Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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Hello all,Like most of you here I had my implants done on a whim because I didn't feel good about myself, that was 15 years ago. I would say for the first couple years I loved them but once I had my 2 amazing children I have regretted my decision. I hate how hard and big they are, I have 400cc... READ MORE

I got sub muscular cohesive gel implants Sep. 2009 in NYC. Dr. Jennifer Walden was my surgeon. I had debated for about 7 years because I breast fed 3 children and my boobs deflated. Fast-forward 6 years and I totally regret doing it. In fact, I regretted getting them right afterwards. Sure, they... READ MORE

I am 53 yrs. old, in good health with no obvious problems with my implants. I had BA in 2008 with 450cc silicone over the muscle. After a few years the implants made me feel "matronly," and I just wanted them OUT!!! So I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Jeff Healy. He made me feel so... READ MORE

** Each and every one of them will have to be replaced one day. ** Having talked me up from a breast lift to a breast lift With implants, In November of 2002, Dr. Gregory Roche implanted McGhan (Inamed Aesthetics) breast implants. I am a fairly larger framed woman and already sported a 40D bra.... READ MORE

I naturally have a large B/small C cup and my implants (which were small, only 275 cc) made me look like a very large D. I love to run and was just at a point in life I no longer wanted them. I've thought about it for years and finally had them removed. Dr. Schwartz removed and did a... READ MORE

I had a breast agumentation when I was 18 years old. The outcome was great and my breasts looked beautiful. 5 years later, I became pregant with my first child. My breasts grew from a size 32C to 32DD. The breastfeeding was a stuggle with constant rock hard breast tissue, mastitis in the... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I really need your help here. I want my implants removed... I just don't like them or want implants in my body anymore. Not having any issues, no CC I have been to several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons and all but one said it would be a straightforward 45... READ MORE

I wanted to begin my blog journey, as a way to show sisterhood to all women out there. My upcoming first entry will be about me and how I ended up with breast implants. I will then follow with the ordeal of years of me wanting them out, and then I will tell you about my appointment today with... READ MORE

Had breast augmentation & lift.I've been sick w/ health problems ever since including thrush and chest pains especially on left breast right after surgery,which still have my chest pains nine months after implants put in.Fatigue,joints &muscle pains all over.I was very active,energetic before... READ MORE

Review of Dr. Pousti, La Mesa office. I am a 43-year-old mother of two. My surgery was to remove silicone implants. The implants were 360 cc each side. Silicone, they were implanted in 2005. A little background. I had small breasts all my life and from a young age I wanted to have larger... READ MORE

Where to begin?! My breasts have always been uneven in size as well as areola size. I would say the left breast started out as an A and the right breast a small B. In 2004 when I was 18 I went ahead and had a BA. I still have the same implants (Mentor Saline Implants. Right implant size 400 cc;... READ MORE

So after reading so many reviews on this website, which have helped me in my journey to explant, I thought it was only fair to share my story too. I got my implants, 450cc hp mentor over the muscle in October 2014, so just over a year ago. Ever since I can remember, I was always self concious... READ MORE

In March 2012 at 24 years old I made the decision to get breast implants. I had always had very small breasts, I couldn't even fill a bra. So I wasn't even an a-cup. Though, I liked my breasts this always bothered me. When the idea occurred to me that I could get implants there was no stopping... READ MORE

In 2007, I went to dinner with my girlfriends (all in our mid-20's) and out of the 5 of us, I was the only one that did not have breast implants.  I never really had self-esteem issues and had no problems getting dates or guys but the seed was planted after seeing how perfect my friend's boobs... READ MORE

Thought I'd pay this forward as others before me who have posted here, especially with photos, have been so helpful as to what I might expect. I got my implants, under muscle, saline with silicon shell, in 1996. I was single at the time and thought I'd do this "just for me". I was an A cup at... READ MORE

Although this is going to be hard for me to put into writing (since I really don't want to believe this is my reality,) I've decided that it's my time to contribute to realself as it has been my main source of information and comfort throughout my breast implant journey. So, here it goes...I got... READ MORE

First off, I have wanted this done for so long. I can't believe it is actually about to happen. I was 20 years old when I decided to get implants (during the height of Pam Anderson, Carmen Elektra, lol big boob generation). Needless to say being a fit, energetic, small 34B female wasn't good... READ MORE

Good day, like many other stories begin, "I found this site looking for support" Yes, me too. I have held in any emotion about my breast surgery from the late 90's to my shame, pain and misery I have carried up to this day. When I did the breast augmentation, I told one friend. Mostly because... READ MORE

I was extremely lopsided in my breasts as I developed and remember having a DD on the right and barely a B on the left. Insurance covered a Breast implant surgery in 1998 to try and match up my breasts. Over the years my natural right breast has gotten even bigger and heavier (now a FF Cup).... READ MORE

I just discovered this site last week. I'm just starting the process of researching and finding a surgeon for explant surgery. I have saline implants placed under the muscle. I don't have a copy of my surgical notes yet so have no details. After a divorce in 2000 I wanted to feel attractive... READ MORE

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