Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I want a BBL, and I'm considering Dr. Ortega. I called Dr. Fisher's office first, but they aren't professional. They aren't providing the information I need. I don't want to chase them with my concerns. Any thoughts on his staff and his results? I interacted with Jessica at Dr. Ortega's office a... READ MORE

Scheduled my consultation yesterday!! Can't wait. Spoke with Nayelli (<<< I think I totally bombed the spelling of her name... sorry). She was so sweet and helpful. Called again this morning because I was reading about the variation in pricing over the past few months. Spoke with... READ MORE

Hi I'm 20 years old , 5'6 197lbs . I finally decided after a long time of debating that I'm gonna go through with this & finally get the butt I never had & always wanted. Just in the process of choosing a dr. & most likely I'll be going to Dr.Fisher. I've only been reading good... READ MORE

Im so excited!!!!! I've been reading all the reviews here and let me tell ya, i soooooo appreciate you ladies for sharing your stories and before and after pics!!! Its played a big part in me picking my doctor which will b Yily!!!!!!!! Im going for tt bbl and lipo. My quote was 4200!!!!! I am... READ MORE

I have been viewing RS since 2014 and have finally decided that I need to get myself together. I want a bbl because I have almost nothing. I also want to get the fat out of my stomach because it is out of control! Lol this stomach that is sitting on my lap is out of line. I want my old self back... READ MORE

I'm one moth out from my bbl and I'm in LOVE with my results! Could not of asked for a better outcome! Dr. Repta is AMAZING! I've always been slim and never had a butt. After gaining/losing weight , working out and pretty much doing anything and everything to make my butt bigger and to no... READ MORE

I want to get my BBL done next month but I can't choose..... its between Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Perry.... I had two consultations last week (Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Fisher). Exhaling! Dr. Alvarez is nice and personable but that doesn't make him the man for the job. Even if Im a little intrigued by him... READ MORE

Quick review mediface are a waste of money and time. Try to look at other clinics my bbl has gone down and im appauled. Meltham was very unhelpful but nice at first. I would suggest trying somewhere else that does laser lipo they dont carry it out in a way that will last. Very dissapointed... READ MORE

Hey girls! I'm getting nervous with my surgery approaching!! It's coming up on June 13th. I'm doing it with Dr. Dennis Dass. I've already gotten a breast lift & 371cc silicone augmentation with him back on December 15, 2015, about 5 months ago. Love his work! He did great. Love my new... READ MORE

I've been on here for years and finally decided it was my time to do something about my body. I'm really excited yet really nervous at the same time. I contacted Duran and Baez... They both had similar costs but Baez gave me a date for August opposed to Durans date of October. I asked Baez if... READ MORE

Hello RS world! I'm new to this site. I've been basically stalking this site for the past few weeks. I'm from New Orleans and was watching the Saints vs Patriots and the Saints scored a touch down at the same time I was reading my email. I got a response from Dra Yily and started clapping... READ MORE

After two months of research, looked at thousands of before and after photos of various sergeond. I went with Dr Kenneth Hughes. Glad I did. I knew he would gives me the waistline I needed and can fix the butt problems. Surgery was on April 29, 2016. I'm now 10 days post op, still very... READ MORE

I'm Brazilian, so I'm obsessed with my body and after 3 pregnancies and only thanks to good gene I was able to get back in shape every time, but with the lack of exercise what was up, come down, so yes I need a BBL, breast aug, vaginal correction of the muscle ( blather is low) , yes I have a... READ MORE

So I'm 23 years old, I'm looking to get my surfer asap. Stuck between Miami and DR. I love Dr Durans outcomes but I'm kinda hesitant on traveling so far. My next choice would be Dr Alverez and Dr Ghurani. My issue is Duran is my top choice, esp since I may have multiple surgeries. Bbl, TT and BA... READ MORE

I'm going to Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic for a Brazilian butt lift, breast implants(600 cc or more I hope), a tummy tuck, and liposculpture. She quoted me $5100 and I can't wait!!! December can't get here fast enough. Dra Duran has the magic touch. I booked a hotel, now I just gotta get... READ MORE

Hey Real Self! I have been doing research, research and more research.... I have finally decided on Dr. Tania Medina in the Santo Domingo. From my research i found she was the safest doctor in the Dominican Republic. I have always been curvy a hourglass figure but after having my daughter i... READ MORE

I realized that I wanted surgery because I was over the shape of my body. All the tight fitting outfits I wore, I had a square shape body with no curves and no butt!! Originally, I was suppose to have surgery with Dr.Omelphu but due to his license getting suspended I was rescheduled with Dr.... READ MORE

Ok so here goes nothing, I recently fond RS and I'm happy I did because I felt lost in this industry, anywho at first I thought was looking in to DR but I'm to afraid to go and go alone ,I know the same thing can happen in the states but I just feel a little better knowing I'm not so far from... READ MORE

Just booked my date with a $500 down deposit! Thought I'd have Dr Ortega but I was assigned Dr Orlando because I am considered small and Ortega does larger patients while Orlando treats smaller patients! But Orlando has great before and after pics and reviews so I'm happy !! My surgery is on... READ MORE

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been reading post from everyone for the past 6 months, this website has really helped me to make a decision to go through this , thank you ladies for taking your time to advise and tell your experience, the ugly, the bad, and the good. My height is 5.1 120... READ MORE

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