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Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants. The surgery can address concerns like implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size. It's also commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. If a woman chooses not to replace her implants, a breast lift can be done at the same time to address skin that may have been stretched. LEARN MORE >
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36 Yr Old, 1 Baby, 14 Yr Old Saline Implants, Sub-pectoral, 360cc to Be Removed - Boston, MA

I'm 36 yrs old. I got my breast implants at 24 yrs old. Smooth Saline Mentors 300 but over filled to 360. I trusted the doctor to give me something that looked natural, hoping for a C cup, ending up with a D...and just way too big for my frame. Wow was that a "crazy" time in my life. I have... READ MORE

54 Yr Old with 5yrs Old Saline Implants Submuscular

In 2011 I saw a plastic surgeon for info on a tummy tuck. My skin stretched horribly during my pregnancy & I was never able to get rid of the loose skin. It was a constant source of embarrassment & I had self esteem issues. In talking with the surgeon he also looked at my breasts &... READ MORE

Removed. 375cc under muscle silicone implants after 23 years.

Ok my journey begins. Encouraged by all the reviews on this website and elsewhere. I had 375cc silicone implants 23 years ago inserted under arm. I was 34B I am now 36DD. The novelty soon wore off and over the years I've become increasingly self conscious about my breasts. I've never had them... READ MORE

26 Years Old Thinking About Explant, Have Questions! - Miami, FL

Hello ladies! Im 26 years old, I had my implants put in when I was 19/20 years old. I used to be a 32AA (sorry don't have any before pics) and now I am a 34B-32C. They were placed through nipple incision and are WATER implants. Ive been thinking of having my implants removed for about 2 and a... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Lift

I am scheduled for a breast implant removal and a mastopexy on May 4th. My implants are silicone 400/425cc. They are 20 years old, heavy and are bottoming out. If you look at the one photo of how much I can lift that breast up, it's pretty crazy. I decided to explant and not replace... READ MORE

I Did It! Explanted with Dr. Feng! (5/12) So Happy! - Amazing Experience - Beachwood, OH

I did it and I'm so happy! Explanted with Dr. Feng on Friday, May 12th. I was terrified prior to having surgery again but knew they had to come out. I was mostly afraid of the potential pain level. And afraid of how they would look. Were my expectations realistic. My anxiety the last 2 weeks... READ MORE

31 year old mom ready to lose 2 pounds of breast implants

After 9 years of having high profile 400 cc breast implants, I am ready to have them removed and fall in love with my natural body. I got my breast implants when i was 22 years old, i was so flat chested and wanted to look more like a woman. Now im a 31 year old woman and i wish i was flat... READ MORE

Explant done after 10,5 years McGhan Anatomical Implants ! Age 47 years young :-)

Hi everyone, First of all I would like you to know how much I appreciate all your reviews. They were very helpful for me. After more then 10 years I had my implants removed today ! I'm just a few hours post-op, but I'm already relieved by the results so far. English is not my language, so I... READ MORE

59 Years Old 15 Year Silicone Implant Removal With Lift - Baltimore, MD

11 days to go. So appreciative of everyone's comments on this site. I have chosen to be positive about the whole explant procedure. Being a worrier by nature it is a daily practice! First implants 2002 Sub muscular not sure the size. They looked huge on my body. Second set couple years later... READ MORE

57 Years Old, 25 Yr Old Ruptured Silicone Implants, Time to remove

So here's my story, I had Dow Corning textured implants put in 1 month before they took them off the market. My husband at the time, said he would never look at another woman if I had them done. I had a hematoma a couple days after and another surgery a couple months later since my left breast... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal ..lift and Fixing Bad Smart Lipo Job

So in my 20s I had breast implants and I loved them ..he gave me 250 to make me a large B small forward 20 plus years and my saline implants started to leak and lose form felt real ripples ..was told it was time to change my implants ..I wanted the same Doctor but he had passed away .... READ MORE

Breast Implant REMOVAL with Capsulectomy

After 7 years I've decided to explant. I'm now a 34D and before the implants I was a 32B. Why do we do these things ?? I'm booked in for my operation in two weeks and I cannot wait. My implants were over the muscle 225cc silicone . Has anyone had similar figures to me and had successful removal... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 2 Kids I Breastfed, 13 Years Saline Under Muscle Removed, No Lift - Irvine, CA

Hello friends, I have been reviewing this site for awhile and feel obligated to share my experience to help others... I am 34 years old, have 2 kids I nursed combined total for 2 1/2 years, I am 5'4, 103 pounds (naturally always been skinny), and got breast implants 13 years ago, 330 cc saline... READ MORE

Explanting November 1st - St. Petersburg, FL

My first set is saline implants I had at 17 years old. I was modeling and was a perfect sample size and height but had NO boobs. My parents paid for my implants and life went on. More work modeling but truthfully I wasn't tall enough or skinny enough to make a career out of it. Anyhow, it put a... READ MORE

Ready for my Body to Match my Mind. *Explant* 26 Years Old...almost 3 Years Post BA - California, CA

I'll start right off the bat by saying I don't even have a consultation booked...though I have doctors in mind and will hopefully be consulting within the next couple of months. I know when I go through this site, I tend to comb through the reviews to find those who have been through the process... READ MORE

I want them out!! - Midland, MI

I had my first Augmentation at 19. Going from about a 34A to a 34C All of my teen life I wanted bigger boobs. My first implants were saline. Under the muscle. 8 years later my left side ruptured. I had lost feeling in the left breast and I could feel rippling and movement or a popping feeling... READ MORE

Removed textured cohesive implants under local!Marina Del Rey, CA

Im newly 40. Got implants about 10 years ago with Dr Grant. He put in 250 cc gummy textured implants under the muscle. He did An amazing job. They looked great and I had no issues with them. Fast forward 10 years and I miss hanging natural small breasts. I was a 34a before and 34 b with implants... READ MORE

53 Yr Old, Explant & Lift, Perth, AU

13.02.17 I would like to begin by sincerely thanking all the women who have posted their explant experiences on this site. Thanks to all of your stories I feel so much more confident about going through the procedure and the outcome of explanting. I am nearly 54 years old and I have four kids.... READ MORE

33, 1 Beautiful Daughter Implant Removal and Liposuction

Hi Awesome People, I am scheduled to have my 12 year old 350cc implants removed, with a small amount of fat grafting to the chest wall to address my concern of being completely flat above the breast tissue. I figured since he was pulling fat out we could just do the liposuction. I used to be in... READ MORE

Removing my silicone 340cc's

I have a suspected rupture and am currently breastfeeding my son who is 9 months old. Have been to see my GP who has recommended an ultrasound to confirm. In the meantime I have been reading lots of reviews on here and narrowed my surgeon choices down. Definitely want to get them removed whether... READ MORE

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