Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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31 Year Old Mother of Two Getting Lipo/BBl with Dr. Alvarez - Miami, FL

Hello I'm a proud mom of two little people. Well one a teenager now. I was a teen parent who lost their perfect flat stomach and body at such a young age. I'm now 31 and my fiancé and I both decided we are done with kids as he also has a daughter. He sees how insure I've been and helped me look ... READ MORE

Llorente Doll in September!

I am a 27 year old female. No kids. 5'7" 187 lbs. I am interested in a BBL with a tiny little waist and a big ole bubble butt. I am looking for surgeons in this area but now I'm leaning towards Miami or GA area. Trying to get things done by the end of the year. I'm seeing a lot of reviews with... READ MORE

29 Yr Old 1 Kid

Im expecting a dramatic change lol i am super excited i know i will receive the results i want because so far Dr.hazani is a very very knowledgeable doctor and he really knows what hes doing. After my baby my body was just not the same. So far i have gotten everything i meed to after the surgery... READ MORE

25 Year Old, 2 Kids, in Desperate Need of Lipo, TT, and BBL

So I'm a mom of 2, I don't plan on having anymore, I have chosen Dr Emmanuel Mallol for Lipo, TT, and BBL. I will also be getting additional lol to my thighs and arms, as fat transfer to under eye. I my surgery date is 7/6/17, I will update my real self along the way and record my entire journey :). READ MORE

22 Years Old , 1 Child and No Butt

Getting a bbl. yes i do a have stretch marks but I don't mind my skin is a little loose but not to the point where I think I need a tummy tuck. I have always wanted a booty and I've always been flat back there. Always has been my insecurity. I thought maybe after having a baby I'd have maybe... READ MORE

Flat to Phat Bootay!!!

So I will be having my surgery in a little less than 3 weeks. Im not that nervous yet cause it feels unreal so far but extremely excited. I have stalked this site for a long time now and it has become like fb to me lol. I get mixed emotions cause I see so many success stories but also bad... READ MORE

43, BBL and Chin Lipo

Hello! I don't have much to say yet as surgery is upcoming. After much much research and thought, I decided to do this for myself (my body, my money!) I have always had an issue with my shape (little to no waist) and thought this was the perfect procedure to address, while at the same time... READ MORE

new body for my birthday - Miami, FL

So I seen a promo add on ig and thought I would give it a try considering I'm a mother of two and the price I just couldn't beat I thought it was for Ortega I was informed after at it was for doc Martinez I was like ok kool so I paid my deposit not til after I paid deposit did I try to research... READ MORE

18 Years Old. No Kids. Dr. Yily

Surgery in a week! So nervous. Hoping Dr. Yily can give me the body I've always wanted. Here are some wish pics. I'm getting a BBL and Lipo. So far Dr. Yily has been very god with replying back to me. I will be sure to keep you guys posted with everything. I'm just ow learning how to use... READ MORE

Brazilian makeover package with Aslani first step completed 2400cc!

I want to achieve a very dramatic result. My butt now has no projection and looks pretty plan is to do two rounds if necessary.  I have researched doctors in u.s.,turkey,spain and DR. There is good and bad to every option........... U.S:mainly looked into dr.fisher who does the style ... READ MORE

Getting BBL + Lipo with Dr Mota in Dominican Republic

Hello Everyone! I am super excited and nervous at the same time because I've just received a quote from Dr Mallol. I am 27 from London and have been looking into getting BBL for years now but never had the finances or always put it down to having a mindset. Now that I'm more mature my mind has... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, No Kids, Ready for a New Body - Soon to be Dr.Calva Patient!

So I have been doing my research for 6 months now and I'm really looking forward to a new body. I am very self conscious of my stomach and butt. Mainly because I don't have a shape and not proportion nicely. So I'm aiming for a slim waist and butt that levels out to my thighs. I am going with... READ MORE

Mallol Doll 2017

Hello ladies, I finally got a chance to get on here and share my bbl journey with you guys. I'm scheduled to have surgery with dr. Mallol and I am very excited. I'm trusting him with my body and I feel like he can give me the results I want .I am going to post some of my wish pics of what I'm... READ MORE

Finally about to be a Blinksi doll - Miami, FL

I am just happy that I decided to stop procrastinating and get it over with! I am super excited and nervous at the same time. Im 5'4 170lbs hoping im not too fat for this lipo. Still debating on the bbl part. I only have 15 days...I dont have any supplies or anything I need. Please help ladies... READ MORE

BURNED and SCARRED BY Dr. Villalobos Cali Colombia

Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and having lower back surgery. Weight simply will not bulge so I am going to get help. Have been a member of this site for a number of years just browsing around, reading stories and stalking Dr's. I sent out four consult request, all responded and I... READ MORE

26 Years Old One Child 165lbs

I have officially booked my bbl with doctor Fisher for July 7, 2017… I'm really nervous and excited I have gone there and had my blood work done everything came back good.... so now it's the waiting game... i've been reading up on everyone's experiences on here and I'm kind of scared of the r... READ MORE

36, 2 kids! GIVE ME MY BODY BACK PLEASE DR DURAN- 36 Years Old. Dominican Republic, DO

After silently lurking RS for over 1.5 years, I have FINALLY decided to join the moment. I have read countless reviews, viewed pre/post-op picture daily and finally narrowed it down to "THE BEST SURGEON"! for the job. So the beginning of my journey started out with figuring out how get in... READ MORE

In Much Need of a Newly Shaped Body

For more than 20 years,'I've always had a desire to have a bigger booty and smaller waist. My weight fluctuated over the past few years and I got the waist that I wanted but not the booty. To make a long story short. On June 9, 2016, I flew from Memphis, TN to Miami to get a bbl by Dr. Daniel... READ MORE

Sexy Just Got Sexxier!!

So, I am an active 40 year old active professional. over the years, my butt has dropped. I haven't worked out in over a year, so my body is not like it use to be. I'm 5'8 and normally 144lbs. I've been gaining weight to get a bbl and I hate it. I'm going with Dr. Okoro, because I don't want... READ MORE

Dr Hsu BBL Journey! - Houston, TX

He had excellent reviews, and his results are exactly what I'm looking for! Very etched stomach, tiny waist, small perky, athletic booty. And only 3 miles away! I am 33, 140ish pounds, no kids, with PCOS, so I carry extra "fluff" around my midsection. That "fluff" is hindering my every day... READ MORE

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