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Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants. The surgery can address concerns like implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size. It's also commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. If a woman chooses not to replace her implants, a breast lift can be done at the same time to address skin that may have been stretched. LEARN MORE >
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33 Years Old, 3 Kids, Five Surgeries Later! Terriffied! - Arizona City

Ok where to begin.......sigh. Well I got my first set of implants right after the birth of my first son back in 06. I always wanted breast implants ever since I can remember. I have always had issues with asymmetry and felt they were always a little smaller than I wanted . I was about a large B... READ MORE

Natural Feels Fantastic, Bye Bye CC

I got a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty when my youngest child was 6 months old. I had a significant diastasis recti, and I knew the second pregnancy was going to make it worse. I was already asked frequently if I was pregnant after having my first baby. I got breast implants with the... READ MORE

Removal of Saline (Smooth, Under Muscle) Implants After 15.8 Years - San Diego, CA

I first want to thank every woman who has posted their stories/photos on this site. It has been such a help and encouragement to me. I feel like I'm so prepared for explant surgery, because I know exactly what to expect – thanks to your stories. I'm 35 years old, 5'8" and 145 pounds. I have s... READ MORE

39 Year Old Removing 12 Year Old Saline Implants - Springfield, VA

Hi. I am 39 years old and I have Mentor smooth saline implants placed under the muscle. I had my breast augmentation done in May 2005. I was barely a 34A before surgery and am currently a 34C. I've been wanting to get my implants removed for a few years but have felt overwhelmed by the prospect... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old; Explanting 14 Yr Old Saline Smooth/ Unders

I have relied on this website a lot for information and inspiration. Thank you for being here and being honest. I had a BA in 2003. Dr Roark in La Jolla did a wonderful job, I couldn't have gotten better results. Very soft, natural, healed, I am hoping to feel better in general... READ MORE

50 Yrs Old, Want Implant Removal, Lift, and Maybe Fat Transfer

I had implants put in 4 years ago. Complications, bottoming out, contracture and now developing another contracture I also had a seroma..At 50, my skin is getting thinner. I don't want to keep getting surgeries and spending money I don't have. I gained 15 lbs in the last 4 years so I feel my... READ MORE

Explanting St. Petersburg, FL

My first set is saline implants I had at 17 years old. I was modeling and was a perfect sample size and height but had NO boobs. My parents paid for my implants and life went on. More work modeling but truthfully I wasn't tall enough or skinny enough to make a career out of it. Anyhow, it put a... READ MORE

31 Yr. Old Lactating Mom, Removing 11 Yr. Old 315cc Saline Sub-muscular Implants

I've finally booked my explant date! Here's my details: Age: 31 Implants: 11 years old, 315cc saline, under muscle Pre BA: size 32A (didn't fill completely), 120 lbs Currently: size 32D, 130 lbs...and I'm 5'6" Reasons for explant: never like how they felt. Very aware of their foreignness.... READ MORE

39 Years - 8 Year Old Mentor Implants 325 Ml.

I made a stupid decision 8 years ago, I never really liked them - they looked good in a bikini and I never had any health issues - But I always felt they were to big for me! And with time i hated the fact, that I had foreign objects in my body... so now they are gone. (I've had breastfed two... READ MORE

51 Years Old , 18 Year Old Pip Implants.

Hi everyone, can I just express how wonderful this site is, I have been contemplating implant removal for the longest. Had mine done in 1999, to be honest I gave never been truly comfortable with them. I have done so much research in to explanting that I feel fit to burst, thank goodness for you... READ MORE

Explant/capsulectomy 20 y/o Saline implants

Hello! I'm a little nervous about sharing my experience online, but I have been so encouraged by the other reviews I have read on this site that I feel I must do so to help others along in their journey. In less than a month I will be explanting my 20 y/o (wow!) submuscular, saline implants. I... READ MORE

Bye, Bye, Boobies

I just went in for all of my Pre-Op instructions and paper work. 63 yr old with 32 yr old saline under muscle implants. Just realizing, I have had them for almost 1/2 of my life. I had originally gotten implants after having a lumpectomy on one breast, and was left thinking, I was "lopsided"... READ MORE

Help! Trying to Decide Between Removing and Replacing Implants or Just Removing. Advice Needed!!

Tara01leilani June 28, 2017 after 17 years of implants I'm trying to decide between removing and replacing or just removing . I'm in pain 50% of the time due to a capsular contracture and my implants are too big for my life now. I had a consult with one Dr and I have another consult with a... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Implant Removal After 3 Years

Almost three years ago I thought it was a good idea to get a breast augmentation. I liked them for the first few months, just because I had always wanted big boobs and was convinced that in order to be a "real" woman I would have to fit into societies over-sexualized standards. Which was very... READ MORE

me again and feel amazing x plymouth uk

Had breast re aug July 2014 and wow what a shock to the system as last op was 13 years ago x hate them and want them out have 400 naturelle implants in just wondering of anyone has done this and what's the final results like please x planning another baby so wondering if removal before would be... READ MORE

67years Old and 42year Old Dows Have to Go - Eugene, OR

So , I'm going to be short and not so sweet. Had Dow implants when I was 25...."5th anniversary present". 4 years later Hubby ran off with a flat-chested nympho who was supposed to be my best friend. RIGHT!!! They were ok for a while, but everybody just wanted me to model Tshirts and had no... READ MORE

4 Year Old Gummy Bear Implant Removal No Lift, No Capsulectomy - Westchester, NY

Two days until i get my silicone gel implants removed without a lift or capsulectomy. I will be getting them removed under local anesthesia and will be receiving a Valium and Percocet an hour prior to surgery. I'm so nervous I don't want to feel anything!!! It freaks me out knowing that I'm... READ MORE

2001: 700cc, Silicone, Overs. 2017: Implant Removal, Capsule Removal, and Wise Pattern Lift

43 years old Silicone breast implants 700cc over muscle Bra size 36DDD- 36 G- 32 J (depending on brand) 5'8" 165 lbs 1 pregnancy Did not nurse Pregnancy was a substantial weight gain (preeclampsia) When removed Rupture found on left Right side intact As I aged they just got too... READ MORE

59 Years Old 15 Year Silicone EXPLANT with CAPSULECTOMY- Baltimore, MD

11 days to go. So appreciative of everyone's comments on this site. I have chosen to be positive about the whole explant procedure. Being a worrier by nature it is a daily practice! First implants 2002 Sub muscular not sure the size. They looked huge on my body. Second set couple years later... READ MORE

Day 3 (I Think)

Hi all, I am doing well getting up and walking around a lot easier now. Still some shooting pain in right one. The drains are still doing their job and still loosing a far bit of blood. I find I hard to sleep sitting up and end up sliding down he bed. I put a warm pack over my bandages and... READ MORE

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