Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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50 Tt, Bbl(want a Huge Ass N Hips) Agressive Lipo, Maybe Bl - Santo Domingo, DO

Have researched many doctors I think I really want to go with Dr. Manon as he seems to do better with big girls like me I want a tiny waist with huge hips and thighs. I originally was going to go with Dr. Mallol but I have a friend who recently had surgery with him and all of her fat was... READ MORE


Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last year but it didnt happen:-( So this year. I plan on getting lipo from my abdomen flanks back and arms into butt. I am also getting these low riders (my saggy DDs) lifted. I already sent my deposit, just need 2 confirm my date towards the end of... READ MORE

Future Hasan Doll! Cute in the Face, Just Need the Waist to Match! - Miami, FL

I've been stalking real self now for multiple years and now my time is finally coming, (if it be the Lord's will)! I am a 33 Year old Mother of 4 and this surgery is something that I have wanted for a long time. I plan on having the bbl done by none other than the great, Dr. Hasan! I'm 5'4 (and... READ MORE

(24yo Mom of 3) 5'4" 140lbs - Miami, FL

Hello! I've been stalking Real Self for a while now just recently made an account and I'm so excited to start but don't exactly know where! The hardest part is over though because I've officially decided on Dr. Fisher after tons of research and hours and hours looking at his work. Tons of... READ MORE

24 Years Old 5'5 and 180lbs

I always wanted a big butt and being on the waiting list for 2 years was worth every single day of the wait. Dr. Salzhauer went beyond my expectations. I am happy with my results!!! Recovery was tough but Beauty is power. If your looking for a surgeon "Dr. Miami" is the man & staff was... READ MORE

Ghurnified Light

Ladies do here it is. I have been searching here in the Midwest for a good decent plastic Surgeon. I have been in the medical field where I have work side by side with such. Unfortunately cosmetic surgery is overprice here. This is why I decided to keep searching after extended search I made my... READ MORE

BBL TT Lipo on July 20

Greetingss realself Fam???! After years of debate on deciding whether or not to go through surgery (bbl,tt,lipo) I finally chose my doctor (Robles).. Reading reviews on this site helped me get some insight of what's to come. Im glad to be able to use this platform to share my journey with ppl... READ MORE

24 years old 5'3 & 148 lbs

Help!! after search for many months I finally feel like I found the perfect doctor my surgery is basically paid off & with only 25 days until my surgery im starting to have second thoughts and decide to go to Miami to doctor Fisher. I feel bad because on my first consult with hazani he told... READ MORE

20 Year Old, No Kids Wanting a BBL - Miami, FL

I have just decided to go through with the process of getting a BBL. I have chosen Dr. Ortega as my surgeon. I am wanting to get volume in my hips and a nice big'ol booty. I just wanted to share on real self so I can get a good support group and maybe get tips to help me prepare for my BBL. I... READ MORE

I Love my Results with Dr Sato - Katy, TX

Dr sato is the best !!!!! i got a bbl done 1week ago and from the start she answered all of my questions made me feel very comfortable.Today was my appointment to check me and see how everything is going and let me tell you my body is bangin!!!!even though im still swollen and bruised you can... READ MORE

30, 1 Kid.. Ready for an Hour Glass Shape - Pasadena, CA Dr. Azad :)

On May 12th I attended a free consultation with Athenix Body Sculpting Institute in Pasadena, CA for fat transfer to the buttock. The consultation went great. Every employee at this location was so kind and welcoming. Before I met with Dr. Azad I went over what I was looking for with their... READ MORE

finally a beauty warrior

I had to delete my old account due to someone hacking it, so here's my new one. I'm in my 20s I have two beautiful kids a three year old boy and a little baby girl. It's time for me to fix my body though, I have everything ready. Just waiting for the day to arrive! I'm striving for 1,200 ccs in... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 2 Kids, Ghurani BBL

RealSelf was such an important tool in my search to a BBL that I decided to post my journey from medical clearance thru post op. I literally went thru hell trying to get cleared bc my primary doctor is so thorough. Failed the EKG bc I have anxiety but instead of giving up I wore a 24hr heart... READ MORE

OK! That's It.. I Will Be Somebody's BBL and LIPO Doll....Baez or Duran? That is the Question. - Dominican Republic, DO

After almost 3 years of research, and having at least 3 of my friends get this procedure done, I think it is safe to say that I am ready to take the plunge as well. At first I only wanted a breast augmentation, but over the years I've lost my sexy body and shape. Dieting and gym are not doing it... READ MORE

Want to Get Fisherfied!!! 33 Two Kids 5.1 and 120lbs - Miami, FL

So I am pretty new to this site. I have been stalking all the stories for about a month and finally got the nerve to contact Dr Jonathan Fisher's office through realself. I got a email right away from a coordinator named Anaily she answered all my questions but told me I would have to pay in... READ MORE

Soon to Be a Member of the Ghurani Big Booty Committee!!

I just paid my $500 deposit to reserve by BBL date. I'm no stranger to PS (breast aug, mini tt, full tt, and lipo). However, this will be my first time traveling alone and waking up on the other side solo dolo. But I really really want this and am willing to take that plunge. My coordinator Ana... READ MORE

Ready to Get Snatched, Fluffed and Shaped.

Getting ready to fix this bod by Dr. Hanaberg. My sx coordinator is Yaima. She takes forever to answer my questions. Just want to get this over with and start enjoying margaritas and beach vacations on, etc., dressing exactly how I want Am hoping to get a full back lipo, waist and... READ MORE

fisher doll bbl 2017 ready for this improved bootay!!!

Hey lovely dolls...I've been reviewing BBLs on this site for the last 2yrs or so. Excited to finally say I am officially scheduled with Dr. Fisher for 5/1/17!!! Soooo even though I still have some time ahead of me, I know it's going to approach faster than I think. I'll post some before pics... READ MORE

Hazani - BBL

I have a bbl scheduled with Dr. Hazani in the next couple of months!! I was originally going with Dr. Fisher last year, but to be honest , Vanity was way too sketchy. I have come across Hazani's reviews and they aren't really any negative ones. And the results he gives are amazing. I had a phone... READ MORE

BBL 5'4 145lbs - Miami, FL

I live in Missouri and decided to go to Miami to have my BBL done I liked Guhrani's work but can't quite afford his price so I'm going with Dr. Mel Ortega I hope that he can meet my needs and give me the body I been hoping for! My Coordinator is Emily I'm suppose to go out there May 8th! I've... READ MORE

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