Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I'd love to share my experience with those looking to have the procedure done so here I am. So far I'm slightly nervous, but mostly anxious about the results. Fat is being harvested from my upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles and flanks. I'm not sure all my questions were answered, but I... READ MORE

Hello dolls i am schedule for a bbl with doctor ortega at spectrum miami august 20th pay deposit waiting for them to send my labs so i can get clear stephanie is my coordinator soo far she reply to all my emails very quickly . i weight 150 right now im 27 no kids was told i can gain 5 to 10 more... READ MORE

Ive been thinking about having this procedure done for years after reading review upon reviews upon reviews Im finally ready. I have stubborn fat on my tummy and love handles that i just wanna get rid of. I have always really wanted an hourglass figure and now I can have it. I had my... READ MORE

30 year old female who has had body issues from a teenager. No matter how many times I dieted and exercised I could NOT get rid of my tummy! Been researching Dra Duran and the Lipo and BBL for a year and a half and finally have decided that Dr. Duran would be the best person to give me my dream... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I am 29yrs old, 5'2 and weight 137lbs. I have two beautiful daughters ages 10 and 4 and I am married to a wonderful 6'2 tall dark and handsome man (just thought I'd throw that out there.. Lol) I am one week post op today. Got 1020cc in each cheek plus some on hips. Had lipo on my... READ MORE

I'm 39 yrs. old and a mother of 5. i currently weigh 195 lbs. and stand 5'8. i came across this website in dec. 2011, while researching butt injections. when i found out about the bbl, i knew i had to have this procedure done. i don't want and will not consider a tummy tuck. so i will have to... READ MORE

I was scheduled with Hasan but now I'm with Mcadoo. I can't wait to have the curves that I desire. I know Mcadoo can give me that! I've been slim and athletic my whole is time to stop done traffic! I wanna feel sexy for myself and my man (he's 25...don't judge lol). I stopped eating... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I have decided to go to Dr.Henao in colombia for a capsulectomy (from a previous doctor who butchered me in the US), a BBL, and breast lift with implants. I'm 5'2 and 120lbs, so I'm pretty petite. My goal is to create more of an hourglass figure, I'm kind of boxy right now. I live... READ MORE

I'm getting a bbl with Dr. Ortega on August 4th. I was going to do it in Chicago since I live close but Dr. David Shifrin MD quoted me at 10,500.00. He seems to be a really good doctor but that seemed extremely steep!! I was going to go to Dr. Memar for 7,000.00 but when I started researching... READ MORE

I'm 57 yrs old. I already have a profile about my breast reduction (#1 and #2) which hasn't completely healed yet. Well, I'm only in week 5. I've been in menopause for 12 yrs. As I go through each stage (different types of 'side effects') such as losing your ability to speak (words start to come... READ MORE

So I finally made a decision that I'm ready for my body. I'm 26 I have two boys I hate the way my body looks. Always had hips and thighs but never the booty lol. Im debating if I should do it in the states or go away and get it done. Need help picking the right dr. And making the right choice.... READ MORE

I have been working with Spectrum Anesthetic (Emily) since May of 2015, going between a tummy tuck and BBL. I finalized on getting a BBL last month with a set surgical date of 3/17/2015. So far so good, just a little nervous. I plan on using Claudia's recovery home, but I am not sure of that as... READ MORE

Ive been doing research for a month now. Im torn between Duran, Almonte And Fisher I like All of their work. I've recieved a quote from Almonte but find it weird that she told me i needed a tummy tuck, I have no kids and no saggy skin ..... just a little jiggle jiggle lol. I saw that Fisher had... READ MORE

So I have a friend who just came back from Fatima Almonte in DR. She looks amazing and she is recovering well! (which I am not surprised, all of the reviews I have read coincide with everything she said! ) I told her before she went that if she came back alive and breathing that I was going... READ MORE

So recently I started out looking at dr Duran. Dr yily and Baez in the Dominican Republic. I love everything Doctor Duran does and she has lots of positive feedback I want her to snatch my waist just haven't heard back from her yet I what's app her. Emailed and sent a inquiry on her website. So... READ MORE

Wanting to change my body form for so long. I want to flatten my belly, BBL, and also want my legs done. For so long I've lived with nicknames like; flamingo, pink panther........ I know want and desire the body I want. So excited! I have a consultation Aug. 5, 2016. I've been doing research... READ MORE

SO! Its only been a couple of days since my surgery and so far all is really good besides some bad pain every now and then. I hope I'm not speaking too early, but I actually feel like I look better than I thought I was going to look. In the beginning Dr. Alkon suggested that I get a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Hello all, I just found this page. I am so excited about my upcoming surgery. I am about 90 days away. I wish they had something sooner. I am really nervous but still extremely excited. I cannot wait... My surgery will consist of fat grafting to my hips liposuction from my stomach, love... READ MORE

Hello to all my beautiful ladies out there Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.. I am 28 years old and I have a son that just turn 1.. I don't plan on having anymore children only because my pregnancy was very high risk so I know my next will be the same and I can't go... READ MORE

I was extremely motivated to get lipo and bbl surgery. Dr. Dimario was supposed to process lipo on my abdomen, flanks, and back but he was only able to process lipo on my abdominal area due to unusual bleeding. The unusual bleeding came as a surprise to me and over a short time saddened me as I... READ MORE

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