Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Two weeks after BBL with Dr.Alex Aslani Marbella

I have been inspired by two of my friends who had BBL surgery before me.I have been thinking about doing it for a while.when I had my initial consultation the doctor said he would want me to gain some more weight which I did not really want to do. He likes to do very big butts but what I am... READ MORE

I'm Going to Dr. Calva in Miami FL!

Hi everyone I'm flying down to Dr. Calva soon for a BBL from Charlotte, NC! I'm soooo excited. Can yall tell me what I need to order in advance so I'll b e ready? I just know about Booty chair. Thanks!! SO EXCITED, I was originally going to go to one in NEBO, NC but they are so horrible and... READ MORE

BBL with Dr.Fisher 2017

Ok so I have a review on my breast reduction and lift that i just had done on September 2 of this month and i decided to just write a new review for just my bbl i was trying to combine the reviews but then i just decided to do bbl review by its self. Ok so ive wanted to do this for a while so in... READ MORE

BBL, 27yrs Old, 5'2 108lbs Miami, FL

Hi guys! im 27yrs old, i have a 3yr old son, im 5'2 and im 108lbs. This is my first cosmetic surgery and im extremely nervous and excited. I never really gave any thought about BBL until a coworker of mine did it. I fell in love with the transformation a BBL had given her, not only physically... READ MORE

Finally Getting That Booty! - Los Angeles, CA

Preface: excuse the poor verbiage and misspellings, as I commonly use my phone for everaythang. :-) Had a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes after about two years of researching BBL. Pricing wasn't bad. I did the "email" consult, which was a little bizarre for my standards, but I was... READ MORE

Starting A New Chapter In 2017 - Dominican Republic, DO

After searching and stalking this site, internet, youtube and instagram for 2 year now I decided to take action and get rid of this stomach and while I'm under enhance my little trunk. My husband loves me and the way I look and encourages me to go to the gym. No problem but after having 3 kids... READ MORE

In Need of Bbl. Need my Body Back, Post Baby

My goal is to achieve a small waist line, bigger butt, and a lot more hips I've seen a lot of his work and hopefully he can give me the dream body I've always wanted. I chose the bbl surgery and to have the procedure with dr Fisher. If anyone is having surgery this day feel free to inbox me or... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Going for Bbl in March ! Eek

Hey everyone ! I'm in the process of my final bookings for my bbl with dr aslani in march 2017! If you guys have any tips or any of you have been to him or will be with him around the same time give me a shout ! Would love to hear from you guys ! I'm still not sure as to what things I need to... READ MORE

Soon to be a Dr. Fisher doll. Cant wait! 5/30/17

Hello everyone, I am 29 years old with 5 kids and married. I've wanted a big booty all my life and hopefully, it's finally going to come true. I've paid my deposit and have my date for 5/30/2017 with Dr. Fisher. I've been looking at he's work for the past two years and I think he's awesome! I... READ MORE

Booked for January 4 2017 for my bbl by dr Emmanuel Mallol still want a surg buddy

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian butt lift for sometime now. I've decided that this is something that I want to do and is going to make me happy I'm already comfortable with my body but I just would like to enhance you only have one life to live so why not be happy while doing... READ MORE

Life Changing Decision - Houston, TX

I have struggled with my body perception for years. I'm now scheduled for a BBL procedure will Dr. Newall this year.It took me years to go forth with this procedure. If you are considering it, please make sure you have support along the way. Had it not been for my girlfriend, I'm not sure if I'd... READ MORE

Let The Countdown Begin! Miami, FL

Hey Dolls! I am from NYC and headed to Miami in April 2017 for a BBL with Fisher. I have been putting this procedure off for way too long, and I'm finally going for it! I understand how serious this procedure is, however I plan to stay far away from all the hype and craziness I have heard and... READ MORE

Bigger booty in the works - Dr. Stanton

Hi, I am fairly new to I am 5'5 and about 142lbs, I recently started working out consistently I've lost about 12lbs in the past 6 months. My concern is that my weight is based off of muscle mass and not fat and I am worried I won't have enough fat for the procedure.I don't mind... READ MORE

Surgery with Dr.Aslani Spain

I was looking to improve my body shape and look better both naked as well as in clothes.I got 360 degree lipo and 1300 cc of fat transferred into each cheek under general anesthesia. The first days were really hard but so far it seems to have been really worth it. The clinic seems to very geared... READ MORE

24 Year Old Desiring the Body I Always Wanted - Miami, FL

Well let me first start off saying that I've been wanting this procedure done for forever!! I use to always say " if I could just move the fat from my stomach to my butt, I'll be great" and low and behold the BBL made its way popular. My whole life I've always been top heavy (36D) and I never... READ MORE

BBL and Rhinoplasty - Dr.Miami

My goals and price include obtaining a feminine figure and correcting my deviated septum! I've talked to Ari in the office to schedule my appointment and she was very nice and accommodating! I have waited over a year and a half so far and the thought of having my surgery in less than two months... READ MORE

25 Year old future Nurse seeking to be modified by Cabral!!!! - Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies, I am so excited to begin this journey like many you for years I stalked the website reading other women stories and admiring their courage. A little about myself I am currently a college student in gods will I will graduate next year. All my life I have struggled with my weight,... READ MORE

35 with a Much Needed Shape Adjustment - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a long time now, and finally am deciding to go through with my BBL and I am choosing to go with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills he does some amazing work, and hoping he can hook me up to have a nice hour glass figure, I had a tummy tuck in 2011 so I am... READ MORE

45 Year-old and Enjoying Life..

45 year-old,looking for a little improvement,when going on cruises and out to beaches.Just want to feel good when I wear a bikini .Love the fashion .But feel like she I wear jeans it's not fitting in bottom.A little nervous but I had surgery on both my hands I consider is worser than that... READ MORE

40+ Mother of 4, in Need of a Makeover

I'm in need of a serious makeover. Ive recently graduated from nursing school and I swear the stress of that program caused me to gain like 35lbs. Thank God its behind me now and I can begin to correct all that went wrong. I have high hopes that Dr. Fisher will deliver to my expectation. His... READ MORE

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