Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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By the time I was 26 I was thoroughly fed up with comments from friends and boyfriends about my 34AA boobies. I'd become ashamed and felt very unwomanly with my non-boobs. I was smaller than EVERYONE I had ever met! Even when I put on a few pounds I discovered to my dismay the fat never touched... READ MORE

I was a A cup 20 yrs ago prior to implants. With implants I became a C then after having children and gaining some weight my breast size became a huge D. 2 yrs ago my left breast became firm and had a burning sensation. Went to the doctor said everything was fine. I think that's when my implant... READ MORE

I had Dow implants in 1989. 20+ years and 3 kids later, the left implant had formed into an encapsulated cyst. I needed removal & Dr Maclin said nipples should be "pepperonies not pancakes". My breasts are uneven & the nipples don't match. I was wary of putting implants back in, now I don't have... READ MORE

I did a breast augmentation in 1998 with 330cc saline implants behind the muscle. Two years later, In the summer of 2000, my left implant ruptured and began to deflate. Strangely I felt better with it though my chest was asymmetrical. But when I went back to see my surgeon and asked him to... READ MORE

Having breastfed my daughter in 1987 for way too long :) my breasts were saggy crepey empty b cups. 2003 I had a peri aereola lift and 240cc low profile round smooth sub muscular implants through the areola which took me to a full C cup, I replaced 8 years later in 2012 for 300cc high profile... READ MORE

I have had breast implants 16 years ago. I never had any gross problems with them but one can imagine that the don’t look today like they used to look many years ago. My gp saiid i need to get them removed so i went to see the surgeon who put them ( he is still around). He told me that i would... READ MORE

After two children, my 34b boobies looked sad. Living in Dallas at the time (where everything is BIG) decided to get implants. I told my Dr "I want big" and big he did. Almost 600cc's! For my 5'4" frame, 130lb at the time, were WAY TOO BIG for my body. I have been so self conscious of these... READ MORE

After my daughter I was unhappy with my deflated saggy breasts and chose to get saline implants when she was 6. I had very seriously contemplated a lift then but my PS talked me into the implants and I was young and naive. I then lost almost 40lbs and wasn't happy with the appearance of the... READ MORE

Gained my breast implants in 2005. And I loved them for a long time. A couple of years ago I began to experience some health problems. Irritated bowel syndrome, joint pains, serious night sweats, dizziness, fatigue, and so on. I love to run, but more and more I felt after a run, like I was... READ MORE

I had a hard time finding another review around my age with my intentions, and I hope my story and experience can help another woman who is struggling with making serious decisions about her body. I had my BA 10 years ago, I was young, naive, and obsessed with becoming more busty. I chose 380... READ MORE

This will be a long one, so pull up your chair! This site has been incredibly helpful to me during my journey to explanation. I got my first set of silicone implants in 1991 at the age of 29. I had always wanted an augmentation as I remained a stubborn 34A with a bony chest until I became... READ MORE

Hi all, feels strange that I am actually writing a review rather than just reading them as I have done for so long now. My story is familiar to many. Very small and insecure growing up, being a little asymmetrical just heightened my misery. I dwelt on my breasts day in and day out. In my... READ MORE

So there we are! My implants are OUT! I thought one of them had ruptured and an ultrasound confirmed fluid around one of the implants. I had an appoint to have them removed on Jan 12, 2016. But the call about a cancellation yesterday afternoon. Had them out first thing in the morning today, but... READ MORE

After my last son was born I wanted a breast lift. Because of cost and healing time the doctor suggested implants. I got them under the muscle one is 225cc the other is 250cc. Now after the years I have decided that i want them gone. I work out and run and they are only in the way. I live... READ MORE

Breasts stop growing when you 25. when I was 21 I was a insecure depressed idiot. I had a consultation and two weeks later I was in surgery. while I was in the waiting room I was doubtful and wanted to run. why didn't I run. im here now and my shouldes are always sore. its hard to excersise.... READ MORE

?Hello Everyone, I would like to share my story so that it may help anyone else who is struggling with this decision. I would have to say, the most important factor is willingness to accept the results. That being said, there are many options out there, and hopefully one that will work for you... READ MORE

So im 26yrs old 3 kids I hsd my implants done 3yrs ago after I had my 2nd child I loved them when I did them however after 6 months I had ripling and could feel the implants, I then got pregnant with my third child and at the beginning of the pregnancy I could feel my right breast getting hard... READ MORE

If you are considering explanting, pls get numerous opinions. There's a few ps who prey on desperate women and who will try and scare you into a quick drastic procedure. Do your research! Don't rush your consults. Beware of the 1 website that will try and scare you into the most drastic explant... READ MORE

Thank you to all you strong women out there for sharing your journey's on this site. I have been reading many of your stories for the past few weeks on here. You have inspired and helped me to summons up the courage to consider that life after implants may not be soo bad. Although I am very... READ MORE

I always felt like I had a little girl's body I was always very small and petite I'm 5'6"and I 100 pounds ... My original breast size Was a 34 B .. Oh I would give anything to be back to my original size I really wish that I knew now what I didn't know back then ! But I was young and felt... READ MORE

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