Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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fisher doll bbl 2017 ready for this improved bootay!!!

Hey lovely dolls...I've been reviewing BBLs on this site for the last 2yrs or so. Excited to finally say I am officially scheduled with Dr. Fisher for 5/1/17!!! Soooo even though I still have some time ahead of me, I know it's going to approach faster than I think. I'll post some before pics... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old with 1 Child, Had C Section

I'm going with Dr. Hanaberg!!! He is very very nice, his office manager Alejandra she is the bomb!! She make me feel very comfortable and is very prompt when I have questions or concerns!!! Anytime I call or text she gets right on it!! I can ask her anything, she had never been rude!! When Dr. H... READ MORE

Surgery Scheduled for July 25,2017-5'9, 189pds

So far so good. Well Margaret Gil was my coordinator initially . She is awesome and super responsive . She was very honest about everything and I appreciated that. So upon entering into my 30 days prior to my surgery I was switched to leidy's , than Patricia and Claudia calls me sometimes. I... READ MORE

bbl butterfly dmv

Hi Dolls: I have 1 beautiful baby girl who is 17mths and I'm 35yrs, 5'5 and 185 (I was 194 when i made the decision in Apr). I've been reading countless reviews/profiles (new addiction lol) and I want to thank y'all for sharing the good, bad and ugly. Also, pics...I love reviews that are... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Kids, a Gift to Myself! - Miami, FL

Hello ladies. I'm new to this forum. I'm having a BBL with Dr. Llorente on 07/18/17. I'm super excited, but super nervous. Just glad to finally being doing something for myself. I can't wait to get sculpted! These love handles and back rolls have been pest for quite some time now. And I've... READ MORE

BBL + Upper Arm Lipo W/Dr. Hughes. 27 Yrs, 5'2", 121 Lbs

Getting my BBL tomorrow!!! I will post before and after pictures tomorrow if I feel up to it, or later in the week when the swelling goes down. I am getting liposuction of the upper body: upper arms, stomach, anterior axilla (armpit fat), and back to make my upper body look less bulky, which I... READ MORE

BBL with Salama 5/25/17!!!

So after my journey with breast implants iam considering enhancing my butt and having a more curvy body. Im not sure i want to do my procedure with dr. Ortega (who did my breast augmentation). I need advise who is the best doctor for this kinda thinking brazilian butt lift., but ive... READ MORE

I Can't Wait to Have This Done - Florida, FL

Hello I've been looking at Dr. Fisher's work and I am loving it, I called to get a quote and its 5300. I am currently pregnant and was told that I have to wait 6 months after birth. I am due January 7th 2017, I really don't know if I should book a date but I feel it's to soon. Does anyone know... READ MORE

*Change of plans! *

Hello Ladies! Every Journey has a beginning and I guess this is mines. I am 26 year old wife and mother of two. Since I can remember, I have always had body issues. I thought losing weight would help my shape so I set off and lost 60 pounds. Well in all that weight loss I lost my booty (the... READ MORE

Brazilian makeover package with Aslani first step completed 2400cc!

I want to achieve a very dramatic result. My butt now has no projection and looks pretty plan is to do two rounds if necessary.  I have researched doctors in u.s.,turkey,spain and DR. There is good and bad to every option........... U.S:mainly looked into dr.fisher who does the style ... READ MORE

Widenhouse Doll 10/22/2015. Charleston, SC

I had a BR and TT in 2012 because I was not satisfied with my body . My result was not what I expected but they did make me feel better about my body. Ok it time for round 2 BL W/ Lipo of the full abdomen and Lipo of the full back. Now that I think my body is heal from that BR/TT. I'm ready for... READ MORE

5'10" 175 Lbs BBL and arm lipo after Weight Loss

I am 3 weeks pre procedure and I go for the pre op this coming week. I am getting extremely nervous about hoping this all turns out well. Seven years ago I was 260 lbs and I worked hard to lose down to 160. Then when I hit my goal I had a TT and breast aug to fill my poor wind sock boobs back... READ MORE

Full Abdomen and Back Lipo + Fat transfer. Exceptional Staff. Very Pleased

Dr. Hughes was great from the beginning. He was quick to respond and answer all my questions. All his staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Very professional made me feel comfortable. Clean facility. paid $11,500 but worth it. Removed 5 liters, I'm sore as ever but I... READ MORE

Hasanified by the Greatest!!

So after evaluating my blood all week & ft on surgery dye which I was cared bcz Dr.Hasan was like if it doesn't go down after few then he can't risk it. I respected that. My life & repercussions was fair more important then being Hasanified. My life, my children, grandchildren & my... READ MORE

Dass Booty

For life I've had a zero ass experience and I'm ready to change that! July 11th... Next Tuesday my life won't be the same thanks to Dr. Dass. I have the kind of body with a Muffin top and no butt :( but not anymore! I'm 4'11" & norm am 100 but had my baby a month ago so currently at 112.... READ MORE

38 years old no kids getting boobs redone soon and wishing for a bbl :))

I'm 37 years old. I used to be super skinny, too skinny with no curves. At 20 years old I got breast implants and still have the same pair 17 years later. They gave me a boost of confidence! I later gained weight and magically had a big booty. But also with the butt I gained belly arms and... READ MORE

Dr Lima Vargas I'm on my Way

My bbl in the DR is in only a day and a half! My goal is to change my beautiful square shaped body to a beautiful hour glass shaped one. My friend and some family members went to DR Lima and they look fabulous. Very natural and well proportioned. I'm half Caucasian and half Asian and taller... READ MORE

I Think I Have Fibrosis an a Hernia

I had lipo and bbl by Dr Duran on May 30,2017. I got a horrible burn but it's all healed now an that's the lease of my problems. I think I have a hernia and fibrosis ugh ???? I have had over twenty massages by hand and with the machines. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have a Dr... READ MORE

29 Year 3 Kids Looking to Build Her Confidence Back

Hello everyone I have been on this site for the past 2 months researching. I want to get a BBL but in all honesty I am terribly afraid ????????. However I have had 3 c-sections???? I was still scared act each one????. I am looking for a great Doctor with a great price, I would need to have... READ MORE

No Kids 5'7 150 Pounds Bbl - Beverly Hills, CA

I met with dr schulman today for the consultation for a bbl. I am 150 pounds and 5'7 I'm pretty lean and workout 5 days per week. He told me that he would need to do the Lipo 360 on me since I have minimal fat. He also did not suggest that I gain weight. He said that he could probably... READ MORE

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