Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Valls Doll in the making!!!

I am booked and excited to get to Miami to Dr. Ortega!!! Has anyone recently been to him? How was your experience? I am nervous but it's much need! I was told to gain 10 more pounds (160( to see better results so I'm looking for some ideas on how I can add some pounds. I won't be getting my... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, Needs a Snatched Waist - Brooklyn, NY

Talked to Dr Voskin today. He made me laugh and made me feel very comfortable. I asked him many questions and he told me honest answers. I am booking my date tomorrow I am so excited. They quoted me a very good price considering I am getting liposuction on my back, flanks and lower and upper... READ MORE

25 Years Old. Mother of 3 in Need of a Bounce Back Body - Jalisco, MX

Scheduled for surgery March 27, 2017. Dr. Arenas and his staff have been very responsive, very sweet friendly people. They have answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable! I am looking forward to my surgery! A little nervous but I've wanted this for a long time! I will keep you... READ MORE

24, 3 Boys and I Want to Feel Confident Again!!

I'm obsessed with getting a bbl i want a body again, My kids are 3 1/2 yrs apart and every time i had a kid my body got worse after my last son (Hes 2) i lost all my weight but i had no body, i gained all my weight back and some and now i hate the way i look im the heaviest ive ever been. Ive... READ MORE

27yrs Old, 1 Kid, I Need a BBL - Manhattan, NY

Looking for a surgeon that can deliver this!! It's so hard finding the right one. This is me 2 years ago before I had my baby. I photoshopped myself on how i wanna look. I want more volume with a heart shape butt ;) I'll would be posting how I look now after the baby :( I just started... READ MORE

BBL #2 Dr Calva

This is my second BBL but it will be my first BBL by Dr Calva. I chose Dr Calva because I love his results the tiny waits as well as the round and plump backside projection he gives. I am excited about going with him. I wish I could have my BBL sooner but I am having a BA done by him on friday... READ MORE

Bbl and Lipo with Dr. Calva... Need Sx Buddy for Hotel

I am having a bbl and lipo with dr. Calva June 16th, 2017..I'm looking for someone to split a hotel or airbnb with and maybe a private nurse. I had a breast augmentation in February and stayed at a recovery home, I don't think I need to this time if I can find someone to be with. I think the... READ MORE

Dr Rami Ghurani - Miami, FL

I'm a soon to be GhuraniDoll and I can't wait, if anyone has had this doctor please comment your experience, things needed, hotels near Spectrum and the ocean! At least I can look out the window while I'm Miami recovering. What was your down time pain level do the meds work for pain! Also what... READ MORE

56 Year Old 4 Children Ready for a New Body - Miami, FL

I have not met Dr. Salama , but if he is as great as my coordinator Cynthia I know I am in great hands. She takes her time with me to make sure I am well informed about my options. I would like an apple ???? bottom. My husband and I have talked about the procedure. He's very supportive. I am... READ MORE

22 No Kids in Need of a Flatter Tummy and a Bigger Butt

Overall my experience has been extremely painful. I went to Seduction cosmetics by Jordon because I liked their prices reviews and their doctors work. Everyone was very helpful in getting my payments, collecting consult photos and getting any paper work or testing done prior to surgery. I... READ MORE

30, 2 Kids and Ready to Get Back to ME!!!

After 2 kids back to back (a year and half apart), I am beyond ready to get my body back!!! Scheduled with Dr. Hanabergh in ONE WEEK! (Excited) Everything is paid/flight booked/resort booked Now let's talk about my nerves!! Lol I haven't purchased much for post op, but will over the next... READ MORE

26 Y/O BBL in Turkey

I have been considering this surgery for years now. my weight fluctuates every so often but even when I am at a lower weight my stomach is never flat. I want to feel confident in swimwear and comfortably wear the clothes I like. After finishing university I have decided that this will be the... READ MORE

33 Years Old Future Velilla Doll - Miramar Beach, FL

After turning 30, my body has changed and seems like gravity is taking over. I've always been thick which I love but now it's turned to chubby. I'm obsessed with looking at b4 and after pics of bbl's which made me do a lot of research. I love the results from Doctors in DR however there are many... READ MORE

28 yr old 3 kids and ready for my new body

I chose Dr. J Molina obviously not based on fame becaus I haven't seen or heard anything about him or his work via YouTube or even google search but I do have a childhood friend that went to him and she looks great!!!! Veryyyy natural which is what I'm most concerned about! Our communication... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 1 Kid, Mommy Makeover Surgery Journey - Santo Domingo, DR

Hey girls, so I've been doing research for a while for the best surgeon for my bbl, I decided to with Cabral. I just love the tiny waist with big butts that he gives. I like his results the most, and I after doing some research I found that mostly all of the known doctors have deaths. I... READ MORE

28 Yr Old Army Soldier Just Ready for a New Me

Booked my appointment with Dr. Alvarez for BBL and fat grafting and I have so many questions floating in my head. My appt is scheduled for March 28 but I'm calling to get that changed but the receptionist never answer the phone or return voicemails or phone calls. I'm so excited that I'm finally... READ MORE

Future (Wendell) Perry Princess - Miramar Beach, FL

I have been researching BBLs for several years. I have toyed with the idea of going to South America for surgery but decided against it. Now that I have the finances I have decided on Dr. Wendell Perry (over Blinski). He is very knowledgeable and honest and puts your health and wellbeing first.... READ MORE

Before Pics - Miami, FL

Omg these are terrible! but for sure the reason I'm doing this.. When i think back of my high school days and how much i was teased for not having a but.. was called a surf board! anyway grew up to have good boobs LOL but man! i so wanted the butt. February can't come fast enough.. still... READ MORE

Just a boost of confidence

I consider myself average build 5'4. I've always dreamed of having a bigger butt and finally decided to go through. Now that the date is approaching I'm getting so nervous. Did any of the other dolls feel this way, pumped at first and then really nervous as you got sliced to the date?The staff... READ MORE

Decided to Go with Dr. Fisher BBL/ARM/THIGH LIPO. - Miami, FL

I've been stalking BOTH Hasan's and Fisher's pages daily for a long time. Originally wanted Hasan, but very hesitant since there is no for sure date that he is coming back. Decided to schedule with Fisher. I will be getting bbl w/fat transfer as well as thigh lipo. Looking for advice on what to... READ MORE

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