Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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BBL with Valls

Okay ladies. I'm scared as hell. My surgery day is coming very soon! I'll be uploading before photos here soon an I'll keep updating after. I didn't realize how much aftercare Maintance it is with the faja's and foam boards and what not. I go in for blood work tomorrow. Fingers crossed... READ MORE


Already put my deposit in for a bbl for vanitas medical group very nervous but excited i definitely hope I will see a big difference ! Follow my jaurney guys procuder date for July 25th I already did the pre op today ! The hardest thing I have to do is stop smoking yikes! And tomorrow I will be... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Kids my Second Round of BBL!

So let me start off by saying I had a bbl done by another dr in 2016, He was great and so was all his staff. I loved the results I got compared to what I previously had but knew I wanted more of a bubble butt! I have ALWAYS WATCHED DR.Miami, Realdrfeelgood (Mark Lowney) and more of the dr Miami... READ MORE

bbl - Sydney, AU

Hi Everyone, I have been reading some reviews im currently looking into getting the BBL although being from Australia i haven't really come across any doctors that i feel would do the job im after seeing its such a popular surgery in the states and other parts of the world plus half the price... READ MORE


I added the cost of surgery. $5500 Recovery House-$1000-1500 Extra for massages, Fajas-$1000 Ok. A little about me. I'm 5'5", 36 (will be 37 in Aug. if the Lord say the same) Ayyyyye. Im gone be fine for my birthday! Ok. I got excited. Anyway, I'm 173 pounds. I have been wanting a big a $$... READ MORE

26, No Kids, Ready for the Shape I've Always Wanted

So a couple months ago I "took the plunge" and booked my bbl with Dr. Salama. I have been wanted to do this for over 2 years. Today I had my preop clearance appointment and labs. CBC, u/a, hcg all good. Other labs are still pending. I haven't booked my flight yet. but I will soon. I reserved a... READ MORE

22 2 kids c section times two - Houston, TX

Ok as you can see I have been on this site for a while now researching doctors I have had plenty of possibles but I chose to go with dr Patrick Hsu in Houston tx I just feel he is very passionate in what he does simply because of the way he takes care and loves the breast cancer patients and... READ MORE

Second Round of BBL Becoming a Hasan Doll - Miami, FL

I'm going for my second round July 28th can't wait I received my first bbl dec 2015 with dr Yoho in Pasadena Ca and he did a beautiful job I just want more hips which was not added in the first bbl a bigger butt and smaller waist. The countdown is on!!!! ???? I spoke with Melissa and she was... READ MORE

Much Needed BBL W/Lipo in 12 Areas

I am only 5 weeks post op and I am loving my results so far. I am a 50 year old Nana and for me the sky is the limit! Don't care what people think about what I do with my body as long as I look good and I'm happy, so for all you beautiful ladies that are 45 and up if you want to enhance,... READ MORE

chin reduction

Im going to get lipo on my stomach and back the transfer to my butt need my sexy back childbirth took its tole on mi im frustrated doing so many research regarding my surgery im on my quest for a beautiful body again this summer is my summer how long wil the swelling tske to go down help... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Toddlers and Wanting a Fab BBL! Fisher Doll!

I am in the searching stage of my surgeon that I would love to have this procedure, slim lipo with a BBL. I found Dr. Lipo on Instagram and loved his B &a A. So I went in his website for an out of town consultation. Carmen was very helpful and I submitted my photos and demographics to her to... READ MORE

BBL and BA SEPTEMBER 2017 - Miami, FL

Hi guys I'm getting my bbl done with Dr Miami in September of 2017. I'm so nervous about it because reading reviews I'm hoping mines comes or amazing. So I'm 21 5'7 and 151lbs. I used to weigh 210 and lost weight when I was 17. I lost my ass completely I am now a fitness girl and does crossfit... READ MORE

29 Yo 4 Kids Flat Butt Big Gut Uneven Boobies Not Happy!

I've been really contemplating on getting surgery done for myself. Since 6th grade I've been teased about my shape. I've never had a butt just big boobs and a pretty face. Mom of 4 I breast fed my third oldest until he was 3 while breast feeding my last baby. My boobs are so flip flop a uneven... READ MORE

Okay Ladies! Ready for BBL but have questions!!

Interested in seeing some of Dr. Salamas BBL work done on other ladies. Would love to hear more about what I should expect when doing the surgery. Really interested in know recovery time and pain. I really want to have lipo done in my arms and I've heard it's very painful and not worth the pain.... READ MORE

29 Unhappy with my Body I Hope This is the Right Decision - Seattle, WA

I'm so nervous I've read so many different experiences. And have seen a million pics. I'm getting my procedure done in Seattle,Wa but I've read lots of girls out of the country. Why? Is it Better to go to the DR ? Are all the things pictured a must need ? During my consultation no one ever... READ MORE

My Before and After Pictures!!

Hi I already posted my experience with Dr. Castillo but I didnt post any pics, so now here are some pictures I took by myself, well the doctor have the original photos, i took these by myself, and I couldnt go for my after surgery appointment because I had to back to the states because just got... READ MORE

Flat Booty and Deflated Breasts

On May 4th i decided it was time i got myself a new round booty. I did a lot of research, read through many reviews, and looked through many websites. In the end i decided the best surgeon for me was Dr Salama. I was very nervous in the beginning but the more i spoke with the staff the better i... READ MORE

POST OP! Dr Ghurani is the best!!

So I used Ghurani for my breast aug March 2015. He was awesome! I initially scheduled my BBL with Alvarez, but he ended up leaving the office. I was able to change to Ghurani for the same price. He's done some amazing BBLs! So I am looking for a more womanly figure. I don't have any hips ugh. I... READ MORE

32 Mother of 2, 2nd Review

Hi ya'll Ok so I have another review under the same name for Dr. Cynthia Disla. I went to her in January 2017 and couldn't have surgery because I found out I was diabetic with an A1c of 9.5 and had no idea although my PCP had labs in her possession that showed I had been since at least mid 2015... READ MORE

42 Puerto Rican Much Needed a Butt Lift and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

I very happy with my outcome. I'm very conservative and my doctor did exactly what I wanted. He was very cautious about my health also. A lot of doctor in Santo Domingo don't care and may operate you and that could lead to other issues. I also notice his clinic was modern and clean. He has... READ MORE

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