Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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bbl bed and chair - Alabama, AL

The price is not as bad as i thought. so, im going to buy mines way b4 i get my surgery. they also have the chair for only 70.00 so ill be getting that also. i planning to have my baby b4 all this but, i just want all my supplies first then i pay for everything.thanks I want a nice shape soft... READ MORE

31 Yr Old Getting a BL and BBL with Dr Almonte

I am super excited, finally booked surgery. i have been considering this surgery for 8 years now and i finally found the courage to just go for it. Been stalking Dr Molinas for a few years and i love his work (i want a nice conservative butt) but i finally decided to go with Mallol. Anyway i... READ MORE

Lipo & BBL / The Revamp - Dominican Republic

Hey guys I'm so excited to start and share my journey with you all. I have been wanting this procedure for about 7yrs now just never had the courage because everyone always told me I could get this body right working out, however after have my second and final child (lord knows I'm done) in 2015... READ MORE

21 Y.o, 1 Kid, 5'1 160 Lbs in Need of a Tiny Waist - Dominican Republic

As long as I can remember I've always had s belly. Even as a little kid. I've never been extremely over weight but that belly was always there. Well when I was 19 I got pregnant with my son, I gained 50lbs. I felt so disgusting I didn't even wanna take pictures of myself while pregnant even... READ MORE

My Vday BBL - Culver City, CA

Okay I had my surgery on vday 2017 I guess my new boo is my booty???? The first two days were ugh horrible, I was swollen, in pain, draining. I drove and I got stuck in traffic for several hours and I didn't take my pain meds with me, the pain was like I was stabbed or shot! (I didn't take... READ MORE

22 Yr Old Video Vixen with No Home Training

I'm shitting bricks. I literally feel like my stomach is going to fall out of my ass. I don't see how people get addicted to plastic surgery. Anesthesia scares tf out of me. How do you inject a liquid into my body and I completely pass tf out? Wake up hours later not knowing what the hell is... READ MORE

So Excited - Cali, CO

I been talking to Dr. Lapaix on what's app since Jan 2016 & he's so responsive and so caring a kind I'm finally booked to get my surgery done with him April 17 I'll be staying there for 5 days I'm getting BBL & Lipo! I'm 26 years old with a 6 year daughter & im just trying to be a sexy mom again... READ MORE

Bbl dr pantojas

Hi everyone my name . Is nancy im 23 im 5"3 weigh about 165 and I really want to go to get this done but im having a hard time finding before and after pictures from doctors in Tijuana. I would really appreciate if someone could share with be there before and after pictures the experience and... READ MORE

38 years old 5 kids

I choose Dr. Francis looking at his reviews and he was number one in times magazine and glamour he does realistic work. I am always told I have a huge butt I don't see it. I see my butt drags and I want it lifted I want my tummy flatter I have rolls on my back and love handles.. I just want to... READ MORE

5'6 - 174 Ibs - Mother of 1 - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello to all who is reading . :) Just booked my Surgery for March 3 - pre op Feb 10th & I have to say I'm excited but very nervous - To anyone who has had surgery, what Are some things you wish you would have gotten prepared before surgery? I want to be well prepared! Experiences? Likes?... READ MORE

Need help picking doctor Asap

Im so confused in picking a doctor. Im ready to book now so I can have my surgery in April or May. Im stuck between Dr Mcadoo, Dr Calvas, Dr Robles or Almonte. I help????. I have gotten quotes from all of them except Mcadoo. They are slow responding Well Dr Almonte wont have any openings... READ MORE

Realistic Expectations - Miami, FL

Nervous and excited at the same time. Trying not to set my expectations too high. I'm 5'8" 200lb. Hoping to drop 20 before my surgery date; initially started at 211, so we'll see. Arriving a day early and Looking to stay at a RH for six nights then fly back home. Depending on my results im... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, Looking for an Hourglass Figure

I have realized that my body completely changed after 20yrs old. I used to be 106lbs. However I never had much going on in the rear. I'm okay in the chest area. Genetics/stress/life changes has encouraged me to gain 30lbs but in the wrong areas. :( Fat has accumulated in my neck, arms, upper and... READ MORE

24 years Old 2 Kids Ready to Look Great and Enjoy my Body - Miami, FL

Hey RS girls I'm 24 already have 2 kids have been wanting this surgery for years now but knowing that I don't want anymore children I feel now is the time to do it so I can enjoy my body and not be self conscious ???? I'm already curvy but I feel my hips are too big I want them a little smaller... READ MORE

10 Days Until my Surgery with Dr.Curves !!

I am sooooooooooo nervous for Jan.25th !! I have been so consumed with before and after pictures, YouTube videos of others experiences, and BBL blogs!! Any advice before the big day is welcomed by all! I recently purchased my booty buddy pillow and I am so excited to use it and do a review on it... READ MORE

This is Happening! BOOTY2017!

I hate that i do this, get serious about doing this procedure than drop it... but im a mom so any little thing that arises, i put myself on the back burner and care to everyone first. I said 2015 would be my year (i feel like i say that every jan 1st) but i had 2 options a butt or a house, i... READ MORE

29 Y/o, 3 Kids, 5'5, 175lbs - Miami, FL

Hi everyone! I have decided on seeing Dr. Blinski for my procedure. He seems like such an honest and genuine person. Pretty much everyone has commented on how caring he is here on realself, I love that about him. I emailed the office about 2 weeks ago with pictures and Jackie their... READ MORE

It's Time - Mexico

I'm a 39 year old mother of one that has had a flat buttocks all my life. The older I get and with my work schedule the loser I get. It's time for me to take control. After lots of prayer and seeing the results of two of my family members I have decided to save money and go to Tijuana to get... READ MORE

BBL with Dr. Calva

I am scheduled for surgery in less than a week!!! 4 days to be exact. I finally got my hemoglobin up and I am super excited. Ive heard Dr. Calva is Awesome! Cant wait to post results! Everyone has been super nice and helpful! I am staying at Love shows recovery house. Are there any other dolls... READ MORE

32 with 2 Kids! Need a Hips and Booty - Tijuana, MX

I put my deposit of 500 down and scheduled my surgery date for July 11 with Dr P. The coordinated Nadia is On top Of of her game. She's responsive to every email I've sent and very informative. Great customer service so far. Anyone else booked for July 11???? Looking for support buddy or even... READ MORE

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