Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Bbl +lipo and breastlift (part 2)

I will be going to Dr. Mallol March 3rd to become a Malloldoll! My bff went to him i had no idea as we wile in different states! So far everything has been great! I have been speaking to him via Wassap and IG! and he normally gets back within 78 hours! Im getting a BBL+ Liposuplture+ limo arms... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Ready for a Transformation!!

Hey guys!! I'm not new here, I've been lurking. Lol but I am new to actually interacting. I have decided on a Dr. & I am super excited to receive the quote (he emails & mails them after consult) so that I can lock in a date! I've decided to go with Dr. Khalifeh as he's made me feel more... READ MORE

Wide Waisted Canadian Getting Snatched in Dominican Republic

The Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Hector Cabral is set for January 17th, 2017. I have booked an 11 night stay at Essence Recovery Home ($1540). My flights are booked with an overnight layover in Newark, New Jersey. I wish it were possible to fly directly to Santo Domingo from Calgary... READ MORE

20 year old getting nice boobs and a big juicy ass ;)

Hello, i am a 20 year old student from Germany looking forward to get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation at Jineplast, Istanbul, 03/16/2017 ( everything already scheduled). I am now 60 kg ( gained weight) and 1,65 cm with a nice B-Cup. I am looking forward to get a Full C/ Small D- Cup and a nice,... READ MORE

30's, No Kids, Ready to Have the Body I Always Wanted

I was very hesitant in starting my own review, but since RS has really helped me come to the decision of getting this procedure, I thought I'd share my journey too. I've been thinking of doing a BBL for a little less than a year. Last year I had gotten a breast augmentation (something I've... READ MORE

Cabral Barbie 2b! Can't wait.. In Feb or March of 2017

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to write on here.. Anywhom I'm 30 and I have 3 kids and I'm not planning on pushing anymore out.. lol Plus my wife doesn't really want any kids.. I want A bigger ass, Lipo to my stomach, back, arms, under chin, and thighs not sure about a tummy tuck... READ MORE

A Goddess Before & A Doll After Team DURAN :) - Dominican Republic, DO

So Ive been searching & reviewing for a few months. A few of my close girlfriends have had sx before, but this will be my first time. I am approaching my dirty 30s & i want to be fab!!! I have one child, a few years ago & she took my waist away :( lol. I use to weigh 145-150 my height is 5'7.... READ MORE


Hello everyone I ve decided to transfer my fat from my "unwanted" areas to my buttocks a couple weeks ago. I'm going to Dr. Aslani *.* and I can't wait :-) I am very glad about the fact, that I have a german speaking person helping me and answering my questions, because I am from Switzerland... READ MORE

27yrs Old, 1 Kid, I Need a BBL - Manhattan, NY

Looking for a surgeon that can deliver this!! It's so hard finding the right one. This is me 2 years ago before I had my baby. I photoshopped myself on how i wanna look. I want more volume with a heart shape butt ;) I'll would be posting how I look now after the baby :( I just started... READ MORE

28 Year Old 1 Child Future Alvarez Doll. Miami, FL

Hi everyone sooo i am excite right....... sooooo i have booked my appointment with Dr.Alvarez and i cant wait. I have sent over 700.00 to lock my date in. but im not sure on what recovery house i will be choosing. I really think that i would choose Keyla recovery home they have a great prices.... READ MORE

Future Dr. Alvarez doll!!

I did a lot of research on doctors in Houston, Georgia, Florida, and th Dominican Republic. One of my friends expressed that she wanted to same surgery. I told her I was thinking about Dr. Alvarez and she decided to let him do her procedure. She had her procedure done 10 days ago and looks... READ MORE

31YO BBL with Dr. Fisher!!!! So excited!

Hey everyone....I thought about waiting to start my own journey until it's a little closer but I haven't had the best response from most when I've told them what I'm planning on doing. I'm so excited....and realself and all you ladies are the reason I finally took the plunge and I'm booked for... READ MORE

Lapband Patient from Australia Travelling to Miami for BBL - Surgery Booked for 21-03-2017 - Miami, FL

I have had a mixed experience so far. After some RS stalking, I had narrowed my options down to Dr Hasan and Dr Fisher. Contacted Vanity via email and after a response, called and spoke to Leo. She suggested I go with Dr Hasan - more than happy to, love his work! Through email correspondence... READ MORE

Finally Getting Some Shape! - Miami, FL

Alright dolls!!!! Finally have decided to spend some money on this body, i mean why not right? Ok soo i little bit about me; 24 years old, 5ft tall and around 112lbs... I have a 15 month old baby and he makes me extremely happy :) Ive always been very self conscious of my butt, never liked it,... READ MORE

BBL and Lipo-35yrs 6'ft, 165 Lbs - Istanbul, TR

We'll see how this'll og. I am excited to finally get a feminine shape and a booty! Hoepfully all will go smoothly. Keeping this as a diary and to (hopefully) get som feedback from others since I have not told many I am doing this. I am doing this for ME! any other tall ladies out there who... READ MORE

Whole body reconstructed by Dr Wendell Perry 2015 bbl 2017 breast lift.

Hi thought long and hard about this and it's a go And I've decided to go with dr.salama if both procedures can be done together which I highly doubt...if not I've decided to go with Dr.wendell for the my question to Dr. salama is can these be done together or no? been calling... READ MORE


Hi Dolls! So I have booked my BBL for June! With Dr. Richards here in Las Vegas. I have never had a big butt although having a baby helped me some. My surgery date is so close and I'm super excited and scared at the same time! Well more like nervous. I been doing a lot of research and I'm... READ MORE


Hello Ladies for this last past week I've been staking RS. I've finally made up my mind to get my BBL i'm 22 5'4 and 190. I'm stuck between Philly Miami and DR for surgery. Please help me and i'm open to all suggestions. I have a couple consultations in Philly this month and i'm looking forward... READ MORE

37 YO Female 5 Children. Future Hazani Doll - Beverly Hills, CA

I did a consultant with him in December 2015. He answered all the questions my husband and I had. I've done about 5 consultant with other Dr before him. He said he would give me Hips and a round butt. He also showed be pictures. I am now waiting on his staff to let me know my next step. I'm... READ MORE

BBL Hazani Doll to Be - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 28 years old and I am 5"3 my weight is 146lbs I am a mother of a 3 year old baby always wanted a big booty so I started researching about BBL about a year ago so after doing so much research on local doctors in LA area I decided I want to go with dr hazani I had a phone consultation with... READ MORE

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