Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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After two children, my 34b boobies looked sad. Living in Dallas at the time (where everything is BIG) decided to get implants. I told my Dr "I want big" and big he did. Almost 600cc's! For my 5'4" frame, 130lb at the time, were WAY TOO BIG for my body. I have been so self conscious of these... READ MORE

About 18 years ago, I was in an unhealthy relationship and state of mind. I grew up with low self-esteem due to family dynamics, and was with someone who objectified every woman he saw. I was very insecure. I made the decision to get implants, bringing me from a 36B-C to a 36DD. While I had a... READ MORE

Hello there. I found this website a couple weeks ago and I want to say ''Thank You'' all for sharing your stories. I never thought I would find a nice community online talking about explant! So much information on implant… but so few on explant! I started thinking about an explant in the last f... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Gel Implants, getting fat transfer. Hoping for full natural looking breast. Hope to be a full B cup. I haven't had the procedure yet.It's coming up in a few months. I am just anxious to schedule it. The doctors office will be getting back with me this week with the cost. I will... READ MORE

I had saline, over the muscle, breast implants 25 years ago. Infant say I've ever felt very comfortable with them. I decided I wanted to have them removed. My breasts seemed to have a mind of their own and went from an implant of 34D to DD in those years. I was very anxious as I've never had... READ MORE

First off I have to thank all the brave & amazing women whose reviews I've been reading for the past year. If it weren't for all of you I would have never known I had other options than to leave these silicone bags on my chest. I'm so full of gratitude to all of you! I thought my story was rare... READ MORE

In 1985 i got double lumen silicone in saline implants my freshman year of college. I really didn't know what I was doing but luckily my mom researched for me and I had one of the best plastic surgeons in town. I weighed 95 lbs. at 5'4", and wore a AAA, but I'm sure if I had waited til I grew up... READ MORE

Well like most of the story's I read on real self, I went ahead with surgery to increase my bust size for my own personal reasons. I'm the type of girl that does what I want, and I wanted fuller boobs. Not to show off or be more appealing to others. But so I could fill a bra not just the bottom... READ MORE

My story begins like everybody else's......young, impulsive, and thought breasts were important to "feel normal". I had adorable little double A's and at age 20 underwent BA with 360 saline on top. I actually liked them for about 7 years, then they started to be cumbersome. I got pregnant with... READ MORE

Almost three years ago, one week before my 19th birthday, I underwent breast augmentation surgery. At the time, I weighed 112 lbs at 5'2". I received 175cc saline implants under the muscle. For years, I had always been unhappy with my breasts. I had been teased in middle school and high school... READ MORE

I had 500cc implants 7 yrs ago, same as others, just looking for a confidence boost and they did the trick more or less. Within the first year I noticed they ached still but my Ps nurse said they'll probably take a while to settle down. Since then, they have hurt when I run, when I do chest or... READ MORE

I had silicone implants under the muscle placed in 2007. They look great but they were never really me. Like so many of you, I went from insecure about my small breasts to insecure about my large breasts. Fast forward a few years and this decision from years ago no longer makes sense. My... READ MORE

Like many others I stumbled onto this site and became fascinated with the explant reviews. After reading many, many explant reviews I think I am ready to start my journey now. I am ready to explant and am looking for a PS in the San Diego area. I think I will get consults from two or three... READ MORE

A huge "thank you" to all those who contribute to this site. The knowledge and insight I gleaned from all the stories and reviews, gave me the courage to get my implants removed. I’ve read and re-read so many inspiring stories. Pictures were a tremendous help. Doctor reviews were very i... READ MORE

I want my implants removed after 35 years, they've been replaced twice and never been happy with these ones, at the age of 30 I was extremely flat chested little to no breast tissue, I don't think that has changed as I'm still quite slim but I just want these out but of course I am very very... READ MORE

I've been considering implant removal for a long time now and I finally set a date. I am having them aspirated in the office in two weeks to get an idea of what they will look like after removal. I really hope they look okay because I don't want to replace them or have a lift done. I... READ MORE

First, I want to thank all of the brave women on this site for sharing their personal stories. Real Self, has been a wonderful resource and support group. In March 2005, I had my breast augmentation - performed by a local reputable surgeon. My 360cc smooth saline under the muscle implants,... READ MORE

I've always loved the look full breasts, and I hoped and prayed that some day that I would get boobs. I had been a 34B since I was 16 years old and pretty much stayed there until I got implants. When I had children, I loved the feel of my breasts when my milk came in, and I liked being curvy... READ MORE

I had my implants placed in 2006 when I was young and was only really concerned with the present, I didn't think about the future and made a decision I now regret! I was a 34A prior to augmentation and like most of us who have implants, I had them placed for a confidence boost and to better fill... READ MORE

LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA :) Had 299c moderate profile implants placed one year ago at a cosmetic clinic that at the time was booming, they were the "place to go" at the time, for their prices ($6,000aus) and their social media worthy results. However one year later, i have implants that are too big... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Implant Removal cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Implant Removal ranges from $1,245-$7,850 with an average cost of $4,275. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 1,658 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more