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33 Recently Lost Weight Want my Body Snatched

Dr valls will be doing my surgery Elaine is my coordinator she made the beginning process smooth answered my questions an always respond to my emails. Anytime I call she always came to the phone short wait time for her to get to the phone so far the customer service has been great I'm looking... READ MORE

43 Years Old Mother of 4 Ready for BBL, LIPO, & Tummy Tuck - Linden, NJ

I am super excited and nervous at the same time and I am hoping I can help tell my journey so maybe other people can get a clear understanding of the process and what to expect. I've watched and review numerous doctors that offer this procedure and decided to stay local and have a consultation... READ MORE

now clinic center

I am finally ready to start my comfort zone journey. I want a huge but natural (lol) looking butt. I have huge thighs so will be able to carry it well and a flat stomach with a tiiiny waist. Anyone who has been to conform zone with the same wishes and got what they want? I'm 20 and a student... READ MORE

BBL and chin lipo!!!

Hi ladies!!!! So I'm considering getting a BBL & chin lipo with Dr. Dass. I just had my first baby 2 months ago so i feel like this is a perfect time especially since I've gained some weight & even more unhappy with my body then i was before when i started considering procedure. Im... READ MORE

Amazing experience! Thank you to the team

Amazing experience!!!! I decided to do the BBL because I was overweight, flabby and was very unhappy with how I looked. Now that I have done the BLL, there was a significant difference after only 24 hours and I know I will continue to shrink for a long period. The post-surgery care seems a bit... READ MORE

Self Love Contract-Step 1

Didnt take much to decide. Dr Aslani has choosen to be a part of my transformation. I work very hard, i eat well,sleep well, workout extra hard. But even with cardio anf weight training. I just have never achieved the shape that i desire for myself. So this year. I decided i will no longer... READ MORE

28 Year Old No Kids; Always Had a Flat Ass, Just Want a Little Junk in the Trunk!! - Savannah, GA

Well, thus far not too much has happened, I have had a consultation with Dr.Shanklin here in savannah Ga, he seemed very realistic and stated her could put about 800cc in each cheek, which is fine with me cause I don't want a giant unrealistic phatty. I'm real also hoping to get my bra bulge... READ MORE

BBL with Dr Hamza in Harley Street

I'm a 40 year old lawyer who used to be size 10/12. Two young children later and baby weight is slow to shift; worse on belly and back; despite cardio 3 times week; plus I'm shattered as a busy working mum. I genetically have a flat bum and always have even when I used to horse ride daily as a... READ MORE

Dr Mallol Brazilian Butt Lift 21 Year Old

Hey everyone! I am booked for my procedure on 13th of March 2018 with Dr Mallol. I know someone who had a procedure by him earlier this year and came out snatched so she recommended him to me. I've always wanted to get rid of my belly and although I have somewhat a big bum, I want it to be... READ MORE

Waiting for years to be happy with my body

Hey Ladies I am in the beginning stages of my journey and I am so very nervous I am going with Dr. McAdoo because I heard he was the best and he works with women who have a higher BMI he is currently working with the Seductions Clinic who have been ...less than reassuring. They have my initial... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Toddlers and Wanting a Fab BBL! Hasan Doll to be :)

I am in the searching stage of my surgeon that I would love to have this procedure, slim lipo with a BBL. I found Dr. Lipo on Instagram and loved his B &a A. So I went in his website for an out of town consultation. Carmen was very helpful and I submitted my photos and demographics to her to... READ MORE

Future Durán Doll. BBL, TT, and BA Revision - Dominican Republic, DO

When I was in my twenties I had the perfect ass. For the last five years I've been wearing padded panties. I birthed four babies, one by cesarean. Though I'm older than the average woman undergoing this type of elective surgery, I am healthy. I've taken excellent care of myself by maintaining a... READ MORE

41yrs Old/ 3 Kids Early in Life/ 5'6/ 122lbs

I feel like I'm in great shape for my age but I have NO butt. I have always had a tummy pooch and no curves! Ready for a change! Had my consult and scheduled my surgery for November. Dr. would like me to gain 10lbs which is tough for me! I'll update at my pre op end of October! Anyone else my... READ MORE

My Journey to Dr. Valls

I caught a perfect glimpse of my butt in a mirror at Target. It was positioned just right to where you didn't need to twist to see it. It was in that moment I decided I couldn't walk around like this for much longer. I heard of implants & injections but wasn't interested in those. Then I... READ MORE

Mommy Make over with Breast Argumentation 500 CC under the muscle

Hi ladies first time I this web site im like woooow so many girls like me that want same thing its great! !! I been researching doctor s here In the us and in Mexico and they are so expensive. Thank you for all your comments and reviews I found dr y she is amazing. She gave me a quote and its... READ MORE

27 with 1 Child and Just Wanted my Body Back :) - Houston, TX BBL

This is my first time posting anything! But why not... It was so worth it! I'm a dr.cortez doll :) I decided to do this bc after having. A child I felt like my body wasn't the same and I lost my butt! so I made a consultation with dr.cortez through email (which was very easy) and it went well I... READ MORE

30yo, 3kids, 5'6 148lbs, TT+lipo and BBL-DURAN!!!!!

I've decided to go with Baez. Simply beautiful her Results, Reputation, no deaths, and price point ????????. Her approach is on the more conservative side which I prefer because I want a more natural curvy look. Don't want maximum fat grafted or shelf booty. I want an plump upside down ??. ... READ MORE

Great So Far!

I had my consultation last month with Dr. J. I have to say he and his team are very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I have followed his work for a while now and knew that he was the surgeon for me. He was very transparent with me on the results I wish to accomplish and answered... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Future Duran Doll! Bbl, Tt, Lipo - Dominican Republic

Hi loves, i'm starting my journey and been looking to get my procedures done for 4 years now after i had my first child. Its like before i was pregnant i never really had complaints about my body but AFTER! Where do i start! Its like your body deteriorates! I was first interested in Dr. Robles... READ MORE


I'm 28 years old, mother of a two year old baby girl, I am 5'3, 125 pounds. I have always been pretty small with little curves but, after I had my baby I feel like my body shape changed. I'm still small but I feel like I don't have the same shape, I have a little belly and my butt got smaller I... READ MORE

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