Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Brazilian Butt Lift, CG Cosmetics, Miami, FL NIGHTMARE RRRRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!

Hi Dolls, Scheduling my BBL at CG Cosmetic...What is a good recovery house at a good price? All suggestions are welcome, what was your experience, how was the price, how was the services included. How safe did you feel if you went alone. I'm kind of freaking out, but I believe this will help... READ MORE

Yily Doll June 2017 5'7 164

Hello everyone ! So after stalking the site and hundreds of girls I have decided to get a Brazillian Butt lift ! After having my breast augmentation I noticed that my proportions were a bit 'off'. Here I am with these nice big boobs and I have no ass whatsoever ugh !!!! So I've decided that I... READ MORE

BBL surgery Alex Aslani Marbella

Hello I am sharing my BBL experience here initially I was thinking butt implants but the surgeon said BBL would be better. I am 8 days after surgery the pain is ok I am good with the meds. Super excited about my results so far Dr.Aslani gave me 1600 total each side and my body looks completely... READ MORE

I've been searching for the right doctor to do my BBL. I've have notice the cheaper the price is the more negative reviews those doctors has. I've research so many doctor and I pray that I have chosen the right guy. I've been stalking RealSelf for about a year now. I've been reading about... READ MORE

Cute Face Wants a Small Waist DR DBL

Hi everyone!! I have been stalking this site for about 2 years now qnd now I am ready to get serious about my NEW self. I am 23 years old with no kids and currently live in Atlanta. I have always had issues with my body growing up i had long skinny legs, no boobs, no butt and i had a big belly... READ MORE

38 Feeling Good, Want to Look better - Miami Florida, Vanity Comectic

Have not spoke to anyone yet, I dont have an appointment just getting started with research and trying to decide who I want to do the procedure first time having plastic surgery learning as I go, I don't have any experience first time having plastic surgery first time considering plastic surgery... READ MORE

Still Looking for a Good Doctor to Do my BBL

I am thinking of going to the DR for my BBL because it appears that they are not only less expensive but there work is amazing? I have contacted quite a few doctors int the states and the prices are a bit high. Wyd guys think about the DR? Who's a good doc? Leaning towards Medina or Duran.... READ MORE

Sx date June 2017

I have spent months on end researching to find a doctor to perform my BBL! Realself has been such a big help with the tramendous amount of reviews and pictures. Initially I wanted to go to Miami but I was really turned off by the amount of bad reviews and the doctors not giving enough time to... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom of 3 - BBL, TT, BL & Lipo 360 W/DR. MIAMI in Jan 2018 - Miami, FL

Hi all, I finally figured out how to work this site. I have been dreaming of a big booty all my life.... literally lol I used to stuff my jeans when I was younger. Anyways, after having 3 beautiful children (6,4,2), I have decided its time for me to once again love myself. I have always had... READ MORE

1 yr 7 months pos op

Any body willing to switch? Please I need this done way before the fall semester starts! I just got divorced bc my x husband cheated on me. I'm moving to Miami to begin a new life with my son and I want this as a divorce present!:) let me know I'm 4'11 n weigh 148 how many Ccs should I... READ MORE

33 years old mom of 1 and I'm going to see Dr. Cabral

I've been researching this surgery for over six years I was very scared at first now I'm just ready to get it done and over with the doctor that I am choosing is Dr Yily because I have a restart you know I love her work and I'm very comfortable with going with her so I'm going to be team yily... READ MORE


I always wanted a bbl but was very scared since I never had anything done before since I'll be 30 soon I wanted to do something I contacted dr hazani may 15 and by may 30 I was lucky he had a appointment available es very nice and answer all your questions and doesn't rush you to do something... READ MORE

24 Yr Old with 2 Children Going to Dr. Arnaldo Valls

At this time if I had to rate the service on a scale of 1-5 I would give Jolie Plastic Surgery a three star rating. The reason for this is because I had to travel to different locations in order to pay, do my blood work, and to meet my doctor. It wasn't bad I would have preferred to have known,... READ MORE

Mallol Doll in the making-Santo Domingo, DR

For the past year I have been doing so much research on what type of surgery would suit my need, for wanting a smaller waist trimmer upper thighs and back/butt. Once I decided a Brazialin butt lift would be my decision, I turned into Carmen San Diego. I even took it as far as doing a... READ MORE

26 Yr Old No Kids Ready for my BBL

Hi dolls! I've been reading so many of your stories and I am now ready to share my own. Had a consult with Dr. Hsu 8/12 his staff is very unorganized but I loved him! My SX is 10/20 and I'm beyond anxious and nervous but so ready to get it over with. I've started buying my post op supplies... READ MORE

Same story you tend to see on RealSelf. A mom finally taking me time to get right! - Dominican Republic, DO

Same story you tend to see on RealSelf...A mom finally taking me time to get right! I have been speaking of surgery for years and finally ready to make the jump. I've been researching for over a year and finally decided to with Duran. She's a high demand doctor and her work is amazing. I'm... READ MORE

44 Year Old Sexy Back On

Dr. Hedden is awesome! His team is awesome as well. I had BBL & liposuction of flanks, upper & lower back, and upper abdomen. Not as painful as I expected. Staying on pain meds the first 72 hours and the compression garment was the absolute game changer. I followed doctors orders... READ MORE

Liposuction on waist and abdomen /BBL. 23 yoa, No kids! Love Handles out of control!

When I first joined this site, I was in search of a BBL but after research I decided to do liposuction alone. My shape was nice before gaining weight so I didn't want to overwhelm my figure or do too much to myself. I want it to be believable. Once my waist and abdomen is liposuctioned my hips... READ MORE

The Wait is over

I just want you all to know that Dr.Valls did his thing. He is very sweet and down to earth, he laughed and talked with me before surgery while he marked me up and I told him to fill me out and he did as I asked. I'm very satisfied with my results as of now and hopefully later. As of the staff I... READ MORE


So I've been going back and forth for about 3yrs now as far as what I want to get done and prices... I would like a BBL and a Lipo Sculpture.. I have a good body not bad, could be better though. I decided I wanted to go with DR. Duran... I was quoted $4100.. I also read I can get a cheaper quote... READ MORE

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