Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Tasteful BBL

Not wanting a drastic change, just know that no matter how much I work out my body genetics will never supply me with the waist to hip ratio and symmetry/curviness that I desire. I dislike the squareness of my body and the narrow hips. I decided to go with Dr. Shifrin because I read excellent... READ MORE

Ready for a Bangin Body!! - Miami, FL

Hey lady's after stalking real self. I decided to start and share moly journey with everyone. I have researched many doctors and I am currently stuck on Dr. Calva. Everyone that I've seen has great results. I don't have the butt that I want. I'm 5'11 built like a stallion with a little booty. I... READ MORE

24 years Old 2 Kids Ready to Look Great and Enjoy my Body - Miami, FL

Hey RS girls I'm 24 already have 2 kids have been wanting this surgery for years now but knowing that I don't want anymore children I feel now is the time to do it so I can enjoy my body and not be self conscious ???? I'm already curvy but I feel my hips are too big I want them a little smaller... READ MORE

Bbl + rhinoplasty with comfort zone booked november 2016 istanbul, turkey

I am planning a vaser lipo of body with bbl i am enquiring at different clinics for now have quote from comfort surgery, mcan, cliniccenter all based at istanbul and elite after care izmi .cliniccenter and mcan had somewhat same prices than comfort zone than izmir. I dint know where to go all of... READ MORE

34 Years Old and 3 Kids Later

I have been wanting this mommy make over for the last 4 years and for one reason or another it would not happen. Now that my youngest is 4 I am confident everything will be okay. If you would have asked me 4 years ago what I wanted to look like: I would love to have a body like Amber Rose I'm a... READ MORE

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Dr Darryl J.Blinski MD

I've been wanting this done since I found out that this procedure was possible. I've finally found a Surgeon that I'm comfortable with after much research and reading many reviews.I was initially going to go with Dr. Salama but I read a horrific review about a RS sister receiving horrible burns... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of Three - Houston, TX

I have never turned to surgery for anything but...I have been unhappy with my figure since god knows how long. I have an interverted triangle shape. No hips and really broad. I did my research for about a year. I found Dr. Cortes, my surgery is coming up soon. I would really like to get feed... READ MORE

About Time

I've been researching BBL procedures for a few years now and finally decided to move forward with my procedure. My peers tell me they are envious of the shape I already have but we all know that internally we still find things that we don't like about our bodies. My surgery is less than a week... READ MORE

34 Year Old W/ 3 GirlZ in Desperate Need of a Body Look! - Denver, CO

Wanting to change my body form for so long. I want to flatten my belly, BBL, and also want my legs done. For so long I've lived with nicknames like; flamingo, pink panther........ I know want and desire the body I want. So excited! I have a consultation Aug. 5, 2016. I've been doing research... READ MORE

31 Looking to Get Blinskied - Miami, FL

Hello all of my beautiful RS sisters worldwide!!!???? I'm looking forward to getting a bbl I've been on RS for quite some time now scared to reach out. I'm sure of the doctor I wanna go with. My question is ok now what! I just emailed my photos to Dr. B and he assured me that I would have to be... READ MORE

New Me - Miami, FL

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well, I am new to this site and was referred by a good friend of mine. I am interested in getting a tummy tuck and bbl done some time this year. My doctor of choice is doctor Sergio Alvarez in Miami. I was quoted 6500 and is due to pay my... READ MORE

Three weeks after BBL with Dr.Alex Aslani Marbella

I have been inspired by two of my friends who had BBL surgery before me.I have been thinking about doing it for a while.when I had my initial consultation the doctor said he would want me to gain some more weight which I did not really want to do. He likes to do very big butts but what I am... READ MORE

25, No kids, 5'4, 140 pounds BBL

Dr. Ghurani is the 4th Doctor I found. I was scheduled with another doctor but I chose to go with him because I liked his consistent results and he seems to be one of the few doctors that can sculpt bodies well and give consistent results. READ MORE

26 W/2kids 171. I'm Ready !!!!! In Need of a BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm really wanting to treat myself!!!! I have a seven and a two year old. My life consist of work being both parents and school. I'm doing as much research I can so that u can make the correct decision for my life changing event. Very interested in getting the BBL Procedure done. I have a lot of... READ MORE

bbl - Miami, FL

I have been wanting a Brazilian butt lift for years now. I am thirty-years old with three kids. Ever since I had my first child the shape of my butt has just been terrible. I'm ready to feel confident with my behind again. I have decided to go with Rami Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics. So... READ MORE

Dr. Alvarez Doll 2017 - Miami, FL

After a bit of research I finally decided to do my BBL in MIA specifically with Dr. Alvarez. I did my first virtual consult with him thru Imagenes Plastic Surgery. I was quoted $4500 for 12 Lipo areas. I then realized that dr. Alvarez has his own website so I was curious to see what the... READ MORE

A** Like WHOOOAAA...Damn Perry YOU DID THAT ! - Miami, FL

He was not only a Doctor to me he was a friend! He checked on me after surgery , he gave me exactly what A** I wanted (lol)..he listened to EVERY and ANYTHIng I had to say. I started thinking he had no life but all he wanted was to make sure I was Happy after surgery... My family left me to... READ MORE

21 - NO KIDS - 5'7" - 210 LBS (LIPO+TT+BBL)

I have always wanted to get my body done but until recently I actually started to look into it. I live in Canada but I would love to go out to Dominican to get it done. The 2 doctors I'm stuck between at this point is Dr.Duran or Dr.Yily. I read plenty of reviews on them both and I have seen... READ MORE

Bbl Booked Finally! - Birmingham, UK

Finally got a date for my surgery booked for august ive wanted thid for so long, 3 months away but im so nervous and excited ! Surgeon will be transferring 600ml into each bum cheek i just hope it will be alot bigger and rounder, has anyone else had this amount? Would appreciate pictures :)... READ MORE

Much Needed Makeover: BBL, TT, Breastlift W/implants - Dominican Republic

I became overweight very young,started in 3rd grade. My heaviest was 245 lbs at the age of 23 or so,married the whole 9. I have gotten older, lost weight currently 170lbs, 5'3. During these years I've had 3-C sections and breastfed my kids and lost weight. Needless to say my breast paid the... READ MORE

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