Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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29 Years Old, 2 Kids,5'3 163lbs, Round 2 BBL Dr.Pantoja - Mexico, MX

I am motivated to get my Brazilian butt lift after getting my tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation. I loved my results so much that I feel like getting my butt done and some lipo would make me look even better. I am really looking forward to my Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Pantoja. Dr.... READ MORE

Lapband Patient from Australia Travelling to Miami for BBL - Surgery Booked for 21-03-2017 - Miami, FL

I have had a mixed experience so far. After some RS stalking, I had narrowed my options down to Dr Hasan and Dr Fisher. Contacted Vanity via email and after a response, called and spoke to Leo. She suggested I go with Dr Hasan - more than happy to, love his work! Through email correspondence... READ MORE


So, I have been researching for doctors on real self since, and wanted a bbl since forever. I like my body but there's nothing wrong with getting help with a little here and there as long as its natural. I REALLY wanted DR. Hasan to do it but at the moment I didn't have the money and i was... READ MORE

BBL with Dr. Schulman Coming Soon - New York, NY

I am 22 yrs old and with a case of too much stomach and not enough butt projection. I have searched for doctors and I've chosen Dr. Schulman because he is amazing! I've seen his live procedures on Snapchat and read so much about him. I went in today for my consultation and got a surgery date for... READ MORE

31 year old ready for a change

I decided to go with Dr. Pantoja after reading all the positive reviews and seeing the work he has done. I emailed his office and Nadia right away answered all my questions and concerns. Also emailed me a lot of pictures that made me not think about it twice READ MORE

Coming Soon!! Another Dr. Duran Doll-Dominican Republic

Can some please help me.. I need to make an deposit and get a date with Duran in Dominican Republic. I love in Cali. My birthday in June.. That's my treat to myeelf. HELP!! I needs Doll Mentor I didn't say my sentences correctly. But can someone please help and direct me to get my date with... READ MORE

Colombia or Dominican Republic???

So, I am having a hard time trying to find the right Surgeon for my procedure! I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpture. I've gotten quotes from several Surgeons and I've decided that the states are either too expensive or their work doesn't match what I want done. I want my waist... READ MORE

Soon to Be Yily Doll March 2017 - Dominican Republic

Hey guys, I'm 22 no kids, college student. I will be going to get my surgery with yily on march 14th 2017. I've been researching this surgery for about 2 years. Im about 180lbs, 5'5. I've literally been stalking yily on every social media site and I'm in love with her work. So far the... READ MORE

32 Year Old, Needing a BBL So I Can Love my Body Again - Manhattan, NY

Hi RS world! I decided to make this account because I do not know anyone whose shad cosmetic surgery. I've been thinking about doing this for almost 3 years and I finally have the funds to. I can't tell my family, they would absolutely condemn me, lol. In their eyes it's would be so much more I... READ MORE

26 looking for a small waist, big hips, and a natural curve

I am recovering very well and on track to go back to work this coming Wednesday. As of today I am 9 days post op and feeling great. I'm no longer sore and up moving more. I still walk with my butt poked out but I'm sure my walk will get normal once my butt drops and softens. I am loving my... READ MORE

30, 5'3, 140lbs - Tijuana, MX

I workout a lot and I learned that I have lose my butt for me to be able tone my abs and my arms.. I also just had a baby and I am 15lbs away from my comfortable weight, I like that my glutes are fuller right now but I also want to lose the extra weight and I don't want to say goodbye to them...... READ MORE

Asian 39 Yrs Old with 1 Child, BBL and Breast Augmentation

Hi ladies, I've been watching and reading everyone's pages for a while now not sure if I really wanted to have this done but just recently I told myself it's time now to do it while I'm still young and healthy. Plus just recently split with my exboyfriend of 11 yrs so it's time for a new me.... READ MORE

Realistic Expectations - Miami, FL

Nervous and excited at the same time. Trying not to set my expectations too high. I'm 5'8" 200lb. Hoping to drop 20 before my surgery date; initially started at 211, so we'll see. Arriving a day early and Looking to stay at a RH for six nights then fly back home. Depending on my results im... READ MORE

28 Yr Old Army Soldier Just Ready for a New Me

Booked my appointment with Dr. Alvarez for BBL and fat grafting and I have so many questions floating in my head. My appt is scheduled for March 28 but I'm calling to get that changed but the receptionist never answer the phone or return voicemails or phone calls. I'm so excited that I'm finally... READ MORE

Dr Rami Ghurani - Miami, FL

I'm a soon to be GhuraniDoll and I can't wait, if anyone has had this doctor please comment your experience, things needed, hotels near Spectrum and the ocean! At least I can look out the window while I'm Miami recovering. What was your down time pain level do the meds work for pain! Also what... READ MORE

My New Body

So...I wasn't going to start my review yet, because I am still months away from my sx date. But, I figured I would introduce myself so y'all can get to know me and get obsessed with this whole thing as much as I am :) I had no idea that sx takes about 3-4 months pre-prep time, just by getting... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old Mommy of 3......

So I have always wanted a nice perky bubble butt and small waist, but was not fortunate enough. Big butt don't run in my family. I'm a fitness fanatic and exercise has only helped my behind so much. So that is why I'm choosing to have Liposculpture along with BBL. I found Dr. Campos through this... READ MORE

***SELF REINVENTING BEGINS *** Fisher Doll 2016 - Miami, FL

After 2 years of lurking on realself I have finally found two doctors. Dr. fisher and Dr. Salzhauer both in Miami Florida. I have chosen to go with Dr. Fisher I am waiting to hear back from my coordinator on whats the next step. She gave me pricing and information but I have lot of questions. I... READ MORE

What a Time to Be Alive! Thank GOD for Modern Science

I am six days away from a fat transfer/BBL with Dr. Chris Ewart in Augusta, Georgia. I have always wanted a bigger behind with that hourglass shape. I have even considered butt implants, but after researching, found that fat transfer to the butt is better because 1. It liposuctions unwanted fat... READ MORE

Nervous and Excited - Miami, FL

Hello ladies :) It's my first time going under the knife and I'm super excited and nervous :) I just booked my appointment with Dr. Sergio alvarez !!!!! 05/23/17 I need help, I have so many questions The do's and don't's I have not yet book my recovery home, I don't know if I should just... READ MORE

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