Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then injects that fat into the backside. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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My Time To Feel Beautiful Again!

Im 43 yrs old and im just so unhappy with my body. I had a breast implants and a tummy tuck done back in 2006 but since then my body is just not where I want it to be. So i just need a little help( well alot of help) from Dr Salama. Im scared but excited at the same time. I have bee talking to... READ MORE

40 Years Old Female, Curve Me Please - Chicago, IL

I would like to have liposuction to my flanks and inner thighs, and have that fat transferred to my hip area, I really hope I will not need a thigh lift, I hope lipo will give me the results I'm looking for, I am looking for a more curvy physique, I had a tummy tuck three Years ago I thought... READ MORE

Mommy Of 1 , BBL Much Needed :) , Anxious - Dominican Republic

Hey Guys , Im So Anxious To Do The BBL, Im Not Going To Do Any Consultations Until January 2015 , Ive Beeen Looking At Dra. Yily and Dra. Duran. I Really Want Measurements Of 34-24-41 (: Any Suggestions? Im Going To Attach Photos Of Me. please dont comment saying i dont need it bc pics doesnt... READ MORE

I Want my Body Sculpted, More Curvature and Big Hips!

I am scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Dennis Dass on October 27th, 2016 and with my pre-op appointment this following Thursday, October 13th, 2016 I'm excited yet nervous. Dr. Dennis Dass performed a BBL on my sis Submitted08 and did a fantastic job, I would not trust such an important decision with... READ MORE

About to Be Snatched by Dr Salama - Aventura, FL

This is my second attempt to write this review I wrote a veryyyyyy long intro but it didn't upload :-( so Im going to keep this nice and sweet because I don't feel like writing all that again. I'm going to get a bbl by dr Salama in EXACTLY a month from now. I wasn't going to share my journey but... READ MORE

Orlando Llorente - BBL @ Vanity Cosmetic Miami

Hi ! I am a happy mother of 2 teens , 38 and hard working mom. I nearly have time to work full time and need the time to be a mom and a wife, but not only that I try to eat as healthy as possible so I stay a lot in the kitchen. I could say that I gained some weight that it's been such a... READ MORE

Liposuction and BBL (Brazilian butt lift) - Dr Omar Pérez Saucedo

Hey Dolls! I have not yet gotten my procedure done but I will be traveling from Texas to Mexico this December 2016 to get my surgery (Lipo + BBL with fat transfer to the booty). So far my Doctor: Omar Perez Saucedo has been amazing in answering all my questions. I will keep ya'll updated and I... READ MORE

30, 2 Kids and Ready to Get Back to ME!!!

After 2 kids back to back (a year and half apart), I am beyond ready to get my body back!!! Scheduled with Dr. Hanabergh in ONE WEEK! (Excited) Everything is paid/flight booked/resort booked Now let's talk about my nerves!! Lol I haven't purchased much for post op, but will over the next... READ MORE

34 Years Old and 3 Kids Later

I have been wanting this mommy make over for the last 4 years and for one reason or another it would not happen. Now that my youngest is 4 I am confident everything will be okay. If you would have asked me 4 years ago what I wanted to look like: I would love to have a body like Amber Rose I'm a... READ MORE

35 with a Much Needed Shape Adjustment - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello ladies I haven't been on this website for a long time now, and finally am deciding to go through with my BBL and I am choosing to go with Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills he does some amazing work, and hoping he can hook me up to have a nice hour glass figure, I had a tummy tuck in 2011 so I am... READ MORE

20 Years Old No Kids , Really Hate My Body Need Smaller Waist and a Fat Butt - Miami, FL

Small waist Big Butt, More Like Bernice . Hourglass Shape. Future Mcadoo or MagicMike Doll ???? Still awaiting For My Surgery Date with Mcadoo Will Be Finshed With My Down Payment Of 1,300 to get there surgery by the end of this Month . My birthday is October The 13th The Exact Day I Want My... READ MORE

Soon to Be Cabral Barbie

Hi everyone!! So after months of research, I decided to become a Cabral Barbie. I obtained my quote a few weeks ago and I'm super excited. I did not have any problems getting a quote or setting up my appointment. I am fully aware of Dr. Cabral's history so I don't need an update. I'm here for... READ MORE

29/no kids/BBL- Beverly Hills, CA

I've been wanting BBL for YEARS and I'm finally deciding to go through with it. I'm so nervous/excited! I'm in the Bay area and would love to have the procedure done here, but according to my research the more experienced BBL surgeons are in that's where I'm going! Does anybody have a... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy Wants a Great Body. Dominican Republic, DO

I want to have an hour glass body, I'm tired of being insecure about myself. My stomach is almost near covering my privates I have to lose about 30ibs before she sees me I'm confident I can do it and I'm also looking for some awesome surgery buddies to go with me in March 2017 idk I'm... READ MORE

Dr. Plazas in Cali,Colombia It Is!!

Hi ladies, I've been looking into a Brazilian butt lift for the last 3 years. I finally narrowed it down to 2 doctors, Pantoja & Hazani. I had a consultation with hazani on Tuesday. Both doctors are amazing but I'm leaning more towards pantoja. His results are amazing! I'm just scared... READ MORE

About to Do It Finally - Aventura, FL

I have scheduled my surgery at seduction cosmetics in Aventura, Fl with Dr.Decio Carvalho for a Brazilian Butt Lift I am excited and nervous at the same time I finally got up the nerve to do this ! Although I do not see any reviews on Real Self I am hoping that I made the right choice ! Has... READ MORE

22 5'2 160lbs No Kids Dr Yily Dominican Republic, DO

So I've been back and fourth with this procedure. I'm from Boston so I went to a doctor that my friend referred me to out here. He quoted me 9,600$ ????. So I started looking in other places. Dr Baez hasn't replied and Dr cabral got back to me rather quick and 4200 is affordable. I'm leaning... READ MORE

27 Yrs- BBL with Dr. Llorente

Hello!!! This is my very 1st post here. I'm very excited about my sx with Llorente on 12/7/16 so i am only 2 if not really 1 day away. I can't wait. I am 5'3 and my current weight is 166 a lil more than what i should be but i want it to have the fat for the booty LOL! All suggestions or... READ MORE

35 Year Old 2 Kids in Need of Getting my Sexy Back As in Butt Back - Miami, FL

Hello Rs ladies I have been trolling on here for the last six months looking at reviews before and after so excited have been on this journey for at least 5 year first I started with the butt pads then the body shaper then thinking about going to get injections in a seedy hotel that went out the... READ MORE

I'm 29, No Kids, BOOTYDOO BE GONE!!

I'm ready to get myself right and plus I turn 30 next year and it's a great birthday present to myself! I'm just ready for a better me! I'm 5'5 195 pounds and I will lose 30 pounds before the procedure, You definitely want to be close to your goal weight as much as possible Bootydoo be... READ MORE

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