Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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ASLANIFIED - BBL - love my result

Hello everyone I ve decided to transfer my fat from my "unwanted" areas to my buttocks a couple weeks ago. I'm going to Dr. Aslani *.* and I can't wait :-) I am very glad about the fact, that I have a german speaking person helping me and answering my questions, because I am from Switzerland... READ MORE

28 Years With One Child Waiting To Be Transformed

I've always wanted to change my flat butt and I'm finally in a position to do so. I started a new job in February and started saving to do something for myself for a change. I was expressing to friend that I've always wanted a bigger butt and she told she had just gotten silicone injections I... READ MORE

Surgery W/ Dr. Velilla* Love my results - Miramar, FL

Currently 168lbs height 5'7* I wasn't going to post or write a review but I was Like "why not" my experience can help someone the way Everyone here has helped me with my decision making & maybe someone reading this can give me advise or has had surgery with this doctor. I have a ok body "I... READ MORE

Every Day Happier

Its been like 10 days since my surgery and Every day i'm more happy. Pain finally is gone and I can walk properly. The only thing is to sleep face down is very uncomfortable for me. Also the swelling is going away so every day I feel so happy with the results. I've always been very skinny and... READ MORE

Hip dips/violen hips. Want BBL/lipo

I have been researching doctors and reading reviews of others who had a BBL for 2 years now. It seemed as if I would think I found a doctor then I would find a really bad review that scared me away. I have what they call hip dips. They have always bothered me because I can't wear certain things... READ MORE

43, BBL and Chin Lipo

Hello! I don't have much to say yet as surgery is upcoming. After much much research and thought, I decided to do this for myself (my body, my money!) I have always had an issue with my shape (little to no waist) and thought this was the perfect procedure to address, while at the same time... READ MORE


Once u lock in your date be prepared to not hear from spectrum for about s month or so.. so have all your questions ready because it is impossible to get in contact with them .. im excited tho I've spoke to some girls who has got their bbls done with Dr Martinez .. and I am definitely impressed ... READ MORE

The Wait is over

I just want you all to know that Dr.Valls did his thing. He is very sweet and down to earth, he laughed and talked with me before surgery while he marked me up and I told him to fill me out and he did as I asked. I'm very satisfied with my results as of now and hopefully later. As of the staff I... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids & Graves Disease.. Super Excited Butt Scared :(

Hi dolls! I am starting my journey today. I put my deposit down today with Dr. Llorente with a SX date of August 11th, 2017. I have been stalking this site for months now and ready everyones journey. It has help me so much to be more comfortable with making this decision. But of course... READ MORE

BBL & Lipo 360 Schulman Doll to Be!



Today is 3/17/18 ANDS FINALLY I GOT TO SPEAK WITH ANA FROM SPECTRUM AESTHETICS. TOOK LONG ENOUGH !!!!!! HA BUT, I AM READY TO START MY BBL JOURNEY FOR 2018. Due to Dr. Mel Ortega being booked for all of 2017 Ana has told me that Dr. Arístides Martínez and Dr. Rami Ghurani are open for bookings. ... READ MORE

Soon to Be a Member of the Ghurani Big Booty Committee!!

I just paid my $500 deposit to reserve by BBL date. I'm no stranger to PS (breast aug, mini tt, full tt, and lipo). However, this will be my first time traveling alone and waking up on the other side solo dolo. But I really really want this and am willing to take that plunge. My coordinator Ana... READ MORE

42 Year Old - Planning and Saving for 4 Years - The Time Has Come.

I am a 42 year old woman. The mother of 3 kids. I watched my sister go through an amazing "snatch" under the Auspices of Dr. J. After putting my financial priorities in order, I scheduled my BBL & Tummy Tuck June 28th. I am so excited, I don't know what to do. I am looking for an... READ MORE

Fisher BBL Transformation 8/17/17

Hi Dolls, I'm new to RS and love how everyone on here is concerned about other who are having cosmetic. You doll's have inspired me to take you along with me on my BBL journey. My procedure is scheduled for July 6, 2017 with Dr. Fisher. My coordinator is Anna and so far she has been wonderful.... READ MORE

Alvarez Did That

I reached out to his office to receive a quote on yesterday. I uploaded some pictures via their website and was contacted by Lia the same day. I'm trying to get clarity because they are advertising $5500 on realself but their website for MIA Aesthetics has $3500. I want to proceed but I need... READ MORE

31 Yr Old, Mother of Three Looking for BBL & Breast Augmentation

I have been on real self for about 6 months now and after reading several reviews, I have narrowed the search for a Dr. down to two. Dr. fisher and Dra. Duran. They both seem to have great results but I'm not too sure about traveling to DR since it is far away from home. I have had a previous... READ MORE

Soon to Be 20, No Kids, Trying to Get my Ideal Body! - Miami, FL

Hi Dolls! I've read multiple reviews; each and every one of them were so inspiring and helpful! I don't think I would of even began to think of going through this procedure if it wasn't for you guys. There's been so many tips and information that I would not of know if it wasn't for this site... READ MORE

Mid 20's BBL From Dr. Alexander Aslani - Spain, ES

Hi all, Very excited for my BBL in 5 weeks time, i'm from London & i'm going to Spain to get my BBL done. I weigh 214lbs & i'm 5'7 im currently in the gym eating healthy for my surgery as i want to weigh 194 for my surgery in 5 weeks. I've been struggling with my weight for 4 years.... READ MORE

29, 1 Child, BBL Journey - Aventura, FL

I have been Researching for over years. I finally made up my mind this year when i had some very unfortunate events take place in my life and I decided that I was going to do something for myself. I am a ball of emotions but overall I am excited. I love reading MOST people's reviews and comments... READ MORE


Hello Ladies! Now its finally my turn to write a review. :) Ive been stalking you "dolls" in here for a year or so. I have been wanting to go through with this procedure, since i saw some documentary in telly with my mom at age 15 about Brazilian Buttlift. My mom was laughing hard, asking me... READ MORE

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