Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I've been wanting a booty from since I was in high school. I always said I would do a procedure to get my booty enlarged. Years went by and I kinda forgot about it until two years ago I was feeling super insecure and didn't love my body. Even when I lost a lot of weight I still have the body I... READ MORE

Hey dolls ... Im 26 years old with 2 kids via c section my youngest one being 2 month old ... I got my tubes tied and since im not having anymore kids I just started looking into surgery for middle or end next year . I looking to get a bbl with a tummy tuck... I already got a couple of doctors... READ MORE

So far in my journey which actually began over a year ago I have received 2 consultations and have a few more to go. I would like a reasonable price but that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is results. I got a quote from Dr. Shahine in NY. It was 8700.00 just for full... READ MORE

Well I'm done having kids, so it's time for me to look good and enjoy life with my husband.... I been wanting to do this since forever ?? I hope I get the results that I looking for..... I'm a very active person, exercise 5/6 days a week for an hour, but I can't get rid of my love handles, I... READ MORE

I am a 38 year old with 4 kids 2 regular deliverys and 2 c- sections ready for my new body but very nervous I am having my surgery with Dr Juan Carlos Fuentes in tj mex I have been locking for a dr for a year and the reviews on dr Juan Carlos Fuentes are very good I live in stockton ca and I... READ MORE

I have been following RS for about a month now. A little about myself: I am 210lbs. and 5'11 in height. I have tried every diet and exercise and fasting. But I eventually found out through my OB/GYN that, because of my prior C-Sections I will never naturally lose my mid section and that I would... READ MORE

Hey everyone :) I'm scheduled for BBL with Dr. D in a little over 2 weeks! I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time. I've been trying to gather all my supplies little by little so I don't rush at the last second. I had my labs and ekg done last week and I pay my balance this Monday.... READ MORE

I hope Dr hasani can fix my booty. It has going down dramatically since I've had kids .I love his work and I hope I can have tiny waist and big trunk lol I had tt and ba with other dr and I loved the results but don't convince me his bbl pics. Hopefully I'll get the results I'm imagining since... READ MORE

Hello, I'm going to write a review about my experience with Fatima Almonte I'm Staying at Tropical RH. I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds I'm currently at 180, about 5'4. Fml I really wanted to be at least 165 before surgery. Surgery is in about 13 days so yeah idk if that's gonna happen. I'm... READ MORE

I want to become a DraYily Barbie doll, I havebeen rresearching cosmetic surgery on RS for over 3yrs and I am ready for it. I just have to work harder and save. I have receive a quote from Yily team. I requested another one from DraDuran no answer yet. I'm 39 years old and ready to get my sexy... READ MORE

Smaller waist, full round butt, a flat lower abdomen and no more back fat. I explained to Dr. Ortega what my trouble areas were and what I would like to be done. He was very kind and informative answered all my questions about his practice, his unhappy patients and what my expectations were,... READ MORE

I'm looking for a cinched waist and a nicely shaped bottom. I've struggled with my weight and shape on and off the past couple years. I'm hoping to have a totally flat stomach and no more love handles. I'm also doing this to motivate me in the gym more because I've felt pretty discouraged for... READ MORE

I am 46 years young and have been wanting lipo on my abdomen and love handles for several years now. Because I have children I had to postpone my dreams. A few months ago I started researching and stumbled upon this website. It was at this time I became of the BBL. I have been going back and... READ MORE

So I'm new to this journey and have been looking for a cosmetic surgeon. Low and behold I find dra. Duran. From what I've seen her work is amazing... Not only that but I hear that she's caring and most important NO FATALITIES!!! This is very important to me! Any way it took me two weeks to get... READ MORE

Tummy tuck,liposuction on back, arms and sides, and fat transfer to butt and hips, I'm doing this for me, just need my clothes to fit great and I'll also feel much better about the way I look. ...can't wait. ..may GOD go before me and make all paths clear,and protect me on this journey and a... READ MORE

Hi sexy ladies, I am new to Real Self, and I would love to take you on my journey with me. I am 33 years old. I am recently divorced with 3 children. I work out at least 3 to 4 days a week, I run 3 miles 3 days a week also. Running is my favorite exercise. I recently loss about 20 pounds, and... READ MORE

Hi everyone :). I've been stalking this website for a while now lol bc I've been researching which doctor I want to perform my bbl and lipo and Duran is LA MEJOR in my opinion ;). I'm a little under 5'3 and about 130 lbs. Dr Duran never told me to gain more weight but I KNOW I have to. I'm... READ MORE

Hello!! I found my surgeon on real self by going through reviews. I am having the brazilian butt lift scheduled for next week!! I'm not nervous yet and don't think I'll be til the night before the procedure. I am 5'5" and weigh 172 lbs. I was 181 lbs and lost some weight. I stopped losing weight... READ MORE

I'm calling Spectrum next week 2/10 to make my deposit and lock in a date for May, 2016. I've spoken with Liz she has been a great help. Dr. O's work is awesome. Ive had lipo twice the first time I was botched because I developed lumps. The second time was ok, but I've gained so much weight.... READ MORE

After looking online since 2012 I am ready to take the risks and the pain to have my BBL. I couldn't find a single surgeon who I liked the photos of. I was considering Dr. Jimerson for his experience and excellent sculpting ability but I disliked how every butt looked like 2 basketballs were... READ MORE

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