Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Finally Confirmed with Yily!!!! - Dominican Republic

So far so good. Communication is great. I already put my deposit for my surgery date and I'm hoping I don't regret it. Hope it remains the same throughout. I have been undecided on a doctor for about 2yrs now so it feels good to finally have faith in someone to provide me with the results I'm... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 1 Kid, Been Wanting a BBL for over a Year Now - Miami, FL

I am 25 years old. I been thinking about getting a BBL a little over a year now. I finally made the choice to go for it. I am getting my BBL done with Dr. Llorente at New Life. I don't care about having a huge butt. I just want something that goes with my body type and hips/curves. I am very... READ MORE

09/15/2016 I Will Be a Yily Doll! - Dominican Republic

So I have been doing my research for awhile and I have decided to go with Dr. Yilly. I see her results and I'm happiest with her work I know a lot of ppl say she has an attitude but tbh IDC AS LONG AS MY BODY IS SNATCHED ! Well heres alil info about what I am having done... Lipo (arms,... READ MORE

19 Years Old One Daughter (4) 5'2 137lbs - Miami, FL

Hello today I did my consult with dr Ortega he's so nice and I'm excited to under go my procedure I smoke so I have to wait 4 week until I'll be able to get surgery I already have my date oct.24,2016 I'm superrrr excited hope all goes well I smoke a lot but I am going to stop today sept.20,2016... READ MORE

Doing Me.. Mommy of Two - Miami, FL

Hi dolls... I first want to say I'm so excited to get the nerves to do this... I've been stalking this site for a few years and I'm next up. I have chosen Dr. Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics to work his magic on me... I'm extremely nervous but I'm stepping out on faith.. I'm scheduled for... READ MORE

Ready for a Booty Squats Aren't Giving Me. Dominican Republic, DO

Hi, everyone I've been researching surgeons for the past few years to decide on who to go with for a BBL. I have had breast augmentation and liposuction done with Dr. Handel in Sherman Oaks, Ca. After reading all the reviews and speaking to a patient I decided to go with Dra. Fatima Almonte for... READ MORE

Soon to be Duran Doll

So I've been back and forth with Dra Duran surgical coordinator via email. The problem is I have to wait days to get a reply to my email. I haven't paid for her yet so I hoping that is the lag. Does anyone have this problem when the finally pay? I want to book my surgery in March and want to... READ MORE

Need a Major Make over - Atlanta, GA

I'm 31 years old have two daughters one 9 years old and one 3 months old I been wanting a bbl for some time now and. Now I'm ready to take action I have my first consult tho Wednesday @ 11 with the one Ana only dr curves I look his work I did research as well on dr Miami but jus feels I would be... READ MORE

BBL + BA w/Dr. Yily - Dominican Republic

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want to go ahead and have BBL done and am thinking of getting modest breast implants while I'm under. I want to give my belly & back fat a new home in my, currently, flat booty. BBL is my priority, the boob job is secondary. I'm concerned about... READ MORE

Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!! - Miami, FL

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a Mcadoo doll 11/30/16 I'm so excited yalll...made my deposit and set my date im price includes the recovery house for me and my husband i will be having my surgery at spectrum in miami so ready to get my body back i have given my husband... READ MORE

Bbl dr pantojas

Hi everyone my name . Is nancy im 23 im 5"3 weigh about 165 and I really want to go to get this done but im having a hard time finding before and after pictures from doctors in Tijuana. I would really appreciate if someone could share with be there before and after pictures the experience and... READ MORE

2nd round with Dr.Pantoja breast lift with implant and more body grafting

I'm looking forward to BBL, full back and arm liposuction with tt. I actually narrowed down my Dr's to three. Dr. Pantoja, Dr. Luis Salas, and Dr. Campos. I first contact Dr Campos office through email and the office never responded. So that was that. Then I had Salas in mind but I had 2... READ MORE

Fisher doll Officially !!!

Hey bombshells I'm new to this site, I've been researching like crazy about BBL and doctors. It was really hard, at first I was wanting to go with Dr. Miami I follow him on my snap chat. He educates you as he makes you laugh while doing surgery i was sold!!! His staff are extremely friendly I... READ MORE

Dr. Alvarez Here I Come! - Miami, FL

I'm only a few weeks out now and I'm super excited! I've been waiting on this for a long time! About two years to be exact! I've been doing my research for a long time. I've come across many surgeons that I liked but I just haven't found THE ONE until now! Dr. Alvarez is board certified, his... READ MORE

Surgery W/ Dr. Velilla* Excited but SUPER NERVOUSE - Miramar, FL

Currently 168lbs height 5'7* I wasn't going to post or write a review but I was Like "why not" my experience can help someone the way Everyone here has helped me with my decision making & maybe someone reading this can give me advise or has had surgery with this doctor. I have a ok body "I... READ MORE

25yrs Old, 2kids,, Want my Prebabies Body Back

Hello everyone!! I am passed excited because I have recently scheduled my BBL for Nov 15. I had a rough year so I know I definitely deserve to do something for myself still have a few months but so far everything has been going great with my surgery consultant and I can't sit to become an... READ MORE

BBL This is for Me and my Self-esteem No One else

I am a 22y/o female in the military and ever since I was young I have always been very self conscious with my body mainly my stomach, butt, and legs. I have always had a bigger chest which I am currently 36DD and have never been too self conscious of them . Around the age of 17 I started... READ MORE

25 Years Old...2 Children....ready to Be a FISHER DOLL - Miami, FL

I booked my surgery for Dr.Fisher with Vanity Cosmetics a few months ago but didn't want to get on real self too soon! I basically have two months left and I am so anxious and counting down each day! Ever since I had my second son I gained a ton of weight in my stomach and back. I'm getting a... READ MORE


I absolutely loved my outcome. Now you can actually see where my butt ends. Lol. I recommend Dr Voskin to everyone. I'm actually going to have a second procedure soon I will keep everyone posted. He really makes you feel comfortable great thing is you're awake through it all. They call you to... READ MORE

British Doll..BBL & TT Dr Baez Yes Please - Dominican Republic

Well I am starting from beginning, so need to do everything, just payed deposit which the lady's at the bank took all year.... lol but dun. Email my copy of receipt.. Hoping for the 19th of October need to find a RH now... any help with anything from you dolls is a MASSIVE HELP.???? Before I... READ MORE

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