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55 Yr Old Removing 12 Yr Old Implants and Capsule

I found this site last year when I began researching the process for removing my breast implants. I had implants at the age of 37, 13 years ago. I am 50 now. As many on this site I did not ask for breasts as large as I ended up with. Of course back then large breasts were in so I was fine with... READ MORE

28yo W/ 11year Old Daughter- Ready to Be Back to & Love my Natural Self. - Boulder, CO

After my daughter I was unhappy with my deflated saggy breasts and chose to get saline implants when she was 6. I had very seriously contemplated a lift then but my PS talked me into the implants and I was young and naive. I then lost almost 40lbs and wasn't happy with the appearance of the... READ MORE

Above and Beyond Expectations

Was recently diagnosed with BIO-ALCL.. From the first time I met Dr. Hubbard and his surgical assistant Kate I immediately knew they were the ones to perform my breast explant surgery. They were and his entire staff nice, friendly, caring and very professional. Dr. Hubbard is a perfectionist and... READ MORE

47 Year Old with 12 Year Old Saline Implant Removal No Lift Done Under Local

I had 4 consults and was nervous bout having them removed under local. I have been a nervous wreck for the last 3 weeks after my left saline implant ruptured out of the blue. I was uncomfortable having a full breast and one empty. Not to mention I could feel the empty implant poking me. All of... READ MORE

Boobie Master! Explant/capsulorrhaphy/ partial capsulectomy - Nashville, TN

Dr. Davis was a super professional, friendly, and intelligent doctor. I felt immedietaly comfortable with him and his wife Sally. A lot of doctors will try to make you keep your inplants or get a lift but Dr. Davis listened to what I wanted and executed a plan for me to get the BEST RESULTS. He... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Yrs and 5 Months with Implants, I Want to Remove Them Soon - Chile

Tengo 33 años y llevo implantes desde hace 3 años y 5 meses, submusculares 300cc en la mama derecha y 250 cc en la izquierda. soy muy delgada, peso 45 kls, he sido así siempre, no tengo problemas alimenticios, mido 1.63cms. nunca tuve busto, usé toda mi vida sosten talla 32B en la mama más gran... READ MORE

33 Year Old No Kids. 6 Year Mentor Silicone Implants

Hi guys, I have had those implants for about 6 years. I had them put in at a time I thought implants would make me happy, however I found out it was the opposite. My doctor was only meant to put 300 cc but I woke up after surgery with massive boobs of 550cc. I have since been disappointed and... READ MORE

Bye Bye 1 Year Old Implants

In 4 days I'll be free!! I got my implants put in last year, March 2016 for my 24th birthday. This year for my 25th birthday I scheduled to have them removed. I got 310cc silicone under the muscle. They look good and he did a great job, so it's not the doctor. It's me. They're just not for me. I... READ MORE


NO REGRETS at all. From the day I contacted his office for a consult, to my follow-up appointment it was amazing. His staff, Erin and Akiko was/are very professional and very knowledgeable of all the procedures that Dr. Phan offers. It is was like I got my "prebrief" prior to sitting down... READ MORE

I Want These Implants Out! - Mesa, AZ

I know I am atypical but I am grateful for an inspirational review I read that has helped me with my decision. I got a breast augmentation done in June of 2014 and I am done. I have had a lot of crazy things happen to me this last year and I am a different person. I began a journey of self... READ MORE

47 year old explained 21 year old 650cc saline implants! - Houston, TX

For years I have regretted my decision to have implants put in and now I'm finally taking the steps to have them removed! Like many, at age 26 and after having 2 children, I thought it was necessary to get breast implants to be "beautiful" again. I was a saggy size B before the procedure and I... READ MORE

18 Months with Implants

Hi all, I love reading all of the stories in here & they have helped my so much. I have just booked in for implant removal for the 27 may & I'm feeling nervous so any feedback will be appreciated. I was a small b cup and had wanted to get my boobs done for about 10 years. After having my two... READ MORE

33rd Bday Present to Myself!!! - Dallas, TX

Ok so here's my story. Like many others, I am passing it along so hopefully it will help others as others' has helped me. I will give the condensed version. When I was young, I was stupid and insecure, so I got implants. Now that I"m all grown up (physically), I want them out. I'm insecure... READ MORE

34 Y/o 10 Y/o Mentor Silicone Gel Implants Removed

Started out 3 small B. Wanted small Implants and ended up with 400 cc way to big for my body. After 10 years of a love hate/relationship I finally had them Removed today. I had CC in my left breast for over 5 years, some days I had shooting/burning pains other days it was fine. The muscle was... READ MORE

Ready to Be Natural (And Tiny) Again - San Diego, CA

Hi ladies, I have been diligently stalking this website for over a year now and would just like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has posted here; your stories have helped me to have the courage to finally do this! My story is pretty typical: always had a basically flat chest,... READ MORE

39 Explant of 17yr Silicone U/muscle with Capsulectomy

Was always very self conscious about my flat chest all through teens I never developed more than 'fried eggs' or 'bee stings!' Not helping my teens to see images everywhere of the 'wonderbra campaign' well it did nothing for me or my self esteem! Silly of course now when I look back. At 21 I... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 5 Years of Anatomical Implants, Removal in January 2017

In November 2011, 30 years old, I got anatomical silicone implants, 290/310cc, and went from not even an A-cup to somewhere around D-DD. Not because the implants are really that big, but they ended up being very firm. Hard, almost, and fitting them comfortably and well into a bra is not easy...... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal / Explant for 32 year old Mom of one with 5 year old 375-400cc under the muscle silicone

Hi! I have I have under the muscle Mentor Silicone implants, 375 (L) 400 (R); transaxillary placement and I am 32 years old. I decided to have my augmentation done July 30, 2012. It's been almost 5 years and I didn't realize it'd been that long till I decided to have them removed. I am lucky... READ MORE

Getting my implants out tomorrow!!! 37 years old, 16 year old implants, saline, under muscle.

I've never been more excited. Like many on this forum, I had implants done too young (21 years old) because of my lack of self-esteem. I had NO boobs, none whatsoever, and just wanted to feel more feminine, more proportionate. I can honestly say that I've hated them since the first year I... READ MORE

33yr old looking into Explant!

Hi everyone! I don't know where to even start. I am a 33yr old wife and mother of 3 little girls, and looking into getting my implants removed. I have had my 500cc Silicone cohesive gel implants for 8 years now and have been having so many medical problems lately that I no longer know what else... READ MORE

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