Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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First, I want to thank all of the brave women on this site for sharing their personal stories. Real Self, has been a wonderful resource and support group. In March 2005, I had my breast augmentation - performed by a local reputable surgeon. My 360cc smooth saline under the muscle implants,... READ MORE

I've always loved the look full breasts, and I hoped and prayed that some day that I would get boobs. I had been a 34B since I was 16 years old and pretty much stayed there until I got implants. When I had children, I loved the feel of my breasts when my milk came in, and I liked being curvy... READ MORE

I had my implants placed in 2006 when I was young and was only really concerned with the present, I didn't think about the future and made a decision I now regret! I was a 34A prior to augmentation and like most of us who have implants, I had them placed for a confidence boost and to better fill... READ MORE

LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA :) Had 299c moderate profile implants placed one year ago at a cosmetic clinic that at the time was booming, they were the "place to go" at the time, for their prices ($6,000aus) and their social media worthy results. However one year later, i have implants that are too big... READ MORE

Hi, I got implants 2001, silicone gel mentor 300 cc(I think, I list my paperwork) I was a 34 A cup now 34 C. I have wanted them removed for years now. In fact I wanted them removed immediately afterwards. The fear of another surgery and the amount of money held me back. Now that I had them for... READ MORE

First of all...THANK YOU to all of your brave ladies who have shared your stories on this site. I never in a million years thought I would tell my own story, much less post pictures, but I am so very, very grateful to all of you and I hope that my own story can help someone else. I got 400cc... READ MORE

I had breast implants over the muscle implanted in December 2011, the look and feel of the implants were not what I had expected or hoped for. After having my two children, my once naturally full bust was a little less pert and at the time I wrongly felt that surgery was the answer! What a bad... READ MORE

Hello all, When I was 19 I decided to get breast implants (350cc saline, under the muscle). At the time, I was self-conscious about my breast and I felt like I needed them. I've regretted the decision ever since. I am 25 now and have just scheduled my surgery date for explant 4/21/16. I'm... READ MORE

Hey everyone! So I have to thank all of yall who shared your journeys on here because I would have never removed my implants because of my fear of how bad I would look if I did. I thought I was stuck with them forever, I was researching getting them replaced until I found this site and saw that... READ MORE

After months of severe anxiety and several consultations with various local and out state plastic surgeons about the removal of ruptured implants, I took the plunge and went up to see Dr. Lu-Jean Feng in Cleveland, Ohio. This was a great decision! My husband, myself and little dog traveled... READ MORE

I considered removing my 350cc saline high profile implants after 9 years. My once perky breasts were turning heavy and droopy requiring me to strap them in heavily when working out. My once 34d breasts evoled Into a 36 DDD/F size on my 5'5 small frame. They were becoming so cumbersome and all... READ MORE

I just discovered this site last week. I'm just starting the process of researching and finding a surgeon for explant surgery. I have saline implants placed under the muscle. I don't have a copy of my surgical notes yet so have no details. After a divorce in 2000 I wanted to feel attractive... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I have always been helped so much by reading reviews on here! So I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 in Thailand at Tokai Clinic - he done a fantastic job - I had Silicone Allergan 280ccs placed over muscle. Previous to boob job I was a 34A - After Boob job 34D. Everyone who... READ MORE

Hi there girls. I think that after one year looking through this website trying to find help and advice, It has arrived the moment to say a huge THANKS to you all and to write my history. English isn't my first language so... sorry for the mistakes. My history started 15 years ago when I was 18... READ MORE

Wanted implants for about 6 years (at least I thought I did). Now after 2 weeks of having them, I'm having 2nd thoughts. I'm a very active person & can already see how much they're going to be in my way and prevent me from doing what I used to comfortably. Plus they feel so much colder than my... READ MORE

I have decided to get my 400cc 4 year old silicone breast implants removed. I got my breast impacts when I was 24 in Golden Colorado. I was happy with the results, but as I matured and grew as a person I no longer felt comfortable or natural with my implants and was always trying to cover them.... READ MORE

Hi girls! My name is Any and'm 33 years old. I am from Argentina. I apologize first because it is likely that some things are poorly understood because they do not speak English and I was using google translator. Read their stories did encourage me to tell mine. I appreciate if any shared. I... READ MORE

I breast fed three kids and like others my breasts lost their fullness, and I thought they were unattractive. So, I got my saline, under muscle implants 10 years ago and at that time I thought that it would make me feel better about myself ,and boy was I wrong. I never wanted large breasts, I... READ MORE

I have had a total of four surgeries, The first was done in 1998 /Saline.. lol, I guess you could say they were the "training wheels" of implants, so to speak. Just a year after that I suffered from severe capsular contracture, That I had to live with untill 2003. I another surgery with the... READ MORE

So I am a nut about research and researched pros and cons doctors and hospitals you name it before even deciding to get a BA in 2011. I made the decision for myself and nobody else even when the people in my life loved me the way I was. About two years ago I started getting sick stomach issues,... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Implant Removal cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Implant Removal ranges from $1,245-$7,850 with an average cost of $4,275. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 1,659 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more