Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I am scheduled to have surgery on August 31, 2016 with Dr. Orlando Llorente of New Life Plastic Surgery in Miami. I am from NC, so I will be an out of towner staying at the recovery house for 7 days. Elena has been an angel with scheduling for me. She has answered so many questions about my BBL... READ MORE

Originally wanted Duran but she's booked til November and I would really like to be snatched by my Bday ...I was added to a secret Group on FB where I was able to see pre & post op pics by Cynthia dislas patients I AM SOLD! she does amazing work and I'm convinced she can deliver the look and... READ MORE

I wanted to start my Journey as others before, but now that I have made my deposit with my Surgical Coordinator I can't get in touch with her. My question is: Has this happened to any other Dolls? I would like to call the office and work with someone else even though in the beginning she was... READ MORE

What's up RS! I have one child and never bounced back to my pre preggo body. Sure I gained more boobs, butt, and hips but my boobs are saggy and my tummy isn't the way I would like it to be. I've been wanting to get surgery for some time now, but I have been going back and forth as to if I... READ MORE

First off I see some woman that love to say he only has positive reviews from fakes or staff I am 150% just a patient I was on here prior to my surgery and still chose to go to him at least for a consult myself and see for myself if I was comfortable. I also know four ppl who have gone to him... READ MORE

Ok, so I'm 34 yrs old Married with 2 boys.. I've been searching this site for. Months now and finally booked my surgery with Dr.alvarez @spectrum in Miami, Florida.. I'm so excited yet so nervous, praying that I get the results I desire(Bbl) .. Does anyone here have reviews of him to share?? I'm... READ MORE

After hours and hours of research ... YouTube videos .. Reading countless reviews .. If all goes well I will be a medina doll August 2016! I must say reading others journies on here has helped me feel so much more relaxed.. However I must say there are SO many people unsupportive of this surgery... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian butt lift and lipo in Feb of 2014. I paid $13,000 to Dr. Kadz I. Beverly Hills, CA. He totally ruined my life and left me disfigured. I've had two surgeries so far for $7000, lipo in my arms and calves to put back into the areas he lipoed, the dr who fixed my legs said that he... READ MORE

I'm excited! I'll be flying to Miami on Thursday to go to Dr. Ortega at Spectrum for the BBL I've been waiting for. Surgery is scheduled for Friday. I THINK I have everything I need but can't stop looking at ass pics! I'm 5'10" and my weight fluctuates between 195-200lbs My BBL/Lipo results will... READ MORE

The price is not as bad as i thought. so, im going to buy mines way b4 i get my surgery. they also have the chair for only 70.00 so ill be getting that also. i planning to have my baby b4 all this but, i just want all my supplies first then i pay for everything.thanks I want a nice shape soft... READ MORE

As someone who's always struggled with weight and body issues I've finally made the decision to go ahead and do something about it. From a young age I remember having to deal with a lot of comments about my body whether it was for being extra tall or starting puberty quite young, as a child I... READ MORE

I was just ready to get my young body back! Especially in the career field that I'm in. I deal with celebrities all the time. So it's a must that I look as good as they do when taking pictures and socializing. I was really nervous to have this surgery but the staff made me feel so relaxed! It's... READ MORE

Dr Cardenas in TJ Mexico is my chosen surgeon! Looking at her work and her reviews and having spoken with her I am extremely confident in her ability to make me the vixen I want to be ! My surgery is June 29! My goal is to get rid of the fat rolls to my back, get rid of some of the stubborn... READ MORE

I am a 22y/o female in the military and ever since I was young I have always been very self conscious with my body mainly my stomach, butt, and legs. I have always had a bigger chest which I am currently 36DD and have never been too self conscious of them . Around the age of 17 I started... READ MORE

Hello, I'm interested in getting a fuller booty I am just so curious is 1200cc a good amount of cc on my body I'm 5'3 and my weight is 140 I don't want a tummy tuck yet lol. I'm hoping my skin on my stomach won't sag too much after my bbl but will see..My surgery is right around the corner, also... READ MORE

I emailed Dr. Hazani on Friday about a consultation he called me today and I am a good candidate for BBl. He was nice, kind of funny, and very interested in what I had to say. He told me that my wish pic was not ideal for me which I like, he was honest and didn't want to promise me anything that... READ MORE

I have been thinking about lipo with fat transfer for a few years. I have always had a nice shape and pretty good eating habits. I'm not ready to starve myself just to get a small waist. I have weighed between 145-155 for lbs for the last 3 years. My ideal weight is 140-145. I like my body,... READ MORE

Hello Pantoja Dolls, Im 32 yrs old, 1 child and I have been wanting a BBL for longest I could remember, I spoke to Nadia by email and she quoted me for a full body lipo and fat transfer, however I do have many questions for all you Pantoja Dolls out there, First- R u completely satisfied with... READ MORE

So I am not new to RS, but have had a couple of procedures done..I have wrote reviews on those, I am have been stalking peoples pages and can officially say I am ready for my BBL!!! It seems like DR Salama, and DR Jimmerson have had really the best results for the BBL.. Can someone post any... READ MORE

Hey girls! My sx date is fast approaching and I'm so excited! I'm 32, 5'4, and weigh around 145. I will be getting liposculpture and BBL. so far Leslie (Dr. Almonte's assistant) has been great with scheduling and answering all of my questions. If any of you are traveling around the same time... READ MORE

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