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Removing implants. 36 yrs old, had implants 17 years. 3BAs and periareiola lift

Tara01leilani June 28, 2017 after 17 years of implants I'm trying to decide between removing and replacing or just removing . I'm in pain 50% of the time due to a capsular contracture and my implants are too big for my life now. I had a consult with one Dr and I have another consult with a... READ MORE

Explant and Lift

I had big, heavy 16 year old implants that needed to be replaced or removed. I opted for explant and am so happy with my decision. I love my results! They are so perky and light. Everything fits better too. Dr Ambe is an artist. My first lift with augmentation left my areolas puckered and my... READ MORE

Explant/capsulectomy 20 y/o Saline implants

Hello! I'm a little nervous about sharing my experience online, but I have been so encouraged by the other reviews I have read on this site that I feel I must do so to help others along in their journey. In less than a month I will be explanting my 20 y/o (wow!) submuscular, saline implants. I... READ MORE

Breast Explantation Without Lift - DĂĽsseldorf, DE

15 years ago I got ( Mentor 275cc high profile textured cohesive silicone gel ) implants under the muscle. The muscle wasn't severed so I have no problems with flexing. I filled an a cup before but I had no sagging breast, indeed my breast was beautiful before and I would do much to get it back.... READ MORE

Natural Feels Fantastic, Bye Bye CC

I got a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty when my youngest child was 6 months old. I had a significant diastasis recti, and I knew the second pregnancy was going to make it worse. I was already asked frequently if I was pregnant after having my first baby. I got breast implants with the... READ MORE

Removal of Saline (Smooth, Under Muscle) Implants After 15.8 Years - San Diego, CA

I first want to thank every woman who has posted their stories/photos on this site. It has been such a help and encouragement to me. I feel like I'm so prepared for explant surgery, because I know exactly what to expect – thanks to your stories. I'm 35 years old, 5'8" and 145 pounds. I have s... READ MORE

39 Year Old Removing 12 Year Old Saline Implants - Springfield, VA

Hi. I am 39 years old and I have Mentor smooth saline implants placed under the muscle. I had my breast augmentation done in May 2005. I was barely a 34A before surgery and am currently a 34C. I've been wanting to get my implants removed for a few years but have felt overwhelmed by the prospect... READ MORE

Bye, Bye, Boobies

I just went in for all of my Pre-Op instructions and paper work. 63 yr old with 32 yr old saline under muscle implants. Just realizing, I have had them for almost 1/2 of my life. I had originally gotten implants after having a lumpectomy on one breast, and was left thinking, I was "lopsided"... READ MORE

me again and feel amazing x plymouth uk

Had breast re aug July 2014 and wow what a shock to the system as last op was 13 years ago x hate them and want them out have 400 naturelle implants in just wondering of anyone has done this and what's the final results like please x planning another baby so wondering if removal before would be... READ MORE

59 Years Old 15 Year Silicone EXPLANT with CAPSULECTOMY- Baltimore, MD

11 days to go. So appreciative of everyone's comments on this site. I have chosen to be positive about the whole explant procedure. Being a worrier by nature it is a daily practice! First implants 2002 Sub muscular not sure the size. They looked huge on my body. Second set couple years later... READ MORE

Day 3 (I Think)

Hi all, I am doing well getting up and walking around a lot easier now. Still some shooting pain in right one. The drains are still doing their job and still loosing a far bit of blood. I find I hard to sleep sitting up and end up sliding down he bed. I put a warm pack over my bandages and... READ MORE

Body Aches for the Last 19 Months

I got my mentor silicone implants August of 2015 and one month later my body started aching almost as if I have the flu but the flu never comes. Constant body aches it never go away fatigue and strange symptoms relating to my period time (I'm guessing there has been a change to my hormones)... READ MORE

Explant and Lift Made Complicated by "Innovative" Technique

After having my third and last baby, I was ready for a mommy makeover. This was in the late 90's. My breasts looked like deflated wrinkly balloons. I really needed a full lift, but I was terrified of the anchor shaped scar. So I scoured the internet and found a doctor in Houston, Texas who... READ MORE

59 Year Old. BA X 2 Now Implants Removed

Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain. BA done twice once in 1986 and again is 2000. I have had ongoing pain since 2011. It is time now to remove these implants. I have fractures in my spine and I am truly hoping that this will ease my pain and have the weight removed from my chest. Thank... READ MORE

56 Yr. Old Explanting After 33 Years

Today I had a total capsulectomy with implant removal for my second set of 250 cc silicone over-the-muscle implants. Surgery lasted about 2 hours with general anesthesia. I was at the surgery center for about 4.5 hours. I was happy with my implants, which took me from 32A to 32C. But,... READ MORE

Explanted after nearly 3 yrs and SO GLAD!!

I got a breast augmentation on May 16 2015. Before the implants, I was a size 30C. I had a decent amount of breast tissue and never really considered myself to have "small" boobs...although people would sometimes tell me they were small I always viewed them as the medium/small side. I had always... READ MORE

60 Year Old, 8 Year Old Implants Removed.

Hi, I am 60 years old, just. Eight years ago, in a hasty decision, I had 280 cc breast implants. I was a 34 B and went to a 34 FF; bigger than I had anticipated. Since the implants, I have have had constant pain and discomfort in my left breast. My breasts felt heavy and uncomfortable and I... READ MORE

33 Yrs, 3 Kids, Pip Implants Time to Go!

I've had my implants 11yrs. Pip silicone 320cc under the muscle. Since then I've had 3 babies and breastfed them 2 years each. My boobs went from 10aa to c with the implants. Then up to an f while breastfeeding. Yes an f. I'm now at dd. They are covered in stretch marks. One side dropped... READ MORE

Implants making me sick. Many symptoms gone first day after explant, no lift or new implants! Dr. Feng is the best.

Implants are 23 y.o. Capsular Contracture on Rt. side Baker's grade IV, Lt. side soft and squishy, likely ruptured. Found a lump at 17 and had my first lumpectomy (of benign fibroadenoma tumor) by a general surgeon, (large Lt. lateral scar). 2nd large tumor grew back, same place, age 23. Not... READ MORE

Needing Lift to Remove Scars and Removal of Implants

I've had multiple surgeries since the age of 22 due to my breasts sagging and my fear of a lift. I finally opted for the lift with a smaller (silicon from saline) implant 7 years ago. Unfortunately I was severely burned by the antiseptic and began blistering during the surgery. It probably... READ MORE

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