Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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I travelled all the way from Australia to see Dr Cortes. After 3yrs of researching I finally came across the hourglass magician. He is personable, has impeccable attention to detail, informative, kind and absolutely so passionate about his work. I'm booked in for Oct for tummy tuck n wonder... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I'm 36 mommy of 5 beautiful children. Before my kids I weighed 125-130lbs. After the kids I am 180lbs. I am looking to have a bbl. God willing on April,2017. I have a consultation with Dr.Matthew Schulman in October 2016. I have decided I need this for my self. My self... READ MORE

Hello RS! I have been researching BBL surgery for the last few months, and I've decided to just go for it. I mean, after 3 natural births with no meds, I think I can take whatever pain/discomfort that comes with FINALLY having junk in the trunk! Originally, I was going to try Coolsculpting to... READ MORE

Hello... Realsef team... I been searching all over different websites and looking at different photos procedures from different doctors and comments from different realself team.. Am interesting in doing a lipo and bbl.....and I came with the conclusion to go with Dr Ghurani in Miami any... READ MORE

I am so nervous and All i have been doing is researching. I have sent over all my information to DRA DURAN. Hopefully I hear back soon. I know she is in high demand and most likely extremely busy. I have been researching like I stated before and I have decided to use DRA DURAN. The results are... READ MORE

Dr Sejal Patel is the best. I arrived at his office at 5:30 a.m I had a few papers to sign went to the back and changed Into my gown then I was taken to another room where Dr Patel made his marks on me. I spoke with the anesthesiologists then I was taken into the operating room the nurse applied... READ MORE

Well I scheduled my procedure almost 2 months ago with Spectrum after doing a lot of research I decided to go with Dr. Ortega!!The reviews about the coordinators are fairly true!! After you pay, it's hard to get replies but I get they're busy. Other than the lack of communication, everything... READ MORE

I chose a surgeon who has an excellent reputation for fat transfers but I don't see that he's done that many BBLs. Now, I'm worried he may not be skilled enough to give me the results I want. Even worse, I'm almost paid in full. Don't know what to do. Want more projection, shelf, and hips & to... READ MORE

Hi ladies so I am planning on going for July 2017 with Dr Duran I have emailed her and sent her a message via Facebook and whatsapp but still no response its only been a week though. I am so anxious to get the date set in so I could start buying my supplies and so I could know how much money I... READ MORE

So I decided to give back to real self and show my results. Also DR valls is not mentioned much on real self, so I'll share my experience. I've already booked my surgery for 8/11/16, I'm so nervous. I have to take a plane back to my home town ( 4 hr plane ride with lay over) five days after... READ MORE

I did a mini lipo, breast lift and Fat transfer to Butt. I love Dr Rodriguez work, everything looks very natural. My butt is not exactly as big as I wanted to be. That's why I am considering implants. Im actually thinking about doing my implants with Dr Mejia in Medellin since I seen a lot of... READ MORE

Looking for other success stories with Dr. Blinski. Currently scheduled for July 26, 2016. Starting my journey on here. Need help from other ladies because I am so scared. I originally wanted to stay close to home in Chicago, however there aren't any doctors who results compare to the doctors... READ MORE

After many years of fitness and healthy living, i have decided to perfect my body with what i like to call "liposculpture" I prefer that term over "BBL" because i am not making my butt bigger per say. I do have curves, my hips measure 41" however, i do not have lateral fat which leaves me... READ MORE

Hey girls! My sx date is fast approaching and I'm so excited! I'm 32, 5'4, and weigh around 145. I will be getting liposculpture and BBL. so far Leslie (Dr. Almonte's assistant) has been great with scheduling and answering all of my questions. If any of you are traveling around the same time... READ MORE

I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone that posted there reviews good & bad! I have been recently obsessing over plastics because 1 year ago I have a vertical gastronomy sleeve aka weight loss surgery done! I'm sorta on a mission to recover my body after kids and 100lbs loss. I'm... READ MORE

I received a quote from Dr Yily & Duran. Yily's quote was cheaper including the stay at one of the RH. Duran was $2000 more and didn't include much. Also, another thing I didn't like about Duran's quote was that she gave me (2) quote $4200 for Lipo & BBL, then another quote for $5100 for... READ MORE

Hi doll, like most of us i been literally on this site everyday for the past 5 month's. Im really looking into getting a BBL this year 2016. Can you girls help me by commenting your experience with your doctors so i can look into them. I looking into dr. Fisher in miami his work is so good! Anrd... READ MORE

Hi RS ladies! Been stalking for a little while and decided to finally start posting about my soon-to-be-BBL journey! I had a consultation with Dr. Salama last week and it went very well (expect for the 1.5 hour waiting time- bring snacks!!)! Dr. Salama was very kind and professional and made me... READ MORE

So I've been wanting a bbl for years! I've finally worked up the courage and can't wait to get this over with! They sent me a list of things I need that I can buy in house but, I'd like some feedback for need to have items from ladies who have gone through this! Also, I have to get back to work... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site for a while now, I have a consult with dr jones from Lexington plastic surgery( has any of you had the bbl done by him) anyway I'm hoping to get the surgery done either feb or March 2016 so I can ring in the summer with a better body, so all you dr jones patent can... READ MORE

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