Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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5'2" 110 lbs. No kids, For Brazilian Butt Lift

So.. finally I decided I want to rid my stomach of my fatty kangaroo pouch and put it where I want it: my butt. Genetically my fat gravitational toward my face and stomach when i gain weight. When I lose weight, the breasts and butt go first butime the stomach remains and the chubby face :( In... READ MORE

A Good Body Can Always Be Better :)

Hello everyone! I've been thinking about doing this forever. I literally overthink everything! One day I got up and decided to start making consultations and here I am, two days away from journey. It wasn't easy but God willing I know it will be worth it! I think my body is decent but it could... READ MORE

30yr Old Female One Child

Good afternoon, I've been looking to get a BBL for years but never had the courage to go for it now I am an im so excited. I have 6 months to prep for my procedure I want to gain a bit more weight atleast 10-15 pounds so there is enough fat to be transferred being that I know your butt doesn't... READ MORE

5 feet... 140-144 lbs surgery on May 25th!!

I've been wanting a bbl for about 5 years now. I've Done lunges, squats and all with heavy weights..but I never got to the butt I wanted.. I want a perky, full, round ass.. The working out just got me a hard ass.. THEN I got pregnant with baby #4 and my ass got flat!!! My cellulite came back... READ MORE

I Am 27 and I want my body back 2 baby's

I have my first consolation with dr. Patrick Hsu in Houston TX, February 1, 2017. I'm super excited and ready for my new booty just hoping I get good results???????? I haven't got procedure done but I'm super positive I'm getting it done hoping I get it done before my b-Day i really don't know... READ MORE

31 No Kids, I Just Got Too Comfortable ... Needed a Fresh Stat - Beaverton, OR

Always been told I was pretty but I wanted the body to math again, plus a little more first day I was like WTH !!!... by the 3rd day I was able to move around. 2nd day I was able to work from home. The most pain for me was my abdomen. Other than that I am fine ... but oh my the... READ MORE

40 Years Old One Child ...ready for a New Booty - Miami, FL

Hello Dolls! I've been stalking Real Self for little bit over a year. I had bbl with 12 areas on f liposuction done on 6/13 by Dr. Fisher. He told me realistic I need a tummy tuck because I have a lot of loose skin. He did aggressive liposuction on me. He answered all my questions. I love my... READ MORE


Hello Dolls I've been wanting to get a BBL done since 2012 finally financial and emotionally ready :-) not to mention im also very nervous.. I was going to first go with Dr.Fisher after so many great reviews but what lead me to change my mind is the bad reviews of Vanity many things... READ MORE

24 Years Old , 5'0,135lbs, Bbl ready!

So I've been stalking RealSelf for about 2 months now, looking at different doctors & all the different reviews I stumbled upon dr fishers work & ever since I've been hooked. I finally picked up the courage today & called them about the online consultation, I filled out the... READ MORE

BBL - Whole Body Lipo/Arms/Buccal Fat Pads

I reviewed over 14 doctors both overseas and state side. I booked with Dr. Calva. My coordinator is Yesenia(Jessi). She is quite hilarious. She's from upfront and must be from New York or New Jersey. She is quite hilarious. So far- great, prompt communication, paid my deposit, date confirmed I... READ MORE

I am excited and scared at the same time

I look at many doctors before and after pic but the doctor that I thought was the best for me was not . After speaking with the consulate she recommend Doctor Sergio I was every happy after looking at his work. But now I read a young lady post from 2016 saying that he has a private practice now ... READ MORE

3 Weeks Away from Becoming a Fisher Doll!!!

Hello ladies, I am a mom on 2 (9yr boy, 3yr girl). 33 Yrs young. I'm 20 days away from getting this procedure done. Yisel is my pre-admission coordinator, and i've emailed her twice now, still no response. Once asking for the fax number to have my lab tests sent over (which i just did... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift And Lipo - Miami, FL

I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want more children. I have gain and lost pounds in the last 3 yrs. The lowest weight I have had is 135 lbs and my current weight is 180 lbs and am 5'4. I have weighed that for almost a year now, so I feel that this is going to be my weight and I am... READ MORE

no kids - 170lbs - 5'3 - 6/10/17

I have been emailing back and forth with surgical coordinator Emily Ron, for the past two years on and off. They are super attentive, and always respond to me within a timely manner.After not being in contact for a few months, I decided I was finally ready to book my BBL. I emailed Emily... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Toddlers and Wanting a Fab BBL! Ready to be Hasanified!

I am in the searching stage of my surgeon that I would love to have this procedure, slim lipo with a BBL. I found Dr. Lipo on Instagram and loved his B &a A. So I went in his website for an out of town consultation. Carmen was very helpful and I submitted my photos and demographics to her to... READ MORE

24 Years Old Mommy of 1and Getting BBL in the DR - Dominican Republic

Just like everyone else, Iv been stalking this site for a long timmeee. I made this account back in 2015 but After fighting myself, going back and forth, and always punking out, I decided I'm going to put myself out there. Iv decided to go out the country to receive my Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr.... READ MORE

35 Yrs. Old, 3 Kids, Tubes Tied.

I've been wanting a bbl forever me now that I'm done having kids I am ready to get my old body back. I've been torn between two doctors, I have my first consultation in a couple days with Dr. Obaid. I'm very excited, nervous, and I'm sure I will be embarrassed & shy once I'm in the... READ MORE

38 Year Old with Much Needed BBL-Charlotte, NC

Im very excited to decide on this procedure and so glad to have chosen Providence Plastic Surgery in Charlotte. The entire team have been nothing but fantastic since day one. Im two weeks out and getting very nervous...Any and all suggestions and advice is helpful and definitely needed.. thank... READ MORE

Dass Doll

I've been researching doctors for a while, in Miami and LA mostly (I don't feel like surgeons in the bay area are up to par). After deciding against Miami doctors, I was left with 4 options: Dr. Sejal Patel, Dr Dennis Dass, Dr. Ron Hazani, and Dr. Gabriel Chiu (Who did my BA in 2011). So far... READ MORE

30th Bday Present to Myself...BBL

I've always wanted a larger butt, which doesn't run in my family, to match my boobs. I finally decided to treat myself and have a BBL done as part of an upcoming 30th bday present and celebration of receiving my Masters this year! I'm excited but also nervous especially since the name of the... READ MORE

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