Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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32yrs 2 Kids and Ready to Get This Body Back Right !

My experience with vanity cosmetics so far has been absolutely wonderful. Their level of customer service has been on point !!!! They have answered all of my silly questions with no problem and are very friendly. A few of the reviews I was reading about their customer service was not good at all... READ MORE

Hi Ladies I'm a 33 Year Old Mother of Looking to Get a Bbl - Miami, FL

I've been on rs for about a month now trying to figure out if it will worth it so far my Experience or should I say what I've seen makes me want it even more so now I'm just here looking at md to see who can give me the best looking ass that I've always wanted I'm a v shaped women just want to... READ MORE

Operation MILF - Lipo + BBL

What's up RS! I have one child and never bounced back to my pre preggo body. Sure I gained more boobs, butt, and hips but my boobs are saggy and my tummy isn't the way I would like it to be. I've been wanting to get surgery for some time now, but I have been going back and forth as to if I... READ MORE

Going in for the Final Touches Blinski Baby -Tummy Tuck Revision Lipo and BBL. Miami, FL

Got my doctor picked out and I am going back in for the final touches on this body makeover. I had my TT and Breasts done and now i need to get all this fat off my back and upper ab area. i had a pretty rough recovery and I am hoping that this one goes much better. I am mentally prepared for... READ MORE

Mom of 3- Future BBL Doll - Houston, TX

My surgery is coming up in the next few weeks. I met with Dr Cortes one time for my consultation. I have followed him on Youtube for about 2 years and was sure I wanted him as my surgeon. I paid my full surgery the day of my consultation so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. I will be... READ MORE

BBL: Giving Myself the 30-year-old Treatment with Blinski - Miami, FL

Hello RealSelf and aspiring gals, I am embarking on my new journey to getting a Brazilian butt lift by Dr.Blinski, and I am booked for May 9th, 2017. I am 5'7 and weigh 145 lbs. I've always been a thin girl with a curvier behind, so I am not unfortunate when it comes to my assets. The... READ MORE

Bad Genetics

So I'm really wanting aBBL and lipo, along with a tummy tuck. I'm very self conscious about my body and it's time I do for me instead of every one else. I'm a mother of one kid. Trying to figure out a date for my BBL. in between doctors right now. I have bad love handles, and fat that will not... READ MORE

Booked for January 4 2017 for my bbl by dr Emmanuel Mallol still want a surg buddy

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian butt lift for sometime now. I've decided that this is something that I want to do and is going to make me happy I'm already comfortable with my body but I just would like to enhance you only have one life to live so why not be happy while doing... READ MORE

43 No Kids and Wanting Butt and Boobs, a New Me in Progress

I've always been told I look too stocky or I look like I was built like a pitt bull, and that I look like my brother from behind. I've always wanted a curvy figure that looked feminine and voluptuous. I exercised to try and get my butt but it needs some volume and during my exercises I lost my... READ MORE

Hello ladies, what Doctors do you know can do a full breast lift without leaving a scar or very minimal scarring?

Omgggggg!!!! i cant wait to have this surgery. I have been looking at this website for 2 years now and i just can't wait until i am financially able to afford this surgery. I had a booty before then i lost it from doing to much squats and running on a treadmill. NEVER AGAIN!!!. anyways i am so... READ MORE

21 Yr Old , No Kids 5'1 175 Pounds Much Needed !

I have been looking into aggressive lipo and a bbl for 3 years now but ever since my agressive weight gain I feel it's much needed now and weight loss has been a up and down roller coaster ride for me .. I've been looking into 2 different doctors Dr. Andrew jimerson and Dr.Moises salama ..... READ MORE

full lipo & BBL is in 12 Days - Edina, MN

Hi everyone iv'e been lurking on this site off and on for 3+ years and i am finally in the position to get the surgery, that i have wanted for a while now. i have always had a nice shape, but never enough ass. I have 3 kids and i have gained a bit of weight and it's getting harder and harder to... READ MORE

18 Y/o BBL Needed . - Foster City, CA

I've been wanting a BBL since forever I hate trying on clothes they never look right I wear baggy clothes to hide my stomach . I came across Dr Beck last month and fell in love with his work his team is very nice Nicole explains everything in great detail . My date for surgery is Summer 2017 I'd... READ MORE

19 and Ready to Be Confident

I am finally starting my journey after months of research that has grown into a major obsession. I was kind of scared to do a review but then I was like fuck it. I am 19, a business student, and I am ready to do this. Since the beginning of my journey I have changed my doctor several times which... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old 2 Kids - Beverly Hills, CA

So i've been wanting a bigger butt for some time now, i am 4'11 121lbs. I did some research for about 2 months and i ran across Dr.Dass in berverly hills. I scheduled my cosultation , he was very nice and make me feel safe so i decided to schedule my surgery which was done Sep 12. I was very... READ MORE

30 Year Old, mother- Dallas, TX

I have been to several consultations and had a couple online consultations as well. Ive pretty much had all the surgeons ask me to gain 15 lbs to achieve my wish pic results. I started out at 125 lbs. 10 months later I'm almost 150! It was always a struggle for me to gain weight and this is... READ MORE

Liposculp and BBL! So Happy I Did This! - Dominican Republic, DO

My friend chose Dr Luis Tactuk Simo and we couldn't have been happier. He was so amazing and he was answering all of our questions on whatsapp before the procedure. From the moment we got to the clinic (11pm at night), we had nurses and doctors starting with blood work, x rays and other exams.... READ MORE

21, No Kids, 148 Lbs & 5'5, Want a flat stomach and round butt- Dominican Republic, DO

I have been researching Dr. Mallol & have been contacting him. He quoted me $3600 for the procedure and recovery house which is pretty good. I am not looking to have a big fat ass. Just a flat stomach and much better shape. My goal is to get a round heart shaped butt. I felt it was best to... READ MORE

BBL & Liposuction - Miami, FL

Well I book with new life . My doctors is LLorente Orlando. I'm worried and need help buying faja . Should I get bigger sizes or smaller size. I need help with things to take or any advice you can give me. I worried cause I'm a little big . I just wanna look amazing . I don't wanna forget... READ MORE

Next Move->BBL with Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

Well I have decided to start a new Journey with a new Doctor. My first cosmetic procedure was a MM with Dr. Hochstein but now it's time for my next one which is a BBL and that I want done with Dr. Fisher because his work looks amazing being my second choice. I originally was thinking of getting... READ MORE

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