Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Am looking Forward to Meet Doctor Valls at Vanity in miami I still haven't had a chance to meet Him due to my work schedule :/ . My sister Recently just had surgery Mommy Make over look Super With Dr. Jarial he is amazing doctor , but am looking to meet Valls and Get the Surgery Done Cant wait .... READ MORE

I always knew I wanted implants, just wasn't sure of the right time. I have two children and I was on the fence about a third. I believe in breast feeding and didn't want to get the surgery in vain. As a result of 2 children and eating out frequently, I accumulated a nice size gut. Nonetheless,... READ MORE

I've been on RealSelf since July reading reviews and searching for a doctor. This is an important step in taking in my life and hope it goes well. I did my consultation with Karolina for Dr Mel Ortega . So far everything is going great, she is very supportive and has answered my questions in a... READ MORE

PLEASE......give me some feedback on his work. I'm scheduled for a BBL. I'm very nervous as I heard many ppl arent happy with their results. I havent seen many before and after pictures of his work. I'm mainly going based on my coordinators, Emily at Spectrum reviews. This site gives a lot of... READ MORE

I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I guess it's just the thought of having surgery, I am confident that dr. schulman will give me the look that I want. after doing my research on him he is a board certified plastic surgeon and his work... READ MORE

I am just getting started and I have been learning a lot from RS I'm glad it exist. I'm in the process if narrowing down a dr for a BBL my first thought was Dr J without a question now it's more like Dr S.. I sent both Dr emails for a consultation I got no response from Dr J.. & got a quick one... READ MORE

Nerves kicking in the day has finally come, I managed to get a surgery date at the end of August. I had preferred late October because i miss part of the beach season, but there was no avilability. My bum is not too bad but I and looking for more roundness and projection. This place was very... READ MORE

Well, I am back at it again. Last year I had a BL/BA in PA. Now, I want a phat booty!! I was always an athlete growing up, and even still never had a booty. I wanted this even before I fixed my breasts! I originally was contemplating DR, but the out of country stuff scared me, especially being... READ MORE

Hello to all. I just wanted to write a short review. I am 5'8, 191 lbs, work out 4 to 5 times a week (can run 2 miles in 23 minutes)..i have thought about this surgery for years and now i am acting upon it. I am going to have lipo and bbl. I have always had a flat ass and now i want a juicy... READ MORE

I have wanted a larger/shapely rear my whole life. I got a breast reduction a few years ago, now I'm ready to do the rest. I've been healing from a broken heart so I'm hoping my surgery pain can take my mind off my heartache lol. I am writing this review a little late because my surgery is in... READ MORE

Hi I am 34 years old i have two wonderful kids and my weight is165 Ibs.I bumped into this page when scrolling for Brazilian butt lift pictures and this is it. No better place to find info. Reasearch on the internet is difficult. Since this procedure is not available in England, I have based by... READ MORE

I'm nervous and excited about my upcoming procedure on February 19 !! I first decided I was going to get a bbl after my friend of over 20 years showed me her little sister had it done ( which was in Nov 2015 ) I finally paid and am ready and scared and excited all in one ...I still have to get... READ MORE

I'm 33 and rather thin.I want a nice curvy hourglass figure, and I especially need some hips. I have researched with 5 different surgeons and have been told I need to gain some weight. It is inconvenient for me to travel for the procedure but I cannot get BBL close to home. I had been looking... READ MORE

Alright after doing the usual stalking of all of the brave ladies on here, I have narrowed my search and I'm interested in Dr. Hazani. The good news: he seems to be a very talented professional with a great track record. The bad: I live on the East Coast and a 6 hour plane ride home will be... READ MORE

So it's been two years of planning..I've decided to go along and just get this done & stop dreaming. I'm a nervous wreck (doesn't help suffering from an anxiety disorder) but I'm content with my choice of doctor & just have to think positive & count down the days. Sx date is 2/11/16. Cost for... READ MORE

First time every writing a review..I did surgery on my breast n got the best results eva ..n should of did a review then but u kno u live n I been reading everyone reviews and I can't lie you guys are giving me the best information I made need to know about this procedure..before I... READ MORE

So far my journey has been interesting I accidently ran into RS while I was looking for a Dr. i spent at least 3 solid hours reading profiles and all were from Dr. Hazani profile after that I was more than sure that Dr. Hazani is who I will choose to do my BBL. I put in a consult request online... READ MORE

I was looking for a surgery buddy. My surgery is March 14th 2016 !! Dr.Osak. We can split the cost of the recovery room. I plan on staying 5 days. We can exchange Facebook, snap chat or phone numbers! I'm very excited!! I didn't want to come alone but I don't have anyone else that could come... READ MORE

I wanted to do a tummy tuck and BBL but alot of doctors don't want to do the two together. Figure, I can't have it all at once so first stop is the BBL....Wanna add some junk to my trunk! I'm working with Emily at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami and my surgery is scheduled for February 17, 2016. So... READ MORE

A little history about me I am 28 years old and I have 3 kids (10-5-3) I feel like no matter what I do I can never get satisfied with my body. I am normally in shape, healthy eating habits, and work out at least 3 days a week Whenever I get down to my comfortable size (jeans and tops) I... READ MORE

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