Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants. The surgery can address concerns like implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size. It's also commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. If a woman chooses not to replace her implants, a breast lift can be done at the same time to address skin that may have been stretched. LEARN MORE >
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A review for us senior citizens

I finally was approved by my HMO insurer for the explant surgery. When I met with my Dr., he explained that he couldn't do a lift with the same procedure and that whatever fat I had might be removed with the surgery. I din't like his assessment so I looked for other physicians. I was referred to... READ MORE

Wanting Explant with Lift So Bad!! - Grand Rapids, MI

Hi I'm new to this site in 1992 I got Saline Implant over the muscle they are only 225CC, well through the years with weight gain I went from a full C to a DD, not happy. My Mom was always big breasted naturally guess it's a little genetics too. I have had a Full Tummy Tuck like 6 years ago... READ MORE

54 Yr Old with 5yrs Old Saline Implants Submuscular

In 2011 I saw a plastic surgeon for info on a tummy tuck. My skin stretched horribly during my pregnancy & I was never able to get rid of the loose skin. It was a constant source of embarrassment & I had self esteem issues. In talking with the surgeon he also looked at my breasts &... READ MORE

36 Year Old Looking to EXPLANT, ? LIFT and Hopeful FAT TRANSFER

Hello, Thank you for your time. I got implants at age 24, going from AAA/AA size up to large C. They looked great and I had no complications. However after 2 children breastfed to 18 months each, 12 years later (now 36 years old) and I have a ton of extra skin and breast tissue. I also have a... READ MORE

30 Year Old Breast Implants! - Vancouver, WA

When I was 26 I got saline breast implants. At that time, we were told you could have them for life and that they were safe. I recently found out that nowadays women are told to replace their implants every 8-10 years, and mine were THIRTY! Thanks to the Healing Breast Implant Illness with... READ MORE

36 Years Old, No Kids, 10 Year Old Saline Implants Removed - San Diego, CA

I'd decided I wanted to be natural again. Small. Free from these annoying bags. I thought I might be having some symptoms that could have been related to my implants. For me, it was worth removing them to see if my health improved. Even if my symptoms didn't go away, i had decided it would be... READ MORE

I'm Me Again!

I finally had these bags of water taken out of me! So thankful it's only been 6 hours after my surgery and I'm feeling great, way better than what I was feeling waking up Day by day with those bags of water inside me... I have been thinking of having them removed since about 6 months after... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal.

I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5 BA surgeries since 1992. I've had 700-800 cc silicone implants over the muscle for more than 20 years. They have impacted my posture, causes significant neck and shoulder strain and have been the number one factor in shopping. Nothing has ever... READ MORE

Removal of 400 Cc SRX Allergan Naturelle

After 2 years of saving up from my previous procedure, I opted to have a 2-stage revision. The implants were hanging off into my armpits, sagging down on my stomach, and causing extreme neck pain due to the oppressive weight. Clothes and bras were impossible to find, my ability to exercise and... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Lift

I am scheduled for a breast implant removal and a mastopexy on May 4th. My implants are silicone 400/425cc. They are 20 years old, heavy and are bottoming out. If you look at the one photo of how much I can lift that breast up, it's pretty crazy. I decided to explant and not replace... READ MORE

UK - Implant Removal Without Lift: 260cc 10yrs Silicone HP Overs

I am due to explant next month.I have decided to have explant, without replacement and no uplift (at present). So rewind: In 2007 I had sagging empty boobs, about 34D, after breast feeding 2 children. Therefore I had 260cc implants with an uplift at the same time (for some reason I never even... READ MORE

Cincinnati Implant Removal and Lift/Augment. 210 cc

Ok, so I had implants - saline, over the muscle (under fascia) placed in my breasts in 2007. They are 9 years old 2x the size they once were bc of weight gain, pregnancy and well gravity. I've traveled to Miami 2 x in the last 9 months for plastic surgery. The second time was for a revision and... READ MORE

45, 2 Kids, 5ft 2, Healthy 8stone 10.

Hi girls, This is a painful process and journey that I am about to relive with you all but 8 months later I think it's important for me to share my story with you all. It is with regrets that my journey has been such a traumatic one and since my awful op I've came across lots of women who have... READ MORE

33, 1 Beautiful Daughter Implant Removal and Liposuction

Hi Awesome People, I am scheduled to have my 12 year old 350cc implants removed, with a small amount of fat grafting to the chest wall to address my concern of being completely flat above the breast tissue. I figured since he was pulling fat out we could just do the liposuction. I used to be in... READ MORE

500cc Silicone Explant 41 No Kids - Camberwell, AU

Hi I'm Rhonda 41. I've had my left 500cc and right 550cc INAMED silicone implants for 8 years and I had the surgery done in Las Vegas. I'm from Australia and will be having them removed in Melbourne. I've always felt that they were the wrong shape for my original breasts and never really... READ MORE

I Did It! Explanted with Dr. Feng! (5/12) So Happy! - Amazing Experience - Beachwood, OH

I did it and I'm so happy! Explanted with Dr. Feng on Friday, May 12th. I was terrified prior to having surgery again but knew they had to come out. I was mostly afraid of the potential pain level. And afraid of how they would look. Were my expectations realistic. My anxiety the last 2 weeks... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal ..lift and Fixing Bad Smart Lipo Job

So in my 20s I had breast implants and I loved them ..he gave me 250 to make me a large B small forward 20 plus years and my saline implants started to leak and lose form felt real ripples ..was told it was time to change my implants ..I wanted the same Doctor but he had passed away .... READ MORE

Breast Implant REMOVAL with Capsulectomy

After 7 years I've decided to explant. I'm now a 34D and before the implants I was a 32B. Why do we do these things ?? I'm booked in for my operation in two weeks and I cannot wait. My implants were over the muscle 225cc silicone . Has anyone had similar figures to me and had successful removal... READ MORE

Removing 30 Year Old Implants with Lift.

This is my first step. After thinking about it for over a year and viewing so many stories here I've decided removal is for me. I checked out a lot of doctors in my area on this site. I've looked at the before and after photos they posted and the results I liked the best seemed to come from the... READ MORE

Removal of Cohesive gel anatomical shape breast implants

I had my first Augmentation at 19. Going from about a 34A to a 34C All of my teen life I wanted bigger boobs. My first implants were saline. Under the muscle. 8 years later my left side ruptured. I had lost feeling in the left breast and I could feel rippling and movement or a popping feeling... READ MORE

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