Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Embarking on another adventure this time W/Dr Mallol

Just turned 38 and I am not looking forward to turning 40 looking like life ran me over. So I am deciding to get BBL, to have my thigh, back, arms, waist, liposuction and few other areas along with a chin lipo. I am excited and scared at the same time. But I cannot wait to get a new body! ... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 4 Kids and I Want a Knew Mee!

I want to look at my self and say wow , i love what i see!! I want to go through with this because i never think about me!! I always think about my girl's and husband!! It's never about me!! So this time i want to do something for me!! I had my surgery date for November 4, 2016.. with Dr.... READ MORE

NEW YEARS U.K Mallol Doll !!

I have finally decided to get a BBL and that's final. I am deciding to use either Dr Baez or Dr Mallol in Dominican Republic. Only issue is I have not received a response from Baez?? I have sent my request and pictures so just waiting on my quotes. I will keep all posted on my journey for all... READ MORE

27 Year Old Female One Year Later Bbl by Dr Sej - Beverly Hills, CA

Let me start off by saying Dr sej is out of this world when it comes to body shaping! I did my Brazilian butt lift with him over a year ago and I love my body ! I got the curves I've always wanted and i always get compliments by both woman and men when I'm out and about. The recovery wasn't as... READ MORE

OK! That's It.. I Will Be Somebody's BBL and LIPO Doll....Baez or Duran? That is the Question. - Dominican Republic, DO

After almost 3 years of research, and having at least 3 of my friends get this procedure done, I think it is safe to say that I am ready to take the plunge as well. At first I only wanted a breast augmentation, but over the years I've lost my sexy body and shape. Dieting and gym are not doing it... READ MORE

Small Frame with No Curves and Lots of Fat - Georgetown, TX

I have hated my body for the past two years. I gained so much weight in all Of the wrong places. I'm 4'11" and weigh 116, which isn't a lot but I carry it so badly. I decided I wanted a BBL about a year ago and seriously started pursuing the though in September. I had my first consultation at a... READ MORE

BBL & Breast Reduction - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Finally, schedule a BBL and breast reduction with Dr. Salama. My surgery date is November 22, 2016 and I have to arrive one day before to meet with the doctor. I schedule everything though Nancy the Patient Coordinator at Elite Plastic Surgery. She was very helpful with answering all my... READ MORE

42 Years old,Dr Hazani. From Sacramento, CA

I am currently looking for feedback with anyone that has had this procedure. I work 10 hours a day at a desk so I'm sitting all day. How long do you all recommend I take off of work. And I've been looking at Drs in Miami, anyone have recommendations for a CA Dr? I would prefer to stay in CA,... READ MORE

33 Yr Old 4 Children Getting TT, BBL & BA - Dominican Republic

Hi ladies Im hoping to get a tummy tuck, BBL, lipo and either BA or breast lift not sure on that yet. After so many years i have finally decided to do something for myself. I really hate the way my body looks and the million stretchmarks that I have. Im now done having kids and ready to have a... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Got a BBL with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu - Miami, FL

Geez, it's been months since I discovered real self & I honestly believe that if I had never found this website I would never be going through with this surgery. All the stories & advice from other women have made this possible for me. So I have a consultation with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu on May... READ MORE

Ready for the TurnUp 2016 - Miami, FL

Hey Dolls, I'm 50 years old, 2 kids, 164lbs and 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. I've always been big busted and have had a breast reduction previously. I definitely missed out on the BOOTY! Lol. I've been wanting to do the BBL for a really long time. I found a doctor in my area that was getting some... READ MORE

BBL Dr. Llorente Jan 2017, 37yrs, 210lbs, 3kids - Miami, FL

I've though about Lipo and now a bbl is a plus. I see this journey as 3 stages. 1st getting close to my ideal weight and being my strongest for this procedure and the recovery, 2nd the procedure & 3rd the recovery. Let's get the party started I need a new life. I still can't believe I'm... READ MORE

Needed a Little Bit Help

I'm 46 years old I have 2 beautiful kids. I'm a very curvy woman but each time I lost weight I keep losing my butt also it was very depressing to me. I reached out to the clinic off dr. Danielet Calva. I love how he was therefore everything I'm no one week after my surgery and I love the... READ MORE

mommy makeover - Miami, FL

Ok ladies I have been on rs every day all day i dont even drive half the time i make my boyfriend because im too busy sitting in the passenger seat stalking this site! I have read through hundreds of profiles and was initially going with dr perry because i like the way he contours the body shape... READ MORE

Asian Mom if Two Kids, Soon to Be a Fisher Doll!

I'm a petite 42 year old, asian mommy of two children (19 and 9 year old). For an asian woman, I do have a some Booty but missing the nice projection and the nice round hips. I'm 5'2" inches currently at 132lbs (since I have been told by Ana, my Vanity medical assistant to stay at a BMI of 25)... READ MORE

33, 2 Kids Wanting BBL and Possibly TT - Round Rock, TX

Tomorrow I have scheduled a consultation to meet Dr. Kerr! I'm so excited to meet him and hear his professional opinion. I have seen him on the TV show Skin Tight and I'm impressed. I have been wanting a BBL for quite some time and now after completing my family, I am ready to take the plunge! I... READ MORE

2700 cc each butt total Dr.Aslani Marbella

Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and recommendations from anyone who had bbl surgery with cirumed and Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I have to travel for my surgery so I need to organize my stay. I am not keen to have surgery abroad but the lack of serious butt surgeons in UK leaves no... READ MORE

26 with 3 Kids and a Much Need A$$ - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello let me introduce my self my name is Anali am 26 years old and a mother of 3 beautiful kids ages 8,6 and 2 and after having my kids my body is ruin I mean I never had an ass lol but now I have no ass and a belly am looking forward to get my bbl October 14 with Doctor hazani deposit is done... READ MORE

I Miss my Mojo

Im gna hav lipo on my abs n flanks,i hav a very stubborn muffin top,also runs n the fam the women we r all apple shaped,i miss havin a waist n wearin lowrise jeans its ben years even wen i had a nice shape ie NO muffin top ive NEVER worn a bikini,never now im n my 30s my mother was strict wen it... READ MORE

31 Y.O. Ready to Look my Best! - Cartagena, CO

So I moved to Cartagena,Colombia 6 months ago and I knew it was my opportunity to get me some booty. I've had my first consultation and the dr told me that I don't have enough body fat for a BBL and that I should go with an implant. She said I can't sit for 3 weeks! I've decided to go for a 2nd... READ MORE

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