Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Almost Married Future Alvarez Doll - Miami, FL

After checking out many reviews and you ladies feedback, before and after pics, I decided to go with the great Dr. Mel Ortega. He is booked for March so I cant go til April, uughh! Getting a breast reduction soon after my BBL. I checked into to Hasan who requires you to be under 165lbs and they... READ MORE

Dr. Aslani Marbella updated before and after

I have been inspired by two of my friends who had BBL surgery before me.I have been thinking about doing it for a while.when I had my initial consultation the doctor said he would want me to gain some more weight which I did not really want to do. He likes to do very big butts but what I am... READ MORE

Petite girl Bbl 4'11 120lbs

He knows how to work his magic with skinny girls! Super excited just got my date Aug 10th. Had to put down deposit to lock in date. Dr fisher reviewed my pictures and said he will give me my wish pic and I don't even have to gain any weight which is awesome. Looking for tips to save money and... READ MORE

Soon to Be Plazas Doll - Colombia

My BBL is scheduled for march 1st 2017. I'm excited and nervous. Anyone else going to Cali, Colombia around this time ? I'm coming from NY. I plan to get lipo and bbl. hoping for a big ol booty and tiny waist. If you have had a BBL from dr plazas please comment and hopefully tell me about your... READ MORE

BBL W/ Dr. Calva, Miami FL

Ready to finally do something abt my flat ass!!! I'm so excited, yet scared at the same time. Been following so many posts and reviews by others, and have finally decided in Dr Calva. I'm 5'3, and abt 160 lbs. My weight fluctuates a little up and down, but no matter what I do can't pump up my... READ MORE

Its time to get fine again!!!!

After having my beautiful baby girl my body went downhill. My butt went in and my belly went out. I have worked out and went on a diet it seems like my body isn't bouncing back. Trust me surgery was my last option but at 24 having a Buda belly aint hot at all. I want a BBL to get my figure right... READ MORE

27 Years Old, No Kids, Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation - Waldorf, MD

I met with Dr. Hakki about 3 weeks ago for consultation for a BBL. As soon as I walked in, I was so impressed with how beautiful the office was. I was immediately greeted by Kita who I had actually previously spoken with on the phone when I expressed interest in a consultation. She was very... READ MORE

Now Switching to Hassan - Miami, FL

Was going with Dr Ortega but now switch to Dr Hassan at vanity only bc i don't see to much of Ortegas work and it looks like dr Hassan is more aggressive I am 5"4 183 lbs I have love handles for days and a my stomach is a little pouch I can't take it anymore I have hips and I'm thick already... READ MORE

it's official, i am finally a hazani doll! - Beverly Hills, CA

Hi fellow realself members! it is just now that I decided to post here. I've been trolling this website for a couple of months now. I've been looking and researching doctors who is best in the field of BBL and I dont mind if I travel in different state to have this procedure. I found Dr Hazani... READ MORE

44 yrs old and been needing a butt for 44yrs lol!!

Hello ladies!!!! I'm now 6 days away to like Dr valls work his magic on me!!! Excited and very nervous but I'm just going to stay prayed up and leave it in my God's hands!! And know that he has me and everything will be ok READ MORE

Alvarez doll to be - BBL

Hey ladies! I plan on flying to Miami by the end of April or March for a BBL and in need of some honest reviews. I am trying to decide on which doctor to I want to do my BBL Dr. Ortega or Dr.Fisher. I have been researching and looking at pictures but I haven't really been able to locate enough... READ MORE

26 YEAR OLD Goes for Brazilian Butt Lift!

So ever since I was in elementary school I was told my butt was flat. As I got older I just looked square so now I have decided that I am going to have a BBL! I am 5'2, 130 and natural 34DD Boobs and hope to look more shapely for my petite frame. I am a size 2/4 in jeans and I hope that I can... READ MORE

30 Yr, No Children, BLL and additional lipo of inner thighs

I have wanted this for so long, 10 years or more. My deposit is made and my supples have been ordered. There are some miscellaneous stuff that I will still need to order but main stuff I have. I was told to gain weight because I'm roughly about 5ft 5 and 130 to 135 usually. I'm aim for 150 to... READ MORE

Consult Nov 4th with Dr. S Alvarez. Miami, FL

I have a consult with Dr. S Alvarez on Friday Nov 4th and I can't wait !!!!!! Hopefully he is the doctor that I choose. I have been on this search for a while and I am hoping he will be the one. I am 30years old I am 5'6 and 175 pounds. I am not knowing if I am needing a BBL .... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift- Jacksonville, FL

Today I paid for my bbl in full and I'm scheduled for 3/30/2017...I'm uber excited ???? I weigh 154 and I'm 5"3; I had consultation on 2/3/2017...outstanding surgeon (Dr Hardy). They offer a military discount ???? I have to have some preop work done; all have to be completed no more than 30 days... READ MORE

New Booty Coming

Hello dolls, I begin my BBL journey today. I'm 35 years old and have 4 children and ready for a new booty. I just locked in the date with Dr Calva for March 29th and booked my stay with Claudia Recovery House for 2 nights and then will continue my recovery in a airbnb. I'm very excited and... READ MORE

New Peach wanted!

Heyyy Real Self Bloggers! Im scheduled with Dr Hasan on April 5th. When I started my search for a Dr in December I was between Salama, Jimerson, Rodriguez , Molina, Ferreros in no particular order. I fault they all could gave me that Silhouette BBL look I wanted. I ruled out travel to DR. I... READ MORE

25 Year Old Future Llorente Doll

I am a 25 year old female. I have been contemplating liposuction for about two years now as i struggled with weight loss due to hormonal imbalance also known as PCOS. I first visited Dr.Pakeman in New York two years in a row and he was realistic and told me i needed to lose weight. I was 230 at... READ MORE

BBL and fat transfer with Sergio Alvarez - switched drs!!

Finally decided to follow through with getting a brazilian butt lift after spending literally 2 years reading and stalking everyone else's reviews. I work out everyday. I don't want to be skinny or slim, honestly I just want to look nice in a pair of jeans and wear a thong bikini on the beach.... READ MORE

Want my Body Back, Full Body Lipo with Dr. Villalobos Cali Colombia

Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and having lower back surgery. Weight simply will not bulge so I am going to get help. Have been a member of this site for a number of years just browsing around, reading stories and stalking Dr's. I sent out four consult request, all responded and I... READ MORE

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