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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Did the Boobs Now Its ASS Time . 24 No Kids Currently 125 Lbs

So im a skinny girl. Always been, i got my tits done 2 years ago October 2015..paid for it all on my own and I'm tired of looking like a capital P. all tits little ass. so I've been looking at doctors over the years and decided I'm gonna take action now. I've put on weight before and went up to... READ MORE

30 Years Old, F, 3 Third Kid, 5"1 inch, gaining weight, BBL with Dr. VALLS

Waiting on labs, just barely paid off my balance and ready for day of surgery. (09/29/2017) They got me in pretty quick on account of opened cancellations slot. Everything is done and ready to go, yay. I'M SO EXCITED GIRLS, Can't wait to get things going with Dr Valls already!!! SAFE JOURNEYS... READ MORE

New Body Soon with Dr Alex Zuriarrain

So far everything is going good maria has been very consistent with keeping up with me I have put down more than half for my surgery so I will be seeing dr valls on auguatb 7th for my procedure im super excited!!!!!!!!!! I haven't spoken directly with dr valls personally but I know im in good... READ MORE

Unhappy Leedy doll 5/25/17

Research & a friend. I have an appointment but I'm a little skeptical after my consultation . I'm looking for reviews on him and I can't find any on him specifically... Dr Derr But the associates have reviews. If anyone has any info on him I would love to hear it .thanks Still undecided... READ MORE

Round 2 Minus Butt with Dra Yily! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello dolls!! This is my second time returning to rs. I tried to document my bbl in 2013, but I go to DR and all my prior posts where deleted. I got frustrated and said forget it. On April 22 2013 I had a bbl w lipo of arms and breast lift with Yily. She did an amazing job! Although my body... READ MORE

Never Changing my Mind, Cabral It Is - Dominican Republic

Finally told my husband I'm going to do the surgery and nothing is stopping me so last month I called and scheduled a surgery for October 5, 2016 so that being 15 days away and not being approved for vacation time at work I recently asked if October 17, 2016 is available and patiently waiting on... READ MORE

Amazing experience

Hi ladies I went surgery in August & I could not be any happier with my results. I was a spectrum patient but once Ghurani parted ways I decided to follow him to his practice even though that meant loosing money. Best decision I made. Him and his office team are patient, kind, and caring.... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old/ No Kids in Need of BBL - Miami, FL

Can't wait to get rid of the back fat and stomach. Looking forward to a snatched waist. Been researching for years and finally it's happening in September. I want to know does anyone have seen or heard about Dr. Carlos Medina results at Imagenes Plastic Surgery. I need to know it will be greatly... READ MORE

Only One Me!

Hey Realself lovelies. I'm a week out from getting my bump to go with my pumps. lol I guess for a little while the red bottom will be on my body instead of the sole of my shoes. I am scheduled to have liposuction to the upper and lower abdomen, bra roll and flanks, with (some of) that fat... READ MORE

Turning 21 Soon and Want to Treat Myself

Hey y'all, so I'm turning 21 July 22nd and I would like to treat myself to more curves ????No I haven't scheduled my surgery date yet but I do have a consultation with Dr. Michael Spann at Little Rock Plastic Surgery August 1st, and If everything goes good I will be booking. I was going to wait... READ MORE

Soon to Have BBL DR. Fissher

So ladies i have been researching BBLs for awhile now and I have chosen Dr. fisher!! I sent pics to him and got my quote 5,200!! IM 5"6 165 pounds i have had one child and i lost my butt and my breast :( IM choosing to get my booty first!! I plan to stay at there recovery home for 7 days,and... READ MORE

Transforming My Body

About a week ago i called to make an appointment with Dr. Velilla right away they were able to set me up with a consultation the following week. The day before I received a call from them confirming the appointment and sent me a txt message with a link to sign paperwork online to avoid doing it... READ MORE

Dr. Fisher Doll August 2017!!!

Still recovering in Miami! Had BBL done by Dr Fisher on 29 Aug 2017. Dr Fisher has an awesome bedside manner. He told me up front that my narrow hips would limit the area to inject fat so I shouldn't expect a stripper booty! I'm very satisfied with the results. Won't see true results for six... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Lipo Bbl

I am 35 and ready to see a hour glass figure.... I have had 3 c-section and this big ol stomach with no hips got to go... I'm so ready. Very very nervous and anxious at the same time but I know this is something that I want to do for me and only me. I chose dr Mallol I seen his work personal an... READ MORE

24 Years Old , 2 Children , TT, Lipo and BBL

Like everyone else I'm not sure where to start. I'm a 24 year old mother of 2 , my son is 4 and my daughter is 2. I've never been this big in my life and has always had a bad shape. After my daughter father and I decided to end our engagement and relationship due to him cheating and him openly... READ MORE

So Ready to Be a Durandoll

Heyyyy dolls, past, present, and future!! Ive been on realself for quite sometime and finally yes FINALLY ready to treat myself to flat side. I have one child and not sureif I will be having anymore, but what I do know is I'm ready to do a lil something for me. I always made sure everyone around... READ MORE

Allure Clinic BBL with Dr Perkins

I was diagnosed with no ass at all syndrome. The Dr prescribed bbl!!!!! My date is booked my surgery is paid for now time to get the supplies. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.. 8/25/17 I'm a mother of 2 And wife of 9 years 33 years old. My time to get snatched has finally come to... READ MORE

Hasanified by the Greatest!!

So after evaluating my blood all week & ft on surgery dye which I was cared bcz Dr.Hasan was like if it doesn't go down after few then he can't risk it. I respected that. My life & repercussions was fair more important then being Hasanified. My life, my children, grandchildren & my... READ MORE

Follow my BBL review

Ladies, So I've decided to get a BBL with Dr Johnathan Frisher in Miami. I first received an email from a Margaret Gil, a patient coordinator after submitting my inquiries online. I received an email with different quotes. After she sent an email, she explained the different conditions to the... READ MORE

43 Yrs Old Needed a Changed

Ok, after checking so many stories here I decided to post my journey. I am super nervous about it because of the post op pain and discomfort but I am ready to move on with it. I had a tummy tuck done back in 2006 and right after I had my daughter so go figure. My biggest concern is my waist,... READ MORE

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