Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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Hello I have been inspired by many of you to finally take the plunge and have my 17 year old breast implants removed. I got my breast implants the second I turned 18 years old. In high school it was always the idea I had in my head; that when I turned 18, I was going to do it. The courage to go... READ MORE

Hi! Well I am excited to report that after 9 yrs I am finally removing my silicone under the muscle implants. I first had implants put in during my last year of college, I chose saline implants through the underarm area that took me from about a 34 b to a 34 c bra size. I was very happy with... READ MORE

First off thank you to all the ladies that have posted about their experiences with explanting and the health concerns that came with having implants. After many years of suffering from neck, back, shoulder joint pain, and mimic'ed autoimmune disease, I was at a loss. I went to several doctors... READ MORE

And so the journey begins. I have gained so much from reading the reviews on this site, it would be unfair not to return the favor. Twenty one years ago, when I was very young and underweight (5'6" and 105lbs) I decided that I simply had to have breast implants. If I had only listened to my... READ MORE

Hello again RS people!! I was on here last Aug for tummy tuck, never knowing I would be back with ruptured saline breast implants, one to be exact. The first pair was put in in 1988, both ruptured in 95, replaced. Now my right side ruptured and my PS suggested removal with lift. So here I am!! I... READ MORE

I am 56 year old. No Kids and Single. I got BA when I was 29 after a divorce. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Kindof a quick decision, but this was before the internet so there was no way to research it. Before BA I was a 34AA. I wanted to be a cute little B cup. I woke up... READ MORE

Above and beyond my expectations!...I have highly recommended my friends to Dr Hubbard and I continue to be happy with my results a year later! Dr Hubbard answered every question and handled all of my worries...he was able to help me with my asymmetry and scar tissue from prior procedure. The... READ MORE

I want to say thank you to all those women who have bravely told their stories here, because of you I am now moving toward the goal of removing the implants in my body. Several weeks ago, not feeling well I went on my support group forum and saw a posting where a women who had breast implant... READ MORE

I first got silicone breast implants in 1980. I was 23 years old, & very thin, with an A cup, which only plumped up a little once a month, before my periods. I went to a surgeon, & arranged for McGhan silicone implants to bring me up to a B cup. To save money (infamous last words), I chose a... READ MORE

Three and a half years ago I decided to get implants. I started with 350cc under the muscle and due to a complication, had a second surgery 11 months later, replacing with 435cc. I am considering removing my implants due to potential complications and financial costs down the road. At the... READ MORE

I originally got my 420cc silicone gel implants when I was 24 years old, most likely out of some type of insecurity. After many life changes, and personal growth. I felt that I had outgrown my implants. I also didn't like how they moved around under my skin, and make me feel tight in the... READ MORE

In March 2012 at 24 years old I made the decision to get breast implants. I had always had very small breasts, I couldn't even fill a bra. So I wasn't even an a-cup. Though, I liked my breasts this always bothered me. When the idea occurred to me that I could get implants there was no stopping... READ MORE

PAST After two pregnancies and breastfeeding my perky B cup breasts were flat and saggy. I could not get a bra to fit me. After years of frustration I felt my only option was breast implants to fill out my breasts and fill a bra. In 2002 I had 425cc silicone implants put in over my muscle. I... READ MORE

My journey began at age 22. I had started out in life never catching up to my friends with aquiring normal sized breasts u would say. Getting called surf board a lot of your life can take a bit of a toll on ones self esteem. I was barely an A. I had my first bubba and when the milk came in, I... READ MORE

Hi there ladies! I have found this site so helpful before I got my implants and I am looking for some wisdom now. Here is some info: When I had just turned 19 I went and got 375cc Saline Mentor implants under the muscle. I healed fine and my surgery went well, but they have always been very... READ MORE

In mai 2009 at age 18 I did a breast argumentation. Now at 24 years old I am ready to be me again! I hope the pain will be gone and my sensation will return in my breasts over time after the explanation. They look a bit sad and saggy now, hopefully they will fluff back over time. Have been in... READ MORE

I was motivated to remove them because I was tired of the idea of looming surgery. I've had 4 surgeries in 9 years (including explantation). Knowing that implants will inevitably need future care I made the choice to remove them now while I'm young and healthy. I was also feeling tired of... READ MORE

Had my first implants in 1999. I was part of a case study and while breast feeding my eight month old third child (born in 2004), my left breast implant deflated. I had to stop breastfeeding and two weeks later implants were replaced at no cost to me. (I was glad it happened for the fact that... READ MORE

I'm 48 hours post removal under local and feel AWESOME!! Here's my story... In 2003 when I was 35, I had 350cc saline implants placed under the muscle. I was previously a 34B and was quite fit & svelte. At the time I thought implants would somehow make me feel better about myself. They were... READ MORE

HI! I am looking into getting my 275 cc saline implants removed. I've had them for 15 years and they are on top of the muscle. I've only spoken to one doctor so far. I have nursed all 4 of my children luckily without issue, but do have a slight capsular contracture. Doc said he could hear... READ MORE

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