Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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BBL, 26 Years, NO Kids, Miami


Im 26 years old, 130lb, 5'4" with a huge gaps on my hips so I decided to do a BBL to get a perfect shape and a round booty. I scheduled it to this Saturday with Dr. Calva at Eres Surgery (before Vanity Cosmetics). I have to admit Im scared, but cant wait to see my results. I will keep you... READ MORE

Mother of 3 Having a BBL/37 Years Old - Nashville, TN

I exercise & eat healthy but my flanks & butt are my problem areas. I'm 5'4" & gained weight for this procedure so now I'm 140, 128-135 is my normal weight. I had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago but after that my fat kept going to my lower back & sides/flanks. I'm hoping that... READ MORE

NewMe 2017 Blinski - Miami, FL

Hello ladies, I have been on real self doing research for months now. I was so happy to see that on real self women were truly being supportive of each other and that is amazing. I have made the decision to have the BBL. I booked with Dr. Blinski back in July or August. My surgery is scheduled... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 1 Baby, and Ready to Be a Mendieta Doll! - Miami, FL

Hello ladies! So I have always wanted to have a BBL done! I believe I already have somewhat of a butt, however, I've aways had more volume towards the bottom cheeks than the top. This gives me a "longer" look. When I gain weight I tend to carry it in my lower back (muffin tops) and belly.... READ MORE

Scared Nervous But Transformation Excited

I've decided to go with Dr. Ghurani-I made the right decision- I'm nervous, excited all at the SAME DAM TIME!!! Thank God I found this app and the community on here giving in-depth detail about their experience- I've learned ALOT the couple weeks I've been on this site!!! I too want to share my... READ MORE

Female 29 5,7 Ft 65 Kg Lost 23 Kilos and Want a Booty - Prague

I have recently lost a lot of weight but I have some stubborn areas of fat I can't get rid of. My current bottom is flat square shaped and very unfemine I don't want a massive bum just nice perk bum and to have nice thin thighs is a dream only 5 days left to wait I chose a bbl as I didn't want... READ MORE

35 yrs old looking to get her sexy back

The most important thing for me regarding doing this procedure, is getting my confidence back that I once had before having 3 kids. Outside of praying for a safe recovery I want to be able to put on a dress and feel confident in it. READ MORE

27 Years Old with 3 Kids and in Need of an BBL I Have Always Wanted One I Have NAAO! - Miami, FL

I have been looking into going to Miami to get my bbl am having trouble finding the perfect doctor for me if anyone has any suggestions please comment. Also I have looked in to Dr. Orlando Llorente but haven't seen new work also I was quoted to different prices including a 7 day stay at there... READ MORE

25y/o, No Kids, 115lbs, 5'1"

Hello everyone! I've decided to get a bbl/ fat transfer either the last week of February/ first week of March of 2017. I'm currently stuck between Llorente, Ghurani, Hasan, and Fisher. I'm somewhat petite with my height but I do somewhat have some curves and fat to work with. After speaking... READ MORE

I Have 4 Kids That I Love to Death but They Took a Toll on my Body

I've been doing research for a while I don't plan on having the surgery till the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 so still have time to get my money together I am torn between Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ortega I'm leaning toward Dr. Ortega because I don't want any drama in from the new there's a lot of... READ MORE

BBL + BA w/Yily on 11/15/16 - Dominican Republic

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want to go ahead and have BBL done and am thinking of getting modest breast implants while I'm under. I want to give my belly & back fat a new home in my, currently, flat booty. BBL is my priority, the boob job is secondary. I'm concerned about... READ MORE

Big Butt Ready

I have been Consulting my butt off and im very confused. I am ready for a big azz. This is my treat. I have been on this site way before I got a profile. So most of the darn reviews I have read probably more then once. I am ready to get my Grove back. I am 5'3 and weigh 149 with 2 kids one a... READ MORE

Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!! - Miami, FL

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a Mcadoo doll 11/30/16 I'm so excited yalll...made my deposit and set my date im price includes the recovery house for me and my husband i will be having my surgery at spectrum in miami so ready to get my body back i have given my husband... READ MORE

25 Years Old...2 Children....ready to Be a FISHER DOLL - Miami, FL

I booked my surgery for Dr.Fisher with Vanity Cosmetics a few months ago but didn't want to get on real self too soon! I basically have two months left and I am so anxious and counting down each day! Ever since I had my second son I gained a ton of weight in my stomach and back. I'm getting a... READ MORE

40 Year Old Getting my Body Back - Bel Air, MD

The best move I've ever made so far has been having this surgery with Dr Horowitz here in Maryland. I am only 2 weeks post op but I feel amazing. The first day and night were really painful but I think I slept through most of it. Everyday is a new and Better day. I would definitely do it again!... READ MORE

Lipo/BBL 41, Scottsdale, AZ

After maintaining nearly 50 pound weight loss for over 5 years I recently put on about 20 pounds. I've really been struggling for awile, to get this weight off, even going the through a bad depression. As I thought about refocusing and getting back to my weight and fitness goals, I remember even... READ MORE

Help! 30 Yr Old Ready to Have the Body I Have Always Wanted!! But Torn on DR!

Hello Dolls!!! I am a 30 year old with 1 child. I have always been unhappy with my body. Ever since a child a have been larger than the girls and women around me and I have always been very self conscious about my size and shape. I mean I am by no means a female Andre the Giant, but at 6 ft... READ MORE

#MemarStar BBL, Tummy Tuck and Lipo. For a Hott Mommy of 2. Approaching 40 and I'm Blessed to Be a Patient.

Dr. Memar, Lisa and Miguel.... The Dream Team. Dr.Memar and his Team answered ALL of my Questions thoroughly. They welcomed me and comforted me at the Consultation, Dr. Visits, During Surgery and to this Day, They still call and Check on me... Dr.Memar and his team are very Polite, Helpful... READ MORE

28, No Kids, 80 Lb Weight Loss, BBL, Chin Lipo, and Breast Aug - Beverly Hills, CA


I have been stalking this website since July and finally felt comfortable enough to post. I had originally scheduled with Dr. Fisher in Miami for November 27 but decided i did not want to be that far from home. I scheduled with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills for November 2nd. I lost 80 lbs and... READ MORE

Soon to be a Llorente Doll - Miami, FL

I don't see much of Alvarez work and hoping that I can get some dolls to respond that's gotten work done by him. Seems like they get they work done post pictures 1- 5 day post and disappear. However, Ghurani work is all over Instagram he's just a bit pricey. I guess I'm kind of answering my own... READ MORE

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