Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Mommy of 2 Ready for Her New Body! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey dolls, so I am somewhat new to this site. I have been stalking a lot of you doll's journey for a couple of months waiting for mine one day. I never thought I would be the one to want surgery until 2 kids later and my whole body going down south I'm talking stomach, boobs ext. I finally... READ MORE

BBL is scheduled! April 20.

I researched online and ret many reviews before I finally settled on Dr. Jugenburg. I watched his snapchat everyday for many months (highly recommended!) So far his staff has been very accommodating and friendly. Hi everyone! I'm just over 2 weeks away from my surgery. I feel like I haven't... READ MORE

Getting BBL with Dr. Dass May 2017!!

I've wanted this for a few years and researched doctors for this past year. I decided to go with Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills due to great reviews, quality work, and for safety reasons. I did not want to travel and was concerned about the risks involved so I wanted to choose a Dr that seemed the... READ MORE

Getting Sexy for my Wedding - Aventura, FL

This doc is bomb. So happy I found him and his amazing staff. They made me feel super comfortable and took the time to make sure I wasn't in any pain. Once that IV went in I don't recall anything lol I'm on 2 day post off and I only feel a little sore. No pain. I also had an etching Post op... READ MORE

22 Yr old, No kids, Getting BBL w/ Dr Manuel Diaz - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been researching Dr. Mallol & have been contacting him. He quoted me $3600 for the procedure and recovery house which is pretty good. I am not looking to have a big fat ass. Just a flat stomach and much better shape. My goal is to get a round heart shaped butt. I felt it was best to... READ MORE

29 Years Old Butt Lift and Buccal Fat Removal - Tijuana, MX Dr. Raul Gongora

I hope I have enough fat to transfer to my butt and also hope it gets distributed right and looks natural due to me having skinny legs I have been eating fat foods to gain some weight Im a bit scared and excited at the same time Im scared for the pain and the after care Also getting my... READ MORE

21 yr old, no kids! Seeking hour glass figure

My best friend got her breast augmentation with dr. Hanabergh. She is the one who refrred me out to new life ps. I went in with a friend of mine looking to see if getting a bbl, our consultate mar rubio was awesome, she made us feel comfortable and answered any questions we had. My package... READ MORE

Mexico BBL

Hi ladies I thinking of having the BBL procedure. I haven't decided on Dr. s yet. I'm between Dr.Suarez and Dr. Montfort both in Mexico! I'd love to hear feedback to help with my decision. I've had a few consults I'm being told by some that I don't have enough body fat others have told me they... READ MORE

29/F BBL Ready!

Hey Ya'll. First and foremost, i'm not new to this. I was set and all ready for my surgery last month but my hemoglobin was 11.3 and then dropped to a 10.7 so I had to reschedule. I never cried so hard in my life. I was done with everything. The fact is though it was my fault. I didn't start... READ MORE

Duran march 29th 2017

Hiii my fellow BBL Sisters I am addicted to this site every night before I go to bed I have to browse then sleep Better than counting sheeps trying to fall asleep lol. I came on this site looking for a Lipo surgeon for my sister and ended up finding out about BBL which I knew nothing about now... READ MORE

bbl alllll booked deposit paid - Burlington, ON

After months of regret not having everything done at once I'm finally going to get my flanks reduced and a little fat injected into my butt. PS said I won't need to worry about sitting down or too much time off work. Procedure done on Tuesday then back to work on Monday. So I'll use my 1st have... READ MORE

LIPO/BBL Dr. Dass - 39 Mother of Two

Hello I'm 5'1 weigh 139lbs and scheduled to get a bbl by Dr Dennis Dass in approx 2 weeks 4/7/17. I originally looked into having this procedure done like 10 yrs ago with Dr Mendieta from Miami FL and even went as far as having a face to face consult with him but at the end decided to wait until... READ MORE

dr. ramon sabala is the truth

So I was skeptical about going to DR, but with a lot of research I choose Dr. RAMON SABALA WHO PERFORMED LIPO AND BBL. I AM 10 days post op and loving my results. Ladies if you are considering going to DR and looking for a surgeon you cant go wrong with Dr. Sabala. Inbox me with any questions... READ MORE

Dr Mallol. London, UK to DR for Lipo and BBL

Had lipo in Turkey a few months ago. Not happy with the results so I'm off to DR for lipo round 2 and a DBL (Dominican butt lift ;) I'm attaching screenshots of the same generic email I see everyone else upload... yes I think he sends us all the same thing. Not complaining :) Paid my deposit... READ MORE

BBL with Dr. Valls

Hello so after years of researching I'm finally getting a bbl done .I'm super excited! Dr Valls is doing my surgery,I like him I I saw how great he does butts I don't want a huge butt just a nice shape.i already bought all my supplies the only thing I don't have is my bbl pillow and garment... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift, CG Cosmetics, Miami, FL NIGHTMARE RRRRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!

Hi Dolls, Scheduling my BBL at CG Cosmetic...What is a good recovery house at a good price? All suggestions are welcome, what was your experience, how was the price, how was the services included. How safe did you feel if you went alone. I'm kind of freaking out, but I believe this will help... READ MORE

25 years old wanna be Aslanified

I'm 24 years old my butt is so ugly no volume Nada a lot of cellulite.... I spend a lot of time reading reviews of bbl girl of dr Aslani and I bielive that he can achieve the butt I dream about ... I try to be realistic I just want a small rounded butt that look nice in dresses jeans that I can... READ MORE

25 and Ready to Be Beautiful ;)

I just booked through Mia aesthetics to have a BBL done by doctor Alvarez! I'm so excited and I hope to meet some girls who are going around the same time as me. May 3 of this year! I am still looking for a recovery house and suggestions would be appreciated. I am stressing already! Veterans... READ MORE

Thin Girl Getting Bbl and BA

Hi I've been on this website for years now and I've finally decided what doctor will be good for me, I've decided to go to Juan Diego mejia in Columbia, this doctor doesn't have a lot of reviews on BBl's so I'll probably be the first, my surgery is scheduled for May 3rd!!! I've never had surgery... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old 0 Kids - New Booty for Our Wedding! - Miami, FL

I was always athletic, had a great shape (flat stomach and perky butt) but after college I got a desk job, gained weight and lost the volume of my butt because I was sitting all day. Now that we are wedding planning, I want the body and booty of my dreams for the big day and my soon to be husband. READ MORE

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