Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Time for a New Me...

I've been wanting to do this for like 20yrs now I'm at the point in my life where I can... My kids are grown now it's time to do me. This is a late 50th birthday present to myself... I'm nervous and excited at the same time but I'm ready for Dr. Alvarez to work his magic! I done my research on... READ MORE

40 Year Old - Miami, FL

Super excited about my BBL with Dr. Fisher... 98 days until my new body and even though it seems like a long time to'll be here in no time... I'm so overwhelmed with emotions...but anxious is the best description. I have always wanted a fuller and rounder I will have all that... READ MORE

Dr. Yily Dominican Republic

Hello all, I got a price quote from dr. Yily in the Dominican Republic for 5500 for a tummy tuck liposuction and a bbl. I'm nervous but am starting to plan. Any advice for me from someone who has went to her? What recovery house should I stay at? Do I bring the medication or can I buy it there?... READ MORE

35 and Ready. BBL No Tummy Tuck.

Peace ladies, I have been watching in the background for a year now and its my turn. I will try to answer some of the questions I had problems getting answers to so maybe it will aid in somebody's decision being a bit easier. I have chosen my Doctor...drum roll...Dr. Maikel Jimenez. ????.... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mama of 4 - Houston, TX

I've been wanting a bbl for about 5 years now. I've Done lunges, squats and all with heavy weights..but I never got to the butt I wanted.. I want a perky, full, round ass.. The working out just got me a hard ass.. THEN I got pregnant with baby #4 and my ass got flat!!! My cellulite came back... READ MORE

bbl and lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

My blood test are done . Labs came back great. Plane tickets booked but only for the flight there. We didn't book return flights because you don't know when you will be released to go home. I am a little irritated. My surgery buddy and I booked the serinity II a few weeks ago. We got an... READ MORE


I'm 22 years old, 5'4 and 130lbs. I have always had trouble with my stomach as far as losing weight from that area even though I've always been very active. I have an athletic body type so I don't have too much of a curvy body as I want. I decided to get a BBL because I want a smaller waist,... READ MORE

London Cabral Doll - BBL + Lipo + Breast Lift

So far I've been researching for over a year and had consultations with docs across London, initiated one with Dr Aslani but had to lose weight before they'd speak to me and then finally narrowed my search down to Dra Yily and Dr Cabral!! Both sent me quotes within about 1 week of my requesting... READ MORE

Supercharged BBL in Spain / from Germany

Hi lady's , so I have been following lots of you girls and planing my Butt augmentation since years, I did see and read aaaaallooottt , not just over here , and I finally decided to go to Dr.Aslani in Marbella Spain for different reasons. Choosing the doc weren't quite hard though , I wanted to... READ MORE

30's, No Kids, Ready to Have the Body I Always Wanted

I was very hesitant in starting my own review, but since RS has really helped me come to the decision of getting this procedure, I thought I'd share my journey too. I've been thinking of doing a BBL for a little less than a year. Last year I had gotten a breast augmentation (something I've... READ MORE

BBL- May 18th- Ghurani- 24, 2 kids, 5'4", 157 lbs

So I used Ghurani for my breast aug March 2015. He was awesome! I initially scheduled my BBL with Alvarez, but he ended up leaving the office. I was able to change to Ghurani for the same price. He's done some amazing BBLs! So I am looking for a more womanly figure. I don't have any hips ugh. I... READ MORE

A Mother of Two and Hate my Body, I feel if I look good I'll fell good. - Dominican Republic, DO

I uses to be skinny with no butt and chest that looked like i had on a bra. but now i look like i had ten kids and breast look like gravity hit and they just fell. I can't wait to get my sx done by DR. Fatima Almonte. i pray she give me the self confidence i wish to have when i look at my body.... READ MORE

Ass! Ass! Ass! 23 year old HassanDoll:)

I put my down payment down today with Eres plastic surgery with Dr.Hassan. Let me be honest I never wanted Dr.A Hassan I wanted Fisher but my coordinator Yeritza told me it would be more expensive because he's the man of the hour right now so I understood and I refused to go to Dr.Calva... READ MORE

Thin, Fit Girl BBL

I have wanted this procedure for over a year. I had four different doctor consults and finally picked a date with dr Bryson Richards in Vegas and put down the deposit to save my date 3.10.17. Every doctor I went to was a little underwhelmed with the amount of fat I have to work with. The first... READ MORE

Ready for my Big Booty

I would like to have the butt that I always imagined in my mind. I always wanted to do this procedure but never did. So happy that I finally decided to go through with it. I chose Dr. Ortega because he was double board certified. I am hoping that I made the right choice! So many mixed reviews... READ MORE

23 No Children - Miami, FL

Hey guys i will be getting a bbl with Dr. Valls after alot of research i found that he was perfect for my body type. I read good and bad reviews on the man but the bad never had any photos or proof just negativity. He as been doing this for over 30 years with no deaths. Ive seen his work and its... READ MORE

19 Yrs Old, 5'6", 160 Lbs - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been contemplating whether or not this procedure is worth the money for about a year. I finally made my decision to go with it and went for a consultation in July with Dr.Dass. After meeting with him, I felt so comfortable and was confident in my decision. I set up a date for my surgery... READ MORE

BBL Dr. Patel

I had my first bbl surgery back in June 2015. I say first bbl surgery because I'm planning on having my second one in a few months. About a year and a half ago I decided to go with Dr Sejal Patel out of Beverly Hills, CA for a my surgery. My best friend friends cousin had the surgery done by him... READ MORE

Bbl Journey - Miami, FL

Hello ladies .. so yesterday I finally had my consultation with Dr. Llorente .. He was very soft spoken but we had an amazing convo ! I talked about my wants and likings an he discussed what he would An wouldn't be able to do.. my biggest concern is my body type is very firm , I mean I have the... READ MORE

23 yrs old ready to be lifted

I Researched for the best reviews & made sure Dr. Llorente he was board certified once my review check passed. Then I looked at pictures of different patients & I loved their results. I'm hoping for the same. Also the staff at New life has been soooo awsome. I love the fact that they... READ MORE

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