Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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28 Years Old- Lipo360 & BBL with Dr. BBL - Minneapolis, MN

Hi All! I've never gotten any cosmetic procedures done before, so I'm nervous but excited. I've chosen to go with Dr. Balgobin (Dr. BBL) for my lipo/bbl in December. His before and afters are impressive so hopefully my results will be awesome. I have been losing weight in order to get best... READ MORE

Soon to Be Yily Doll March 2017 - Dominican Republic

Hey guys, I'm 22 no kids, college student. I will be going to get my surgery with yily on march 14th 2017. I've been researching this surgery for about 2 years. Im about 180lbs, 5'5. I've literally been stalking yily on every social media site and I'm in love with her work. So far the... READ MORE

22 5'2 160lbs No Kids Dr Yily Dominican Republic, DO

So I've been back and fourth with this procedure. I'm from Boston so I went to a doctor that my friend referred me to out here. He quoted me 9,600$ ????. So I started looking in other places. Dr Baez hasn't replied and Dr cabral got back to me rather quick and 4200 is affordable. I'm leaning... READ MORE

Booked for April 5th with Dr. Aslani.

Hello Ladies! Now its finally my turn to write a review. :) Ive been stalking you "dolls" in here for a year or so. I have been wanting to go through with this procedure, since i saw some documentary in telly with my mom at age 15 about Brazilian Buttlift. My mom was laughing hard, asking me... READ MORE

BBL with Dr.Fisher 2017

Ok so I have a review on my breast reduction and lift that i just had done on September 2 of this month and i decided to just write a new review for just my bbl i was trying to combine the reviews but then i just decided to do bbl review by its self. Ok so ive wanted to do this for a while so in... READ MORE

MANON DOLL Tummy Tuck, BBL AND BL without IMPLANTS - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello dolls, I have been on Realself for about 4 months now and hooked. I am obsessed with Almonte's work but she is booked out until August. Don't want to keep this body like this until then. I then saw reviews from Dr Goico as he does really good breast lift but not quite a fan of his BBL's... READ MORE

24 year old ,no babies about to get Hassanified

First i reached out to Comfort zone izmir then Elite plastic surgery ,Vanity cosmetics now Eres plastic surgery Miami but i think i might go with Dr Yily or Mallol in DR. My worry is ,i dont have a buddy and am a out of town patient:( but fuck it am doing this for me DR might be way too far and... READ MORE

*Change of plans! *

Hello Ladies! Every Journey has a beginning and I guess this is mines. I am 26 year old wife and mother of two. Since I can remember, I have always had body issues. I thought losing weight would help my shape so I set off and lost 60 pounds. Well in all that weight loss I lost my booty (the... READ MORE

22 Years Old with One Child, Ready for a Bootayy

I have always been very small. My biggest weight had been 130 lbs. I hate being small, no one ever understand why. I want to do this for me. After having a baby and being in a bad relationship my confidence is shot and I wanna rebuild me. Hopefully I can find a doctor that can work with small... READ MORE

BBL Surgery

Is anyone else having surgery in Miami on 3/6/2017? I will be traveling to Miami on 3/3/2017 - 3/9/2017 and looking for other dolls that will be there. I am going with Imagenes Cosmetic Surgery. I had a Tummy tuck earlier this year and loved that they were so professional. The office was very... READ MORE


Today is 3/17/18 ANDS FINALLY I GOT TO SPEAK WITH ANA FROM SPECTRUM AESTHETICS. TOOK LONG ENOUGH !!!!!! HA BUT, I AM READY TO START MY BBL JOURNEY FOR 2018. Due to Dr. Mel Ortega being booked for all of 2017 Ana has told me that Dr. Arístides Martínez and Dr. Rami Ghurani are open for bookings. ... READ MORE

A year after my BBL!!!! - Miami, FL

I have been looking and doing research for months about getting a BBL. I really wanted a liposuction because I cant stand my midsection anymore, so my boyfriend told me that I might as well add a little something something in my booty. I have been trying so many diets, pills, workout to get rid... READ MORE

18 Years Old, No Kids, Mcadoo Doll to Be

Im going to keep it cute and simple. Like many of you, I've spent hourss on RealSelf looking up doctors that specialize in BBLs from all over the world. Unfortunately the costs in my state are ridiculous, the doctors which perform the results I'm looking for charge 20k+, and I have heard there... READ MORE

27y/o Mama Need Some Ass

After going back and forth with different doctors from MX to DR and FL, I've decided to go with Dr. Calva! I follow him on IG & SC and let me tell y'all he snatches the waist and makes his dolls bootielicious! lol I've been emailing with Alexis from Eres Miami and she's been really sweet and... READ MORE

Excited for my New Body, Cant Wait! Beverly Hills, CA

So I have been on real self for a few years now and I had been debating whether to do butt implants or a fat transfer (BBL). Because of my genetics and my "flat" looking backside I was not sure if I could get the look I wanted (Dat bootay! lol) with just the liposuction and fat transfer. I have... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 1 Kid, LIPO, BBL, BA with Dra Tania Medina. Ready to Get This Body SNATCHEDDDD! - Santo Domingo, DO

So ready to get started on this journey, I've been researching like CRAZY. I'm from a predominantly Spanish neighborhood in Brooklyn and almost everyone I know around here and has gotten their bodies done in DR. My BF is also Dominican and his whole family has done it as well. So it's something... READ MORE

So ready to heal my butt really hurts today

I currently live in Va and I am scheduled for sx on 19 Sept. I am really excited but, at the same time it comes with risk. Is there anyone else that Is scheduled for that same time frame? By looking at some reviews I think maybe I should stay in Fl for a month or so just in case something goes... READ MORE

Bbl with Dr.ortega Spectrum - Miami, FL

Hello dolls i am schedule for a bbl with doctor ortega at spectrum miami august 20th pay deposit waiting for them to send my labs so i can get clear stephanie is my coordinator soo far she reply to all my emails very quickly . i weight 150 right now im 27 no kids was told i can gain 5 to 10 more... READ MORE

Out of state going to Dr Calva

I decided to go with Dr.Calva. I'm really excited because I love his work my surgery is scheduled for the end of July I'm coming from Michigan all the way to Florida so I hope that there are no discrepancies or scheduling errors when I get there. I've paid in full so I'm not going with anyone... READ MORE

Villalobos. In colombia

After reviewing for 4 years I want to secure my date but they ask for my deposit. Has any one made a debit card payment with them. Is it ok. I'm super excited about this I really want this done I just want to be smart about it.Updated on 10 Mar 2017: Ok so I sent my debit card info. Paola is... READ MORE

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