Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Finally decided to follow through with getting a brazilian butt lift after spending literally 2 years reading and stalking everyone else's reviews. I work out everyday. I don't want to be skinny or slim, honestly I just want to look nice in a pair of jeans and wear a thong bikini on the beach.... READ MORE

So I guess I will start with a short introduction. I am 26 years old and am a single mother to one child. I have been overweight/obese all of my life. For years I have tried to get on the "weight loss train" but life always got in the way. After finally securing my dream job after finishing... READ MORE

Hi, my name is Marquiesha and I am 21 years old. I have an almost 5 year old son who I adore and love more than anything or anyone. I was in an off and on relationship for almost 2 years now, not with my son's dad. He was a jerk lol, well they both were really. I am newly single and ready for a... READ MORE

I'm lost for words right now. My friend flew way to Miami today because she was scheduled with Dr. O and his butt aint even there no more. I'm scheduled for Hasan in May and they reassured me he will be back. Im really thinking about looking somewhere else. I don't know what to... READ MORE

I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want more children. I have gain and lost pounds in the last 3 yrs. The lowest weight I have had is 135 lbs and my current weight is 180 lbs and am 5'4. I have weighed that for almost a year now, so I feel that this is going to be my weight and I am... READ MORE

So I been on this site for a while and I even had my own boyfriend look into the site for me since I like to hear other opinions. I am 20 years old turning 21 in August. No kids and have been fit all my life. I'm not big nor am I super skinny. I have an athletic tone to my body therefore my... READ MORE

Hey bombshells I'm new to this site, I've been researching like crazy about BBL and doctors. It was really hard, at first I was wanting to go with Dr. Miami I follow him on my snap chat. He educates you as he makes you laugh while doing surgery i was sold!!! His staff are extremely friendly I... READ MORE

Hi, I have been stalking on and off for over a year but got serious about doing a BBL a couple weeks ago. I am scheduled July 20th with Mcadoo. I was nervous at first because I heard all kinds of things. He answered my email with questions the same day. So it made me feel a bit better. I am more... READ MORE

I'm currently 5'5 weighing 144 , I've been looking into getting a BBL for the past year already, and I've been keeping my eye out on Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana and Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills . Just don't wanna go with the wrong decision, Need of your help ladies :/ any before and after or even... READ MORE

**2 DAYS POST-OP** I've been looking into BBL surgeons for the past 5 years. I went to consultation after consultation never feeling as if i got the response I was looking for. I made a decision to consult with Doctor Hazani, and all i can say is that i have never felt so comfortable. He makes... READ MORE

I was scheduled with Hasan but now I'm with Mcadoo. I can't wait to have the curves that I desire. I know Mcadoo can give me that! I've been slim and athletic my whole is time to stop done traffic! I wanna feel sexy for myself and my man (he's 25...don't judge lol). I stopped eating... READ MORE

So I decided to start a new review my other one was a year old and confusing....So this is it am about 3 weeks away.....well everything went well with extraction of my tooth and my I took the last antibiotic today I should be good to go Wednesday for blood work......I plan to work out... READ MORE

I want to be transformed so that I can love myself again! I use to be really fit and after my last baby a little over a year ago - I got injured and could not workout. So after my surgery to fix my ACL I still can't workout for 9-12 months! So here comes depression and weight gain and still... READ MORE

Okay made my Deposit...Am tired of stalking...smh.. there was only 2 who caught my attention Dr.Cortes and Dr.Ortega...but my mind is made and am comfortable in My decision I like his simpleness not too much not to little just right with hourglass effects and projection just how I want... READ MORE

So I have been thinking and thinking about getting a few things done since my last pregnancy. I have 6 boys and 3 girls. They are 25 25 22 18 16 12 11 4 and 1. I want a BBL TT BA BL and LIPO if it's not covered with the BBL. I have decided on DURAN. I contacted her on Monday she got back with... READ MORE

Today was my consultation with Dr. Salama and I just have to say after talking with him I can't be more excited! I know it's a long way from now but I will be counting down the days! Dr. Salama took his time explaining everything to me and answered all my questions the staff was very nice. I... READ MORE

I've been reading reviews since 2014 and I'm now ready to take notes. I'm getting married and want my perfect body. I said I won't walk down the aisle without having a butt and waistline! In October 2016 I plan on taking a trip to the DR to see the facility and talk with someone in person. Has... READ MORE

Nerves kicking in the day has finally come, I managed to get a surgery date at the end of August. I had preferred late October because i miss part of the beach season, but there was no avilability. My bum is not too bad but I and looking for more roundness and projection. This place was very... READ MORE

Hi dolls ! I want to start off by saying my name is Aileen I have been wanting to get this procedure since last year finally got a consultation back in March and my date is slowly approaching July 21st ! I am 20 years old (please don't tell me I'm too young) :) . I am about 5"1 and weight 145 .... READ MORE

I am super excited to be getting the procedure done, I get my blood work on Monday and then the procedure is March 7. I do not want anything that looks unnatural but the goal is to achieve a nice shape. After a month of recovering, I will get back in the gym :-) I am totally nervous only 24, but... READ MORE

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