Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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Went back to Dr. Blinski for saline breast removal consultation. (He performed smart lipo on me approx 6 years ago with great results) . Dr. Blinski is a breath of fresh air! He is not your typical "robot" plastic surgeon that will tell you whatever you want to hear and try to scam you out... READ MORE

I had my first implants 20 years ago. I was a tiny 34AA, I was very underweight at 34 and due to being constantly put down by my then partner, I went to my doctor, who recommended implants. Looking back I think I was depressed due to the abusive relationship I was in. I had had 2 kids and my... READ MORE

I sit here with sadness that I, like others have poisoned my own body with breast implant toxins. I am 41 & had a routine mammogram 1 week ago and discovered that my right silicone implant had ruptured. I have had my implants (under muscle)for about 4 years and have had no trauma that could... READ MORE

I would like to preface with a great big thank you for all your stories and words of strength and encouragement. I am scheduled for an explant in 3 days under a local, no sedation. My capsule is also quite thin so both PS' that I consulted with, discouraged en bloc. Both of them stated that in... READ MORE

It's the beginning to the end of the nightmare that started April 9,2007. coincidentally I had my implants removed exactly the same day I had them put in. The Doctor held my hands all the way to the room and it made me feel so safe and secure with what was next. I never felt this way. I lost... READ MORE

Beginning my Breast Implant Removal Journey. I was very young when I made the decision to get them. At this point in my life I want to feel "naturally beautiful" and love myself for who I am. I got my implant in 2003 and I have never had any problems with them. I was very happy with how they... READ MORE

H!! I am 1 week and 2 days post op and I am so happy that I did it!! Dr. Andrew Wolfe and his staff in Golden, Co were so professional and caring throughout this entire experience!! I cannot say enough about how wonderful and compassionate Dr. Wolfe is! :)Here is a bit about my last 16 years... READ MORE

Before implants I was a size 32A. Now a 34C. I have slight discomfort in my right breast which has 280cc implant the left has 260cc ...although the ultrasound shows no problems I want these implants out..... I'm scared and worried as I get compliments on my body shape!!! But I know this is the... READ MORE

Hi all, this site helped me tremendously before my surgery so that there were very few freak outs. So time to pay it forward. What also helped was that I couldn't wait to get rid of my silicone implants. I had 250 cc implanted 10 years ago into my aa cup breasts. From the very beginning I felt... READ MORE

I have had implants for 9 years and had them done following breastfeeding my two children. I was a very small and empty 32B and always wanted bigger boobs. I had 250 and 275cc textured silicone implants over the muscle and was happy with them for about 3 years. After this time I felt self... READ MORE

As several of the beautiful women here, I too, and didn't know it then, was needing a fixing something more on the inside than the outward appearance. I had my BA, 31 years ago, during a time when my first marriage was breasts then seemed to have been the focal point of my "need... READ MORE

My two previous breast augmentation left me with continual issues. Capsular contracture, double bubble, bottoming out, major assymetry. Dr. Riolo Gabe me a thorough consult, told me realistically what she could do and boy did she change my whole entire life for the BETTER. She is an incredible... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I know that most of you say it but I am Sooooooooo glad I found this website and have faithfully followed stories for over a year now. My story started back in 2004 and was at the height of the 'Extreme Makeover' series running on the TV and yes I thought this looked an easy way of... READ MORE

I have been thinking about this for months now. My breast are six years old and they are huge! I'm A 32DD... But I can fit an E. I am tired of feeling inappropriate in everything I wear. I'm tired of hiding these big heavy jugs on my chest. I know that there are so many different ways my boobs... READ MORE

Ok where to begin.......sigh. Well I got my first set of implants right after the birth of my first son back in 06. I always wanted breast implants ever since I can remember. I have always had issues with asymmetry and felt they were always a little smaller than I wanted . I was about a large B... READ MORE

I am beyond excited about my consult for explant in a couple of weeks. I have had these 450+ cc boobs since my early 20s. They never looked right on me. I have been hiding them and covering them up for years. Clothes don't fit properly. The implants hurt when I sleep. They are under the muscle.... READ MORE

Hi all! I am 41 yo and have had 280cc saline under muscle implants for 18 years. I'm super nervous to write a review but all of your pictures and stories have given me so much hope. I've truly loved my implants for 17 years. No one can tell they are fake and people are shocked when I tell them.... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery on November 6th. I am having the implants removed with a lift. I will be doing multiple procedures which will include lower face and neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty upper and lower, peri-orbital laser resurfacing, fat transfer to face, and TCA peel. I will post... READ MORE

That’s right… my 260-270cc implants are 34 years old! It may not be a record, but pretty ancient all the same. After breast feeding my two children in my twenties, by my early thirties I had lost breast volume and was sagging a bit. The new silicone implants simply filled up the slack, which... READ MORE

I've been looking at the reviews for a while now. At around 32 i had a BA. Went from a 34a to 34dd. Never got use to them. I always been ashamed of my BA. I always covered myself, and i can't ware bikinis. Even if i have low profile, in my head everybody knows that they are fake. When i was... READ MORE

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