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Small Boobs Please! - Houston tx

I'm planning to have my implants removed finally. I feel like I've been through hell already. I had my first set 23 yrs ago. Saline 325cc above the muscle. They were perfect for about 15 yrs. I started developing ripples so as soon as I saved enough money I went for a revision. The doc said I... READ MORE

51years Old, Explant After 10 Years Because of Capsular Contracture

I am 9 days post-op and while I know I made the right choice to get them out, I am still in the shock/recovery phase. I am sorry, I do not post pics of myself on the internet, but I will do my best to describe in detail everything that I went through from initially getting implants forward.... READ MORE

Implant Removal After 4 Years 520cc, 29 Years Old,no Lift

Hello. I just wanted to share my Silicone Story with you. 4 years ago i get 520 cc Implants under my muscle. I never had any healrh problems with them but i decide to remove them because i want to be myself again. The Implants always feel so false and i dont like them anymore... it was the best... READ MORE

Skilled, Caring Surgeon- Breast Implant Removal with Lift - Livingston, NJ

After careful consideration, I'd decided it was time to remove my 11 year old breast implants. I had gained a considerable amount of weight with my pregnancy and had significant sagging from breastfeeding. My once 34DD breasts were now 38DDD-F, cumbersome, and weighed on me heavily! I wasn't... READ MORE

Mother of 2, Wondering if Implants Are Making Me Sick, Hoping to Be Able to Keep Breast Feeding.

I currently have 19 year old saline implants placed under the muscle. I breast fed my now 3 year old daughter and am still nursing my 15 month old son. Besides the problems that are almost surely caused by the implants ( chest pains, numbness and tingling in both arms, back/neck pain) I've... READ MORE

begs for positive reviews

Susan Kolb is a mess of a surgeon. Her staff and office is the most unorganized medical office that I've ever dealt with. She diagnosed me with ruptured moldy implants and pathology post op indicated that wasn't true. She seems to tell everyone that so they continue buying all her expensive... READ MORE

55 Yrs, Finally Getting Rid of 20 Yr Implants!

I think I have read every single review on breast implant removal on this site! Many years ago when I got my implants there was little to no information available. All we ladies had were the brochures the drs handed out or " firestorm hand experiences" written in glossy women's magazines.... READ MORE

45 Years, 2 Teens, Married 24 Years

The words of all the women, on this website, have helped me so much! Thank you! After having two children and breastfeeding for 4 years, my tata's were looking worn down and had no life! So, in 2006 I had breast implants. That was a disaster, 3 surgeries, to get them right. Eleven years later,... READ MORE

Explant after 30 years of implants

I have no agenda to talk other women out of getting breast implants. I know that many women are very pleased with them and I'm glad they have had good luck. But for me, getting breast implants was one of the worst decisions I ever made. I have had two expensive surgeries with multiple... READ MORE

8.5yr Implant Explant

Wanted to explant almost one year after having them in, doctor went 385cc when I asked for 350 Almost a year later, weight gain which made boobs bigger Five years ago started having other health issues Found everything to just be really uncomfortable Time to explant Also had capsulectomy and... READ MORE

29 Year Old, No Children, Implant Removal and Fat Transfer

I had breast implant removal surgery because of discomfort. I had subglandular 250cc silicone implants. Before I got implants I was a 34AAA with barely any breast tissue. Dr. Ashraf performed fat grafting after explant and I got natural looking results. I think I am now 34A and have retained ... READ MORE

A review for us senior citizens

I finally was approved by my HMO insurer for the explant surgery. When I met with my Dr., he explained that he couldn't do a lift with the same procedure and that whatever fat I had might be removed with the surgery. I din't like his assessment so I looked for other physicians. I was referred to... READ MORE

Thank God for Dr. Lee - Houston, TX

Dr. Lee is an Amazing Plastic Surgeon! He is everything in one package. Skilled, knowledgeable, thorough, Compassionate and has Amazing bedside manner and communicates faster than ANY Dr. I have had. I submitted an official review of my latest surgery on May 12, 2017 upper body... READ MORE

Wanting Explant with Lift So Bad!! - Grand Rapids, MI

Hi I'm new to this site in 1992 I got Saline Implant over the muscle they are only 225CC, well through the years with weight gain I went from a full C to a DD, not happy. My Mom was always big breasted naturally guess it's a little genetics too. I have had a Full Tummy Tuck like 6 years ago... READ MORE

54 Yr Old with 5yrs Old Saline Implants Submuscular

In 2011 I saw a plastic surgeon for info on a tummy tuck. My skin stretched horribly during my pregnancy & I was never able to get rid of the loose skin. It was a constant source of embarrassment & I had self esteem issues. In talking with the surgeon he also looked at my breasts &... READ MORE

36 Year Old Looking to EXPLANT, ? LIFT and Hopeful FAT TRANSFER

Hello, Thank you for your time. I got implants at age 24, going from AAA/AA size up to large C. They looked great and I had no complications. However after 2 children breastfed to 18 months each, 12 years later (now 36 years old) and I have a ton of extra skin and breast tissue. I also have a... READ MORE

30 Year Old Breast Implants! - Vancouver, WA

When I was 26 I got saline breast implants. At that time, we were told you could have them for life and that they were safe. I recently found out that nowadays women are told to replace their implants every 8-10 years, and mine were THIRTY! Thanks to the Healing Breast Implant Illness with... READ MORE

36 Years Old, No Kids, 10 Year Old Saline Implants Removed - San Diego, CA

I'd decided I wanted to be natural again. Small. Free from these annoying bags. I thought I might be having some symptoms that could have been related to my implants. For me, it was worth removing them to see if my health improved. Even if my symptoms didn't go away, i had decided it would be... READ MORE

I'm Me Again!

I finally had these bags of water taken out of me! So thankful it's only been 6 hours after my surgery and I'm feeling great, way better than what I was feeling waking up Day by day with those bags of water inside me... I have been thinking of having them removed since about 6 months after... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal.

I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5 BA surgeries since 1992. I've had 700-800 cc silicone implants over the muscle for more than 20 years. They have impacted my posture, causes significant neck and shoulder strain and have been the number one factor in shopping. Nothing has ever... READ MORE

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