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28 Yo, Latinamerican, No Kids LIPO (Front and Sides, Arms)

Well I been thinking about write a review all this month, but I just decided today (my surgery is 6 hours lol). First thing to say is sorry for my English, my first language is Spanish so maybe I don't write perfectly, I hope you girls can understand me. I'm 28 years old mixed raced... READ MORE

28 y.o. ready to be slim thick with my cute ass!!

Hi RS family! I have been stalking this site a few weeks now. I want to book an appointment for a BBL early- November and I'm looking at surgeons right now. My stomach and ass seem to poke out the same amount. This needs to happen. I deserve a bomb ass body. Anyone got thoughts to help me... READ MORE

37 Y/o I Want Hips and a Juicy Butt! - Miami, FL

I inquired with Eres in Miami so far!! They have responded quickly and very friendly.. I'm requesting Dr. J Fisher when I pay my deposit on April 14.. just going to be a stalker .. his work has been constant and all the ladies have been satisfied.. just now looking for an recovery house. I'm... READ MORE

Butt Implants with fat transfer

I've been wanting to do this for the last 3 years and I'm finally going to do it. I didn't even know I needed anything done to my butt (as I was always complimented on it) until I was taking a selfie and realized it had some how deflated. I knew it wasn't as big as it was when I was 50lbs... READ MORE

29 Yrs!! Dirty 30 on its way, Starting my fit life at 250ISH lbs, 42.1 BMI, 5'4 or 5'5 after weight loss Im surgery ready!!

I was considering Dr Yily just up until paying my deposit last week when i seen RECENT reviews the work was AWESOME but the experince and stories i just cant deal with i would rather pay extra and stay in the States vs being mistreated and pay less. Plus she quoted me to do both my BBL and... READ MORE

Breast Aug and BBL - New York, NY

Hi, I've been thinking about this for awhile. I'm about to be 40, and I had my son at 15 years old. So my body wasn't fully developed and I ruined some things. How, I finally have to courage to get my body back.....I want this procedure and I want to be happy with my results. I've been doing... READ MORE

Ready for Some CURVES

Want a snatched waist with curves finally decided on Dr Llorente and I'm super excited. I'm scheduled for August 24th an will be 6 weeks post op breast reduction. I've lurked real self for about 2 years I previously was really considering Dr . Fisher but he staff there were untrustworthy so... READ MORE

50yrs Old. Getting Her Sexy Back

Well ladies I have been wanting a bbl for many years and decided that it's time. I live in Texas. After researching doctors here in Texas, at the time, I only found one that I was pleased with his work, after driving 3 hours to talk with him. He told me that I would be a good candidate. I was... READ MORE

23 liposuction bbl + fat transfer to lips. Melbourne, AU

I took these pictures the night before my Liposuction and fat transfer. I'm 23 years old and weighed 77.5kgs. I decided to get liposuction for two reasons. 1. I have never actually owned bikini. 2. Unlike many people, I couldn't stay motivated to go to the gym. Main reason was because of my... READ MORE

Bbl in New Jersey - Westfield, NJ

Will be having a bbl, with Dr Carlos Burnett .. This wasn't my original doctor of choice however when meeting him it just felt right..However he doesn't have any previous bbl's I'm interested in.. So I'm just basically going in with faith lol hopefully he can give me he the out of state results... READ MORE

Dr. Aslani is the best surgeon in Europa!!

Dr. Aslani is the best and most professional beauty surgeon in europe! My experience with Cirumed Clinic was very very good !! I'm 27 years old and live in Switzerland. I was so unhappy with my body and went to a very famous beauty surgeon here in switzerland because I wanted to make a brazilian... READ MORE

Better Late Than Never BBL

I've thought about lipo for years... YEARS i tell you! I am small (under 5" 5 and less than 140lbs) but i carry my weight around my stomach area, so no matter how much i diet/exercise, i always look disproportionate, like a bobble head, but the head is my belly (Yes it wobbles too). I finally... READ MORE

Ready For A Change

Hello Ladies Well this is my first post I've been researching and review lean in reading up on all of your experiences and I am in the process of trying to find my doctor. This will be my 2nd round. The first time was back in 2013 with Dr. Robert Yoho in Pasadena and everything went great there... READ MORE

Hands down the best plastic surgeon in the country!

Nothing but perfection (no pun intended). I recently had a BBL with Dr. Cruise and i'm sooooo incredibly happy with the results! He far exceeded my expectations and has an incredible attention to detail not to mention hands of gold! Anyone looking into getting done should go see him, you will... READ MORE

21 Year Old Mom and Entertainer For BBL - New Orleans, LA

Hi there , I'm Goddess 20 years old and looking forward to getting a Brazilian Butt Lift . I'm currently 5 months pregnant with my first and only child and due May 10th 2017. I plan to schedule my surgery 6 months or so after delivering just to give myself enough time to shake back from birth... READ MORE

38 years old , from Philadelphia

Hello dolls ! All I can say I knew about BBL 10 years ago ! I always been athletic and active and never had booty but in my younger age - it didn't bother me at all ! Once I turned 30 , my love handles and kangaroo pouch starting slowly creeping up my body ! Just recently I heard about bbl and... READ MORE

Dr.Collins Doll Raleigh, NC

GM Dolls, I have finally made my deposit and picked a date with Dr.Osak @ Spectrum. This has been something I wanted to do for a long time but never found the time because I had to play my other role in life like: mother, student and fulltime worker. School is finished, and I'm focusing on a New... READ MORE


I'm so happy with my bbl results and grateful for doing my research and finding Dr. Parikh. I've had many consultations from Bellevue to Lynwood Wa and have had cosmetics surgery in Beverly Hills, CA and NYC in the past so I've had my share of meeting dozens and dozens of cosmetic surgeons and... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old, 5"10, 160lbs, Muffin Tops, Hip Dips

No matter how hard i workout my muffin tops never go away which only made my hip dips more noticeable. I had inner thigh & muffin top lipo, ab etching and fat transfer to hip dip area. Most difficult part of recovery is sore muscles from inner thigh lipo but 2wks post op and my swelling is... READ MORE

do not get a bbl!

So a couple months ago I "took the plunge" and booked my bbl with Dr. Salama. I have been wanted to do this for over 2 years. Today I had my preop clearance appointment and labs. CBC, u/a, hcg all good. Other labs are still pending. I haven't booked my flight yet. but I will soon. I reserved a... READ MORE

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