical and emotional. I could not find any reviews that give a list of all symptoms before and after so I intend to do this (over the years) in the hope of helping other women... READ MORE

Awake for explant of breast implants! I had implants for 20+years!

Initial surgery - senior in high school (1997) revision - 2009 - i only visited one surgeon and told him (Dr. Bruce Kadz of Beverly Hills) that i wanted them out. he talked me out of it. i told him i wanted them smaller. they ended up being bigger. i have (as i did with my first set) serious... READ MORE

5 Yr Old Implant Removal W/ Breast Lift 37 Yrs Old 2 Kids - Paramus, NJ

Hi! You've all inspired me to write about my journey. I was bigger breasted my entire life since I was teenager.. about a size C/D.. after I had my second child 6.5 years ago my breasts shrunk to a small B with a lot of saggy skin. Dr. Elliot Heller didn't push a lift so we just did an implant.... READ MORE

Suspected Rupture of Silicone Implants, 30, 6 Years Old - Exeter, GB

I have an appointment on the 24th August, to discuss a possible rupture of my implant on my left side. I am a very active person, so when my left side under my arm pit started stinging a couple of months ago, I assumed I had just pulled something doing pole. But it comes and goes so I've made a... READ MORE

Nervous, but Counting the Days . London, GB

As you can see from the horrendous photos ( I've never taken pics before and I'm shocked at the state of them) these 6 yr old implants have got to be removed. I realise they look hiddious. I have a nasty rash that has developed on left boob and encapsulation. I've had implants since my late 20s... READ MORE

34 Years, 7 Years of Implants Under the Muscle

Hello everybody! I am so glad this site exits... I am 34 years old and have had my implants since 2009. I've always wanted bigger boobs and thought about having BA since I was 18. At the age of almost 28 I thought I'd be mature enough to have it done. Right after BA a bruise evolved in my left... READ MORE

33 Y.o. W/10 Y.o. Implants Removing for Health Issues - Newport Beach, CA

Hi Real Self community! I am so happy and blessed to have come upon the site. It has helped men emotionally and visually! My story is one of a lot of recent physical and emotional turmoil. I strongly believe it is all due to Breast Implant Illness. Symptoms have been; memory loss, brain fog,... READ MORE

Explant • Mastopexy • Fat Transfer

Hi RealSelf friends! I found this site last week, after looking for a PS, and have been "addicted"... Okay, maybe "obsessed" ;)... LOVE seeing everyone's "Real Self" and reading your stories! It has made me feel comfortable enough to share my own... I have been blessed with three amazing kids... READ MORE


I got implants at 19. I had Asymmetrical breasts that I was insecure about. I also thought that big boobs were sexy. I never really liked my implants. the doctor over filled one implant to make up for its smaller size. This made one breast much harder than the other. Over time one implant... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 3 Kids, 14 Year Old Implants, They Are More Foreign Than Ever!

Something occurred to me around Christmas time about all my pain, discomfort, exhaustion and other health issues. Years of problems I just accepted and ignored suddenly had a crystal clear answer... I needed my implants removed. It was a little voice that I finally listened to. I booked a... READ MORE

27 y/o Removing 7 y/o 380cc Silicone Implants - London, GB

I had 380cc round, textured, high profile, cohesive silicone implants placed 7 years ago at the age of 20. I've been quietly considering removal of my implants for a little while. I love them at the beginning but I just don't feel like I need them any more and don't like always having the... READ MORE

5 Years / 3 Sets of Implants Finally Full Explanation

I'm day 2 post Explant and loving feeling light. No more heavy, matronly falsies. I initially 5 years ago wanted a cup size increase to avoid a lift, the scars & the expense. I was advised on 370cc. However this didn't go to plan. I had G cups after the swelling settled! I'd gone in a... READ MORE

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