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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour.
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Hi ladies, This is my first post since I joined RealSelf a few months ago. My boyfriend came across the site when we were doing research to find the perfect surgeon for my BBL. We had originally liked Dr. Ortega in Miami, FL however after making a $300 deposit and struggling/fighting to get in... READ MORE

Good morning ladies, after stalking this site and filtering through so many Doctors reviews I've decided to schedule my sx for June 2016. I know this is short notice but if I don't do is now, I'll just die from anticipation so in two short months I'll be on my way to the DR and flat side. Anyone... READ MORE

So in the end I am going for the big ride now…..I have been working in the cosmetic surgery industry for four years. I think I have learnt many valuable things about this stuff but in 4 years in the profession I have never seen any buttock surgery done. I have seen about everything else but n... READ MORE

Ive wanted a tummy tuck since my 2nd child. Now ive had my 3rd more than 10yrs ago and is not having anymore and this is a great time to go ahead and do something for me. Ive been on here for many months now and have decided to go with Dr. Shifrin from here in Chicago. I have gone to a consult... READ MORE

I had bad experience in Nubody Concepts Cordova Memphis Tn. 2012 - 2015. Until I found Dr. McAdoo at Vanity. Starting October 2012 liposuction at nubody concepts I was not put to sleep no massage and no you can not return to work the next day as theyes advertise here in Memphis on there... READ MORE

So I'm going with fisher(possibly Hassan). Let me start by saying vanity scares the hell out of me more than the procedure lol. For years on here all u hear are horror stories. I'm out of state and they have me down for a tentative 6/28/16. I would like the assurance that when I get my actual... READ MORE

Have been interested in a Bbl, for some time now. I decided to go with dr.Ortega, I live in Ny so I will be traveling with my Boyfriend to take care of me post op. I weigh 146lb now. ( before I started to gain weight for the surgery I was 124lb. Yes small) I sent my coordinator Emily my wish... READ MORE

I am super excited about my upcoming BBL with Doctor Hasan at Vanity Cosmetics. I'm mostly concerned with the roundness in my tummy area I hope with this BBL they suck out as much fat as possible. I owe 3,000 which will be March 8,2016. Don't done how soon I will be able to schedule with them... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I am lovin this site and all of you out here so willing to show your gorgeous bods and inspirating stories! So I was born with ZERO booty (thanks mom AND dad lol). And I'm sick of sitting directly on my tailbone and ischium (butt bones). It's so painful and I've always had back... READ MORE

After two months of research, looked at thousands of before and after photos of various sergeond. I went with Dr Kenneth Hughes. Glad I did. I knew he would gives me the waistline I needed and can fix the butt problems. Surgery was on April 29, 2016. I'm now 10 days post op, still very... READ MORE

I will be seeing Dr Ortega in just two short months. I'm working hard to lose as much weight as possible before the procedure. My weigh in today I was 222.4. Looking to be UNDER 195 before the surgery. I haven't spoken to the doctor, but his coordinators are very responsive. I'm nervous but... READ MORE

Im excited to be scheduled for Dr. Fisher 05/26/2016. Is there anyone scheduled for the end of June that would like to switch dates. Please let me know ASAP! I have all of my supplies I just had some family issues that caused me to need a later date. I will post before pics soon! I've been... READ MORE

So I have to to start by saying Dr. J is an artist with his hands! My results are better than I would have ever imagined! I had and average body type not too much fat, and I was even worried that I wouldn't have enough fat to give me a nice projection. It turned out he was able to take out the... READ MORE

I have constantly been on work I might add! Yipes! I can't help it, getting a BBL is all I think about! I have spent hours researching doctors and comparing prices/skills/outcomes etc. Yesterday I scheduled my appt with Dr. Fisher for May 17th, would love a sx buddy. Ive had... READ MORE

Today I had my consultation with Dr Sato! I was so nervous at first! She made me feel so relieved!! I am scheduled for liposuction and bbl on the 25th and I absolutely can not wait for Dr sato to help me improve my body after two kids! She was the kindest Doctor I've ever been to! I haven't had... READ MORE

So I've been wanting to get liposuction on my stomach as long as I can remember. But I had issues being that I had cardiac surgery in the past but now I'm all clear and ready to give this a shot. I've been to a few consultations so far and decided to go with Dr John Hamel in Nebo NC. I live on... READ MORE

After much research and referrals, I've booked my surgery with Dr. Mallol. I was referred by someone in the states that does her surgeries with him and her career is post surgical massages. Dr.Mallol is very responsive and has been very understanding of all of my questions... He has been easy to... READ MORE

So after long research I decided to book with Dr. Fisher, im not willing to risk my life with a Dr. That's not board certified so Fisher is my guy plus his work looks amazing. This will be my third surgery I had traditional lipo to my luv handles when i was 18 after my first child with Dr. Lee... READ MORE

I'm really considering Dr.Fisher based on some reviews i read on here & also because i have a relative that went to him & i love her results and she's two years in and looks real good, i don't have anybody that i wanna look like i just want what looks good on me i'm 5'3 about 150 lbs, i... READ MORE

I have had a such a hard time getting in contact with doctor Druran for a BBL =( I have tried everything from calling, emailing, sending her a message on whats apps but I haven't heard anything back yet. I even tried messaging her in Spanish (using a translation app) lol but nothing! I heard... READ MORE

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How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

The typical cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift ranges from $4,200-$11,000 with an average cost of $6,525. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 12,744 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more