Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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33 Years Old Future Velilla Doll - Miramar Beach, FL

After turning 30, my body has changed and seems like gravity is taking over. I've always been thick which I love but now it's turned to chubby. I'm obsessed with looking at b4 and after pics of bbl's which made me do a lot of research. I love the results from Doctors in DR however there are many... READ MORE

It's Finally happening !!!!!!

Hellllllooooooo all my girls who been on here motivating me for like the past year of me stalking all ur comments and posts and journeys! ! ! ! ! I am finally ready to commit to this sx and share my story too ????????. I spoke with Helen at vanity who quoted me $4500 and the date is looking... READ MORE

Ready to Be "Calvafied" Dr. Calva - Miami, FL

Deposit paid so far communication with Yesenia has been great! Anyone else scheduled with Dr. Calva 3/9/17? We can be sx buddies!!!! Let me know! I'm staying at their Recovery House. Ladies I just secured my date the price for sx will increase beginning Feb. 1st for Dr. Calva. Get in while you... READ MORE

25 Year Old Nurse with One Child, Needs Body SNATCHED for Wedding!!

So tired of lurking this site that I decided to join the bandwagon lol. I have been longing to have some ass since who knows when ???????? Im am getting married next year and I need my body to be SNATCHED for my wedding and there after. I have one kid and I have a very small frame so 133lbs... READ MORE

Can April Come Any Faster?! - Miami, FL

I'm really excited I got my bbl booked for April 7th. But I'm a little concerned about how Eres will change or cancel surgery dates. I hope and pray this doesn't happen to me. I'm using my vacation days and flying from Dallas. I'm still searching for a recovery home ???? so if you know of any... READ MORE

Friday the 13th Surge - Miami, FL

After seeing numerous reviews and pictures, I've scheduled surgery with Dr Alvarez through Spectrum. Was gonna do it through his private practice since Spectrum was giving me the run around and not giving me the special price they have advertised online. But Im hoping for better service... READ MORE

31 Mother of 2 - Miami, FL

Hello all. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a review or a journey for my bbl but I said what the heck- might be helpful for someone. I live in Los Angeles. I will be traveling to Miami for a bbl with Dr. Ortega at the Spectrum Aesthetics location. My recovery home will be at Sunshine Recovery. ... READ MORE

April 3, 2017 getting the body of my dreams

Hi dolls, I had my consultation with Dr Delvecchio on Feb 20, 2017 at his NYC location. I am currently booked for surgery on April 3, 2017! SUPER EXCITED AND SCARED!. Dr D and his office is very helpful and he did not rush me during my consultation ( matter of fact I felt like I was rushing him... READ MORE

I did it, did my surgery with him on the 27th on Jan. 2017=)

Hi everyone I'm flying down to Dr. Calva soon for a BBL from Charlotte, NC! I'm soooo excited. Can yall tell me what I need to order in advance so I'll b e ready? I just know about Booty chair. Thanks!! SO EXCITED, I was originally going to go to one in NEBO, NC but they are so horrible and... READ MORE

ditching the flat a** for a fat one

I'm 30 years old, 134lbs, 5'2. I've been between 132 and 134 for about the last 6 years. Recently I've started to fill out a little. A bit more butt which is great but shortly after noticing a little plump back there, the gut and fat back started to follow. Oddly the numbers on the scale stay... READ MORE

Need Tummy Tuck and Bbl - Bervely Hills, CA

So I'm confused on choosing my surgeon I have seen 3 already which are 1.Dr Payam-jarrah (Dr.J) 2. Sunset plastic surgery 3.Dr Dass I want to do a tummy tuck and bbl I don't know if it's best to do both or separately ive read in here that is best to stage the surgeries but other surgeons answer... READ MORE

BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

So I've been on real self looking at bbl for a few months now and after seeing all these reviews I am now for sure that I wanna get done. I've been seeing the work of Dr. Hazari and I 100% sure I want Hazani. I put in my request for a consult 2 weeks through real self when the price was 7500... READ MORE

Lipo & BBL / The Revamp - Dominican Republic

Hey guys I'm so excited to start and share my journey with you all. I have been wanting this procedure for about 7yrs now just never had the courage because everyone always told me I could get this body right working out, however after have my second and final child (lord knows I'm done) in 2015... READ MORE


Hi my name is Deka and I'm a mother of 1. I'm interested in the bbl procedure but it's between Dr. Alvarez at Mia Aesthetics or Dr. Ortega at Spectrum. Both surgeons have great work I'm just undecided on who is the best for me. I've heard good reviews about both but Ortega has many more years of... READ MORE

Salas doll

Looking for really good dr in ny who understands I want curves and a butt 6,000 $$ HELP !! Trying to lose love handles anyone know a great doctor ! I can't travel out of state or country ! Even if a ny doctor reads this and can help please do ! I been to a few doctors and the prices are outrages... READ MORE

Dr. Hasan- BBL @ Vanity Cosmetic Miami

Hi ! I am a happy mother of 2 teens , 38 and hard working mom. I nearly have time to work full time and need the time to be a mom and a wife, but not only that I try to eat as healthy as possible so I stay a lot in the kitchen. I could say that I gained some weight that it's been such a... READ MORE

Bbl scared, nervous & excited

Research & a friend. I have an appointment but I'm a little skeptical after my consultation . I'm looking for reviews on him and I can't find any on him specifically... Dr Derr But the associates have reviews. If anyone has any info on him I would love to hear it .thanks Still undecided... READ MORE

31, 2 Kids BBL Booked at Comfort Zone Surgery in Istanbul - Istanbul, TR

So I really want a flat toned stomach and a rounded heart shaped bum. I only carry excess fat on my stomach, this has always been a problem area and unless I go really skinny with no shape I cannot get rid of the excess fat and love handles from diet and exercise alone. I have booked my bbl at... READ MORE

Future Medina Doll, Feb 2017 (Implants + Lipo/BBL)

After searching through sooooo many RS reviews, Instagram profiles and google searches, I have decided to go with Dra. Medina in the Dominican Republic. My primary concern was SAFETY!! I want to look good and snatched, but not at the cost of my life. So I was so delighted to see that Dra... READ MORE

Brazilian butt Lift with Aslani-fat transfer with expansion anyone ?

I want to achieve a very dramatic result. My butt now has no projection and looks pretty plan is to do two rounds if necessary.  I have researched doctors in u.s.,turkey,spain and DR. There is good and bad to every option........... U.S:mainly looked into dr.fisher who does the style ... READ MORE

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