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Bio Alcamid Nightmare - Vancouver, BC

Suffering with facial wasting due to early HIV medications, I was referred to Dr. Denton, as he was actively seeking out patients with my condition. The product was injected into my face in 2008. Within 3 months, I developed large lumps in my cheek areas, disfiguring my appearance. I sought... READ MORE

Bio Alcamid Disaster - Toronto, ON

Had numerous infections (severe) the latest occurring july 2012. Infection resulted in massive swelling requiring emergency surgery. Surgery took as long as heart by-pass surgery, was very complicated according to the surgeon. Had to go in before the abscess caused sepsis. the hole in my face... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid, Tijuana, Mexico; 10 Years Later: Afraid of Long Term Complications

I had mine done at Clinica Estetica in Tijuana in late 2004. It seems to have closed in 2013. It's been a little over 10 years since I had Bio-Alcamid injected into my cheeks and temple area where I sunken scars from severe acne. In this time, I noticed the Bio-Alcamid seems to have slowly... READ MORE

Follow-up: The Journey2005 -2015: Zygoma Cheekbone Reduction, Genioplasty & Rhinoplasty and More to Come - Malaysia

This is a sequel to my earlier review "The Journey2005 -2015: Zygoma Cheekbone Reduction, Genioplasty & Rhinoplasty and More to Come" Months passed after my Zygoma/ cheek reduction, and after all the swelling and tissue finally settled to its proper, there are some very faint areas that needs... READ MORE

45 Yr Old Male - TJ Mexico

BioAlcamid, is now being removed! Dr David McDonough of Beverly Hills, CA. Recently successfully removed a large amount of BA from my face/cheeks using a non surgical outpatient technique. I had BA over filled in my face/cheeks by Clinque Estitica' in Tijuana, Mexico. If you... READ MORE

Bioalcomide Used After Bad Pectoral Implant Surgery Results - LONDON

I had Male pectoral Implants ( a proceedure even today still rare within the uk.) The surgeon assured me he had done the proceedure several times, however the "custom made Implants were a mess, and in order to give some symmentry to my chest the surgeon used Bioalcomide in an attempt to "even... READ MORE

Robert Describes His New Infection Because of Bio-Alcamid - Eindhoven

Not so long ago I noticed that my left foot was swelling and it was starting to get painful. On the Sunday of labour-day weekend, we had two friends and their one year old over for a bbq. It was a nice time and a great way to spend part of the long weekend. It was while we were visiting that... READ MORE

I'm Male, Had Lipo to Chest 2002, Any Advice Welcome

I had lipo in England 2002 to 'heal' gynecomastia which left large indents and scars. Dr named below  In 2004, I had bio alcamid to try rectify the indents of lipo done in the wrong areas, and further lipos, including laser lipo in 2007, 2008. I now still need a filler to... READ MORE

Sunken Cheeks - Vancouver, BC

Sunken cheeksMy GP suggested I see Dr. D. I have been HIV+ 26 yrs. Severe lypodystrophy. Yes, there was pain. There was emotional and physical pain. I had to endure it, no choice, no funds to go elsewhere. I wanted so badly to have my face restored, I did'nt care. Now, the right side has... READ MORE

I Wish I Had Never Heard of the Stuff, What a Nightmare - Javea, Costa Blanca North, Spain

December 4, 2011 5 years ago at the age of 65 I had bio alamid injection in my cheeks in spain by a Dr Sylva in a beaty clinic in Benitatchel, she rented a room there once a month. checked to see if it was safe and all came up good. I was delighted with it, took all the laughter lines away.... READ MORE

Bioalcamid - the Pros and Cons - Germany

Hello, 5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to let my face seem wider at the back of my jaw bones. I was happy with the product, especially with the low cost of the treatment (1000 Eur is about 1400 $), and the long duration of the good look it gave me. Up until 10 days ago... READ MORE

no way!! stay away from this stuff!! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Clinic Esthetica in Tijuana Mexico to have this done and the results were great until 3 years after, then I started to get lumping and migration! Clinic Esthetica did nothing to help me or and of my 3 other friends that had this done with the same clinic! I would BEG everyone to stay... READ MORE

Finally a Normal Face - Canada

I had Bio-alcamid injections in my cheeks to fix the facial atrophy that was caused from Lipodystrophy. It totally changed my life for the better. How nice to look normal instead of having the sunken cheeks and skeletal looks. I am very happy with the results. I only wish they would approve it... READ MORE

Worked for Me!

I had bio alcamid injected in my lips in Spain by a very good cosmetic surgeon in 2006. I had great results and still do to this date. Perhaps it is not good to use in Large quantities and in large surface areas, but so far so good here! READ MORE

Not Impressed-Vancouver, BC

I suffer with lyprodystrophy, facial wasting. From start to finish, the experiance with Dr.Denton has gone from Bad, to Very Bad. READ MORE

Bio- Alcamid Ruined my Youth

This product is dangerous and misleadingly marketed. I had it injected into my lips and cheeks when about 7 years ago. The women made a hash of it and her only concern seemed to be injecting as much product as possible. A few years down the line I developed a massive infection in my lips... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid - Canada

I had a procedure done 6 years ago, and I absolutely hate this doctor's work. This man actually thinks he can do no wrong, and he doesn't care less if you are satisfied or not. It's all about money to this Doctor, he won't offer to pay for your transportation back and forth to... READ MORE

Bio-alcamid Can Be Removed and Infection Treated!!!

It is not uncommon for bio-alcamid filler to become infected. You need to have removed by an expert. Don't waste your time with inexperienced doctors as they can make matters worse. READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid Causes Dangerous Infections, Do NOT Consider Using It!

I had bio-alcamid injected in my cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds and edges of my lips while living in Europe. This was hands-down the stupidest thing I've ever done. Not only did it not improve my looks (it did NOT look natural) but, years later, I developed a horrible infection as a... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid to Temples and Nose Hump, and Teosyal on Lips

I'm 25 years old, female (ethnicity is Mediterranean/Middle Eastern)...yo-yo dieting and chain-smoking has left me prematurely aged with gaunt temples and thin lips. I had a total of 1cc Bio-Alcamid injected into my temples and into my nose bridge to fix a minor hump (about 0.3cc for... READ MORE

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