Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Fisherfied for my 25th Birthday - Miami, FL

Hey dolls, Like many others I have been addicted to the Realself website. Reading all the reviews and experiences from many of you has encourage me to go through my journey with the rest of you. I am from London and hope that I can share some light into the process of becoming a fisher doll... READ MORE

BBL & Liposuction - Miami, FL

Well I book with new life . My doctors is LLorente Orlando. I'm worried and need help buying faja . Should I get bigger sizes or smaller size. I need help with things to take or any advice you can give me. I worried cause I'm a little big . I just wanna look amazing . I don't wanna forget... READ MORE

BBL with Dr Fisher 10/13/2016 - Miami, FL

I'm 36 years old 5'6 189lbs bmi is 30. Ever since I can remember I was never happy with my body. I always would find things to complain about my body. After having 2 pregnancies back to back my body is the worst it's ever been. I gained so much weight during my pregnancies and then lost a lot of... READ MORE

Bbl/lipo - Miami, FL

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Alvarez, perform my bbl and lipo. I went through Imagenes Comestic Surgery center in Miami, Florida. Let me start by saying when I met Dr. Alvarez, on the day of surgery he immediately made sure to reassure me that I was in good hands, we discussed his education... READ MORE

Help Im Scared..!! - Miami, FL

I am scheduled for a BBL with Dr Llorente at New Life in February. As the time gets closer I find myself getting scared and nervous. Is he good with smaller frame woman? What pain should I expect, because I dont tolerate it very well. How quickly can I go back to my normal life activities? Does... READ MORE

5'7 202 Lbs Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr. Sergio Alvarez - Miami, FL

I received a date for January 3rd, the price was $4100. My Coordinator Lizbeth told me to put a $300 deposit before Friday 9/24/16,after Friday the price next year will be for $4800. She told me for the best results loose 7 pounds but my goal is to loose 20. I never knew my body looked this bad.... READ MORE

mommy makeover - Miami, FL

Ok ladies I have been on rs every day all day i dont even drive half the time i make my boyfriend because im too busy sitting in the passenger seat stalking this site! I have read through hundreds of profiles and was initially going with dr perry because i like the way he contours the body shape... READ MORE

Chi-Town Love, 51 Year Old Mom of Five Girls Nana of Three - Chicago, IL

After several consultations in the Chicago area, I decided to go with Dr.Shifrin, to give me some of my curves back my girls took from me, I will be having lipo of my stomach, flanks, and full back, with fat transfered to the hips and some to my butt, I am a realistic person Im not expecting to... READ MORE

One Month Till my Surgery :) - Miami, FL

Hi, I wanted to post my experience as alot of the real self reviews helped me understand and prepare myself for the surgery. I'm one month pre I booked my surgery date before my consulation (best decision ever heard the wait is 2018 now) and my appointment with my primary doctor to get cleared... READ MORE

25 Year Old, 1 Kid, Looking to Obtain the Butt of my Dreams! - Beverly Hills, CA

I just set up my consultation appointment with Dr.Dass for June 3rd! I'm really excited i'm totally looking forward to this year and getting my bbl by the end of October. I desire a small waist with a big butt and an amazing figure! The staff at Dr.Dass office were great, they answered all my... READ MORE

Dr. BAEZ is Nice, BUT Doesn't Give You What U Want - Dominican Republic

Had a tummy tuck and bbl. Dr. Baez was niceand kept me safe during peocedure, with zero complications and no infections. BUT since 1 month post op, I noticed my tummy was not all flat and I had fat jiggling on my sides. I kept sending her messages questioning it. She said more compression and... READ MORE

Now Switching to Hassan - Miami, FL

Was going with Dr Ortega but now switch to Dr Hassan at vanity only bc i don't see to much of Ortegas work and it looks like dr Hassan is more aggressive I am 5"4 183 lbs I have love handles for days and a my stomach is a little pouch I can't take it anymore I have hips and I'm thick already... READ MORE

25yrs Old, 2kids,, Want my Prebabies Body Back

Hello everyone!! I am passed excited because I have recently scheduled my BBL for Nov 15. I had a rough year so I know I definitely deserve to do something for myself still have a few months but so far everything has been going great with my surgery consultant and I can't sit to become an... READ MORE

Ghurani BBL 11-7-16 - Miami, FL

I'm so excited to finally be doing this. I'm 30 years old, 145-150pounds, 5'5 no kids. My surgery date is November 7th, 2016. My doctor is Dr. Rami Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, FL. I will be staying at the recovery home. I'm nervous, scared and anxious all at the same time. Im just... READ MORE

O Doll Coming Soon! - Miami, FL

Hey dolls, Been stalking RS for some time. Finally decided to get my BBL & I already put my deposit down with Spectrum. Originally, I wanted Dr. Omulepu, but now I can't decide between him and Dr. Ortega. The thing is, Omulepu isn't board certified, but Ortega doesn't seem to have many current... READ MORE

5'1 34 Yrs 2 Kids - Miami, FL

After many months of researching and reviews an surgeons in Tx , Dominican Republic , Colombia & Miami. . I've decided to go with Dr.Hassan on his many great reviews and pictures of his previous clients . I'm 5'1 no hips or booty wanting to feel more womanly than feeling like a boyish body .... READ MORE

Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!! - Miami, FL

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a Mcadoo doll 11/30/16 I'm so excited yalll...made my deposit and set my date im price includes the recovery house for me and my husband i will be having my surgery at spectrum in miami so ready to get my body back i have given my husband... READ MORE

Bout to be Fisherfied!!!

Hey, I have considered Dr. Fisher for my BBL but I'm a lil nervous because when I sent my pics to the woman Shirley I spoke to, she stated I have to lose weight ( I'm 5'7 and weight 201, she wants me down to 191) and my tummy won't be completely flat unless I get a tummy tuck. #1 I'm not... READ MORE

Future Ortega Doll

I will be using Dr Ortega for my bbl. After years of wanting this, I am finally ready to move forward! ! I am also requesting lipo of inner thighs. weigh 180, I would really like to lose 10 lbs before, so time for a cleanse and booking flight and room. The countdown begins???? Hoping for the... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover 30 Years Old 2 Kids. Dominican Republic, DO

Hello everybody, I received my quote from Dr.Almonte for tt,lipo sculpture (waist flanks and full back), bbl for $5200 plus if my bmi and hemoglobin are good I will be having my breasts done for $1350. I will be staying at a recovery house for 14 days instead of 10. It's $75 additional per... READ MORE

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