Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi guys, so basically i'm skinny as hell right now. I need HIPS THIGHS and BOOTTTYYYY!!! im 5 ft 8 and around 129 pounds. My body is not that bad, i dont have a big stomach etc but im really lacking in the curves department. I understand i need to gain some serious weight to do this procedure... READ MORE

Lately I've been trying everything to lose weight and get the shape I've been wanting. I think I found my doctor Mr. Stanley Castor. I have wish pictures . I'm 5,0 and 175 lbs.. Trying to lose more weight by the time my procedure gets closer. Any advice on how to lose 30 lbs ? I've seen great... READ MORE

Hello RS!! I'm new to this website and I have been stalking the entire hell out of I decided to write a review and document my journey to BBL yesterday me and my friend who we both paid our deposit with Ortega...we're gonna have our BBL together...we are aiming for Feb... READ MORE

So I've been on this site forever it feels like, stalking butts and Dr's, etc, but now it's finally my turn. I found out recently a Dr was having a promotion for bbl and I called to inquire. Promotion was $3500 for a bbl with 12 areas of lipo. Come to find out the office had multiple Dr's... READ MORE

Like most of you I have been doing my own research on Brazilian butt lifts and so far I am loving the results from Dr Duran, Dr Mendieta and Dr Salama. I follow Duran on instagram and the photos all look great but some are glamourised, regrammed from patients and some are unclear but you can... READ MORE

I'm one moth out from my bbl and I'm in LOVE with my results! Could not of asked for a better outcome! Dr. Repta is AMAZING! I've always been slim and never had a butt. After gaining/losing weight , working out and pretty much doing anything and everything to make my butt bigger and to no... READ MORE

I'm getting anxious as the day is getting closer. I've been stalking Hazani dolls on here and trying to get all my stuff together before the surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Hazani because of his consistent results that's I've seen here on real self. I also really like how he's good at replying... READ MORE

Ok ladies here is where I am at , my sister in law had hers done in the states but I think I wanna go to duran, she is affordable although I in boxed her via g mail, face book & now what's up app. I have yet to get a quote ,I see she is a high demand so imam be patient for a second but hell... READ MORE

I have been to several consultations and had a couple online consultations as well. Ive pretty much had all the surgeons ask me to gain 15 lbs to achieve my wish pic results. I started out at 125 lbs. 10 months later I'm almost 150! It was always a struggle for me to gain weight and this is... READ MORE

I have been looking into Dr.'s for over a year now and I think I've finally narrowed it down to Dr Cabral in DR. I do have some concerns with the 1-2 word responses in his emails. I did read another review about Cabral and I was a bit nervous, but she informed me that she was happy with her... READ MORE

Hello my fellow Realself Sisters! ???? Well here I am writing my very first post and counting down to the very second I will have the body of my dreams (God Willing) ???????? Just a few facts about me, I am a 27 year old Chicana, mommy of one, 5'6 and currently weighing in at 160lbs. My Doctor... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I have become addicted to reviews on here and looking at Pre and Post Op photos. I'm 29y.o a mother of 1 and I am finally ready to get what I've always wanted. A nice as$!!!!! No matter how pretty I am or how much weight I lose, I've always known my clothes & I w/ look a 1,000... READ MORE

Hey guys I'm new to real self, I'm 23 5'2 I weigh 165-170 depending on how I feel like eating in the week lol. My body type is curvy thick thighs with a wide butt it's not plump tho. My weigh is also in my arms and back area basically every where. I lost a lot of weigh two years ago and I love... READ MORE

My procedure was scheduled for this Tuesday with Dr. Mel Ortega of Spectrum Aesthetics, however I received a call just yesterday advising that he had been hospitalized and Dr. Orlando Llorento could do the procedure on Wednesday instead. I felt like I was put on the spot because I have been... READ MORE

I have always wanted a BETTER body! Me and my sister decided to get bbl's together. The whole experience is very challenging but I am Glad I made the decision to go through with it. Very satisfied with my experience and results! I appreciate because without you gals I would not have... READ MORE

Hey there bbl sista's! I have decided to make a separate review for my bbl journey. Some of you know i had multiple procedures with Dr. Cardenas in tijuana. I have no regrets she is a great surgeon especially for tummy tucks. :) Since i have fully recovered and have lost the fat grafting to my... READ MORE

Like many others, I have been looking at reviews and posts for a while and have been gathering data along the way. I have not yet determined a date since I plan on taking this journey cautiously but I have decided that Dr.Salzhauer is the surgeon for me; after careful consideration of several... READ MORE

I wanted to do a tummy tuck and BBL but alot of doctors don't want to do the two together. Figure, I can't have it all at once so first stop is the BBL....Wanna add some junk to my trunk! I'm working with Emily at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami and my surgery is scheduled for February 17, 2016. So... READ MORE

Hi! So I have finally decided after months and months of dieting and exercising, I going to get a bbl. I'm 5'4 and weight 170 lbs. I workout about 3-4 times a week but I've always managed to creep right back to 170 lbs. I want to get lipo (fat grafting) in my lower abdomen, love handles, flanks,... READ MORE

This is my year to feel good about myself and live for me! I'm a single mother with 2 kids with a small frame and my weight is 120. I'm going to see Dr. Joseph Michaels on the 26th of this month, I'm praying that I have enough fat to do the perfect BBL. Well see what he say and take it from... READ MORE

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