Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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I always felt like I had a little girl's body I was always very small and petite I'm 5'6"and I 100 pounds ... My original breast size Was a 34 B .. Oh I would give anything to be back to my original size I really wish that I knew now what I didn't know back then ! But I was young and felt... READ MORE

I had implants put in 8 years ago. I'm embarrassed to say but it was really an impulse move. I was going in for partial tummy tuck, and before I knew it, I signed up for that plus the implants. I was a 34D to start with, great size for my body, but they were starting to sag a bit. I... READ MORE

Hi everyone, This forum has helped me a lot when I was going through the decision of removing my implants. I kept putting it off and telling myself I will remove them when I turn 40. Well, 40 is just right around the corner and when I read your inspirational post and stories I decided to do it.... READ MORE

After being sick for many years following implanting saline implants for 10 years, I decided to explant. While some of my symptoms are subsiding, making the implant removal worth it, my cosmetic outcome is horrendous. Especially since I paid for a lift after I was told I would be deformed... READ MORE

I had 3 breast augmentations in my 20s. In 2005, I decided to remove my last BA & it was horrible. My Dr. Also did a lift which I think has something to do with the pain, due to where the lift was, I now have servere scar tissue. It feels like my skin is constantly pulling. As you can see my... READ MORE

Breast Aug history: Pre augmentation - 34 barely-B 1st augmentation 2004 - 36DD (turned into an E after a year) under the crease incision 2nd augmentation 2011 - 34D areolar incision So with my 1st augmentation in 2004, I was basically at the mercy of the doctor and my ex. I wanted a C cup... READ MORE

Decided to have my breast implants removed after having implants since I was about 20yrs old. I had saline over the muscle but then at 25 had them replaced with silicone under the muscle (way better, more natural appearance and look). Developed an auto immune disease not long after getting my... READ MORE

I got my implants in 1997 and went from a small B to a C. I breastfed two kids, and had been a small C before breastfeeding. I had saline implants put under the muscle and after the swelling had gone down I noticed that my breasts would get distorted when ever I flexed my chest muscles. Due to... READ MORE

After 11 years I was ready to get rid of my implants. They didn't look bad but they were always in the way. Good thing I had them removed; left breast had encapsulation and calcification. I'm 5 days post and still in pain. They look scary, but I'm optimistic. Required pain meds just 2 days. Very... READ MORE

In Feb 2006 (35 years old), I had a circumareolar breast lift with breast augmentation under the muscle. Prior to breast augmentation, I was wearing a 34 C/D bra and had moderate sagging (Grade 2 Ptsosis). I had heard about women who were disappointed after breast augmentation because their... READ MORE

5 years ago I made the stupidest decision of my life:to get breast implants I was 34a and felt totally inadequate and when I was 30 and majorly depressed I went to Transform and got completely brainwashed. I was a 34a and I had 380cc implants put in. Ive never liked them and I don't know why... READ MORE

History: Maybe 4-5 years ago I developed capsular contracture on my right boob. It was just had a little hard parts at first but through time it was really hard and tight and hurt. I couldn't sleep on that side due to the pain. I'm going through other treatment which was more important... READ MORE

I think that it is important that I share my story because it is so “uncommon” for young women to go through with breast implant removal and it is rarely documented (from my research). I believe that many young women absolutely love their breast implants and then there are some like me that... READ MORE

I had 250cc saline implants put in shortly after having my first child. I've been happy with them, I've breast fed two children with no issues, they even looked more natural afterwards. I don't think I've suffered any ill effects from the whole thing, although I am always tired...but I kind of... READ MORE

This blog is the reason I am doing this tomorrow! Thankful for all who have gone before me and shared their experiences. Same story as many: skinny girl with flat chest, silicone implants (300cc) over the muscle in 12/88 (I was 18!), replaced in 12/00 to go down to a 225cc, stayed with silicone... READ MORE

Had implants done when I was 20 years old and had low self-esteem. Back then the super models of the 90's were curvy and I was stick straight and super flat. Now at age 33 having impants bothers me a lot. I can hardly look in the mirror anymore because I hate them so much. They feel unnatural,... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to remove my under muscle silacone implants in 4weeks. Have only had imolants for 16 months and have HATED them from day one. Feel they are too big. Want to go back to being "me". Am prepared for some sagging afterward but am worried I will look horrible afterwards. Was a 34A... READ MORE

Hi all! I've been seriously thinking about explant for a couple of years now, and finally have the funds to do it. My implants are 330cc, saline, under the muscle. Prior to getting them I was a 34B and will be just fine going back to my smaller self. Now I'm a 34D/DD depending on bra. For... READ MORE

Hi ladies! The stories and pictures on this site helped me alot so I thought I should share mine. I got 240cc under the muscle saline implants when I was 18. There is nothing wrong... no pain, no rupture, they look and feel good...I'm just ready for them to be out. At 18 I didn't think too much... READ MORE

Hello! I had put my implants in 2008 , silicone, round 325 ml, under the muscle , and from absolutely FLAT CHEST ( (and I really mean it) I was given huge DD - I weigh 49 kg my height is 172- so it was out of proportions. I decided on them to boost my confidence and to please my husband- did... READ MORE

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